Democracy To Pathocracy: How A Pathological Minority Take Control Behind A Mask of Sanity

Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. The key to solving the problems of our age is to abolish the white race, the abolishment of the privileges of the white skin”

Jewish marxist, Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev
The Final Solution?:  Is his public directive to genocide a whole race, as the ‘key’ to solving all the world’s problems, evidence of a sane mind? Or is it the mind of a schizoidal psychopath? Is this absurdly simplistic black and white ‘solution’ to all the world’s surmised ‘problems’ evidence of a mind that lacks some essential machinery? Is this bio-psychological Spellbinder pathologically influencing normal man by casting the hate and ‘victimhood’ spell upon the Black race and the ‘shame and guilt’ spell on the White race?

The True Nature of World Leaders Behind a Mask of Sanity: The Genesis of Macro-Social Evil

J.F. Kennedy prior to his assassination stated:

”We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless Conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

This is, in reality, what the tiny African nation, Rhodesia was up against when resisting its destruction and those ‘guerrillas by night’. Sadly, the ‘highly efficient machine’ replaced Rhodesia with the terminally ill Zimbabwe ruins.

That ruthless machine did not stop with Rhodesia. Today the whole western world, and in particular the United States, is its target. Who is behind such evil as JFK revealed, what is this evil, and why is humanity so unaware of it? How has the whole world come to this?

“My people perish for lack of knowledge” the prophet Hosea 4:6

Red Alert to Normal Man

In a Pravda article, Communist freemason Josef Stalin, mass murderer of tens of millions of Russians, was reported to have said that under his rule, “life had become more joyous and carefree”![1]

Billionaire conspirer, Klaus Schwab, recently revealed THE GREAT RESET for the new ‘post-corona era.’  Under this enforced new world order everything we need must be rented, including vehicles and residences. Schwab publicly declared:There will be no private property and you will be happy![2]

Aldous Huxley, elite insider promoting the British Crown’s One World Dictatorship agenda centered in the Corporation of the City of London stated:

“…most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.” And “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.[3]

Stalin, Aldous Huxley and Klaus Schwab – abnormal man – despite destroying all our rights and freedoms including even our right to continue to live, let alone breathe fresh air, believe normal man’s response is joy! 

Do you not hear alarm bells? Clearly the biological thought processes of individuals such as Ignatiev, Stalin, Huxley and Schwab, members of abnormal man, do not correspond with those of the vast majority of humanity, normal man. They are high functioning individuals but with an abnormal nature. Their brain function differs from the vast majority of humanity. They achieve dominant positions of power driven by the need to 1) change the world, 2) subjugate mankind, and 3) cull humanity.

 “Pathocracy is a system of government wherein a small pathological (abnormal) minority takes control over a society of normal people.” That is, psychopaths systematically take over democracy.

As Post WWII Poland Developed into a Pathocracy its Scientists Secretly Studied the Process

When WWII ended (fought ‘to save democracy’ we were falsely told), the Anglo-American All-Lies betrayed Poland and half of Europe which they freely gifted to Stalin’s Soviet Communist hell realm. Starting from the top down, pre-communist Polish authorities were ‘neutralised’ and replaced by a variety of bio-psychologically defective characters who appeared to suddenly crawl out of the woodwork everywhere.

Observing and experiencing at first hand the replacement of normal man with abnormal man in their halls of learning, an exceptionally courageous group of Polish scientists and psychologists risked their very lives to do what scientists should do; right across Poland they secretly studied and shared data on the nature, causes and processes in the developing Communist system of macro-social evil.[4]

Andrew M Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology: A Science in the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, 2013, Red Pill Press.

Death was the penalty if caught studying this taboo subject. Years of collaborative research had to be destroyed when the completed original manuscript hastily went into the central heating furnace just minutes before a Secret Police raid.

