As Vietnam & SE Asia Burned Red Jimmy Carter Yelled: “The Fire is in Rhodesia!”

“The Fire is in Rhodesia” ~ President Jimmy Carter (1)

“In spite of the overwhelming number of enemy pitted against them, Rhodesian Fireforces accounted for thousands of enemy guerrillas, with a kill ratio exceeding 80:1.  At the end of the war, ZANLA generals admitted – their army could not have survived another year in the field.  This was in no small part due to the ruthless efficiency of the Fireforces, described by Charles D. Melson, Chief Historian of the US Marine Corps as ‘the ultimate killing machine’. “ 

Dr. JRT Wood. Counter Strike from the Sky.  (2)

Written by Linde for Reclaiming Rhodesia. Linde is an independent researcher and author who’s articles appear in various independent online publications. Linde’s homesite is: Unicuique Suumis.

War Of Independence 1965-1979

On the battle field, the Rhodesians won their War of Independence against the world-wide Communist Revolution in Africa 1965 – 1979. Militarily, objectively, historically:  they won.  In philosophy there is a maxim that states: against fact – no argument (Sounds better in Latin).

Signing the Rhodesian Internal Settlement on 3 March 1978 . From left: Bishop Abel MuzorewaIan SmithJeremiah Chirau and Ndabaningi Sithole. Image from Ministry of Information, Immigration and Tourism, Government of Rhodesia – Pamphlet entitled “Focus on the Rhodesian Settlement”.

Yet, in what today is the standard issue and politically correct Marxist Double-Speak discourse – by all media, all academic curricula and cultural programming of the Western mind – the Rhodesian Bush War was the driving force leading to Rhodesia’s March 1979 election. Though the election was held under the terms of the Internal Settlement and the norms* of the U.N. Charter, the Great Powers refused to recognise it.

(*These norms might be internationally accepted, but they incorporate every plank of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. Including the good old equality ideology of 1 vote = 1 value ignoring the fact that even Lenin quipped “What matters in an election is not the votes but who gets to vote and who counts the votes.”)

The war with the Fourth Comintern [Communist International] was settled in combat, in Rhodesia’s favour. However, according to the U.N. Powers That Be, it could only be formally deemed settled with the implementation of their preferred electoral process. That is, when all Communist parties were enabled by International ‘Peacekeeping’ Powers to participate in the election and use their military among unarmed civilians, to persuade and re-distribute the electorate.

The Great Unelected U.N. Powers may have refused to recognize the March 1979 election, but to the candid mind, there should be no doubt that the Internal Settlement of 1978 made every effort to poll the Rhodesian population. What was unacceptable to the U.N.  – namely the ZOGs both East and West – was that it was a  Rhodesian Settlement and Communist parties backed by foreign interests namely the Eastern Bloc were excluded by the Rhodesian security forces.

Communist Revolution In Disguise

As a conflict, the Bush War was intentionally brand associated with the line-up of other African conflicts that passed through a similar settlement process in time frame of  European de-colonization:  the ‘Kenya Emergency/Mau Mau Revolt’ ( 1952-1960), ‘the Angolan Civil War’ (1975-2002), ‘the Congo Crisis’ (1960-1965) and yada yada.

We are all familiar with this mind meld from our regularly scheduled TV programming.  My children had to learn these exact terms in their Marxist social studies classes in Australia. If they had attended school in Britain or the United States, they would still have had use these exact same terms on their exams.

“Britain has granted independence to more people
than any other nation in history”,
bragged Harold Wilson.
“Yes,” said Ian Smith, “and in one instance [alone] this resulted
in a million people being killed in 3 days”.
Where is Rhodesia today?

When a state is captured by the Communist Revolution, the first priority is not the Party purge or the genocide (that comes later), but the nation’s perception and understanding of itself is summarily addressed. The ethnic composition, social norms, history and cultural life of the nation come under Marxist critical deconstruction. Their society will undergo what ex-KGB Yuri Bezmenov called :  ‘process of normalization’.  We call it : the new normal

Most significantly, this process will involve re-writing, re-telling of the nation’s  history. In short: reconstruction. It will all be re-interpreted and given a politically correct Marxist understanding. Events both historical and contemporary will be reviewed, given a new lexicon and fitted into the Communist schema. Facts of matter that do not support the official narrative, party line or political correctness are either destroyed, sanitized or denied.

When Chairman Mao launched the Second Five Year Plan to overhaul and collectivize China’s traditional agrarian economy, the comrade citizen farmers were told by their Commissars to call this process ‘the Great Leap Forward’. Farmers were executed for ‘ideological deviation‘ if they spoke of ‘the great famine’, or of family names from entire provinces that were killed by starvation, or of those removed from their lands and villages and put to work on agricultural collectives. Those who were suspected of  ideological deviation were put on the watch list and monitored.

