About Reclaiming Rhodesia

The purpose of this site is to reveal evidence that contradicts the “historical” narrative we have been taught about Rhodesia. It’s time to bring fake history into accord with the facts, it is also time to recognize that the fall of Rhodesia resulted in Genocide. More on that in future posts! New posts will generally be made on a Friday.

Reclaiming Rhodesia will also become a library tool to draw together many other informative and valuable Rhodesian websites on the internet, with the intention of promoting their work. Also promoted will be various books written about Rhodesia, the Bush War and the geopolitical realities. As a result there will be varied opinions and analysis of historical events and the key actors appearing in our articles.

Suggestions, information, links and ideas are welcomed. Critical and positive comments are welcomed. Overtly inflammatory or trolling comments are not. Humour is appreciated.

This site is not for profit. The editors are funding, creating and managing it personally. If we promote a book or website it is because we believe it to be of high value and interest. 

November 9, 2019

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