These brave and dedicated scientists, including Andrew Lobaczewski (the author of the fruits of their work Political Ponerology) studied the perpetrators of the living hell they were directly experiencing, to provide the West with a unique gift of knowledge and essential insight into the phenomenon of the genesis of macro-social evil, as a dire warning to the West.

A leading member of the New World Order camarilla, The Committee of 300, Zbigniew Brzezinski was born in Poland and of Polish Black Nobility ancestry. On the right, Jewish-German born Henry Kissinger.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was the political puppet master of both president Carter and Obama. He lavished praise on Lobaczewski’s ‘Political Ponerology’ and then prevented, with his network, its publication for 20 years! The network of Abnormal man fears exposure of the mask of sanity which hides his true nature. Brzezinski was a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations and Club of Rome, all interconnected, powerful organizations of the “300”. All are hell bent on de-industrializing the (White) West, ending national sovereignty of all nations and replacing them with a single World Pathocracy[5].

A Mask of Sanity

Normal man is creative. He needs to create. What he fails to realize is that every human population has a small percentage of abnormal man whose need is to destroy! Their faulty biopsychological apparatus is wired that way. These ‘intellectuals’ are in fact brain-defective yet present a studied appearance of normality, a mask of sanity

The cause of their brain anomalies is hereditary in the case of the full on psychopathic types. In characteropaths (personality disorders) and others it is due to brain damage lesions (from physical trauma such as forceps delivery or disease in infancy). Nearby cells try to compensate but the substituted pathways are imperfect which can negatively alter thought processes and brain function. The cause can also be environmental, such as the trauma inflicted on a child raised by an abnormal caregiver (parent or institution), impairing natural development. This latter category may be healed, initially by understanding the cause.

There is a scale of categories of abnormal man.  Those most relevant to Lobaczewski’s book include the following due to brain damage: extreme egotism, paranoia, characteropaths and frontal characteropaths, as well as the genetically damaged schizoidal psychopaths and, the most dangerous of all, essential psychopaths. Abnormal man hides behind a mask of sanity. This permanent need to mask-up has now successfully been projected onto normal man. Why are we submitting? (Of course, most brain-damaged individuals are not harmful at all and this article does not apply to them.)

When the bio-psychologically defective abnormal man achieves power over an organization, nation or empire and occupies all the positions of authority, starting from the top and eventually filtering right down to the local village level, we have macro-social evil and rule by a Pathocracy.

6% Of The Worlds Population

Belonging to the network of abnormal man is the prime selection criterion to fill the ranks in a pathocracy. Due to the relatively tiny number of abnormals no regard can be taken for their actual capabilities for the job. Therefore many stupid people became the head of Soviet manufacturing companies with obvious consequences. The employee slaves, normal man, had to cautiously, tactfully and skilfully navigate around the egos of these incompetents with their faulty psychological reactive patterns to explain why their directives were a bad idea for production.

Bolshevik Russia is a perfect and horrific example of a Pathocracy and the genesis of macro-social evil, in which over time approximately 66 million souls were extinguished, usually with great cruelty. Ditto Mao’s Red China dictatorship in which another 60 million lives were obliterated. The CCP dictatorship’s technologically evil and punitive totalitarian social credit score slave system currently being fine-tuned is the blueprint for the West and the rest of the world.

Georgia Guidestones: Do you think the monument stating the intention of reducing the world population to under 500 million was created by normal man? What variety of methods do you think those born without a conscience plan to use to achieve this intended world genocide?

Andrew M Lobaczewski:

Based on the work of myself and others in that past tragic time, a new discipline arose that became our beacon; two Greek philologist monks baptized it ‘PONEROLOGY’ from the Greek poneros = evil. The process of the genesis of evil was called, correspondingly, ‘ponerogenesis’. I hope that these modest beginnings will grow so as to enable us to overcome evil through an understanding of its nature, its causes, and its development.”

