We Should Pay More Attention to WHAT is DELETED Than What is Reported

Dumping, Deleting, Pulping And Incinerating History… the ANC government literally had tens of thousands of history book removed from public library shelves and sent to be either pulped, or incinerated.

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation

A Republic of China (Free China – Taiwan) military intelligence officer observed that they pay far more attention to what is deleted than what is reported. This is quite insightful.

Cancel Culture’s War Against Civilization

Truth does not fear investigation. Yet in this era of political correctness, the Cancel Culture movement has promoted damaging, destroying and removing monuments, renaming streets and suburbs, deleting videos and removing articles, disinviting speakers, de-platforming people and movements and banning, boycotting, blacklisting, or even burning, books and whole libraries. All of this is the opposite of free speech and debate.

Truth is The New “Hate Speech”

Truth is hate for those who hate the Truth. The rising tide of intimidation and intolerance is leading to something akin to a new inquisition. Views and news which do not line up with the official narrative are routinely prohibited and those who contradict the prevailing PC propaganda are punished.

The New Inquisition

It is not only history being destroyed, but lives as well. Students are being penalized, teachers punished and professors have lost their jobs for expressing such simple sentiments as: “There are only two genders”, or “Marriage can only be between a man and a woman”.

Rise of The Thought Police

Free speech is being censored by so called fact checkers who do nothing of the sort. It is not facts that are being checked, but facts that are being banned and blacklisted. The so-called fact checkers/censors of today were well described by George Orwell in his dystopian novel, 1984.

Vapourised – Down The Memory Hole

First published in 1949, George Orwell’s 1984 warns of the Ministry of Truth (Minitruth) who would vaporize, or expunge, from the public record, opponents of the state/party which could not be debated with, or argued, against. These would become “unpersons” who would disappear “down the memory hole”.

War Against History

Every monument would need to be replaced, every street name changed. History itself would need to be rewritten, in order to accord with the current policy of the ruling political party. So that there would only be an endless present where “The Party is always right!” Karl Marx declared that “the first battlefield is the rewriting of history”.

Sinister Suppression of Free Speech

Today, the sinister suppression of free speech, manipulation of language and intimidation of the population is becoming a real factor in everyday life. To silence opposition and to prevent free and open discussion fact checkers and the Cancel Culture PC movement are seeking to eradicate alternative opinions and eliminate challenges to the “politically correct” propaganda narrative. Well researched documentaries such as Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Virus were deleted and dismissed as false by “fact checkers”, yet it has been proven accurate by developments since. The virus was man made and it originated in the laboratory in Wuhan, China.

The Power of the Press

Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned of the power of the press within Western countries becoming “more powerful than the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. …according to what authority has it been elected and to whom is it responsible? In the communist East a journalist is frankly appointed as a state official. But who granted western journalists their power?”

Why The Conformity?

Solzhenitsyn also questioned why it is that the “free press” in the West echoes the same united narrative that the one-party dictatorships enforced on the press in the East, behind the Iron Curtain? 

“Enormous freedom exists for the press, but not for the readership because newspapers mostly give stress and emphasis to those opinions which do not openly contradict their own and the general trend.”

Disinformation and Deception are Dangerous

“In the West fashionable trends of thoughts and ideas are carefully separated from those which are not fashionable…there is a dangerous tendency to form a herd…this gives birth to strong mass prejudices, blindness, which is most dangerous in our dynamic era. …it works as a sort of petrified armour around people’s minds.”

Contorted to Conform

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlo’s Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption details the deception mass media uses to contort every story to fit their fixed agenda. Anything that can be politicized, will be politicized. Good news is defined as news that advances the agenda. These usually appear on the front page of the newspaper. While bad news, that is news that does not advance the left’s desired narrative, is buried deep within the paper, if it is even mentioned at all.

Heroes of The Media

An article’s hero would be anyone who advances the causes of globalism, wokeness, skepticism and the leftist, secular humanist agenda. Additional hero points are added, or subtracted, depending on the individual’s race, sex, sexual orientation and/or socio-economic status.

Villains of The Media

An article’s villain is typically one who stands for Biblical, Christian, conservative, pro-life, pro-family values. Heroes do not need to be actual heroes, they can simply be victimsHeroes are depicted with glamorous, flattering photographs where possible. Villains receive unflattering photographs, or none at all.

Dealing With Errors and Corrections

Errors are acceptable, so long as they do not hurt the cause of globalism, or secular humanist wokeness. If any corrections need to be published, they will be done discreetly, buried deep within the paper, if at all.

