Rhodesian Forces: The Best of The Best Betrayed By The British Monarchy They Had Fearlessly Served

“Here is a breed of men the like of which has not been seen for many a long age…”

The Rhodesian African Rifles (RAR) was the oldest regiment in the Rhodesian Army

Editor: The greatest betrayal was Britain to the thousands of black and white Rhodesian soldiers who had fought for her in WWI, WWII, the Suez Canal Crisis and Malaya while being honoured by the Queen Mother for providing security for Air Force bases in Southern Rhodesia in the 1950’s.

Less than 10 years later, only selective black voices would suddenly deemed to be legitimate and informed i.e. politically correct. It was no secret that they were also the black voices for the foreign anti-British Communist nations that recruited, trained, financed and controlled them. These nations included the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Cuba and North Korea.

The following is an extract from the RAR website.

British General Sir Walter Walker

The quality of the Rhodesian Army’s counter-insurgency operations was recognised by British General Sir Walter Walker in 1978, when he visited Rhodesia after retiring as NATO’s Commander in Chief Allied Forces Northern Europe. Afterwards, he wrote in a letter to The Times:

“Their army cannot be defeated in the field either by terrorists or even a much more sophisticated enemy.

“In my professional judgement, based on more than 20 years’ experience, from lieutenant to general, of counter-insurgency and guerrilla-type operations, there is no doubt that Rhodesia now have the most professional and battle worthy army in the world today for this particular type of warfare.”

After an unrestricted visit to the operational area, General Walker found troop morale to be “sky high”, while the terrorists are “terrified of meeting them in pitched battle”.

“Here is a breed of men the like of which has not been seen for many a long age…”

Many hundreds of Communist Terrorists were killed or captured by the RAR during the Bush War in Rhodesia but not without loss. Between 1967 and 1980 the regiment lost over 200 soldiers killed in action, killed on active service or murdered in their homes by CTs.

An RAR Patrol.

Rhodesian African Rifles: Every Black African Soldier Was A Volunteer.

The Rhodesian African Rifles (RAR) was the oldest regiment in the Rhodesian Army, formed in May 1940 in the British colony of Southern Rhodesia. The RAR was the successor to the Rhodesia Native Regiment (RNR) and inherited its battle honours. The RNR had fought in East Africa and Portuguese East Africa from 1916 to 1918 during World War 1.

After their return from Malaya in 1958, the RAR began to undertake ‘duties in aid of the civil power’ in response to civil unrest occurring in Salisbury, Bulawayo and Wankie, and in Northern Rhodesia. By 1961, these duties had extended to internal security operations in Northern Rhodesia including deployment along the Congolese/Northern Rhodesia border to prevent fighting spilling over from the Katangese secessionist war. After the Central African Federation was dissolved in 1962, to be replaced by the separate nations of Rhodesia, Zambia and Malawi, the RAR was returned to the sole command of the Rhodesian Army.

Capt Joseph C Smith with the 1RAR: “It is the story of betrayal of pro-Western Rhodesia to the ‘stabilizing’ communists in Africa.”

Defence Against Communist Chinese and Soviet Incursions

With the Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Rhodesia from Britain, on 11 November 1965, members of the military wings of the Nationalist [Foreign-Communist] movement began an escalating series of incursions into Rhodesia with the aim of subverting the local population and overthrowing the government.

As Mao’s Communist Liberation of China continued, he aided thugs like Mugabe to terrorise Rhodesia.

The Rhodesian Security Forces response was to establish a Joint Operational Command (JOC) system incorporating elements of the Army, BSAP, Air Force, Internal Affairs and other relevant services and to define each separate incursion as a named ‘Operation’ that concluded when the CTs in the group were all accounted for.

The RAR fought throughout what came to be known as the ‘Bush War’ until the Ceasefire of February 1980. In the course of this conflict, the regiment grew from one to three battalions, established a regimental training depot and expanded further to incorporate the Independent Companies of the Rhodesia Regiment. Every African Soldier was a volunteer.

The RAR was extraordinary because extremely divisive tribal tensions were put second to defending Rhodesia against Communist Terrorists. This was only possible because of the incredible negotiations by Cecil Rhodes for peace between the Matabele and Shona tribes – agreements honoured until the betrayal of British Royalty to Marxists.

This was a Counter Insurgency (COIN) war, to be fought with the people, not against them. As members of the African community, the African Soldiers were very adept at interacting with the local people, both in direct contact with them on patrol and by observing the signs of village life from an Observation Post. They frequently ‘sensed’ the presence of CTs when none were physically visible but the signs of their presence were.

