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Rhodesia’s 911: Viscount Hunyani Is Shot Down!

…one noise from the child would have given their position away and meant death. The four-year old held still within meters of the killers as they came close in, shouting to them to show themselves… Editor: I...


Censored Knowledge: The Cabal Killed Family Farming

via Historian M.S. King Black, White or otherwise, the small farmer (or any other small “mom-pop” business, for that matter) has always been the target of the Globalist-Marxist Axis of consolidation. The number of small to mid-size private manufacturers,...


The Covid-19 Questions Are Increasing

by John Wear, author of Germany’s War. The following are some questions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic: If the masks work—Why the six feet? If the six feet works—Why the masks? If both of the above work—Why the...

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