Lobaczewski was expelled to the west and stripped of all his scientific papers. As the youngest and only survivor of the original Polish researchers, he wrote from memory the book, stating:

I express my deep respect for all those who initiated the research and continued to conduct it at the risk of their careers, health and lives. I pay homage to those who paid the price through suffering or death. May this work constitute some compensation for their sacrifices.”[6]

Macro-social evil is destructive large scale evil against nations. These bad times are in fact cyclical events that have been repeated throughout the history of mankind usually in different civilizations at different times. How is it possible for such an evil system to develop unrecognized and succeed to enslave humanity and destroy civilizations repeatedly?

Good times weaken a society’s morals, interest in God and their spiritual nature.

‘Good’ Times Beget Bad Times: The Cyclical Nature of the Rise of a Pathocracy

‘Good’ times are easy, stable times that often come with a blind spot by a society that can be at the expense of other peoples or nations. Did Americans, or the West in general, care about the mass murder of half a million innocent Iraqi children using the sanctions weapon? In a TV interview, Madeline Albright inadvertently dropped her mask of sanity as she replied, “Yes, we think it was worth it.” ‘We’ refers to captured America’s controllers, the Committee of 300, headed by The British Crown.

Worth it, to whom? The Shock Doctrine (Disaster Capitalism) was applied to Iraq, Latin America and many other nations including Zimbabwe. Milton Friedman proposed a (usually manufactured crisis or even a natural disaster) is used to advantage to push through radical economic and political changes while a nation is in shock and the people cannot resist. Through a strategically violent transformation incredible control over a sovereign nation and its resources are achieved by networked corporations, banks and politicians. All under the guise of installing democratic change often applauded by TV viewers safe at home in the West.

Andrew M Lobaczewski:

“During good times, people progressively lose sight of the need for profound reflection, introspection, knowledge of others, and an understanding of life’s complicated laws … Any excess mental effort seems like pointless labour if life’s joys appear to be available for the taking. A clever, liberal, and merry individual is a good sport; a more farsighted person predicting dire results becomes a wet-blanket killjoy … Catastrophe waits in the wings. In such times, the capacity for logical and disciplined thought, born of necessity during difficult times, begins to fade. When communities lose the capacity for psychological reason and moral criticism, the processes of the generation of evil are intensified at every social scale, whether individual or macrosocial, until everything reverts to ‘bad’ times.”

Worse still, abnormal man takes part in promoting that shallow, spiritually depleted and degenerate society. Honoured friend of British royalty and pedo political elites, pedo-pimp essential psychopath Jimmy Saville is a perfect example. Compare the moral standards of Hollywood movies in the 1940s with those today.

Like father, like son? Above: Prince Charles a loyal friend of notorious pedophile Jimmy Saville who was protected by the BBC and a network of many powerful people.

The Process of Abnormal Man’s Infiltration and Subversion of Institutions to Create Bad Times

The weakening of discernment in the public during ‘good’ times creates a vigilance vacuum. Waiting in the wings is abnormal man. These disaffected individuals are ‘misfits’ in society, feel marginalised, know they are ‘different’, and are fanatically keen to take the opportunity to crush, then ‘mould’ the society to their own ‘new normal’ preference. This would turn the tables and empower them.

The Fabian Society (who seek to introduce Communism by stealth internationally) depicted themselves as a wolf in sheep clothing smashing the earth into their desired shape (see below the image above the earth enlarged). This is similar to THE GREAT RESET covid slogan “Build Back Better” despite no one voting on their vision for us. Left wing politicians are usually Fabianists, most are recruited in universities. They compliment the Marxist Frankfurt Schools’ long march through the institutions. Below: The image above the orange earth enlarged.

Such abnormals include an international network of mega-wealthy and influential puppet masters such as the Rothschilds, George Soros and David Rockefeller who select, finance and promote into political leadership roles fellow deviants. Scum floats on the top!

