Beautiful Voices:♬It’s Christmas in Rhodesia♬ & 5RR Recalls Bush War ‘Home For Christmas’

A trip down the memory lane of Christmas in Rhodesia. Join us as we sing It’s Christmas In Rhodesia with the children, and listen to 5 Romeo Romeo, the consummate story teller. He recalls the Communist Terrorist fantasy that Rhodesian soldiers, if captured over Christmas, would be made to claim they were Communist sympathizers!

Not likely!

Memories of Christmas In Rhodesia

This is a lovely song It’s Christmas In Rhodesia.
A very purple Christmas! To this day the Rhodesian love affair with Jacaranda trees continues to be evident.
When a real Rhodesian man experiences a white Christmas!
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8 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    A very moving experience going through this wonderful group of photographs and listening to the sweet song and 5 Romeo Romeo’s bush war Christmas story. Thank you Editor and thank you for all your efforts in sharing real information and real history. Much appreciated.

    • Editor says:

      Thank you. For those not yet subscribed to our (infrequent) newsletter, I’ll leave our 2020 Christmas message here:

      Anyone who thinks our incredible Rhodesian Spirit has died has forgotten a basic Truth, Rhodesians Never Die! This Christmas in 2020, more than ever, we need to breathe life and fire back into the Rhodesian Spirit that is within us all!

      Be you Rhodesian or not, that Spirit of defiance and resilience is the essence of Western Civilization. In 2020, it has never been more obvious that we are under a totalitarian assault globally. Dr Hammond, in his article ‘How To Respond To Marxist Bullying Tactics’ will make you roar with laughter and feel that ember of the Rhodesian Spirit flare up within!

      They say that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” They’re wrong. The Truth is that:

      “History repeats and repeats itself, it’s ALWAYS the Revolution!”

      Once again, we the people, are falling asleep at the wheel. We’re falling for the same Revolutionary Tactics that we, at Reclaiming Rhodesia, try to expose in multiple ways to help people, from all walks of life, make sense of it all. The excuse varies but the Revolution and its purpose NEVER EVER does.

      This is a fight for a dignified life. The life of everyone’s children is sliding into socially-distanced deprivation and best! During the 15 year Rhodesian Independence War against Communist Terrorists I could hug my Granny. In 2020, during peace time, children across the world are told they cannot hug their Granny. Why? Because they are loaded with evil germs and they, a tiny child, may kill her with an invisible terrorist!

      No Rhodesian ever contemplated inducing such traumatic, paralyzing fear in a child!

      So please read on, and look for the energizing Spirit that comes from knowing and remembering the real (not the MSM’s portrayal of) barbarity we are fighting. You’ll remember the ‘impossible’ we have achieved and the future Christmases we want to defend for all children.

      As one commenter recently stated:

      “Dr. Hammond’s words to Mandela are the strongest challenge to maniacal Marxist psychopathy I’ve ever read. I am sharing this as far and as wide as I can. It is pathetic people of my generation think themselves too old to fight, stand up and have settled for staring at Marxist TV for God only knows what real purpose.”

      Turn off the Tell-A-Vision! It is conditioning and programming you to believe the newest Revolutionary narrative that will obliterate rights, freedoms and impoverish all. Instead, make a New Forever Resolution to find that spark of Spirit and make 2021 your year to prove Rhodesians Never Die. We are the Spirit, the builders, the creators, the resilient visionaries that Totalitarians fear. Don’t let them control you and your children through manipulating your fear.

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

      Blessed with Hugs (especially from fearless children with sticky little fingers!),

      Reclaiming Rhodesia Family & Friends

  2. Alistair says:

    Ditto. Many thanks indeed to the Editor and all who contribute to Reclaiming Rhodesia. Keep up the good work.

  3. Peter Wright says:

    Thank you for all your hard work in keeping the Rhodesian spirit alive. The complacency and blind acceptance of the great coronavirus fraud propaganda by most in the West astounds me. I can only assume that with all the former WWII veterans now dead, memories of that last global conflict have faded from the consciousness.

    Apart from American veterans of the Vietnam war, relatively few regular soldiers from a few countries who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, most people alive today have not experienced a global catastrophe. Unlike the decade and a half struggle against the forces of evil we Rhodesians did.

    Now add years of political correctness indoctrination, lynching by social media of anyone daring to offer a different opinion and biased media and it’s not surprising that millions of supposedly educated people are blindly following a path of subservience that can only lead to a very dismal world for future generations.

    • WakeyWakey says:

      Excellent comment Peter. It brought this quote to mind:

      Director of CIA William Casey, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

      Today its worldwide and we have:

      False elections
      False economy
      False currency
      False genders
      False History
      False Science
      False leadership
      False health care
      False politicians
      False enviro science
      False democracy
      False concern
      False Profits
      False media
      False technology
      False conflicts

  4. Editor says:

    Christmas is a time for True Joy.
    It is when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus before we mourn, at Easter, his torturous death by the “powers that be” and then rejoice in his miraculous Resurrection.

    Christmas is also a time to remember and honour the True Spirit of Rhodesia.

    Missionary Dr David Livingstone is the epitome of the True Spirit of Rhodesia. Born into shocking child slave labour conditions in Britain, he and Cecil Rhodes are the reason that today there is not one anti-Rhodesian who wishes to return to “natural living” as it was prior to the first Pioneer Column. Why?
    Because they’d have to give up their rights to:

    Slavery being treated as a crime not a right
    Cannibalism being treated as a crime not medicinal
    Rape being treated as a crime not a right
    Theft and pillage being treated as a crime not a right
    Basic housing having windows and plumbing that can withstand weather
    Essential transport that doesn’t require carrying food and water on your head to serve the men sitting around drinking home brew
    Education that introduced the ability to communicate and calculate (math!)
    Engineering – not a single anti-Rhodesian wishes to cancel the hydro-electric engineering feats of Rhodesians that were an international marvel for being enormous, on time, under budget and massively successful… Kariba!
    We Rhodesian’s were not deterred by the vast challenges when we created Rhodesia. We stoically and valiantly overcame the adversities of the wilderness, diseases, pests and the horrors of the stone age warring tribes.
    We are remarkable. Thanks to a few hard men, we built a Christian nation for the benefit of all – no matter their race. We then fought hard to defend it.

    Like Christ, we can’t be killed. We proved it.
    Our Spirit is the flame for True Progress, not the satanic cult of cultural “isms” destroying our prosperous nations.
    God Bless

  5. Linde says:

    Thank you so much for reposting Editor. I always enjoy reading this post at Christmas. As the Counter Revolution musters across the West, the Rhodesians and the achievement of Rhodesia remain an inspiration of what can and should be achieved in the Anglosphere nations.

    What was before can be once more, not just in the failed Marxist state and colony of the PRC but in every nation of the Anglosphere. At the foundation of Rhodesia is the Christian faith of a population, as the foundation of Westminster is the Christian faith of a population. Deus Vult and God bless the Rhodesiasphere worldwide.

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