Operation Mayibuye: The Rivonia Trial Unmasking The Hidden Hands, Part 2

Editor: In 1963, as the Soviet Cold War was escalating, and the world had just stopped holding its collective breath over the Cuban Missile Crisis, Western governments were literally gifted an explosive and official International Communist Plan to takeover all of southern Africa. At that point in time South Africa was a powerful nation and on its way to becoming a Nuclear power in the arms race and was an ally of the West.

Yet while young men were dying in the Vietnam War to halt the spread of communism, its spread was actively aided in southern Africa by Western governments and institutions. The South African government tried to explain that the Rivonia documents revealed a long term strategic Deep State subversion resulting in Western nations and the United Nations cooperating with the Communist Bloc to take over southern Africa. South Africa rang the alarm bells for the Western world but was drowned out by the smokescreen and mantra “racist! racist! racist!” so conveniently used and amplified by the Communist Bloc.

Image via: Dr Peter Hammond (Note: the Masonic hand gesture, one hand in the jacket.)

Written by Linde for Reclaiming Rhodesia. Linde is an independent researcher and author who’s articles appear in various independent online publications. Linde’s homesite is: Unicuique Suumis.

Continuing from Operation Mayibuye and its Deep State Signatures: The Demolition of Bastions, Part One.

Rivonia (October 1963 – June 1964) Operation Mayibuye Comes to Light

“We can rejoice as a nation and give thanks to God that the attack on the Republic and its way of life did not succeed.” 

Minister for Justice, the Hon. B.J. Vorster (Foreward to Rivonia Unmasked)

July 11, 1963.  The South African police raided the Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia, a northern suburub of Johannesburg. The property belonged to Arthur Goldreich (a South African-Israeli) and Harold Wolpe (a Jewish-Lithuanian lawyer). It was, in fact, the secret headquarters of the South African Communist Party (CPSA) and plotting a bloody Revolution.

Liliesleaf Farm, a front for the South African Communist Party, the oldest CP outside of Europe.

At Liliesleaf Farm, 19 ANC leaders and activists were arrested. Nelson Mandela, the president of the ANC and Central Committee member of the CPSA, was not among them. He was at that time serving sentence for the sabotage campaign he had led against the South African government in 1961. This was also  the year he had founded the guerrilla organisation, mKhonto we Sizwe with Joe Slovo, a Jewish-Lithuanian former KGB colonel and main leader of the CPSA.

Mandela singing about killing for the Communist Revolution with radical Communist Ronnie Kasrils. Born Ronnie Cohen, Kasrils became Mandela’s Minster of Intelligence Services which should have alarmed the Western world. Kasril has written about his role in creating violent underground subversion cells in Angola, Mozambique, Northern and Southern Rhodesia, Botswana and Swaziland.

According to the documents seized at Rivonia, the guerrilla organisation mKhonto we Sizwe was controlled by the National High Command of the Communist Revolution in Africa. [7] Comrade Joe Slovo was Mandela’s Handler and had overseen Mandela’s weapons training in Israel. Slovo was not arrested in the raid. [8]

Though Israel has been referred to as an oppressive racist state for the people of Historical Palestine for decades, Mandela had no qualms being trained there. Perhaps because the Revolution was never really about racial equality but furthering Communist domination.

That the ANC had a secret Communist Party of South Africa leadership would probably not have been a surprise to the SA police. However, the documents they seized at Rivonia remain an ‘eye-opener’ for the West for they reveal how subversive Deep State embedding worked and works to this day.

The documents also exposed the terrible lengths the CPSA and ANC were willing to go even using the murder of school children to incite their Revolution. Ironically disguised as a racial war to liberate black South Africans, to incite the Revolution the greatest number of victims would be ordinary black people going about their daily life at the hands of men like Mandela and, later his necklacing wife Winnie.

Burned to death under orders of Winnie Mandela to liberate black children? Or, to bring in Communism via a Revolution camouflaged as racial liberation?

SA Attorney General, Dr. Percy Yutar ( 1911-2002) charged nine of  the men arrested at Rivonia and prosecuted them under the Sabotage Act (1962).  The sensational trial attracted world-wide publicity and a Western media safari to the Palace of Justice, Pretoria came to be known as the Rivonia Trial ( Oct. 1963-June 1964).

The defendants were charged with four counts of having jointly and in conspiracy with their followers, recruited persons to be trained in sabotage and guerrilla warfare at home in South Africa and abroad with many nations named in the documents.

Their purpose was to violently overthrow the  government of South Africa through violent insurrection that would incite a revolution. According to their indictment, they had already caused a number of acts of sabotage to be committed.

Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Denis Goldberg, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, Elias Motsoaledi and Andrew Miangeni were found guilty on all four counts and were convicted for the most part due to their own written testimony in the documents seized at the Rivonia farm and tendered as state’s evidence.  

Though majority of the Rivonia 12 were not black the vast majority of their victims would have been black men, women and children going about their daily lives until maimed or killed by a bomb exploding.

Ahmed Kathrada was found guilty on the second count only. Lionel Bernstein was found not guilty. Goldreich and Wolpe escaped prosecution.

It is clear from the charges Dr. Yutar laid against the Rivonia defendents there was more, much more, to the Rivonia matter than sabotage and conspiracy.  And this was established in the documents that were tendered as state’s evidence. 

Comrade Joe Slovo: Former KGB Colonel and intimate friend of Winnie and Nelson Mandela, even hosting their wedding.

Operation Mayibuye – The Master Plan To Install Communism In Southern Africa

In his Introduction to Strydom’s work, Rivonia Unmasked!, Dr. Yutar acknowledges that all the accused themselves,

“admitted the authenticity of all these documents, and also that their policy included the eventual overthrow of the Government of South Africa by violence.” [9] 

In the lexicon of the military, ‘end state’ is the term for when the desired objective is achieved. In the trial the South African government clearly demonstrated that the ‘end state’ purpose of the crimes was to incite revolutionary regime change through violent crimes. This is typical of long term planning by Communist ‘revolutionaries’ who pose as grass-roots rebellions. Much like Antifa today.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was less than one year prior in 1962. The Western bloc was, especially the media, terrified of a nuclear war between the Soviet bloc and America.

The evidence against the Rivonia defendants, often signed by the accused or in their own hand-writing,

“ clearly revealed that the accused deliberately and maliciously plotted and engineered the commission of acts of violence and destruction through the country, directed against the homes and offices of State and municipal officials as well as against all lines and manner of communications.  The planned purpose thereof was to bring about in the Republic of SA chaos, disorder and turmoil which would be aggravated, according to their plans, by the operation of thousands of trained guerrilla warfare units deployed throughout the country at various vantage points.”  [ 9 ]

The purpose of these crimes was set out in a detailed plan that revealed a military operation for regime change. The Plan:

  • Mapped out in the precise terms the strategies, tactics and logistics of the operation.
  • Had an identification code.
  • Had objectives for each Stage of the Plan.
  • It had methods, division of labour and intelligence and co-ordinated operation from the local saboteurs in Natal to the United Nations contacts.
  • It had an end-state clearly described.

The plan, was Operation Mayibuye, a military operation for the Communist Revolution south of the Zambezi. Though Botswana and Rhodesia were quite unlike South Africa and did not have apartheid, they were also targeted.

The South African police and military could not have failed to perceive, understand and advise the Dept. of Justice that what they had in their possession was the master plan. As a manual it contained the ‘how to’ on the uses of thermite for example. It contained instructions on  the manufacture of explosives (on an industrial scale), it listed the names of the mines and quarries that would have to be raided. It specified the materials to be obtained, how they were to be transported and stored. That was just Stage One: sabotage.  Demolitions were in Stage Two.

Above all, the entire plan was based upon the intervention of Communist China and the Soviet Union in the internal affairs of all nations in southern Africa including, Portuguese East Africa, the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and South Africa. These goals were way above the pay grade of the defendants who were making bombs and plotting sabotage at the Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia.

German Southwest Africa became Namibia after WWII and was part of South Africa.

The Powerful Soviet-Tanzania Axis Revealed

For the public record  Dr. Yutar duly notes:

“the involvement of Moscow and the Communist parties in Algeria,  China, Czecho-Slovakia, East Germany and others in respect of the provision of financial assistance, arms, ammunition and military personnel on condition this be kept secret for fear of international repercussions.” [ 9 ] 

Operation Mayibuye, clearly identified the Moscow-Dar es Salaam axis of the international Communist organisation. The Central Committee of the Comintern was in communication with the headquarters of its National High Command in Southern Africa – based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The National High Command (NHC) networked equipment, supply and training with the Soviet Union, the Nanking Military Academy in Communist China, North Korea and Cuba. Rivonia was its extension in South Africa and some NHC members were captured there.

All the other Communist nations who were supporting the Revolution in Southern Africa were covertly working through their own NHC extensions under the NHC headquarters at Dar es Salaam. This had to be covert because of international repercussions as stated by Dr. Yutar. More precisely, because the Assets of the Operation were embedded in the governments and institutions of social influence across the Western world.

Despite being in the midst of the Soviet Cold War, Western leaders assisted the International Communist takeover of southern Africa. Read: As Vietnam & SE Asia Burned Red Jimmy Carter Yelled: “The Fire is in Rhodesia!”

