The Covid-19 Questions Are Increasing

by John Wear, author of Germany’s War.

The following are some questions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic:

If the masks work—Why the six feet?

If the six feet works—Why the masks?

If both of the above work—Why the lockdowns?

If all three of the above work—Why the vaccines?

If the vaccines are safe—Why protect them with a no liability clause?

If the vaccines are safe—Why not test them on animals before using them on humans?

If the vaccines are safe—Why did Tiffany Dover, a healthy 30-year-old nurse, faint 17 minutes after receiving a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine? Is Tiffany Dover dead? Why are so many other people having adverse reactions and dying from the vaccines?

If successful vaccines have never been developed for other coronaviruses—Why should we expect successful vaccines for this coronavirus?

If SARS-CoV-2 exists—Why has it never been isolated?

If SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated—How can effective vaccines be developed?

If SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated—How can SARS-CoV-2 variants be determined to exist?

If the RT-PCR test works—Why so many false positives?

If Kary Mullis, the inventor of the RT-PCR test who conveniently died in August 2019, said his test shouldn’t be used to diagnose infectious diseases—Why use it to detect SARS-CoV-2?

If there is an epidemic—Why so many empty hospitals?

If large numbers of people are dying from SARS-CoV-2—Why so many fake causes of death on the death certificates? Are flu deaths being recharacterized as COVID-19 deaths?

If SARS-CoV-2 exists—Why give doctors financial incentives to diagnose SARS-CoV-2?

If the official COVID-19 narrative is defensible—Why censor people who dispute this narrative?

Do Recent Headlines Provide Answers? Or Raise More Questions?

Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund the “Fact Checkers”.
Aussie Targets: Community communication gatherings and protest rallies are deemed extremists and terrorist threats.


Source: Lifesite News. Note also the adverse affects on pregnant women.





Before being taken down by youtube this video had over 2.4 million views. Catherine Austin Fitts provides a big picture reply to John Wear’s questions.
Alternative link to above video is here.
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4 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Great questions in this article by author John Wear. We are living in extremely evil times when the usually covert ABnormals (psychopathic multi-billionaires) are now having to overtly reveal their intentions as they attempt to implement them against we Normals (humanity).

    We need to know what’s coming in to our bodies via this injection. A researcher in the relevant field, and whistleblower, Dr Tenpenny in the video below tells us exactly what we are taking in, and its very dangerous effects.

    Would you want to take such an injection yourself or allow your dependents, extended family, friends, and for that matter anyone, to be fooled that they are taking a ‘vaccine’ when in fact it’s not a vaccine at all – they are taking a lethal weapon that cannot be reversed into their bodies?

    I urge everyone to listen to this video by Dr Tenpenny just as I urge everyone to listen to Catherine Austin Fitts’ video within the above article. FOREWARENED IS FOREARMED.

    “You must ask what’s (really) coming through the needle. Its classified as a vaccine but by definition a vaccine is …..”:

    The Covid19 vaccines potentially harm the body in three ways Tenpenny says: by allowing the mRNA to replicate over and over within the body without being regulated, by causing diffuse injury to lung cells, and by killing type 2 macrophages. Type 2 macrophages are cells within the body that regulate the body’s response to a virus.

    Tenpenny says the true danger from these vaccines and the technology they’re based on is that they will have the potential to weaken the body’s natural – and already potent – response to other coronaviruses already in circulation.

    “A large number of people are going to start to get horribly sick and get all kinds of auto-immune diseases 42 days to maybe a year out and what are they going to do, these stupid doctors who say, ‘good for you for getting that vaccine,’ what are they going to say? ‘Oh it must be a mutant. We need to give an extra dose of that vaccine.’ Because now instead of one dose and two doses, we need three and four. Because the stupid physicians aren’t taking the time to learn anything about it,” Tenpenny said.

    “If I can learn this sitting in my living room reading a 19-page paper and several others, so can they,” she added

    Dr. Tenpenny has written, “According to the Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker, as of Dec. 26, 2020, 83 vaccines are in Phase 1, 2 or 3 human and animal clinical trials, with 18 approaching the final stages of testing. Never before have so many companies tested so many different vaccines at the same time, against a virus that has not been isolated. Of those in the trials, five vaccines are now early use, with three vaccines approved for clinical use Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.”

    “Are you willing to be injected with something unknown and never tested before in humans?” she asks.

  2. Linde says:

    Always great to see your comments here WakeyWakey. These vaccines are depop shots for sure. Author John Wear’s website is a great read. He has declared war on these evil hoaxes that have been the platform for Communist atrocities and ethnocides throughout the twentieth century. No Armistice ever was signed for WWII. And the COVID scamdemic is another example of this hybrid warfare.

  3. Editor says:

    “The inventor of the PCR test, which has been widely used in detecting COVID-19, previously slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci by calling him a liar. He also strongly criticized Fauci’s understanding of science, while revealing that the PCR test is not suitable as a diagnostic tool, in the way it is being used for COVID-19.”
    “You know, those guys have got an agenda, which is not what we would like them to have being that we pay for them to take care of our health in some way. They’ve got a personal kind of agenda. They make up their own rules as they go. They change them when they want to, and they smugly — like, Tony Fauci does not mind going on television in front of the people who pay his salary and lie directly into the camera.”
    In a video Dr. Kary Mullis also states that Fauci refused requests by real scientists to debate him:

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