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7 Responses

  1. Wessel Visser says:

    I once jumped from helicopters and parachuted from DC3s or Dakotas with an MAG gun like the photo in this article

  2. Katherine Sparkes says:

    Cripes !

  3. Katherine Sparkes says:

    The Westminster style of government was not suitable for the black majority in Rhodesia Zimbabwe.

  4. Linde says:

    Katherine – you are standard issue liberal from the 70s and I completely get it that John, Hannes and the others have banned you from commenting on the Fighting Men of Rhodesia YT channel .

    The Officer Tatum’s video ‘Most Epic Liberal Fail Ever’ perfectly illustrates Doofus Whites where the Marxist stage 1 of subversion: demoralisation is complete. Complete inability to understand factual evidences ( such as presented on this website ) and draw logical conclusions. Enjoy.

  5. WakeyWakey says:

    Perhaps you could actually read the articles posted on this website to learn of the actual facts, not the propaganda that you are parroting. Israel is an apartheid state as was South Africa. Not Rhodesia. Rhodesia was not South Africa just as Canada is not the U.S.
    And what does ‘cripes!’ contribute to anything, pse explain?
    Regarding your comment that the Westminster style of government was not suitable for the black majority, are you implying that the One Party State Dictatorship in place in Zimbabwe since 1980 is suitable for them? Please inform further.

    • WakeyWakey says:

      My comment and questions were addressed to ‘Katherine Sparks’. I hit her ‘reply’ button but this is not evident.

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