Did Jimmy Carter’s CIA Sting Destroy Rhodesia A Loyal Cold War Ally?

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  1. Linde says:

    1975 was the year of the Vorster detente and the Rhodesian free press – namely Wilfred Brookes : Rhodesian Property and Finance was going after Big Money and its relationship to the RF government. The two main beneficiaries of the detente , he believed were Anglo American Corp and Lonrho. After he published “Smith’s Bungling Mafia” in the Feb 1976 issue , Smith issued Property and Finance and Brookes personally with a summons and sued for damages $25,000 – I think. That was a lot of money – and in a free currency. Remember , the old Bank of Rhodesia had been seized by the UK government in 1965 and all its sterling balances frozen. Its London Board of Governors made it to default on all its securities. But when the Republic was declared, the new Bank of Rhodesia was outside the BIS cartel – it was an independent bank issuing the Rhodesian dollar based on the wealth of the nation, its goods, resources and services. It may have been a black-listed currency on all money markets, but the people who worked in London under ‘Boss Nick’ at Park Lane in Salisbury transacted the Rhodesian dollar at parity with the British sterling in the City itself to buy the necessaries for the war. Yeah. They shorted the sterling a good one and banked it on the Strand. When Smithy’s boys came to town with the shopping list they bought all kinds of stuff and flew it out of Heathrow and Gatwick for J’burg. So when the RF government brought in controls on Rhodesians wanting to get money out of the country – in London, we smelled a rat. They had maybe the only free currency in the world and they had the connections in London to transact it for both sterling and rands. But for Rhodesians wanting to move currency – no can do. The Brookes trial and the evidence on which his lawyers demanded disclosure was denied him as ‘secrets of state.’ What kind of secrets, I would still like to know.
    Great website. The Rhodesians fought their war of independence against the Fourth Comintern and they won. Militarily, they won. The permanent, world-wide Revolution is now being visited on other Anglo-sphere nations and the Rhodesian legacy will only become more important.

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