Forewarned Is Forearmed: From Operation Mayibuye To BLM Riots, Tools For Marxist Revolutions Part 3

Editor: This excellent series points to how today’s “peaceful” BLM movement, South Africa’s Rivonia Trial and Rhodesia’s planned destruction all needed each other to serve an ulterior agenda.

The Marxist BLM “movement” is not an organic grass roots movement.

Continuing from Operation Mayibuye: The Rivonia Trial Unmasking The Hidden Hands, Part 2.

The Rivonia Trial Did Not Halt The Plan

From the way the Rivonia trial was parlayed to the Western media, enabled by insiders from the Ministry for Justice, Operation Mayibuye (the Plan) was still fully operational and co-ordinated across the Revolutionary network – a feat far beyond the capabilities of the defendants on trial for sabotage.

In fact the United Nations responded to the ‘explosive situation’ of the trial exactly in the way the Plan said it would.  As did the Plan’s self-described ‘our assets’ within all the governments targeted for subversion and overthrow. They all performed exactly as the operational manual said they would perform.

Operation Mayibuye was not squashed in Stage One (sabotage) as the Minister for Justice John Vorster maintained. Later, as Prime Minister of South Africa, he would betray Rhodesia and pave the way for the full realization of Operation Mayibuye in all of southern Africa, including South Africa.

Before we look more closely at how the Plan was realised in Rhodesia and South Africa, we recommend the following excellent overview presented by John F. McManus in 1988. History already had and continues to prove his eloquent words accurate.

USSR Weapons Imported Into South Africa

One of the most important aspects of Operation Mayibuye made public in the trial was the work of subversion through the organisation of bloc memberships. The construction of the Revolution’s  political infrastructure was all under the National High Command.  The instruction to the Communist Party of SA was to join the ANC so the latter could be controlled as a front organisation.  The South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) was instructed by the NHC to join the ANC. The Communist Party of SA was instructed to join the SACTU. [ 13 ] 

Thus Goldreich was able to import a lot of equipment from the GDR and the Soviet Union legally.  It was imported through a company set up by the SACTU in Hamburg, Germany.  This was the pipeline for all the communications and intelligence equipment needed by ‘the Department of Signals’ again under the direction of the NHC. [ 14 ] 

Can you imagine the expression on the face SA military intelligence reading these docments?

Recall from Part 2: The National High Command for the international Communist organisation (Comintern) networked equipment, supply and training with the Soviet Union, the Nanking Military Academy in Communist China, North Korea and Cuba. Rivonia was its extension in South Africa and some NHC members were captured there.

The reason why the Communist control of the ANC was to remain covert was obviously because upwardly mobile social groups ie Black South Africans do tend not to join Communist organisations.  To his credit Dr. Yutar brought this out in the trial as stated in his Introduction to Rivonia Unmasked!

The Comintern gets this. If the ANC, which was founded as an African organisation to promote African social progress and development was controlled by the Communist Party of South Africa, then the Revolution could attract a large popular base from among the population targeted for subversion. This base enabled the building of the guerrilla cadres.

Above: Consistent with these subversive plans, the Fabian Socialists (including members like former Australian Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Julia Gillard) believe in using a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (their original logo) tactics to smash the world into the shape they want. Stealth and time is required because they know they will never win an honest election -anywhere. Hence the long march through the institutions to radicalise the youth and future technocrats, diktats and political leaders. Below: A close up of the Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing depicted above the world globe being smashed into the shape the Marxists covet.
Where the Red ant meets the White ant. ‘White anting’ is an expression to reflect that not all enemies are external. In fact invasive pestilence, like termites, prefer to slowly eat away your home from within.