Social, religious, philanthropic, political organizations and governmental institutions are infiltrated by abnormals. The institution of good works is then covertly ‘turned’ for destructive purposes. Original members are elbowed out by those who are experts in the field of replacement. The original structure becomes eventually no more than a shell of its former self, a mere cartoon caricature retained as a respected front, a mask behind which nefarious activities and goals are progressed.

The Dangerous Alliance. Behind the mask of a ‘holy’ man within the empty shell of ‘the Vatican’, freemason Pope Francis (signalling his ‘hidden hand’ credentials below) is working for the “300” fronted by Lyn Rothschild. He is promoting the Rothschilds’ Orwellian doublespeak agenda, ‘Inclusive Capitalism’. Doublespeak = one meaning for the public but entirely opposite meaning for initiates. The Rothschilds themselves are into Exclusive Monopolism of the world central banking system.
Infiltration to gain control of institutions is often a slow process.
The Masonic Hidden Hand: Pope Francis repeatedly uses Masonic gestures. Masons swear secret oaths and Catholics are required to renounce this Internationalist Brotherhood.
Above: Fauci signalling the Masonic Hidden Hand gesture. Below: The secret society member Fauci calling up the aid of Baphomet powers, a form of witchcraft. This secret communication signalling is evidence of the infiltration and perversion of the powerful health authority, the CDC. After the US government, its second biggest donor is the admitted global warming depopulation eugenicist Bill Gates. The CDC, like the WHO, is today just a cartoonish caricature of its origins, masking covid pseudo-science for nefarious purposes.
Note the medical symbol on Baphomet.

Abnormals Form a Network to Advance Evil Agendas against Normals in Every Society

In every society psychopathic individuals and other deviant categories recognize their own kind and create an active network which is estranged from the goals and activities of normal man. Essential psychopaths (Kissinger, Soros and Bill Gates?), the most dangerous to humanity of all, play an inspirational part in such evil networks. Abnormal man, with his/her own laws and customs, realizes he is different from that foreign world of ‘those others’, the moralising majority ‘full of presumptuous rules and customs by which he is condemned morally’. His world is forever divided between ‘us and them’. Lobaczewski explains:

Their sense of honour bids them to cheat and revile that other human world and its values at every opportunity. In contradiction to the customs of normal people, they feel that breaking their promises is normal behaviour … In the psychopath a dream emerges like some ‘Utopia’ of a happy world and a social system that does not reject them or force them to submit to laws and customs whose meaning is incomprehensible to them. They dream of a world in their radical and simple way of perceiving reality; where they would, of course, be assured safety and prosperity. In this Utopian dream they imagine that those ‘others’, different but also more technically skilful than they are, should be put to work to achieve this goal for the psychopaths and others of their kin. “We,” they say “after all, will create a new government, one of justice!” They are prepared to fight and suffer for such a brave new world and also, of course, to inflict suffering upon others. Such a vision justifies killing people, whose suffering does not move them to compassion because ‘they’ are not quite conspecific.” That is, we are alien to their species.

Beria was an Essential Psychopath, the most dangerous type on the planet. Lobaczewski states this is why Stalin, a frontal characteropath, was so dependent on Beria.
Jewish freemason Karl Marx’s Revolutionary Holocaust instruction. Marx first wrote in 1849 of the necessity to exterminate whole ‘primitive societies in Europe’. Engels wrote similarly. A sentence of genocide was proclaimed against “racial trash” – the Scottish Highlanders, Basques, Bretons (ethnic Celts), Serbs and Slavs. All were to be exterminated and also stating that Poland had no reason to exist. “The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust!” Marx was first in Europe in the modern era to begin the notion of racial extermination. He was the ancestor of modern political genocide, first in the historical records to proclaim the idea. Marx was a schizoidal psychopath as was his buddy Engels.

