Angola: International Communism Colonizes Africa Destroying 500 Years of Civilization

Behind The Red Mask: In 2 minutes, Dr Peter Hammond clearly explains what we in Africa knew about the international Communist invasion that was masked as a ‘race war’. He provides a clear warning to open-border nations today, including America, Britain and Europe.

Africa discovered by the Russians and Cubans in 1976 vs the Portuguese in 1482 (i.e. long before America, Australia and Canada).

Key Points with Screen Shots:

Fidel Castro had 13 colonies in Africa which he oppressed, and used for slave labour.

Ed: Making a mockery of the anti-white Portuguese propaganda,
Castro was an acceptable Communist ‘white’.

Angola was part of Portuguese Africa. The Portuguese had been in Africa for 500 years.

They fought long and hard against the Marxist terrorists but in 1974-75 there was *Revolution in Portugal and they fled. Literally, they fled with food left on the stove, food left on the table and washing left on the line. They fled to the harbours and airports. Most had to leave their luggage behind as they crammed into the airplanes and vessels that would save them.

Ed: Fleeing with nothing but the clothes on their backs spared
them from horrendous torture in the following blood bath.

Then the Soviets poured into Angola with weapons and tanks.

Soon there were Cuban soldiers goose stepping down the main streets.

Ed: The Portuguese had fled so why was a non-African nation occupying Angola?

Then came the Soviet missiles pointed at South Africa. This was all during the Cold War [which apparently the West was fighting].


What 500 years of Portuguese civilization had built up they destroyed in months. Whole cities were destroyed.

Communist murals in occupied Angola that have zero historical relationship to Africa.

Members of the Soviet High Command and all the Warsaw Pact nations poured in. [The eight Warsaw Pact Communist Nations: Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union.]

They provided military hardware and training for terrorists to enter and destroy our nations [Rhodesia and South Africa].

Ed: The hero’s, leaders and teachers in the Communist training centers
are not very black looking.

Many of the trainees formed terrorist cells that poured into South Africa [and Rhodesia]. They placed car bombs in Shopping Centers and parking garages.

Limpet mines [a type of naval mine attached to a target by magnets] were left in shops.

A butcher shop used by families.


*Editor Comment: The “Revolution” in Portugal 1974-75

On April 25, 1974, just after midnight, the Catholic-owned Radio Renascenca played a song entitled “Grandola Vila Morena”. This was the signal for the underground Armed Forces Movement (MFA) to begin their long-planned coup d’etat and bring down the Estado Novo regime that had ruled Portugal for forty-four years. The coup succeeded with remarkable ease in seizing control of key installations and cities.  The new government was a coalition that included the Socialist Party and the Communist Party

*What suspiciously convenient timing! Portugal was essential to helping Rhodesia and South Africa hold the line against the Comintern forces. Despite the long fight against Communism that was not failing, suddenly Portugal fell to a coup “with remarkable ease”.

Only 40 years previously the Catholic Portuguese suffered horrendous terrors by Communists in the Spanish “Civil” War of 1931-1939.

Spanish “Civil” War was in fact a Communist invasion, just as in the “civil” war in Rhodesia.
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2 Responses

  1. Gene says:

    Heartbreaking. I fought in the Rhodesian Bush War and lost my country to these bastards

  2. Linde says:

    Yes it is. The Rhodesians and South Africans won against the communist gook forces. Militarily you won. But these free and valiant nations were stripped of their military victories and capitulated to the Losers by the Fifth Column of Revolutionary Assets working with the big crypto Communist powers of the West: the US and Great Britain. This truth was always a crucial truth and failure to reckon with it now will be the loss of every Western nation to Communist world power.

    And the Rhodesians: Dr Peter Hammond and Jan Lamprecht go there. The whole can of worms.
    Dr. Hammond Jan Lamprecht how jews created black communism in africa

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