Concealing Corruption and Treachery

Politicians lie. Proof of this is seeing in how embarrassing facts are sealed in the name of national security for decades, or even a century. The Soviet war crime of the Katyn Forest Massacres in 1940 was suppressed for 70 years. Operation Keelhaul, the forced repatriation of over three million Russians, Ukrainians and other East Europeans by British and American Forces into the hands of the Soviet NKVD secret police, in accordance with the Yalta Conference Agreement between Stalin, Churchill and F.D. Roosevelt, was sealed for 30 years.

Lies About The Lusitania

The files concerning the sinking of the Lusitania (7 May 1915) were sealed for 60 years! The deceit, intrigues, treachery and cold blooded, callous disregard for lives, law or truth involved in this scheme to bring the United States into the war on the Allied side are shocking and explain why both the British and the American governments kept the ugly facts away from the public record for over 6 decades. The Lusitania was carrying contraband, millions of rounds of ammunition and artillery shells and it was the explosives it was transporting that blew up and sank the ship in just 18 minutes.

Ultra Deception

When the GCHQ EnigmaUltra secret code breaking history was finally unsealed after 60 years it revealed a pattern of deception that, as Max Hastings wrote in The Secret War, requires every history book and documentary on the Second World War to be rewritten in the light of the previously suppressed facts. Early in the war GCHQ cracked the German Enigma codes and was able to read their orders, reports, plans and deployments ahead of time.

Suppressing History

President Herbert Hoover’s block buster book: Freedom Betrayed, was suppressed until 2011. America’s 31st President, Herbert Hoover, exhaustively documents the deliberate deceit and treacherous policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in conspiring to save Stalin’s Soviet Union and drag their countries into a ruinous War which betrayed 15 countries and over 100,000,000 Christians into the hands of Stalin’s Soviet communism.

Silencing The Attempted Peacemaker

The interrogation files on Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess, are still sealed 80 years since his historic 1941 flight to Scotland to negotiate peace and an end of the war between Britain and Germany.

Protecting The Propaganda Narrative

The Warren Commission files on the President John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963 are sealed for over 75 years, only to be made accessible to the public in the 2039.

What Are They Hiding?

The FBI files on Martin Luther King are sealed until 2027.

Suppressing Inconvenient Facts

Police enquiry files on the horrific Dunblane Massacre are sealed for 100 years.

When Public Servants Lie To The Public

When politicians decide to withhold from the public access to files on famous people and pivotal events in history, we must know that we are being lied to. Facts are not suppressed, sealed, destroyed and hidden in order to protect the truth. Facts are hidden to protect lies, propaganda and the reputation of war criminals.

Removing Ascension Day From The Calendar

Among the first acts of the ANC government in South Africa was to abolish prayer in parliament and to cancel Ascension Day as a public holiday. That is very significant because the Ascension deals with authority. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, ascended into Heaven, reigning on high, King of kings and Lord of lords. He is above every power, principality and authority on earth. He will come again to Judge the living and the dead. It is understandable that secular, humanist Marxists do not want to acknowledge the authority of Christ, or His Great Commission.

Dumping, Deleting, Pulping And Incinerating History

Similarly, the ANC government literally had tens of thousands of history book removed from public library shelves and sent to be either pulped, or incinerated.

Libraries Devastated By Fire

During the recent Wildfires in Cape Town, the 1.2 million volume Jagger Library in the University of Cape Town was gutted by a fire within the stone building. Even though the perimeter of University of Cape Town was not breached by the wildfire we are expected to believe that the gutting of this extremely valuable library was somehow connected to a bush fire which did not even breach the trees, or perimeter buildings, of the University campus. Several libraries in the country have been damaged by fires.

Truth Conquers

Professor Jan Hus, Rector of Prague University and Reformer, declared: “Vincit Omnia Veritas” – Truth Conquers All. After he was condemned to be burned at the stake by a trumped up, illegal trial that violated the safe conduct he had been guaranteed by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Jan Hus observed: You can burn my books. You can burn me. But you cannot burn the Truth. Truth conquers all. Our Lord Jesus Christ declared: “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

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    After the THALIDOMIDE tragedy of babies being born with missing limbs etc because pregnant women were assured the new drug to prevent a bit of normal ‘morning sickness’ was safe for pregnant mothers AND IT WAS NOT, one would have assumed pregnant women today would be far more cautious and avoid the covidCON experimental injection, but sadly not. Many have lost their babies as a result, much of which is being kept censored of course. He who owns Big Pharma owns the Media and the Banking system too.

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