The Process of the Genesis of Rule by a Pathocracy

A brief overview of the ponerogenesis of an organization, nation or empire by a pathocracy:

This process has re-occurred in various places and cultures throughout history. It has remained unidentified by historians and social researchers because it was hidden deep within the heart of the legitimate social or political institutions formed by normal man particular to that culture, place and era. As a result, have historians made inaccurate or false interpretations of the causes of evil historical events and fall of civilizations? Have they studied the effects interpreting them as the cause? If the cause (abnormal man) is unidentified we cannot prevent the cycle of evil events from repeating. 

The first essential role in the genesis of a pathocracy is the creation of the one-sided, ‘black and white’, simplistic doctrinaire and radical ideas by the schizoidal psychopath (not referring to schizophrenia here!). Their writings poison the minds of those members of the aforementioned weakened society that lacks critical thinking, the low achievers who feel they are unfairly disadvantaged, and the culturally neglected. The writings attract also those who have minor psychological deficiencies of their own.

Yet other more rational readers are ‘sucked in’ for they fall for a common trick of the mind; the mind picks out what it likes in the written words and excuses ‘the odd bits’. Instead, the mind simply re-interprets such evil deficiencies into a more suitable formula. “That is what he must have meant” these readers assume!

Schizoids can be diagnosed by their ‘schizoidal declarations’ of how to ‘fix’ the world with a grand plan to change it for ‘peace, justice and equality’. One psychologist termed Karl Marx and Engels ‘the bearded schizoids’! The first mistake is that the reader fails to distinguish such writings’ deficient psychological world view and instead thinks he must take them seriously.

Jewish radical Saul Alinsky, likely a schizoidal psychopath, wrote Rules for Radicals[7]. The contents affirm Dr Peter Hammond’s statement: “The issue is never about the issue; the issue is always about the Revolution.

Obama, Hillary Clinton and Chavez of Venezuela are amongst schizoid Saul Alinsky’s many disciples. Chavez worked for Alinsky for 9 years! Alinsky wrote a twisted schizoidal dedication to Lucifer in his book:

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.

Lobaczewski states schizoids may infiltrate organizations and “become zealots for some ideology, religious bigots, materialists, or adherents of an ideology with satanic features”. Schizoids’ pathological abilities tend to overpower the personality of normals, causing them to become ‘desperately illogical’.

When schizoids put forth their extreme ideas in person in a small group that has little influence they are often looked on as ‘eccentric’ and less harmful because they are not taken seriously. However, when their ideas are put forward in writing, such as Marx, Engel, and Alinsky, unsuspecting readers are far more inclined to take them seriously.

The Spellbinders Now Grab the Baton and Run with it

Alan Watt “Never Watch the Television!” 3 min.

In the second essential step in the process toward creating a pathocracy schizoidal psychopaths open the door to characteropaths.

Characteropaths keenly adopt the schizoids’ ideologies, using their unique abilities to re-cast it into a propagandized form, and promote it to the public. These spellbinders with their Orwellian doublespeak and linguistic gymnastic abilities – using techniques such as paramoralisms, paralogisms and conversive thinking – take the doctrinaire ideas to new and even more pathological levels than the original ideology.

These characteropaths use fanatical persistence plus their defective psychological thought patterns to adversely influence and alter the minds of unsuspecting others. Their powerful role as spellbinders manipulates normal minds ‘by destroying their reasoning and their ability to utilise their healthy commonsense’ according to Lobaczewski.

This second stage initially begins with the involvement of milder characteropaths that can therefore more effectively hide their defective nature from the group or the public behind a mask of sanity. After a time this process intensifies to a whole new level as paranoid individuals (such as Lenin) more actively dominate. ‘Towards the end of the process, an individual with frontal characteropathy (like Stalin) and the highest degree of pathological egotism, can easily take over leadership.

Lenin was inflicted with paranoia through brain damage as an infant. Stalin’s frontal characteropathy was due to frontal brain damage in infanthood. The effects depend on the position and depth of the lesion. Note: Stalin is also making the Hidden Hand gesture.