Leaping Forward Into Coffins: Communist China officially ended its barbaric “Struggle Sessions” in 1978, the terrorist leader they recruited in Rhodesia, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, called them “Pungwe’s”. Today’s monitored watch lists include pregnant mothers in Melbourne, Australia, who make Facebook posts informing others of planned peaceful LockDown Protests.

Throughout the Western world, the same ideological process is at work with the story of Rhodesia as the Rhodesians lived and understood it. And, of course, as only the Rhodesians can tell it.

As a society and state, Rhodesia was at war with the permanent, worldwide Communist Revolution. Most people have the idea of revolution as some kind of popular uprising that can be resolved by the involved parties –  listening to grievance issues, reform and resolution.

That is what Marxists want us to think.

With The Revolution, The Issue Is Never The Issue!

As the missionary and author, Dr. Peter Hammond states in so many of his presentations:

“With the Revolution, the issue is never the issue.  The issue is always the Revolution”.

Dr Peter Hammond

The ideologies which are used to generate ‘issues’ are never intended by Revolutionaries to be resolved, but rather to create incidents that can then be exploited for the Revolution itself which is an organisation, a plan, a process and a science.

In brief:

“seize power as quickly and ruthlessly as possible”

Communist Party ‘Rules for Revolution’, No. 6.  Earliest known publication 1946.

And the process requires organisation, training and supply. Under both the  Supreme Soviet (1936 – 1991) and the Praesidium (1991- ?) the permanent, world-wide Revolution is called: the Fourth Comintern (1938- ?). And Rhodesia was at war with it on Rhodesian land 1965-1979. 

This is one of those stubborn and rocky facts of matter embedded in history  – much like those sheer basalt and granite outcrops of the Highveld and the Vumbas. And the nature of the Rhodesian victories is such that Marxists the world over will always will need a Rhodesia solution. Sir Humphrey explains:

The Rhodesia Solution – ‘Yes Minister’ British TV series.

Misinterpretation Will Always Be The Key

As a nation and polity, Rhodesia must always be confined to ‘white, racist, settler’ Alcatraz in the public mind. The Black Rhodesian population who supported the Rhodesian Front government with ‘boots on the ground’ – the great majority – must always be perceived as misled and deceived by RF government propaganda.

In the toxic racial narrative of Marxism, there is always a lot of latitude extended to persons of colour who require a lot of Fourth Political Theory in order to get their ideology correct and know what’s good for them.

But in the fascinating story of Rhodesia, we get to hear these people address this Communist crapola in their own voices and free decision making!

The only conscripts in the Rhodesian Army were whites! 80% of the defence and protection forces in Rhodesia were black volunteers (despite very low unemployment levels nationally <5% unlike today!). The volunteers included ex-terrorists who surrendered after discovering the reality of Fourth Political Theory. The internationally revered Selous Scouts Colours included the words Pamwe Chete”  i.e. “Together Only” in recognition of the formidable bond in the multi-racial strike unit.
 Guard Force. was formed after numerous Chiefs, Headman, Government Officials and Farmers became desperate. The Communist Terrorists were torturing, mutilating and murdering civilians in the most gruesome ways imaginable, including forced cannibalism. “Guard Force, RDR, BSAP, Intaf and other defensive elements of the Security Forces provided the protective shield so that the sword, consisting of the elite units of the Security Forces, could strike and destroy the enemy.” Above: Guard Force Headlands 1978. Guards Pearson and Dzema, Cpl Wifred Matema, Keep Commander George Parker, P.O. Dave Morris (BSAP)

Rhodesia is a dangerous story for the Political Commissars of the Western nations – especially the Anglosphere nations.  And that is why any attempt to ‘reclaim’ the story of Rhodesia by the Rhodesians who lived it is going to be met with the entire bag of Dirty Tricks.  But then how the Rhodesians as a people upended and shook out the entire bag of Dirty Tricks is actually part of the story.

The  politics of the West’s governing elites are solidly wall-to-wall Marxist   In the United States, as of Sept 2020, the Dept. of Homeland Security has assessed the past three months of Soros backed Communist insurgencies rioting across American inner cities with Burning, Looting and Murder

They have discovered the most lethal terror threat to the United States to be: ‘White supremacy’. Yes. All twenty ‘White Supremacists’. 

No, mass shootings are not a ‘white man’s problem’.