The RAR, as an infantry regiment, employed infantry COIN tactics against its enemy: patrols, ambushing, Observation Postss, cordon and searches of habitation, attacks on located terrorist camps or hides, tracking and follow up. These tactics were used both internally in Rhodesia and externally in Zambia and Mozambique. As with all professional units, and in collaboration with other Rhodesian Security Force services, these were refined and evolved. The evolution of the Fireforce concept was the most significant example of that.

RLI FireForce Scouts by G Car Taking Off

Covert Observation Posts of tribal areas were an effective tactic for sighting CT groups but the challenge lay in concentrating force onto the sighting sufficiently rapidly to destroy them. In conjunction with the Air Force, the Army had, by 1974, developed Fireforce as a response to this. Fireforce involved the vertical envelopment of an enemy group by troops deployed from helicopters and (from 1976 onwards) by parachute, supported by air-to-ground fire from helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Combined with Observation Posts , who located and talked the Fire Force onto targets, they would prove the most effective tactic of the Bush War. The Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) and the RAR provided most of the Fireforce troops. Within an RAR battalion, of the five companies, the pattern was very frequently for one company to be on Fireforce, four on OPs/ambushes looking for targets and one on R&R at any one time.

RAR ‘Sweet Banana’

Editors Comments: The Sponsors Of Marxist Conquest By Betrayal

These are the greatest sponsors of the Marxist conquest of the Commonwealth in the 20th century. The question is why?
Is this a clue? Is it as relevant to destroying Rhodesia with deceit and betrayal as it is to 2021? Is it relevant to the Great Reset we cannot vote for?

How could the Queen claim the conquest of Rhodesia by Stalin’s successors or Chairman Mao was a black liberation movement? Those Comintern Soviet and Maoist forces were still slaughtering ‘their’ people in the millions. Why would the Queen aide them by conquering more people for slaughter?

Slaughtered to enable the horrific slaughter of more than 60,000,000 ethnic Europeans while their relatives, the British Royalty, watched and appeased.

Unfazed by the brutal slaughter of the profoundly Christian Romanov family to usher in the Bloody Bolshevik Revolution, the British Royal family were more than aware of the ongoing horrific slaughter of tens of millions of European Christians to enforce Soviet Communism. They also knew of the ongoing terror and slaughter of over 50 million people in Mao’s Communist China while he was head hunting a “Mugabe” cadre.

British Royalty knew of the Holodomors, the forced starvation by Soviet-Liberators of more than 10 million people in the wheat Bread-Basket of Europe. This is a predictable feature of every Communist liberation.

Ukraine was the wheat growing breadbasket of Europe and was progressively holocausted post-the Bloody Bolshevik Revolution.

The Queen also knew that the British taxpayer, after betraying their kin in Rhodesia, would be forced to perpetually pay to prevent mass starvation in what was once the Bread-Basket of Africa.

She then closed a blind eye to the ensuing rape and slaughter in Marxist Zimbabwe on a scale that Rhodesia had never known. All because, overnight, the British Throne that had formerly honoured the Council of 700 Chiefs, deemed them to be the wrong kind of black voice. Though the Chiefs knew of the Hell that Marxists had, and were, creating in neighbouring nations they were portrayed as backward simpletons for opposing a Marxist conquest.

No longer respected by the Queen, the Chiefs, like their sons in the RAR, were betrayed and left to the wolves in 1980.

Having destabilised nation after nation especially in Africa, British Royalty continue to live long luxurious lives and breed at will. Yet it is us they deem a plague in their world.
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3 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    I tend to think that the British monarchy (aka The Firm, perfidious as it is) knows who are The Owners and who underwrites the royal style and duties. In terms of The Firm and The Cabal -it is the latter are The Owners.

    In “The Battle for Rhodesia” Douglas Reed devotes an entire chapter to Cecil Rhodes negotiation of peace between the traditional enemies: the Matabele and the Shona. The raiding , slaving wars for the Caliphate on the Gold Coast of Africa had been going for centuries but Rhodes made the peace between these peoples. According to Reed, they called it “the separation of the fighting bulls”.

    This peace is an important part of Rhodesia’s Westminster tradition and the Rhodes’ patrimony. It became part of the foundation of the Rhodesian state as a Crown Colony.