At this stage the organisation’s original ideology and membership is relatively still intact and ‘remains an essential justifying motivation for many’. This now sick social, religious or political movement can still be defined by the name of its original ideology. Up to this stage therefore, the movement does not begin to participate in criminal acts on a mass scale.

However, in the third essential step to a pathocracy, that is all about to change by yet another set of individuals, the genetically impaired psychopaths, who now proceed to radically transform the complete ideology and the membership. Both the Vatican and U.S. government are good examples of such radical transformation already in an advanced state. The so-called ‘environmental movement’ has been transformed already by the depopulation watermelon gurus – Green on the outside, RED inside. 

These genetically impaired psychopaths, including the most dangerous of all the essential psychopaths, up till this third stage remained helpful, low key members wearing their mask of normality. Lobaczewski describes their modus operandi:

The carriers of other pathological deficiencies, largely hereditary, have meanwhile insinuated themselves into the group pretending to be sincere in their enthusiasm but played a background subordinate supportive role thus far. They execute the leaders’ orders, especially whenever something needs to be done which inspires revulsion in others.’

The most dangerous psychopaths of all, the Essential Psychopaths come in all forms and walks of life with their own interests and preferences from political to predatorial sexual agendas. In the entertainment industry Jimmy Savile, a notorious sexual pervert was permitted by the hospital authorities to freely molest staff and patients and dead bodies (necrophilia)[8]. As king of the pedo pimp system procuring defenceless orphan children for the inbred elites’ network – said to be British royalty, political leaders and other high ranking deviants – he was fully protected in order to safeguard his elite clientele from public scandal.

Here a confident Savile signals his satanic allegiance by the ‘666’ hand sign, purposely obscured from the public by his tie but obvious to initiates.

In the infiltration process the zealotry and cynicism of the low key, supportive genetic psychopaths evokes criticism from the still reasonable members. However, it also ingratiates them with the extremist members – those who played an earlier role in the ponerization of the organization – and who now protect them and aid their rise within the hierarchy.

Essential psychopaths are always involved at this final stage and provide the inspirational role (for example, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe). These psychopaths almost effortlessly push the entire organization or nation into their own way of experiencing reality and the goals derived from their own deviant nature.

‘Liberator’ Mugabe holding hands with famous Fabian PM Bob Hawke of Australia after infamously ordering the slaughter of 40,000 blacks who were from a dissident tribe.

At this final stage the more normal members, still supportive of the original ideology, feel overwhelmed by forces they cannot understand. In attempting to fight back they find themselves out of their depth and ‘start fighting with demons and making mistakes’.  This opens the door to allow a negative selection process to take place and they are relegated to powerless positions, fired, are expelled or resign.

Ex-communist Bella Dodd was expelled by the U.S. Communist Party in this way[9]. Disillusioned, she returned to her Catholic roots, mentored by Archbishop Sheen, and testified in Congress in the 1950s against the advanced Communist infiltration of both the U.S. education system (25% of the Teachers Union) and the Catholic priesthood hierarchy in the 1930’s. She stated the latter was so successful it had already reached ‘all the way to the top’.

Lobaczewski warns:

“If such a movement triumphs by revolutionary means and in the name of freedom, the welfare of the people, and social justice, this only brings about further transformation of a governmental system thus created into a macro-social pathological phenomenon. Within this system, the common man is blamed for not having been born a psychopath, and is considered good for nothing but hard work, fighting and dying, to protect a system of government he can neither sufficiently comprehend nor ever consider to be his own.”

What is the fundamental reason we remain so ignorant of these evil processes taking place all around us?

Normal Man’s Inability to Distinguish Pathological Evil as distinct from Moral Failures

Ignoti nulla curatio morbid – Do not attempt to cure what you do not understand

There are two types of evil. The usual moral lapses among normal man in society, and then that which is of a different category altogether and far beyond such human errors: the psycho-biological evil of abnormal man. The relevance and benefits of a moralising stance in society ends where pathological evil begins.

