White Man: The Story of Your Disowned Kin Deserted to Forces of Savagery in Africa & A Warning to America

To those readers in North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, I give you AmaBhulu, the story of your disowned kin deserted to the forces of savagery in Africa; sentenced to death on the altar of the guilty conscience of Europe and North America in the matters of Colonialism and Slavery. To those in South Africa, it is the story of who you are.”

Physicist, historian and author Harry Booyens

Introduced by Sally-Ann Lowe: AmaBhulu [The White Men]: The Birth and Death of the Second America by Harry Booyens

Let’s not forget too that one third of Rhodesians were Afrikaners who originated in South Africa, their mother country. Rhodesians lost their nation, gone forever into the Chinese colony of Zimbabwe Ruins, regardless of whether they stayed or left.

There is no fiction entwined into the history, only genuine characters and factual stories, making it all the more a fascinating read.

As a reluctant author, I have felt forced to create AmaBhulu in response to the savagery and abuse besetting South Africa in the 21st century. If the Western media had exhibited professional balance in the matter of that tortured country, there would have been less need for this work. However, almost 60 years of slanted reporting has created a desperate need for the broader South African story, properly substantiated by evidence.

Creating this work consumed seven years and took me to the smallest of villages in Europe and out of the way places in South Africa. As I followed the bread crumbs of information on the trail of history, it turned into a journey of discovery in several domains. Perhaps I even discovered my true self.”

Harry Booyens

Harry discovered many original sources with information and stories not even known to most Boers. Harry Booyens is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning Ph.D Defense & Aerospace physicist. Originally from South Africa, with a 360-year bloodline in that country, he lives with his family on the forested slopes outside Vancouver, Canada. He applies his lifetime of research and interpretive skills to History and Genealogy, and writes with factual accuracy and engaging style on these subjects. Compelling evidence is a trademark of his work and has won him a number of awards.

AmaBhulu – the white men – is a 400,000-word formal history of South Africa in 30 chapters. One third of the work comprises extended vignettes written in the present tense to create immediacy. These follow a selection of the author’s ancestral family lines through that history from their origins in 17th century New York, Europe, Indonesia and Africa—all ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances—indigenes, slaves, frontiersmen and fighter pilots.

They are variously banned to tropical islands, thrown in dungeons and killed with poisoned arrows. Their families are massacred and impaled by despotic black kings. Their relatives die in huge numbers in British concentration camps. Their [White] friends are enslaved by the Moors. Some go in search of the legendary land of Monomotapa. Yet others rescue shipwrecked 18th Century Americans. Some fight in the skies over Europe. From the 1950s the author himself witnesses the catastrophe in the making that is South Africa.

No objectivity: The suffering of whites since antiquity is being written out of history and is rarely taught in schools and universities.

As an Afrikaner, the author’s family ancestors at the Cape of Good Hope include Eva Krotoa, indigenous Hottentot interpreter to the first commander in 1652, as well as Angela, a slave in the commander’s household. The immigrant founding father of the Afrikaner nation in 1657 is an ancestor. The author’s DNA, a 360-year bloodline in the country, his direct personal exposure to the everyday realities of the country, and his professional background in research and evidentiary fact position him well as author of a work of this nature and scope.

AmaBhulu is not just another book about Afrikaners by a journalist, politician, sociologist or history professor; it is the history of Africa’s White Tribe as experienced by 12 generations of real Afrikaners themselves—men and women who had hopes and dreams and families, and who had to make their way through the painful history of one of the most unique and misunderstood places on Earth.

The work opens in 1652 with young Eva on the Cape beach. It closes with the author taking the oath of loyalty to the British Queen—the country of his father lost to him forever. The work comprises several hundred photos and graphics, with extensive evidentiary notes and references for the quite understandably incredulous.

Today many in the country still want to make it work. But that will take a radical change in the government from the top to the bottom; change that could never happen without firm international pressure. It will also require honest introspection on the part of the Western Media in respect of its reporting on South Africa over a period of at least six decades; reporting so intensely and consistently slanted that it has exposed a Western Christian nation to genocide.

The following two interviews with Harry Booyens are highly recommended and extremely interesting, in particular, 1) for Americans, and 2) for South Africans

“Eerie Parallels: Revolution in South Africa vs U.S.” (1 hr)

In this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, South African engineer, historian and author Dr. Harry Booyens explains the many eerie parallels between the communist takeover of South Africa and the ongoing effort to bring down America.

The historical parallels between the Afrikaner/Boer nation and Americans go back centuries, as documented in Booyens’ book AmaBhulu: The Birth and Death of the Second America. Booyens predicted the assault on statues in America many years ago, because he knew what had happened in his native South Africa.

Today, Christian descendants of Europeans in South Africa are a small, endangered minority in the nation that their forefathers built. Americans will be next if this continues.

Registered as a tax exempt charity, the explicitly anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center tracks white genocide as if it were a business success indicator and has stashed well over $150 million American dollars in shady offshore accounts.
One of many “caravans” pouring into the USA. Like Western Europe these are majority young fighting age men.

