A Brief Operational History of the Campaign in Rhodesia 1964 – 1978

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  1. Linde says:

    You have combined this wonderful tribute to those who served Rhodesia with Lt. Col. Lockley’s excellent outline of the operational history; I enjoyed reading it very much.

    Lockley illustrates Rhodesian events with his observations on insurgency and hybrid warfare that are being deployed against Western populations today by both Revolutionary organisations and Marxist governments.

    His comment about Bishop Abel Muzorewa and the creation of the African National Council is telling. Now that the information about the Marxist infiltration of the churches is coming to hand from so many sources, it is possible to see the World Council of Churches and its Marxist social justice agenda as an instrument of Revolutionary subversion. Lockley is right about the African National Council as the internal wing of an externally banned movement – namely the Communist Party. The AN C was a religious cut out just like the African National Congress was hijacked by the SACP and became a political cut out of the SA Communist Party.
    These fronts permitted Gramscian Marxists to camouflage as nationalists. Both cut-outs would have been top heavy with Communist Party bosses like Mandela an executive committee member of the SACP.

  2. WakeyWakey says:

    Referring to the December 1974 ‘cease fire’ mentioned, this was enforced upon PM Ian Smith by South Africa’s Vorster by withholding fuel and bullets being sent up by train. Vorster also this way forced Smith to release the terrorist marxist leaders.

    Two points – as stated, there were only 70 terrorists within Rhodesia and it was because Rhodesia was succeeding against them so well that the CEASEFIRE was enforced. This allowed the Soviets and China to reinforce, re-arm, and train-up more terrorists after licking their wounds.
    Our Black and White soldiers had to just ‘sit on their hands’ for months while the enemy re-energized itself against us. Our soldiers were ordered ‘not to fire on any terrorists facing the direction of Mozambique and Zambia’. Outrageous.
    Once the 2 terrorist proxy armies for Russia and China were ready, they simply ignored the ceasefire and commenced attacking Rhodesians.
    ie Vorster/South Africa tied our hands behind our backs so that we could not win when we were winning.
    Behind puppet Vorster was the Oppenheimer/Rothschild money power which also created and propped up the Communist nations of Russia/China.

  3. Linde says:

    This is very true Wakey Wakey and some very solid and telling points about Dec. 1974 – 75 – the year of the Vorster Detente. The story of Rhodesia only becomes more interesting as this type of information gets published.

    That was also the year the Revolutionary Assets in Rhodesia’s Deep State settled their accounts, I believe. Too much WTF going on that year to say otherwise. Today we have edgey names for these ‘what are the chances?’ type of events. Sounds like the Eminence Grise of Squidliness – Dr. Kisinger himself made Vorster an offer he couldn’t refuse. But militarily, even with hands tied behind your backs – you still won. That was why the UK ZOG had to cook up that UN Charter election with the ANC and the Gook patriotic and national fronts.

    These are all the ‘must knows’ for the Counter Revolution.

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