After The Race War Hoax To Invade Rhodesia: Chinese Colonialism In Zimbabwe

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  1. Linde says:

    The Zimbabweans under Marxist indoctrination are forbidden to know that as Rhodesians of the independent republic of Rhodesia both White and Black Africans were building their own nation state . The first world economy of Rhodesia was substantially invested in the social progress and development of the Rhodesians living in their Tribal Trust lands under the traditional self-rule of their chiefs.

    It is the failed Marxist state of Zimbabwe that has openly sold itself to China. They are not independent. They are a Special Economic Zone of the PRC. ZANU-PF started out with debt to China for its war on the Rhodesia state. Its central bank has always issued its currency at interest , it had massive debt repayments for the war from Day One. The state bank of Rhodesia, however, issued the Rhodesian dollar and spent it into circulation. Its value was at parity with the British pound right throughout war because Rhodesia had a first world economy even with world-wide sanctions put against it.

    For the past decade, there has been a water and sanitation crisis in Zimbabwe because the failed Marxist state has sold its water resources to China. The resultant cholera and typhoid epidemics have been blamed on climate change (and of course the woeful legacy of White government and ‘colonialism’) This is why ruling Communist Party ZANU-PF took the lion’s share of the cyclone aid.

    China’s Import and Export Bank has bought the debt for Zimbabwe’s water infrastructure.

    • Katherine Sparkes says:

      I did not know that there was a cyclone in Zimbabwe. When did this happen ?

    • Katherine Sparkes says:

      Everyone in Zimbabwe is going to be very thirsty in Zimbabwe. If China has brought Zimbabwe’s “water debt”. The Chinese will eventually force the population of Zimbabwe pay for their water.

      Probably at a price per litre that the bulk of the population WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD.

      So not only will the population need food aid. They will need water aid.

  2. Katherine Sparkes says:

    Is this article true ? Were there really black majority people in Zimbabwe holding and waving Chinese flags ?

    I do not quite understand the fetish the that black Zimbabweans have for the Chinese. Other than the fact the one of the parties for the liberation of Rhodesia were funded by the Chinese.

    This is liberation from one imperialist power to another. One of the differences being that with the Belt and Road Initiative the Zimbabwean government and people will have to pay loans back to the Chinese government at hard rates of interest not soft ones.

    The Belt and Road Initiative is aimed at third world countries. Which Zimbabwe is.

    Meanwhile all of the infrastructure built by the British and Rhodesian people was built free of charge for all the Rhodesian population to use.

  3. Linde says:

    Katherine, I believe you may be starting to join some dots. Do continue.

    One of the key tactics of the Communists employing their tactic of deception are the photo ops. I totally disbelieve a majority of Zimbabweans welcoming colonisation under the CCP, waving flags and singing Dong Fang Hong.

    But they are owned as bonded entities of the Chinese bank (the Sassoon branch of the central banking cartel) and their land, mineral and water rights have been sold by their Communist government. They can not make repayments – the basis of their economy is humanitarian crisis and the only export is human tsunami – right across Beitbridge and to Europe with a fistful of Soros migration dollars. It would appear they want to live under a White European government – aka Western civilization which should be in Africa – otherwise they would stay home and enjoy good old proletarian socialism and CCP special economic zone lifestyle.

    Clearly the Zimbabweans are being weaponised by the CCP against the West. It is a historical fact that the Shona, Matabele and Manica peoples who were the Black Rhodesians strenuously resisted this. They fought with the White Rhodesians for their republic. The Oct 1965 Indiba of their Chiefs at Domboshawa told the RF government in Salisbury ‘cut the strings’ with the UK. Smith had the mandate. The whorejob western media that says a mandate can only come through one vote = one value are liars and collaborators. UN electoral process was a non issue then and it was a non issue now.

    This is one of the Communist deceptions that Sally-Ann Lowe is talking about in the recent post. I commend you to it. The Political Commissars weaponise entire populations against a White population (whether majority or minority) by getting them focussed on non-issues.

    Like the old Rhodesian shamwarris , Black American Candace Owens is very cantie-o to these tricks. Here is firebrand Candace testifying before the House Oversight Joint Sub-Committee on the issue of White supremacy (another non-issue). And like the Rhodesian RAR she is serving it up hot on the Democrat / Communist party re its subversion of the American government and their stupid Hearing.

  4. Linde says:

    I know I was banging on about this yesterday but I decided to hit the keyboard again today. Let the Rhodesiasphere and friends savour this. Patrisse Cullors, trained Marxist, Communist skank and co-founder of the Soviet backed Gook cadre BLM (rioted, burned, looted and murdered with impunity from criminal prosecution across the US Blue states last year) has (drum roll) just bought a 1.4 mil mansion in Topanga Canyon, LA . A 90% White privilege enclave. Despite all that white supremacy, racism and systemic racism etc , it looks to me like Patrisse likes the way the White folks run things – whether its a neighbourhood where the garbage is collected on time or a gov’t that builds infrastructure like the Kariba or Hoover dams, she is voting with her dollars and she wants to live where the White folks have established the rules. Why not – in a free country if you have 1.4 mil for a house you can live in a neighbourhood like that. Patrisse, however, earned her 1.4 mil burning down Black public housing in the Blue states leading up to the Nov. election – because of Trump and all that White racism and supremacy. The Blacks who are committed to first world ideas of social progress and development for the Black community (along the same lines as Rhodesia basically) are giving Patrisse heaps. The Officer Tatum, former Black cop who has seen it all weighs in on the shameless race hustler.

    • Editor says:

      Apart from the opaque structure of the admin for $90+ million in BLM donations raising questions of fraud, she’s signed up with Hollywood.
      It should be obvious that the “BLM revolution for justice” is a scripted act. Neither Patrisse Cullors nor her anti-white Hollywood bosses will allow their homes and plush neighbourhoods to be burnt down in riots…that’s not part of the script for these players. They’re going to enjoy a comfortable Revolution while ordinary folks are ruthlessly crushed.

  5. Linde says:

    Aren’t they just. Couldn’t pay me to watch a jew hollywood movie so I will have to content myself with the trailer – although I admit, with this one I am tempted. In my head I am already popping the corn, opening the beer and getting out the kleenex for Patrisse’s Black oppression story going back to Kunta Kinte (wouldn’t you love to know who made that name up). I would bet you anything Patrisse is a j_w who was born and bred to be a BLM Commissar. And now she has her piece of the Revolutionary pie in the Communist oligarch class of America. Just thinking about this should make the liberals writhe like squidlets in a salt tub but when the movie comes out they will eat up that schmaltz like bagels, lox and cream cheese.

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