Dear Black America, We Are Being Lied To In A Made For TV Race War

“The [Great Reset] is communism, which starts with the gateway drug of socialism and ends in full-blown Marxism. China is run by the Communist Chinese Party. Communism has no respect for individual freedom or religion of any kind. Communism has no tolerance for political dissent.”

Jason Whitlock an American sports reporter for major MSM networks including ESPN and Fox News.

Editor: While the history of racial relations in the USA and Rhodesia are very different, the tactics for a Communist takeover (and the outcomes of that conquest) are frighteningly similar. Images and captions added.

Zero Hedge, Authored by Jason Whitlock via,

Dear Black People:

We are being lied to and set up. The mainstream media, Democratic politicians, social justice activists, and perhaps even your church pastor have led you to believe America is in the midst of a racial conflict similar to the Civil War and the civil rights movement.

They have pitted us against the Proud Boys, the KKK, rural militia groups, and Trump supporters in a made-for-TV race war. Just five years after Barack Obama completed two terms as president of the United States, we’re supposed to believe America has been overrun by violent white supremacists determined to reinstate segregation, Jim Crow laws, and maybe even slavery.

Evidence of this massive wave of 1920s-style bigotry amounts to three things:

1) Republicans want all voters to show a government-issued ID;

2) On January 6, unarmed Trump supporters crashed the Capitol and took pictures inside Nancy Pelosi’s office;

3) Across the nation, police kill on average 250 black men and 450 white men per year.

Oh, I almost forgot. There’s a fourth piece of evidence. Colin Kaepernick failed to land a job as a starting quarterback after pissing off a large segment of football fans by taking a knee during the national anthem.

Those are the main smoking guns proving that white supremacy is the most dangerous domestic threat America faces. George Floyd, a habitual criminal and drug addict, is the Crispus Attucks of this raging race war. He is our rallying cry and hero.

It’s a setup. We’re being used as decoys and distractions in a war that has nothing to do with race.

The real war is about global power and the future of America’s system of government. This country’s elite, global citizens, and corporations prefer communism over capitalism and democracy. They prefer China’s system over our system.

America has been the world’s leader in racial progress and fairness. The mainstream media are not allowed to explain this to you. Advertisers, aka major corporations, will no longer support media outlets that back our current democratic and capitalistic systems of governance.

You say, what about Fox News? Turn it on. It’s filled with a bunch of MyPillow and wounded soldier commercials. America’s big, global corporations, the ones looking to improve their market share in China, are not financially supporting Fox News. The most popular voices at Fox News dislike China.

The faux race war the mainstream media have promoted is a tool being used to convince you and non-black Americans that our system of government has been a giant failure.

They want you to believe that a great reset is necessary to achieve fairness.

The reset is communism, which starts with the gateway drug of socialism and ends in full-blown Marxism. China is run by the Communist Chinese Party. Communism has no respect for individual freedom or religion of any kind. Communism has no tolerance for political dissent.

Your religion and free speech will not survive the reset. Communism is racial oppression’s best friend. When a nation is stripped of religious faith and free speech, few people have the courage to defend the rights of minorities. The elites cozying up to China do not care about you. They are aware of how despicably China treats black people. They are aware of how China squashes dissent.

Do your own research on communism and what it stamps out and how it oppresses. Don’t take my word.

Critical Race Theory: White people always create systemic racism to oppress non-whites.

You might be wondering why Oprah Winfrey or LeBron James or some other super popular black celebrity isn’t telling you what I am. They’re global elites. The reset won’t hurt them or their loved ones. Communism favors wealthy elites far more than capitalism and democracy do. Oprah, LeBron, and the other uber-wealthy black tokens will thrive under socialism and communism.

You won’t. Unless you’re a 6’6″ basketball star or some other black entertainer capable of entertaining the people in power. That’s a tiny percentage of black people.

Why won’t your favorite white cable newsman or newswoman tell you what I’m telling you? Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Joe Scarborough, aren’t they our allies? No. They’re not. They’re political lobbyists working on behalf of the corporations and politicians pushing the reset.

OK. What about me? You might think I’m a political partisan working on behalf of conservative Republicans. That is certainly how I’ve been painted by left-leaning media outlets and social media platforms. And I’m now partnered with Blaze Media, a platform that leans right.

Judge my career. I have been at this for more than 30 years. I have been equally despised by the left and the right. I have publicly feuded with Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann. I’ve been a guest on their old Fox News and MSNBC shows. I’ve worked and/or written for ESPN, Fox Sports, the Huffington Post, Playboy Magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. I spent years bashing Sarah Palin.

I don’t play for any political team. I’ve never voted. I go wherever I believe I can speak, follow, and write the truth. The truth I believe the most is that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

I believe Jesus is under attack. That’s why I’m at Blaze Media. You can’t defend Jesus at corporate media outlets. Advertisers won’t allow it. You can discuss the religion of racism every day at ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox Sports. But it’s taboo to discuss the cure for racism — Jesus — on those platforms.

I’m not saying any of this because there’s a big paycheck for black men espousing my views. The money for black broadcasters and journalists is connected to preaching the race-bait religion.

Let me be clear. I’m not broke by any stretch. I’ve earned and saved a substantial sum of money. But I’ve bypassed far more money than I’ve earned with the choice I’ve made to follow the truth wherever it leads and my refusal to support the racial group-think dictated by global elites.