Do not be deceived, just because they do not openly wear the Swastika (very clever that) or display their collections of Rhodesian militaria does not mean they are are not what ZOG claims they are. The FBI, DHS, NSA  (read NKVDs and Stasis) may not have the resources at their disposal to be able  to put down the BLM Communist insurgency, but they will certainly apply themselves to the criminalisation of White Americans organising in their own demographic interests.  Other racial interest groups are, of course, Federally funded, like La Raza – ‘The Race’.

La Raza continues to receive favourable MSM coverage and millions of dollars in funding annually from the U.S. government and NGO’s despite advocating extreme supremacy: “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.”

For the American Veterans of Vietnam rotating back stateside after Khe Sanh and the TET Offensive, veterans who had seen at first hand the subversion of the war by the US Dept of State and the top brass, the story of Rhodesia, was at the top of the pops.  Before the Rockefeller Foundation succeeded in astroturfing the ‘Anti-War Movement’ for the demoralisation of the American nation, support  for the Vietnamese nation fighting the armed Communist aggression of the Revolution was very strong. 

And the Rhodesian conflict was publicly perceived to be in the same category.  Here was a nation about the size of Montana fighting the Communist Revolution.  They put two fingers in the air to the United Nations and told Her Majesty’s Government to stick it where it fits. (What is not to like about this picture?). 

Naturally, political events of this nature had to be taken smartly in hand by the Media Commissars of the Western world. The Rhodesians were made to play on all American channels as that white, racist, settler regime’. Apparently, not content with oppressing and starving the poor Blacks who only wanted to be good UN citizens with one vote=one value, now they were killing them… of course.

  • Rhodesia was also the number one threat to world peace.
  • Rhodesia was the number one cause of heart attack and stroke among the Peers in the House of Lords. 
  • Rhodesia made the little children in the  Martin Luther King grade school cry at their morning assembly.
  • Rhodesia was responsible for the failure of LBJ’s Great Society…. 
Tell A Big Lie Often Enough

The entire shtick required rigorous censorship of  any information that revealed the Black Rhodesian support for the Rhodesian government.  Only Black Marxists from Lumumba U, Moscow got to stand in front of the camera and read the teleprompter.

But all that has to happen for the Rhodesian story to again go to the top of the pops is for the true facts of the matter to become known. Therein lies rub for the Western Marxist governments that have lost control of the Official Narrative.

For the White African Rhodesians who assembled at the formal Independence Ball every year to hear Prime Minister Ian Smith ring their Liberty Bell for the November 11 anniversary of their Unilateral Declaration (UDI : 1965), no doubt the Rhodesian Bush War 1965 – 1979 was about saving their country, livelihoods that were being created through their First World economy,  their homes and their farms, the way of life they had organised with the traditional, tribal governments of the Black population. Their cause, inscribed on their Liberty Bell which, unlike its American predecessor, was ‘uncracked’  bore the inscription:

‘I toll for justice, civilisation and Christianity’.

This, I think, is what the story is about.

Prime Minister Ian Smith ringing the Liberty Bell 11 November 1969.

As we see throughout the history of the War of the Fourth Comintern against Africa in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, this is exactly what a significant (and growing) number of Africans of all races and tribes want. They don’t want to be a Special Economic Zone of the People’s Republic of China.  They don’t want to have to live another year under a failed Marxist state with an economy based on the structural adjustment package (STRAP) from the IMF.

The Rhodesian Liberty Bell still tolls for justice, civilisation and Christianity.

Rhodesians Never Die (Reupload)

End Notes

(1) The Fire is In Rhodesia – President Jimmy Carter. President Carter elected 1976, with Andrew Young U.S. Ambassador to the UN foresees a new policy for the ‘Rhodesia Solution‘ in 1978.

(2) JRT Wood Counterstrike From The Sky: The Rhodesian all arms Fireforce in the War in the Bush 1974-1980.  2009. 30 Degrees South Publishing. 

(3) The Rhodesian liberty bell and the anniversary via NYTimes

Editor: We greatly appreciate Linde’s contributions to Reclaiming Rhodesia. Linde is an independent researcher and author who’s articles appear in various independent online publications. Linde’s homesite is: Unicuique Suumis.

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8 Responses

  1. AnnE says:

    “As a society and state, Rhodesia was at war with the permanent, worldwide Communist Revolution. Most people have the idea of revolution as some kind of popular uprising that can be resolved by the involved parties – listening to grievance issues, reform and resolution. That is what Marxists want us to think.”

    and, Dr Peter Hammond’s:

    “With the Revolution, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the Revolution”.