The Rivonia documents seized by the SA police detailed a plan of co-operation between nations of the Communist Bloc with their Western counterparts and the UN in an operation that involved a fully funded and trained Communist insurgency. The operation involved a growing network of Revolutionary Assets coordinated through the National High Command in communication with Revolutionary Assets in the West. In effect this was Deep State embedding to enable the Revolution. The purpose then of the so-called national liberation front organisations was one of camouflaging the crimes of the Revolutionary insurgency as ‘popular uprisings’ for nationalist objectives.

Arousing the black masses to create upheaval exactly as the Bolsheviks had done in Russia and East Europe where it was the white Ukrainians called “racists” for resisting the Revolution. Racial conflict is generated as a weapon for the Revolution, resolving it is not the purpose of the Revolution.

Dr. Yutar, despite reading all this, preparing the prosecution and writing of the trial years later conveniently refuses to formulate the words: “Communist Revolution”.

If the Minister for Justice, the Hon. John Vorster thought that “the revolution did not succeed” because a few leaders occupied with “Stage 1: sabotage” were arrested, tried and convicted, then he was either a dreamer or another Deep State asset.

Stephen Mittford Goodson: Vorster, a Freemason  since his student days, was promised the premiership, conditional on his stealthily dismantling the apartheid structure and White leadership and handing (leadership) over to designated Black puppets serving international financiers interests.

The Deep State Embedded In The West Shows Its Hand: “Racist! Racist! Racist!”

Part of the Squid discussed in Part One.

Predictably, there was an absolute tidal wave of world hysteria (from the Western ZOGs) in response to the Rivonia Trial. As one might expect if somebody had poked the Squid

There was another tidal wave which followed Justice de Wet’s sentence of life imprisonment for the seven men on four counts of sabotage and conspiracy.  The UN Security Council was approached by a ‘Special Apartheid Committee’ to intervene to save the lives of the nine defendants even though Dr. Yutar had not asked for the death penalty. Unsurprisingly, the UN Security Council acted on that Committee’s advocacy and made representation to the SA government on behalf of the defendants who were on trial for ‘opposing apartheid.[10] The UN officially condemned the trial (many times), condemned apartheid (many times), put more sanctions against South Africa stoking the flames of outrage strategically misdirected.

Conflating The War Against Communism With Racism & Apartheid

“We are dealing here with a Communist crime based on the Communist struggle against the West.”  [11]Prime Minister Verwoerd

Prime Minister Verwoerd tried to intervene in the media hysteria in order to  make it clear that no one was charged with opposing apartheid. However, given the operation of the media assets of ZOG West during the Rivonia Trial, Verwoerd’s lone voice raised against them were masked in the Red storm. (As happened later, to Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia.)

Overtly avoiding the term ‘Communist Revolution’, the Western media redirected the worlds attention to race. Under the guise of racial justice, the Communist Revolution so clearly stated in the Operation Mayibuye documents, were explicitly ignored or reframed. Not just by the media, but also South African Attorney General and Minister for Justice.

A trial for colluding with foreign governments to overthrow South Africa and implement Communism via organised violence, warfare and murder, became a circus act. A very well orchestrated circus act that in the public arena changed the charges against the defendants to ‘opposing apartheid’.

Strategic misdirection from atrocities using the Race Card continues in South Africa today. This cartoon is of the wealthy Julius Malema who incites the torture of white men, women, children and their pets. He wants the termination of private property rights in South Africa to be accelerated. The ruling ANC is working with the Squid to make it “legal” to confiscate private property, including intellectual property, and the smokescreen is racial equality but the law will apply to all.

What should have been of critical interest to Western governments, Churches and all South Africans was that in Stage Two of the Operation, the plan assumed that the Revolution would command full spectrum dominance of all media in the West. In addition the full support of the United Nations for the objectives of the Revolution globally using western media. Western media would explicitly aide the Revolution with the smokescreen of nationalist demands such as ‘end Apartheid now’ and other Communist objectives – chief among them one UN Charter vote for one UN Charter value. [12] South Africa, like Zimbabwe did not achieve black majority rule, they became, like China, one-party states.

The oldest Communist Party outside of Europe used the ANC, Law firms & Mandela as a front. Subversives embedded in the Church, government and institutions were also used.

The Revolutionary Assets (subversives) embedded in the state would enable and facilitate this parlay.  The role of the (subversive) Revolutionary Assets in various Western institutions including universities and even Christian Churches, like the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and World Council of Churches, was to further claim the moral high ground for the Revolutionary objectives. They, in contradiction for all they should stand for, provided a smokescreen for what was really on trial. Which was:

“…Communist crimes based upon the Communist struggle against the West.”  

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