My faith won’t allow me to jump on board with the lunacy, racism, and sacrilege of Black Lives Matter, a movement founded by three lesbian self-admitted trained Marxists. BLM is an atheist movement in support of LGBTQ issues and the reshaping of America into a communist country. BLM is part of the deception.

Black people tell me all the time:

“I don’t support the BLM organization, but I support the slogan and sentiment.”

Let me translate that. You despise the devil’s tree but love the fruit it produces. That’s some Don Lemon-Lori Lightfoot-Van Jones-Colin Kaepernick level of hypocrisy. You know, all the Malcolm X-wannabe, anti-white radicals in relationships with white partners. They hate the white tree but can’t live without the white fruit.

We have to stop letting everyone use us. We’re being played. We’re all being played, black and white working-class people. It’s all a giant setup. Look at what they did to Trump supporters. They were manipulated into storming the Capitol, and then the corporate media portrayed it as a bloody, violent KKK rally intended to overthrow democracy. The so-called “insurrection” is an excuse for the government to seize more power and crush dissent.

We, black people, have been convinced the crushing of working-class white people is good for us.

It’s not. Working-class white people, Christian white people, are our true allies, not the elites. We can’t see that because of the made-for-TV hyper-focus on racial conflict.

The defunding and demoralizing of police are tactics deployed to increase violence in major cities. [Ed: This echos the soaring violent crime Nelson Mandela’s policies rapidly created.]. Local media outlets are focusing on this rise in crime, national media outlets have followed suit, and social media platforms are generating viral videos exposing the crime wave.

Guess who are the stars of this content. Black perpetrators.

It’s all a massive setup. The stirring of racial animus between Obama worshippers and Trump worshippers is orchestrated by billionaire elites, executed by trained Marxists, promoted by millionaire influencers in the media, sports, and entertainment worlds, and co-signed by religious leaders pursuing popularity.

Black America, print this letter and share it with family, friends, co-workers, and, most importantly, your pastor.

My critics will tell you:

“Oh, Jason Whitlock is a sellout. He hates black people.”

That’s laughable. It’s part of the deception. I despise the people deceiving us, manipulating us to participate in a racial clash that will be used to destroy the religious and individual freedoms that liberated us.

There’s a reason black and brown people across the globe fight to get into this country and excel when they do. They love the American tree and the fruit it produces.

Editor: The recent 4th of July celebrations in the U.S.A. were, according to the FBI, going to be marred by mass shootings planned by “white extremists”. The reality? Multiple mass shootings over the weekend that included a one month old baby and nine year old child being shot in the head (two children of 170 this year) with a total of 131 people shot in the same week in just one city, Chicago.

How many of these crimes and mass shootings were carried out by “white extremists”? The answer is zero. None of the mass shooters were white. However, as with the policies of Nelson Mandela, the escalating criminal violence will continue to increase. Anyone who complains about it will be slurred as a “racist”, a “Karen” or a sell-out.

Recommended reading: Dr Hammond’s conversations that left Mandela and other Marxist bullies speechless.
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2 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mark Milley has now fielded the CRT term : ‘White Rage’ to the race war that is being fomented by the Giant Squid in the Swamp and across the communist strongholds in the US. Milley’s reference is supposed to establish ‘White Rage’ as the reason why the US military has to line up for Marxist indoctrination by their PC Officers. Can you imagine having to get drilled in this mind rot – intersectional feminism, transgenderism, racialism etc.

    Critical Race Theory had its roots in the work of Marxist Franz Fanon and Communist Party USA member WEB DuBois. He got the Lenin Peace Prize in the USSR for capturing the US civil rights movement and the Black organisations as instruments of Communism.

    Milley claims that we need to understand ‘White Rage’ because of the White Rage [read supremacist] assault on the Capitol Jan 6 2021. Thousands ‘White Ragers’ apparently stormed the Capitol to destroy the Constitution according to Milley. A few hundred FBI plants in MAGA hats and some useful idiots went into the Capitol Bldg when the doors were opened for them by guards, posed for pictures and walked around shouting slogans – while the Electoral College then engaged in certifying the Electoral Fraud of 2020 put on their masks and hid under the tables.

    Milley has been to the fore in getting Marxist race indoctrination into the military. The White Rage concept is just the latest chapter of this PC. Its core thesis is Black powerlessness. Whites, of course, are to blame for everything sufferred by Blacks from absent Black fathers, their off-the-dial crime stats, generally poor educational outcomes to the latest Chuck-E Cheese Chimpout. The trigger for ‘White Rage – the Unspoken Truth of our Racial Divide’ inevitably is [ drum roll please ] Black advancement. Yes. Black Advancement. Those White folks just hate it when Blacks manage to get themselves on the Soros payroll and advance themselves culturally and economically. Ebil Whitey can not have one bit of that. Milley is going to insure that the US military learns its CRT and passes exams on this Marxist retardation .

    • Editor says:

      The real agenda is explicit. At Disney: “Staffers are told to reject “equality” for “EQUITY” and must “reflect” on America’s “racist infrastructure” and “think carefully about whether or not [their] WEALTH” is derived from racism… “There are “almost daily memos, suggested readings, panels, and seminars that [are] all centered around antiracism,” one employee told the outlet. The company is “completely ideologically one-sided” and actively discourages Christian and or conservative workers from speaking their mind, the worker said.”
      In other words Expropriation Without Compensation is going to go global “legally”, not just in South Africa. Just as the Davos crowd crow “You’ll own nothing and you WILL be happy”. And because it starts with humiliating and stripping rights and assets from whitey for “reparations” people are helping it along.

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