    The British monarchy and later the Union of the Two Crowns of the Stewart monarchy is ‘The Crown’ to which Magna Carta and Westminster Law refers. This was not, however, the foundation of the UK – laid on the Bank of England 1694 and The City of London Corporation.

    In 1642, the English Parliamentarians laid the axe to the root of Magna Carta and fought the Union of the Two Crowns under Charles I for’ the Supremacy’ which was demanded by Henry VIII in the Oath 1558 – a power claimed by the British monarch since the Act of the Supremacy 1559. There might have been ‘royal prerogative’ since King Alfred the Great (and this is recognized in Magna Carta), but there was no ‘Supremacy’ . Rather the best of Westminster is a rule of law, qualified democratic franchise and balance of powers.

    After the Civil War 1642, the Parliamentarians had ‘the Supremacy’ for what it was worth ( in law or de jure) and they wear the chains of that office to this day. It remains , however, a very qualified ‘supremacy’. The real power lies with the Owners of the consols of the Bank of England and The City of London Corporation. This is the de facto and ‘right of conquest’ supremacy. This is the Judaic Imperium.
    But the British monarch fronts the new regime.

    Just as the US has been under the Admiralty Law of The City of London Corporation since 1913, in the formation of the UK ( the Coronation Oath 1688, the Act of Union, Succession and Settlement 1701 – 1707 ) the UK is under Admiralty Law and not Westminster Law. In all conflict of law, Admiralty Law has the precedence.

    However, it is Westminster law and government which is the true Christian greatness of the English nation. Rhodes was well schooled in the traditions of Westminster at Oxford and he brought the best of them to Africa in the founding of Rhodesia. Rhodesia always exemplified the best of Westminster through this patrimony and the statesmanship of PM Ian Smith and the Rhodesian Front government. And the Rhodesians got themselves free of the UK with their Declaration of Independence and free of the central banking cartel with the establishment of the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia 1970.

    Against the Communist Revolution of the twentieth century these are titanic achievements.

    Under the UK, ‘the Crown’ as it applies to the monarch is a mere designation of the the power for which the British monarch stands in relation as a figurehead or a legal fiction. The Crown de facto and by right of Conquest (War of the Succession 1688 – 1745) are The Owners of The City of London Corporation (and its world money pyramid). And they are The Owners of the Communist Revolution: both the Western Sickle and the Eastern Hammer. The British Monarchy and the US Dept of State have been onboard with the Communist Revolution since the UN was raised up on its Communist Charter (every plank of the Manifesto) and the Fourth Comintern inaugurated its permanent world Revolution with World War II (for which no armistice ever was signed).

    “We are one people despite the ostensible rifts , cracks and differences between the American and Soviet democracies. We are one people and it is not in our interests that the West should liberate the East, for in doing this and in liberating the enslaved Eastern nations , the West would inevitably deprive Jewry of the Eastern half of its world power.” Chaim Weizmann (Marschalko, Louis. The World Conquerors)

    • Editor says:

      Yes, the British Monarchy have always had the option of being honest with the people. They have chosen not to, generation after generation.
      This choice is clearly not only to benefit themselves but because they largely, or wholly, agree with the agenda of The Cabal.
      Hence today we have a Monarchy that supports The Great Reset without consent. Depopulation agendas without consent. The sustained and systematic rise of anti-white anti-Christian Marxist totalitarianism also without the express and fully-informed consent of the people as might be reasonably expected from the One-Person-One-Vote mandate they have publicly embraced for every nation (especially Rhodesia!).
      It is high time people questioned the Monarchy they still honour – including a number of well intentioned Rhodesians.

      The information you have provided should shatter a few illusions. It is worthy of being posted as an article in its own right, we plan to.
      Thank you.

  2. Linde says:

    You are most welcome Editor. I am happy for all the material I send over to belong to the Reclaiming Rhodesia project. Now that the whole world knows Jimmy Savile was Prince Phillip’s wing-pedo this ‘high moral ground’ they feigned to occupy with Rhodesia’s ‘illegal’ UDI and ‘illegal’ bank and whatnot is going to be recaptured for the Counter Revolution. Rhodesia’s RF government, however, had a mandate that was quantified in hard numbers and recorded in the Hansard of the UK Parliament. The UK government lied through its teeth when it pretended that only a Communist one vote= one value UN franchise could establish mandate and consent of the government. You are picking up the crest of well-intentioned Rhodesians who have been brow beaten by all this Marxist crap over the years and I see this as a very good thing. By all means have at The Firm and The Cabal again.

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