P.C. Science: African Mud Huts are Great Civilizations, but European Mud Huts are Pre-Civilization Barbarians

Were Benin and Great Zimbabwe African civilisations? If historical and scientific definitions can be varied randomly by feelings towards certain groups, they’re not scientific. They are agenda based propaganda.

Were Benin and Great Zimbabwe African civilisations? (8 min)
Above: Inspiring British historical Tel-A-Vision dramas.
Below: A nasty racist meme.

Politically Correct definitions are inconsistent thus not scientific.

Why were the Great Zimbabwe ruins not replicated anywhere else in central and southern Africa? Where are the subsequent advanced cities in southern and central Africa that are so evident in Europe? Why are the scientifically defining characteristics of ancient cities, such as consistent written laws, not applicable to definitions of civilization in southern and central Africa? They’re not exactly wimp, so what gives?

After centuries of Bantu expansion by invasion and genocidal conquest, where is the evidence of their great civilization?

Certainly not ending in the profitable slave trade they violently fought to continue.

Certainly not in the amazing infrastructure that began appearing within months of the White man reaching Rhodesia – like the wheel, roads, the telegraph and within a few years, electricity and the greatest hydro-electric dam scheme on planet earth!

In fact, the traditional Chiefs and Headsmen, having finally experienced peace and progress, voted for Rhodesia to be an independent nation and fully backed PM Ian Smith. It was the “civilised international financiers” that disagreed. Coincidentally the same cabal that owns the media inciting division in America and the rest of the West today….

“Kissinger’s pro-Communist policies are the policies of the international financial
groups. If the Rhodesians can be encouraged to continue resisting those policies,
a major turning point in the struggle for the world has been reached.
A defeat for Kissinger’s anti-Rhodesian policy would be a massive blow against
the plot to create the “New World Order.” “
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4 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    Brevity is the soul of wit and for all those White privileged folks out there struggling with Marxist Critical Race Theory, here are the Cliff Notes. Short, clear, conclusive. No need to wade through the textbook and all that racial palaver and gender inclusive language for at least 60 gender options. Because the entire mind meld will do your head in, it must be screwed into young minds throughout the Anglosphere starting in kindergarten. So we need memes and a good synopsis to help us stay sane and resist subversion through our White Privilege Education. This is the material that should be secretly pasted into the inner cover of the notebook.

    Our Communist system is determined to address the many examples of systemic racism (so typical of nations which have a White majority) Yes, we are just as bad as evil White minority settler regimes . In terms of systemic racism, just think of what our fearless Commissars have to deal with – clueless Whites who think that a Black actress can not play Shakespeare’s Juliet in fair Verona where we lay our scene or that a historical character like Queen Elizabeth I can not be a Hottentot in the English national theatre. Our blank looks and vulgar jests are insulting to our betters. What would we do without Black History month to address our racial retardation and counter our genetically based White aggressions that so tragically circumscribe Black Lives with our prejudices. Mindful of our past guilt and centuries of failures, the Rhodesian who came up with the idea of a German actor (by definition a Nazi) playing the great Mandiba in a Hollywood tribute is particularly reprehensible. Many years of ‘Be Less White’ workplace, health and social safety training will be needed to achieve even a beige star and smiley face from Principal PC after this one. And it could de-subvert many a demoralised White.

  2. Linde says:

    I saw that. The Communist Revolution, now manifestly in power and government of all Western nations is pursuing the Marxist Race Agenda against the White demographic – just like the Bolsheviks did in Russia, just like the Soviets/CCP did in Rhodesia through their Gook parties and proxies.

    To even speak out against its ideology, namely, Marxist Critical Race Theory, as Carlson did, is to be accused of hate and race baiting conspiracies. At this time most Whites are cowed by this type of invective. And this is where the Rhodesian expertise with counter insurgency / hybrid war – its psy ops and deceptions comes into its own as your post illustrates.

    Here is Jonathan Greenblatt CEO of the ADL on CNN. The J-Force has simply coughed up its furball over the Carlson remarks in your link.

    Greenblatt opines that “the great replacement theory : is this toxic idea that there is a cabal of jews plotting to overrun the country with immigrants, Muslims, Blacks etc and commit what they call White genocide.” (Exactly. Couldn’t have stated it more succinctly). But wait for it: “This is literally a staple of White supremacist and extremist ideology.” [And this leads to Hitler and the holocaust. Can’t have that, now can we?]

    Communists always use jew jit su to deny the reality of what they are in fact doing and try to get the Counter Revolution in the frame for it. Greenblatt labels the Whites who have noticed the above Agenda as the supremacists, haters, race baiters etc . This tactic is both a blind and denial of any Squidliness over immigration policy in America – all the while calling for Carlson’s dismissal, threatening Faux News owners, management, advertisers and shareholders with J-Force retaliations. So he exposes the Squid and its power over immigration policy. As in Senator Jacob ‘open the floodgates’ Javits Immigration Act of 1965.

    But in psychological warfare, unless the Counter Revolution gets it – they will not flip the script back on the ‘cabal of Jews plotting to overrun the country with immigrants’ and stick it to them.

  3. Linde says:

    Minneapolitans of Minnesota are experiencing Zim 2.0. The George Floyd Autonomous Zone has now been set up in Minneapolis at the site of George Floyd’s death. His memorial is at the center of the intersection. The White business owners have been driven out or made to pay punitive reparations for systemic racism. The Black businesses have been set up. Police have been defunded / excluded and first responders are not allowed. Fatal shootings are now routine with BLM Gook cadres patrolling the area.

    They have posted a long list of rules at the memorial and this includes an even longer list of rules specifically for Whites . ( I am curious as to what some of those might be ). And there are groups of zombified Whites , Democrat Party betas who come to pay their respects to Floyd, take a knee and obey the rules. The Black owned businesses are now complaining they have lost 75% of their trade since the Floyd memorial was constructed.


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