The Red China Virus: It Colonized Rhodesia By Terror, Genocide & A Proxy-Army, Killing The Host

The “liberation guerillas” in Africa during the period 1949-1979 were predominantly funded by nations in the process of brutally oppressing and slaughtering more than 70 million of their own peoples: Communist China, North Korea, Cuba and the USSR. Is it credible that these vicious Communist regimes altruistically funded terrorism in Africa to save the black man from the ‘racist’ white man? No, it is not.

Behind The Red Mask – Chinese Regime

The Chinese regime, today is regularly referred to as “expanding” into Africa, even when its crippling debt traps are being tut-tutted! The aversion to using descriptions such as expansionist conquest or colonization by acquisition, is a laughable attempt to mask inconvenient truths. From 1949 Communist China began a strategy of international colonization and ‘expansion’ by terror, by genocide, by chaos and by debt.

Behind The Red Mask is a new Reclaiming Rhodesia series. It will examine how Rhodesia’s European brothers across the West were deceived into financing and fighting for their replacement in order to serve International Communism, its insidious spawn Cultural Marxism and the decline of the West in favour of the far crueler and more populace, Communist East. Ironically, Western nations helped the yellow man to eradicate the white man and to entrap the black man.

Image: China’s One Belt, One Road Project. The upper right image and caption of India’s PM Modi, is enlarged below. India claims the project is “a [Chinese] colonial enterprise, leaving debt and broken communities in its wake”.

The ‘liberation’ of African nations relied on terrorism and violence funded by Communist nations who were in the midst of slaughtering tens of millions of their own non-Communist people, begging the question:

What is really going on Behind The Red Mask?

No longer inward looking. Traditional China becomes Communist China and seeks to conquer the world! But first, the White Pioneers must be eradicated! This map begs the question what and who motivated this dramatic change in China?

The Three Phases In Brief:

1. China and Africa 1949 -1979:

Communist China searches for disaffected youth to ‘liberate’ Africa from the white man and expand International Communism. China recruits, pays, trains and arms rogue black youth to form terrorist cells that relish killing and terrorising whites to eliminate them from Africa. Including Mugabe and his despot-in-waiting Mnangagwa (likely far cheaper to use as a proxy-army than mobilising the Chinese red army).

In return, Communist China obtains African recognition and votes that shall serve to legitimize its objectives at the UN and other globalist tables. This is despite the Chinese regime still being in the process of slaughtering some 50 million of its own people and labeling it too as ‘liberation’!

China, predictably, voted against Rhodesia at the UN for so-called human rights abuses against Communist sponsored terrorists who were tried, convicted and executed for killing Rhodesians. Absurdly, the entire Western world then voted with China and the Communist world to implement global sanctions on Rhodesia.

Mnangagwa AKA ‘The Crocodile’ for taking large gangs of cowards funded by the Chinese to kill isolated white farming families in the eastern Highlands of Rhodesia. Usually striking while the farmer was working alone or his wife was home alone with their young children. Like the young mother who fought off terrorists with her son reloading her rifle until she could fight no more. Then putting her arms around her two children she told them “We are going to die tonight, but be very brave. No tears.” They survived, others did not.

Communist China officially ended its barbaric “Struggle Sessions” in 1978, long after its ‘humanitarian’ quest began in Africa in 1949 and just as its financial investment in Mugabe was about to be finally realized.

Meanwhile in China, the barbaric regime was terrorising, starving and torturing children, old people and dissidents just as they trained MUGABE & MNANGAGWA to do:

“State retribution for tiny thefts, such as stealing a potato, even by a child, would include being tied up and thrown into a pond; parents were forced to bury their children alive or were doused in excrement and urine, others were set alight, or had a nose or ear cut off… People were forced to work naked in the middle of winter; 80% of all the villagers in one region of a quarter of a million Chinese were banned from the official canteen because they were too old or ill to be effective workers, so were deliberately starved to death.”

Dr Hammond recalls watching Henry Kissinger on Rhodesian TV in 1974 telling white Rhodesians America would compensate them if they wished to leave Rhodesia ‘after’ black (Marxist) majority rule, but that everything would be fine if they stayed. He neglected in his lying speel to mention what would happen to the black Rhodesians who were 70% of our army and police force if THEY stayed. We know that almost 40,000 Matabele were slaughtered by China’s ‘liberation’ terrorists Mugabe and Mnangagwa in the 1980’s, hundreds had their lips, nose and ears cut off (see inset above image of Mnangagwa).

2. China and Africa 1979 -1999:

China pumps financial loans, to despots and dictators killing and looting their recently handed kingdoms nations. The white Western world instantly presents one-hit wonder Bob Geldof and a big music concert to save the children being murdered by their own despotic government. Meanwhile, China scores mineral and infrastructure rights for pennies, the despots enrich themselves and the white Western tax payer gets a pop-song and foots the soaring humanitarian bill for previously self-sufficient countries.

Why is that only after the white man explored, mapped, introduced the wheel, built roads, railway lines, created commercial farms, introduced electricity, mining and other infrastructure – did the Chinese seek to go global and colonize Africa? The Chinese had thousands of years to do so, but in true Communist form, they had to wait until there was something someone else built to take. But take it for whom?

Is there a Red Shield Behind The Red Mask?

3. China and Africa 1999 – 2020:

Is the future for Africa and the West to be humiliated and colonized by stealth?

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