    NAILED IT! There is nothing more important for the White Western nations today than to comprehend ‘the game’ the Bankers’ marxists play to fool us and worse still, to control our minds, in particular, our perceptions.

  2. AnnE says:

    “The ideologies which are used to generate ‘issues’ are never intended by Revolutionaries to be resolved, but rather to create incidents that can then be exploited for the Revolution itself which is an organisation, a plan, a process and a science.
    In brief:
    “seize power as quickly and ruthlessly as possible”
    Communist Party ‘Rules for Revolution’, No. 6. Earliest known publication 1946.”

    Now that explains a whole lot! Both for understanding Rhodesia’s destruction AND today’s Covid Coup d’Etat against all the (White) Western Nations.

    One of the biggest obstructions to the West’s self-preservation is the reality that its citizenry have no clue as to the deceitful strategies Communist International employ against them. Especially the media tool used to deaden the brain – we need to realize that a simple tool like repetition is very effective to control our minds, and they use it. It helps that all major media is in the hands of our enemies who wish us harm, including the ABC and BBC – Australian/British Bolshevik Corporations:

    “Operation Mockingbird (Extended version)”

    Top article, Linde. Thank you for expressing the facts in such a way so that the truth can really ‘hit home’. Time is short, freedom is being snuffed out around the world at this moment.

  3. Linde says:

    You are very welcome AnnE. It was my absolute pleasure to write this essay for the Rhodesians. I know they will put my contribution to good use. The mind controlled sheeple of the West need them.

  4. Katherine Sparkes says:

    I do not know any white people with blue eyes and blonde hair.

    • Editor says:

      That is strange. I am related to many.

      • Katherine Sparkes says:

        Where I live there are no people with blonde hair and blue eyes. All the white people where I live have brown eyes and brown hair.

        A large proportion of the population is Asian.

        I went to visit my son about 200 kms from where I live. I saw blue eyed blonde people for the first time in six months. In all honesty I had forgotten about their existence.

  5. Elizabeth Wohlters says:

    Rhodesia was the most wonderful land to grow up in, and still lives in the hearts of Rhodesians who never die. We wish that we can go back to that wonderful life.

  6. Linde says:

    God Bless you Elizabeth and all Rhodesians worldwide.

    The Manifest of the world-wide Communist Revolution and its takeover through the UN 2020 – all member states in Lockstep with the CoVID Regime – it has become very important for the Counter Revolution mustering across the Western nations that the legacy of Rhodesia be recovered and reclaimed . And perhaps, at last to understand it.
    I would go so far as to say that victory for the Counter Revolution depends upon the understanding of it – and sadly we are not making a lot of headway in my little corner of it.

    Make sure you share as many memories of that wonderful life with as many as you can Elizabeth.

    On that note I got onto a FaceBook page the other day in the course of researches for my own website. It is the FB page of the Assemblies of God of Rhodesia. Now AOG is not my politics – but they were and are, let’s just say a Jesus Movement. Come to Jesus and be saved. Bible study. Being saved. Well. Very good.

    In terms of my own picture this puts them in the Missionary Movement which was very strong in Rhodesia and across Africa. We know the Novus Ordo Catholic Church and its Bishops Conference was heavily infiltrated with Marxism – both theory and practice. Ditto for the churches, congregations affiliated with the WWC – another Communist entity. The Anglican Church, God bless them, stood for Biblical and political truth against the British Council of Churches and Archbishop Ramsay’s public enthusiasm for the UK to bomb Rhodesia into submission for a Marxist government and Black Majority backed by either the USSR or the PRC.

    They certainly weren’t for any Black majority that wanted an independent republic and Rhodesian solution for Rhodesians – the Black majority that made clear its wishes in the Constitutional Referendum and UK judicial review of that Referendum.

    In the Counter Revolution we pray for victory for Christ the King against the Revolution – not peace.

    It seems that Tim King was writing a PhD thesis on the Assemblies of God in Rhodesia and he set up a FB page “to bring together as many people as possible who called Rhodesia / Zimbabwe home and who attended AoG of Rhodesia between 1955 – 1985. So people who attended those congregations are writing in with their stories of their walk with Jesus Christ, service to the war, the Nasho, the RF, dedication to the improvement of life for all Rhodesians, their Christian life and relationship to their AoG community, pictures. A great archive that is part of the story of Rhodesia. As so many are now ‘getting promoted to glory’ as so many of them say, time to put as much of this together as possible.

    I enjoyed reading this page very much and pass on the link for what it may be worth to Rhodesians who may want to make contact.

    Kind of like an old fashioned quilting bee. There is a story with every patch that gets sown onto the quilt.

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