Building Guerrilla Cadres

Apart from sabotage (Stage One of the plan), the Operation dealt with this subject and their training in weapons, combat, demolitions, explosives, terrorism – in short, insurgency.  The Plan acknowledged frankly that the guerrilla armies would have to be built from the Black African population.  Those selected to be commissars and chain of command would be sent to Moscow for political indoctrination and military training.  From Moscow, the path led to the military training camps in Beijing Military Academy, North Korea and  Cuba.  Maoist methods were especially favoured for the African struggle.  Not only were they to receive training in the various skills of insurgency as cited above, they studied political tactics – how the political front , nationalist organisations of the ANC would camouflage acts of terror in the Western media as ‘popular uprisings.’

In Stage One, the recruits studied the how and why of the specific acts of terrorism that were to be brought against the Black African population targeted for subversion.  The Plan acknowledged that only a minority of Black Africans were interested in Communism or its goals. The majority identified with their specific tribes. They did not even identify with Blacks internationally either as a race or as a proletariat. For the Planners, this constituted a problem.  They would have to be subverted into a racial  proletariat through terrorism. Therefore, terrorism was simply method and an important part of the guerrilla  training.

Soon bombs were not required. A tire, a litre of fuel, a match and a terrorised population was sufficient thanks to the collusion of the Western corporate media.

Operation Mayibuye’s Plan To Colonise Rhodesia, For Whom?

In his work on the SAS , A Handful of Hard Men, the author Hannes Wessels affords another fascinating look at the Rivonia Plan. In Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast 1963, ZANU trained at military centres set up by the Chinese Communists at  Itumbi Reef in Tanzania.  From these centres , candidates were selected for the Chinese military academies, specifically  Nan Jiang.  Two of Wessel’s informants, the Zimbabwean nationalists Bhebhe and Ranger, corroborated Operation Mayibuye in their own acknowledgement of a “dearth of volunteers for ZAPU and ZANU” military training. 

Contrary to the Western Marxist narrative, Wessel’s informants said that Africans had to be deceived, abducted, press ganged and conscripted from raids into their lands,  their schools and communities. Their populations had to be terrorized.  [15 ]

And that was only Stage One.

Evil White colonial oppressors were not driving the Africans to nationalism or some kind of democratic liberation based on the one UN vote equals one UN value type of democratic liberation. 

In Stage One of the Operation,  sabotage was to be executed against the ‘White, racist, settler’ regimes for supplies and the general disruption of the social order. Terror was to be executed against the Black African populations in order to build the guerrilla armies and cadres.

Rhodesia was targeted for invasion into the African Tribal Trust Lands.  South Africa was targeted for invasion into the Homelands. The first graduating class of Itumbi Reef was despatched to Rhodesia for farm murders. [15 ]

Rhodesia Unafraid: After witnessing your mother being forced to cook and eat your fathers severed lips and ears, while your grandmother is raped and tortured with hot embers, and the rest of the village terrorised… you might agree to become a Marxist guerrilla.

In Stage Three of Operation Mayibuye, the political analysis, admitted that North of the Zambezi, Stage 3 had succeeded because the European colonial powers had complied with the UN Resolution and abdicated from their colonies. Thus the entire colonial population of all races and ethnicities was removed from the resources of stable government capable of resisting the armed invasion of the Revolution from without and the eruption of the Revolution from within.  They acknowledged that South of the Zambezi, the African population would demand that their governments protect them from Stage One of the Communist road map to victory. 

Zambia, I Changed My Mind: North of the Zambezi River, in formerly Northern Rhodesia, the newly ‘liberated’ black Marxist Zambia promptly forced a famine on 2,000,000 black villagers who had not converted. Mugabe was to indulge in his own grand democide while attending photos shoots with Fabian Socialist PM Bob Hawke at the same time.

The Plan admitted that Stage Three could only succeed against Portuguese East Africa, the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and South Africa if Stage 2 succeeded in creating enough ‘explosive situations of nationalist aspirations’ to warrant an actual invasion of the UN or one of the powers, such as Great Britain in response. [16]

As Reed comments in The Battle for Rhodesia, this was no “Winds of Change”.  Rivonia was the winds of war in terms of political and military analysis, forward and strategic planning, tactics – such as the political uses of terrorism, subversion, media and logistics.  This was a military operation.  It was  “the engineering of war through precise tooling.” [16 ]

The Plan did not neglect Rhodesia.  Mayibuye saw Southern Rhodesia as the ‘Hot Gates’ and frontline of the Revolution.  That was where they intended the hammer stroke to fall. And that is where it fell on the frontline of the Communist Revolution against Africa.