2) Revealing historical evidence that White South Africans did not ‘steal the land’ (first half), and the absolute necessity to achieve Secession but to do it correctly (second half) and a necessary scolding from a wise elder, and just to enjoy listening to a fascinating, articulate and totally honest individual who does not mince words about the future for White South Africans, what must and must not be done, spoken from a Boer heart who cares for his people. Interview with Scott of Loving Life channel.

Scott is a South African living in Australia whose channel is aimed at South Africans providing them with the facts and to expose the fake news:

Starting around the 3:00 minute mark, be sure to watch the introductory live footage. It is a reality check for those infected with the Denial Virus or, worse, Stockholm Syndrome.
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3 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    Thank you Sally-Ann Lowe for sharing this essential history. Under world Communism, I hope that the home and parish schools of the English speaking world especially will apply themselves to learning it. This is an important chapter in a larger Christian history. The Marxist Leninists are at pains to erase it all (of course).

    I am sure we are all familiar with the ‘fall of the Roman Empire’ in the 4th century. Then the Dark Ages – largely skipped – this is largely skipped in kosher curricula. Pagan Rome did indeed fall in the wars of the Tetrarchy but the victor Constantine created a New empire: Nova Roma on the footprint of the old. This was the great Christian empire of a millennia. The basis and foundation of the social order was the Church. The old Roman institutions were adapted to legislate and govern on the basis of the faith and morals of the Church. Entire nations were baptised.

    Two centuries later Islam arose mysteriously in the East and in one century (7 th century AD) the whole of Nova Roman in the East and Roman North Africa fell to it. All of these lands came under the Sharia Law of the Caliphate. The Christian nations that did not convert were put to the sword. Slavery and looting of captured nations was the basis of all the Caliphates. The Barbary Coast of N. Africa became the slave ‘hub’ of the Mediterranean and the base of piracy upon the shipping of the Western Empire of Nova Roma.

    Slavery has always been the world’s most lucrative business and the slaves wanted by the Caliphate were African and European.

    As a continent, Black Africa became a continent of raiding and slaving tribal wars servicing the demands of the Caliphates for over a millenia. As a continent it was sparsely populated up until European colonisation which (of course) put a stop to these wars. Slaves were trafficked out of Africa on the Barbary, Gold and Ivory Coasts. Slaves were captured and trafficked out of Europe through the Iberian peninsula. Spain and Portugal were conquered by Islam and the Europeans of the West fought a 700 year war of Reconquista to liberate those lands from the Caliphate. The traffic of captured Europeans out of the interior of Europe were trafficked through the Crimea and onto the Silk Road until Great Tartary (always in league with the Caliphates) was overthrown and Kievan Rus and the Slavs created the great Christian empires of Central Europe. Entire religious orders were founded in the West for ransoming captured European slaves and fighting the Crusades against Islam. In the New World of the Americas – the Jewish slave merchants based in the Caliphate plied the European coasts and the Ivory Coast for cargo – in Africa these were trafficked to the Americas.

    We will be hearing a lot more of the Communist overthrow of the US government which occurred last year. The Revolutionary Assets of the Deep State finally got a political party hijacked – exactly as the CPSA hijacked the ANC and got the numbers in the GOP and all the chokepoints of the government. The Social Credit System of the CCP will become the new social contract. Biden spent his first day in office signing Executive Orders for the policies of Black Economic Empowerment (Marxist Critical Theory – in both race and gender) to be applied in every aspect of American social life. This will be a foundation policy of the Communist Regime (as it is in SA and Zimbabwe) . The idea here will be a failed Marxist state controlled by crime, chaos and corruption that can then be rebuilt as part of the emerging world soviet. This will come from the East on the Soviet / Israel axis of what is now the Communist world.


  2. Linde says:

    There is nothing for it Reclaiming Rhodesia but to carry on in the spirit of the West like the Rhodesians and South Africans you are featuring.

    Rhodesia and South Africa were the leaders of the Western free world / Anglosphere nations in your war with the Fourth ComIntern and you are still the vanguard – not Washington, not Whitehall. And certainly not the UN with its global depop Agenda now led by former Ethiopian Gook terrorist Tedros running the whole CoVID schtick on all UN member nations. Bet you anything Ethiopia will not be wanting him back as Health / Foreign Minister ( 2005-2016)

    In terms of their policies, the US State Dept / Council on Foreign Relations and UK Foreign Affairs / Chatham House operated as the Sickle of the world-wide Communist Revolution. Anglosphere citizens who got their minds out from under the schmoscreen of the Western media and mythology of official US or UK ‘anti-communism’ came to your battlefront.

    And now, South of the Zambezi ( 1960 – 1990) has gone global with the insertion into all Western nations of human tsunami with a fistful of Open Borders / Tidewater Foundation dollars from the failed OAU Marxist states.

    Have a look at that old Corrupto Joe taking the knee to his Communist Overlords in DC. I think he visited you all back in the day for Jimmy [ Pol Pot supporter] Carter. The US Democrats were big Communist genocide helpers in the 1970s.
    https://xyz.net.au/2021/01/voting-doesnt-matter/ [ Today it doesn’t matter, but in Zimbabwean style / UN mob rule elections voting could get you killed – unfortunately we are going there. ]


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