Unfortunately, a moralising interpretation is society’s automatic reaction, an ancient conditioning of our instinctive substratum ie we are psychologically wired that way. This allows the other type of evil, pathological evil, to remain unrecognised. Unidentified,  abnormal man continues his theatrical role as Mr Normal.

Lobaczewski repeatedly states that it is crucial to study Evil as the naturalist studies nature by avoiding the normal temptation of moralistic interpretations of the pathological factors. The goal is to understand the general laws of the nature of Evil. If a hungry vampire bat lands on the neck of the naturalist, instead of moral indignation, and with the understanding of the natural order of things, he calmly removes it and proceeds to study it.

Mankind’s Instinctive Substratum and its Essential Role for Individuals and thus Societies

As a fish takes his watery environment for granted, so mankind’s instinctive substratum easily escapes our notice but to understand humanity we need to understand its vital role in the life of individuals and societies.

Lobaczewski explains:

“It is precisely this phylo-genetically developed basis of our experience, man’s instinctive substratum, and its emotional dynamism, that allows individuals to develop their feelings and social bonds, enabling us to intuit other people’s psychological state and individual or social psychological reality. It is thus possible to perceive and understand human customs and moral values … in other words our instinct is our first tutor, whom we carry inside all our lives.”

Also, we should be aware that, if we love someone, it is their human instinct we love above all.

This heritage is the accumulation and result of man’s varied life conditions and experiences throughout pre-history; experiences that shaped our self-preservation instincts through the development of appropriate common societal group structures. Thus even the well-known weaknesses of human nature and errors in our perception of reality have been conditioned for better or worse over a vast expanse of time.

“Our zeal to control anyone harmful to ourselves or our group is so primal in its near-reflex necessity as to leave no doubt that is also encoded at the instinctual level. Our instinct, however, does not differentiate between behaviour motivated by simple human failure and behaviour performed by individuals with pathological aberrations.

It is also at this level differences occur between normal individuals, influencing the formation of their characters, world views and attitudes. Also, some people have a richer and more subtle instinctual endowment than others.

Significant deficiencies in this heritage nevertheless occur in only a tiny percentage of the human population; and we perceive this to be qualitatively pathological. We shall have to pay closer attention to such anomalies, since they participate in that pathogenesis of evil.”

The Big Secret that YOU must not Know

It is forbidden knowledge that abnormal man’s instinctive substratum is significantly deficient, built as on shifting sand. We need to be aware that this absence is not his choice; it is his experiential reality.

Lobaczewski revealed the Communist Bolsheviks within the Soviet-system determinedly removed and suppressed from the scientific record the fact that mankind has an Instinctive Substratum. This human phylogenetic heritage was forbidden knowledge because it is largely absent in this chameleon-like sub-species, abnormal man. They know it but we must not! They are symbolically portrayed in the old classic movie They Live, another warning given to mankind.

They greatly fear our discovery of their major deficiency. Unmasking them is like a death – an exposure of their fake persona masquerading as normal man. Unrecognized they can appear to fit in and continue to prey on other individuals (especially on women) on the small scale, and on the large scale to follow their dream future, progressing their evil ideologies and ‘utopian’ agendas for the subjugation of humanity.

We need to be alerted to the fact that, so different from all the rest of humanity are the pathological minds that ‘Inter-epochal and interracial variations in this area are less striking than those [variations] differentiating persons whose instinctual human substratum is normal, from those who are carriers of an instinctual biopsychological defect, though they are members of the same race and civilization’.

Alarm Bells Ring for the West

Why was this unique secret research of these Polish scientists unable to achieve its goal of preventing the spread of the disease of macro-social evil throughout the West?

