Who’s Kidding Who? ‘Democracy’ Caught in The Act of Being Scripted

Editor: As you watch the following bizarre clips recall how these countries were deemed model democracies yet declared (and still declare) white Rhodesian’s as ‘the most brain-washed national group in modern times’ and we were universally declared as a threat to world peace! Even as American kids hid under schools desks in case the USSR sent an atomic bomb to kill them. Yes, really!

Caught in the Act of Being Scripted

By researcher and author James Perloff.

Short Videos that Help Prove Public Figures Are Centrally Controlled

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Australian Prime Minister John Howard give the same speech on Iraq. Still believe politicians call the shots? Think again.
Watch as numerous mainstream TV news anchors—from different networks (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC)—read identical remarks from their teleprompters. Ironically, their script says social media is endangering democracy with fake news—the very phenomenon that they themselves exemplify
Like lemmings, leading politicians and public figures from around the world, from Joe Biden to Greta Thunberg, all tell us we must “Build Back Better”
Two OB/GYN doctors promote the COVID vaccine, reading the same script

These videos help demonstrate what we in alternative media have said all along—that behind the façade of democracy, a wealthy oligarchy has been steadily consolidating its control over governments, media, banking, industry and medicine. Its final objective is a world government, ruling over a global population vastly reduced in size. But there are limits to how much they can conceal, and it’s hard to escape the observations of discerning Internet surfers.

“All the world’s a stage.” William Shakespeare


Editor: The following quote is from a “politically correct academic” paper – you know what we at Reclaiming Rhodesia think of those… cough, cough!!

Rhodesian Censorship: The Role of the Media in the Making of a One-Party State

“Censorship, in one form or another, has prevailed in Rhodesia since the Rhodesian Front came to power in 1963. As a result, white Rhodesians read in their local newspapers only what the press is allowed to reveal and they see and hear on their state-controlled radio and television only what is slanted in the interests of Rhodesia. Under these circumstances , it is hardly surprising that a people who are not generally given to intellectual enquiry or dissent should have become, as the Johannesburg Sunday Times put it, ‘the most brain-washed national group in modern times’. The achievement of this result was an unqualified success for the Rhodesian Front propagandists; and it was also an essential prerequiste for the making of a one-party state.”

The above anti-Rhodesian script is the perfect example of the inversion of truth created, financed, repeated, financed some more and then “credited” into legitimacy.

For a start, Rhodesians had a higher than average IQ than the rest of the West. This is probably how we figured out how to transform a stone-age nation (recently invaded by non-indigenous Bantu races that still had not invented the wheel) into a thriving and growing modern economy. All without debt and contractual webs tying us to globalist-banksters. All without destroying the culture, traditions and property rights of the various black tribes or the Christian Western whites. At the same time we created the largest game (wildlife) reserves in the world, a hydro-electric power scheme that was the marvel of the world, etc… This created the newest and fastest growing black middle class on the planet within the span of one lifetime.

Not even 70 years has passed between these images. Imagine if Rhodesia had been left alone to continue her extraordinary pace of progress and development?

So we Rhodesian’s really were exceptionally intelligent, progressive and diversity obsessed. We simply refused the Rothschild-Kissinger-Soros-CCP death cheque book. Unlike Zimbabwe.

Secondly the former Rhodesian government was voted out in a shock defeat by the electorate, and PM Ian Smith was voted in because the country was under attack by foreign nations like the USSR and the results had been horrendous in neighbouring nations.

Why would the country vote out PM Ian Smith or the Rhodesian Front as the entire world made clear they wanted to destroy Rhodesia at any cost? We observed that at the height of the Cold War the West aligned to and aided their “enemies” the Soviet and Maoist Communist bloc to conquer Africa, including Rhodesia, under the scripted name of “liberation”.

Britain even planned a hot-war invasion using the might of the Commonwealth nations to defeat around 80,000 white men, their wives and their children and their grannies. The very same men who never practiced slavery but forced the blacks to stop practicing it in Rhodesia.

Finally, the majority of black and white Rhodesians did NOT rely on controlled Western media. Thus we all knew of the horrific genocides, massacres and economic collapses happening in “liberated” Africa. This is why the Rhodesian army was 80% black and determined to stay and fight. Quite the contrast to the flight of more than half the black population since they were forcibly “liberated” into a ZANU diktatorship that has looted the nation and sold it to the CCP for immediate personal gain while halving the life expectancy of the the black population.

Perhaps if the leaders of the “democratic” first world and the Western MSM would stop reading scripts for cash and self-serving promotions for a moment, they might be capable of asking the simple questions. Those questions that might restore us to an era of almost unparalleled development and prosperity created and led by a few, without slavery, that elevated the many to heights they had not imagined for themselves.

An astounding marvel that Greenies don’t like to talk about… why not? Kariba Hydro Power & Dam Was a Testament To Rhodesian Ingenuity & Foresight Ahead Of The World. It was sustainable for humans, wildlife and development.

Instead the academics, the MSM, the mega-corporations and the so-called Western leaders all profit from the lying-scripts handed to them as much as Mugabe, Mnangagwa and their vicious one-party-ZANU-PF-state, do. This is entirely at the expense of the ordinary black Rhodesians Zimbabweans that were, and are, merely collateral damage for the targeted genocide of white southern Africans.

Why are British and American tax payers funding a nation even after HALF its population has fled their ‘liberation’? Is this more “PC academic” trickery?
Why does the American tax payer continue to fund the outcome of the USSR/CCP invasion of peaceful Rhodesia and call it aid for a “democracy” that is literally a One-Party state slaughtering and impoverishing its own people?
Why are the scripts of mega-corporations so similar to Marxist tyrannical scripts?
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3 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Exceptionally important article. If anyone who sees these short video clips then continues to get their ‘news’ from te-lie-vision channels and online mainstream newspapers, they are part of the problem. For they are constantly being downloaded a belief system that has nothing to do with reality. They are being shepherded by wolves, in a pre-programmed direction.
    We threw out our tell-a-vision in 2011. The government and media bombardment of lies/propaganda/coercion since then have failed to reach our ears. Taking a quick look at this media on occasion is a nauseating experience.
    When you’re out of the matrix and take the odd peek back into it, the mindless crap assaults one’s senses (including propaganda and decadence) and has one asking “How did I EVER believe that garbage?”

    • WakeyWakey says:

      And notice at the start of the 2nd video in the above article the eunuch talking head’s masonic hand sign. The viewing public are considered too ignorant to notice. Same ‘insider’ sign is done by Merkel and Trump. It’s a small club and we ain’t in it.

  2. E says:

    This must be read by others who are unaware of this history…

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