As Vietnam & SE Asia Burned Red Jimmy Carter Yelled: “The Fire is in Rhodesia!”

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  1. AnnE says:

    “As a society and state, Rhodesia was at war with the permanent, worldwide Communist Revolution. Most people have the idea of revolution as some kind of popular uprising that can be resolved by the involved parties – listening to grievance issues, reform and resolution. That is what Marxists want us to think.”

    and, Dr Peter Hammond’s:

    “With the Revolution, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the Revolution”.

    NAILED IT! There is nothing more important for the White Western nations today than to comprehend ‘the game’ the Bankers’ marxists play to fool us and worse still, to control our minds, in particular, our perceptions.

  2. AnnE says:

    “The ideologies which are used to generate ‘issues’ are never intended by Revolutionaries to be resolved, but rather to create incidents that can then be exploited for the Revolution itself which is an organisation, a plan, a process and a science.
    In brief:
    “seize power as quickly and ruthlessly as possible”
    Communist Party ‘Rules for Revolution’, No. 6. Earliest known publication 1946.”

    Now that explains a whole lot! Both for understanding Rhodesia’s destruction AND today’s Covid Coup d’Etat against all the (White) Western Nations.

    One of the biggest obstructions to the West’s self-preservation is the reality that its citizenry have no clue as to the deceitful strategies Communist International employ against them. Especially the media tool used to deaden the brain – we need to realize that a simple tool like repetition is very effective to control our minds, and they use it. It helps that all major media is in the hands of our enemies who wish us harm, including the ABC and BBC – Australian/British Bolshevik Corporations:

    “Operation Mockingbird (Extended version)”

    Top article, Linde. Thank you for expressing the facts in such a way so that the truth can really ‘hit home’. Time is short, freedom is being snuffed out around the world at this moment.

  3. Linde says:

    You are very welcome AnnE. It was my absolute pleasure to write this essay for the Rhodesians. I know they will put my contribution to good use. The mind controlled sheeple of the West need them.

  4. Katherine Sparkes says:

    I do not know any white people with blue eyes and blonde hair.

    • Editor says:

      That is strange. I am related to many.

      • Katherine Sparkes says:

        Where I live there are no people with blonde hair and blue eyes. All the white people where I live have brown eyes and brown hair.

        A large proportion of the population is Asian.

        I went to visit my son about 200 kms from where I live. I saw blue eyed blonde people for the first time in six months. In all honesty I had forgotten about their existence.

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