Blood Diamonds: State Slavery, Slaughter and Looting in ‘Liberated’ Zimbabwe

liberation [ lib-uhrey-shuhn ]


the act of liberating or the state of being liberated. The act or fact of gaining equal rights or full social or economic opportunities for a particular group.
Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, has blamed the economic troubles of Zimbabwe on the governments’ refusal to direct revenue from the lucrative Marange diamond fields to the public treasury. The ZANU-PF controlled Fifth brigade and presidential guard seized control of the Marange diamond fields in Eastern Zimbabwe, Manica Highlands, in 2009. Horror stories of atrocities, murders, slave labour and channelling of vast quantities of Zimbabwe’s blood diamonds to China in exchange for weapons, have not stopped the Zimbabwe government from being able to sell these diamonds abroad. Yet, the Minster of Finance reports that the Treasury is bankrupt and the revenue that should have been raised by the Marange diamond fields has simply disappeared into the private pockets of Mugabe and his ZANU-PF politburo.


Mugabe’s murderous ZANU (PF) regime in Zimbabwe is being enriched by blood diamonds even as the long suffering Zimbabwe people are suffering one of the worst economic melt downs in history.

Images have been added, original article May, 2012.

National Suicide

More than half of the total population of Zimbabwe have fled the country, which is inflicted with the highest unemployment and worst inflation world wide. Now, numerous credible reports have revealed how [ZANU-PF] Mugabe has continued to stay in power despite the economic suicide of having destroyed the over 5,000 white commercial farms, which were once the major employer, main source of foreign exchange earnings and which had effectively fed the 10million population.​

Although the state mining firm claims that the gems were sold “transparently”, and the Kimberly Process has certified the Marange gems, human rights groups and the diamond watchdog, Partnership Africa Canada, have documented abuses at the mines and estimate the theft of the blood diamonds of Zimbabwe at US$2 billion, since 2008. The proceeds of this looting of the resources that should be helping Zimbabweans, are going into the pockets of ZANU-PF leaders.

The China Connection

Mugabe and his Marxists politburo have been enriching themselves with blood diamonds from the Marange diamond fields in South East Zimbabwe. The area has been declared a military zone and the area cleared of its local inhabitants. Many hundreds have been killed and the tribes which inhabited this area for generations have been chased away. The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army is supervising the diamond mining in Marange and Antanov cargo planes are transporting the diamonds exploited from Marange directly from the bush runway to China. The Marange diamond fields are believed to be one of the largest diamond fields in the world with a potential of up to a quarter of all diamonds mined around the globe. In return for the diamonds the Chinese military are supplying weapons and other essential materials to keep the unpopular Mugabe regime in power in Zimbabwe.

Military Hardware for Diamonds

Zimbabwean human rights officials have documented numerous cases of murder and torture of civilians who have strayed into the Marange diamond fields. The weapons for diamonds deal between Zimbabwe and China was reportedly set up by General Constantine Chiwenga. The Mbada Diamond Company has been fronted by Mugabe appointees such as Robert Mhlanga, along with Chinese partners Deng Hongyan Zhang, Shibin Zhang Hui, Jiang Zhaoyao and Cheng Qins. Refugees from Marange have horror stories of atrocities and abuse by the Zimbabwe and Chinese military.

The Marange area, 400km South East of Harare, close to Mutare, in the Eastern Highlands, was a scene of terrible atrocities when 20,000 small scale miners were forcibly removed by soldiers and police. Human rights groups claimed that hundreds were killed during this ethnic cleansing, which included attacks by helicopter gunships. 

China Moves into Africa

China’s trade with Africa has risen four fold in the last six years and is estimated to exceed US$100billion this year. China has now overtaken Britain to become Africa’s third most important trading partner, after the USA and France

A New Colonialism

Angola, Algeria, the Congo, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Sudan and Zimbabwe are among prominent nations in Africa which are purchasing weapons from Red China by selling their mineral rights. Despite the international ban on ivory poaching, the Marxist ZANU government of Zimbabwe has sold ivory to Red China in exchange for jet fighters, tanks and other military hardware.

Dr Peter Hammond,

Editor: The trade in blood diamonds won’t end until countries like China and Israel stop purchasing them.

“The diamond industries in Israel, Zimbabwe and Angola are a major source of revenues for regimes guilty of gross human rights violations.”
Britain hailed the terrorist Mugabe as a hero and PM Ian Smith as “unsavory”. Mugabe publicly described himself as a ‘Marxist-Leninist-Maoist’ yet had the backing of the West. Within 4 months of being given Rhodesia, Mugabe signed a military training deal with North Korea. It was not unusual for Britain and the West to celebrate and honour terrorists even as they led massacres and orgies of bloodshed and torture in Africa.
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2 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    Looks like Blood Diamonds are also funding the Soviet invasion of Ukraine via the Tel Aviv – Moscow Axis.

    Anglo American was founded by Ernest Oppenheimer in the 1917 in J’berg with backing from JP Morgan and Co. A majority stakeholder in De Beers – another Big Jew Company – from 1926 controlled by Alfred Beit. And they were heavily invested in Zambia in the 1970s – the crucial years of Rhodesia’s War of Independence.

    Kuanda’s UNIP Marxist dictatorship never threw so much as a rock in any war of independence against the evil, white, racist settler regime of Northern Rhodesia / Central African Federation. Zambia was created with the stroke of a pen. And they served Anglo American plc and the Communist Revolution well. Looks like their parent company is now Glencore with its registered office in Saint Heller Jersey – an offshore Channel Is. So: ‘The Crown’ of the Empire of The City and the Oppenheimer branch of the Rothschild financial arm.

    The Owners of Monopoly Capital and The Owners of the Communist Revolution are one and the same..

  2. Linde says:

    This essay got me thinking again about Anglo American plc.

    Right after UDI, that Red Shitbag Kuanda and all the OAU were all howling for Britain to invade Rhodesia and just put an end to the evil white, racist settler regime. The Archbishop of Canterbury , then president of the WCC, Michael Ramsey called for the bombing of Rhodesia in the Lords, etc. And the Big Jew Media in the UK , as usual, was full of it.

    But the real Britain , the British of the former empire which retained associations, would not hear of it. This was a nationalist Britain – now spread out across the former Empire, a Britain which had rewarded UK war veterans with land in Rhodesia and the former colonies and perceived the liberal UK political establishment as sock puppets of The City. To them, Smith was the hero of the story and the real villains were the usual suspect.s

    But Wilson caved into Kuanda and sent the RAF to Zambia to ‘guard’ the mines of Anglo American [the Rothschild interest] in Zambia from the Rhodesians. And of course this gesture was intended to be perceived by all the Communist and Crypto-Communist powers as the first step in building up a staging area of invasion.

    PM Ian Smith wrote about this in The Great Betrayal. He had Wilson’s number. He knew the pressures that were on him by his masters in the City. And he knew the RAF personally. They were- all old mates of the RhAF. They were constantly on the radio talking with the Tower in Salisbury. To even fly to Lusaka they had to talk to Salisbury because Salisbury radar covered all Zambia. And of course the RAF stationed in Ndola and Lusaka for ‘the invasion’ were regulars at Victoria Falls hotels in Rhodesia where they partied with their RhAF counterparts. They had all fought together in the wars of the British Empire anyway. Smith did not think the British military was going to invade Rhodesia. He called Wilson’s bluff and refused to back down on UDI.

    Here are the RAF Gloster Javelins landing in Lusaka for the ‘threatened’ invasion over the Anglo American interests.
    Raf arrive in Zambia 1965.

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