A Kiwi Observes The Sexual Slavery Of Black Women To The ‘Freedom Fighters’ & The Death Of Rhodesia in 1979

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  1. Linde says:

    This is an excellent, on the ground account of the Communist conflict in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia post the Lancaster House Agreement Dec 1979.

    It exactly confirms 5 Romeo Romeo’s account of his leavetaking under that regime. Clearly the balance of power shifted to the Deep State assets of the Revolution post the Internal Settlement. That was when the ANC cutout assets of the African National Council / WCC got control. Five Romeo Romeo also encountered the private Gook armies of Sithole and Muzorewa networking the Revolution with their ZANLA and ZIPRA counterparts. And from their political speeches in Salisbury, they were clearly building their power base on atrocity propaganda against the Rhodesian Security Forces. All of this was under President Josiah Zion Gumede and PM Bishop Abel Muzorewa. They cancelled Rhodesia’s independent currency issue and put the banking under the Fed with the US dollar. A policy like that could only signal that a Communist takedown from the Western Sickle of the Revolution was in hand.
    Gumede – appropriately succeeded by Canaan Sodindo Banana – the No. 1 banana in Zimbabwe – convicted of sodomy and ‘un-natural acts ‘ in 1997. C.f. 5 Romeo Romeo Images of War #5

    Terrible stuff and a clear picture of the Marxist sistema of social chaos, crime and corruption that is to be the fate of the entire West under Communism.

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