As Vietnam & SE Asia Burned Red Jimmy Carter Yelled: “The Fire is in Rhodesia!”

Rule Of Law Replaced With Semantics

In his Introduction to Rivonia Unmasked!,  Dr. Yutar’s decisions with regard to his  prosecution are inexplicable unless one is thinking in terms of the Operation documents he submitted as state’s evidence. 

He  acknowledges the facts of matter as detailed in Operation Mayibuye descriptively.  He does not engage with the political analysis of  the Operation itself.  Having decided to lay charges only in terms of conspiracy and sabotage, he states that on the basis of his merely descriptive summary,

“ I submitted to the Court that this was a case of high treason par excellence and it was on these facts, found proved, which constituted the crime no matter what name the crime may be called that the accused were found guilty.”  [ 17 ]

This just astounding. Sabotage and treason are now just semantics!

First, as Prime Minister Verwoerd stated: the crimes being prosecuted against the Rivonia defendants are crimes of “Communist terror”. Secondly, the ‘saboteurs’  were committed to a foreign body. An international Revolutionary organisation headed by hostile foreign powers that are actively running an operation in South Africa for the violent overthrow of the government.

Nelson Mandela lied under oath that he was not a member of the Communist Party.  His own handwriting testified he was a member of the National High Command of the Communist Revolution.  He answered directly to his Handler Joe Slovo (A Jewish Communist agitator from the USSR pictured above with Nelson and Winnie Mandela) and to the NHC in Dar es Salaam. So why not lay charges of “high treason par excellence” if there is such a charge.  Why not go for treason, sedition and the death penalty?

A better example of the uses of Revolutionary Assets embedded in the State to facilitate the Revolution could not be found.  Operation Mayibuye explains and acknowledges their embedding. But in the Rivonia Trial, the Revolutionary Assets found uses for the slime-y Ganelon Factor that weren’t even at the technical manual of the Revolution.

And then, Dr. Yutar concluded that he doubted very much there would be another Rivonia. 

How could there be another Rivonia? With the Communist Revolution there is only one master plan.  It might be tweaked and adapted for different nations but there is only one plan and Operation Mayibuye was the one for Southern Africa . So yes.  There would not be another Rivonia. If the plan of the Operation came to light again at one of its further stages – it would be the same plan.

Rinse & Repeat 60 Years Later: Rivonia Reborn As BLM Now Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize!

The BLM rioters, led by self declared Marxists (ignorant of the fact Marx was an extreme racist) and terrorists, are now nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for going global… Operation Mayibuye 2.0

Comintern Assault on Rhodesia Continues

In the year of the trial’s conclusion, 1964, the Tribal Trust Lands of Rhodesia were undergoing what the Indiba of the Rhodesian Chiefs (held in Domboshawa 1965) would call ‘the Year of the Burnings’. And the events of 1964 would decide them to use their votes in the Rhodesian Parliament and call upon the Rhodesian Front government to ‘cut the strings’ with the UK and declare Independence.

Operation Mayibuye was not squashed in Stage One as the Minister for Justice John Vorster maintained.  It was operational before, during and after the convictions of the Rivonia defendents. The Deep State embedding and infrastructure (which the Operation Mayibuye openly acknowledged) was in place and untouched by the trial. So of course, embedded Deep State assets of the Revolution would make every effort to conceal the fundamental truths about the Operation. 

Those would be the truths that would continue to unfold as events in real time through the stages of the Revolution and its Plan.

Comintern ‘assets’ holding hands… as always, but who put them there?
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