Andrew M Lobaczewski:

“I had been recognized as the bearer of this ‘dangerous’ science in Austria by a ‘friendly’ physician who then was revealed to be an agent of Communist Secret Services. All the RED nodes and networks in New York were mobilized to organize a counteraction against the information contained in this book being made publicly and widely available. It was terrible to learn that the overt system of suppression I had so recently escaped was just as prevalent, though more covert, in the United States. It was demoralizing to see how the system of conscious and unconscious pawns worked; to watch people who trusted their ‘friends’ – unknown to them as Communist agents – and performed the insinuated activities against me with such patriotic zeal.”

Worse still, the consequences for Lobaczewski meant no assistance in finding work in accordance with his qualifications. He had to therefore suffer working as a physical labourer despite his old age.

He later learned that he was the third scientist to attempt to bring information on the true nature of Macro-social Evil of Communism to the United States, and all three of them were dealt with in the same manner.”

Lobaczewski insists the permanent prevention of the macro-social evil manifesting overtly as ‘Communism’ will never occur unless and until the very nature of Evil is fully understood scientifically and taken into careful consideration to skilfully detect and humanely neutralise from all leading roles and power such bio-psychologically defective individuals as categorised under abnormal man. Presently this is being carried out in reverse! The perpetrators of macro-social evil are skilfully detecting and neutralising resistance by individuals of normal man to the World Pathocracy hell realm being implemented globally under false pretences of melting icecaps and new germs.

The final goal of world revolution is not Socialism or even Communism, it is not a change in the existing economic system; it is the destruction of civilisation in a material sense. The revolution desired by the leaders is a moral and spiritual revolution, an anarchy of ideas by which all standards set up throughout nineteen [now 20] centuries shall be reversed.

Nesta Webster, British historian.

And I would venture to add – humanity needs a Smart Revolution of Gandhi-style total mass resistance against Insanity now. We have been warned! It’s already 5 minutes to Midnight.

Red Pill Press

End Notes

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[7] Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals, 1971.


[9]  Bella V. Dodd School of Darkness, 2017.

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    I think psychopathocracy and ponerology are two subjects for our time. This is an excellent introduction with some key sources. The sistema of the failed Marxist state is : chaos, crime and corruption. This is a system that selects for psychopaths and normalises lying and social crimes. Under Communist Parties like ZANU-PF and the ANC we can see how the Marxist state normalises crime and corruption behind a coverstory of incompetence. One can see right through the institutions established by European men to serve the society as a whole bankrupted by crime and corruption. They can not hide it. Incompetent corruptos can crap on all they like about the ‘bio-diversity of animal behaviour’. But this is the reality of a hospital in SA: “Unbelievable video of monkeys playing in a hospital room in South Africa” June 29, 2020, uploaded by WhatsTube.

  2. WakeyWakey says:

    American Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre moved to Israel and then on to Sweden in 1999 and set up an organization in order to destroy the ethnic-European race of Europe. Many deviants as described in the above article are involved in this plan and action to bring in millions and millions of non-White third worlders with the intention of ending the ‘whiteness’ of Europe. But don’t believe me, she tells you herself:
    A Polish Professor sums it up! (4mins)
    (such videos of this demon woman have been removed by ytube but this one cleverly remained rather concealed – for now)

  3. Katherine Sparkes says:

    The white Jewish professor depicted in this article is a white man.

  4. Chris says:

    This is a very well-written article. Though the content, by virtue of the truth it bespeaks, is lamentable and increasingly so that even self-professed lovers of liberty have no apprehension of this macabre reality. Experience has shown me that as few as these essential psychopaths are in a given society, so few are those willing to know it and hold the line against these would be spiritual and material despots.

  5. gino says:

    I wonder if the ‘Committee of 300’ took their name from the 300 Spartans at the battle for the pass of Thermopylae? They must have the ego for it.

  6. AnnE says:

    This beautiful Canadian woman who is highly intelligent and well researched and articulate, here discusses this topic using the book ‘Political Ponerology’ itself, reads a passage, and interprets for us how this is dominant in today’s hijacked world. Highly recommended together with all her other videos, especially if you prefer solid evidence backed information:
    “A Small Number of Psychopaths Control Society”

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