EMERGENCY BROADCAST The Real Story Of The Worst Riots In South Africa That Are Happening As We Speak!

ACH (1561) EMERGENCY BROADCAST Dr. Peter Hammond And Mallificus Scott – The Real Story Of The Worst Riots In South Africa That Are Happening As We Speak!

Watch The 1950s Clip That ACH Played On The Show: Democrat Communists Use Same Old Tricks And Label Their Opponents ‘Anti-Semitic’ And ‘Fascists’

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 19 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond and Mallificus Scott for an emergency broadcast entitled, “The Real Story Of The Worst Riots In South Africa That Are Happening As We Speak!”

We discussed:

  • Why the South African police are no longer on the ground and the firefighters are not putting out fires due to fears for their safety from the rioters;
  • The hidden consequences of the riots that you will not read about in the mainstream media;
  • Why the riots have been more destructive than a war;
  • How most of the over 200 people who have died so far, did so in stampedes by looters;
  • Why private citizens have had to mobilize to stop the looting;
  • How Jacob Zuma said the Afrikaaners were the first true Africans, and the real reason the regime wanted him in jail;
  • The current civil war going on in the Communist African National Congress (ANC);
  • How YOU can help the people who are suffering in South Africa;
  • Why the question one always has to ask is “Who Benefits?”;
  • The basic Reformation Principle that the government is under the law;
  • How the South African government continue to deem churches non-essential, whilst casinos are allowed to operate freely;
  • How the looters and rioters were bussed in to commit their crimes;
  • The 1950’s clip off Jeff Rense’s website revealing the Marxist playbook back in 1943, over 70 years ago; and many other topics.

Listen to the 55 minute podcast here.

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3 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    Helot on Twitter July 13 has uploaded Kobayashi Basilisk’s full thread of the on- the- ground- videos from SA. I was watching as I listened to Dr. Peter Hammond’s Emergency Broadcast. Thank you to Dr. Hammond for his Frontline work and to Reclaiming Rhodesia for publishing it. These are tremendous events unfolding now in SA. The on the ground coverage is the best.

    Helot shows Kobayashi’s full thread

    As this continues to unfold, I am remembering how the nations of Southern Africa are always the lightening rod for the permanent, worldwide Revolution , namely the Fourth ComIntern ( 1938 – ? ) ‘Winds of Change’ was the codeword used by its Revolutionary assets in ZOG West for the deployment of The Hammer of the Revolution against the African people and their nations by ZOG East.

    The Communist stronghold, the UN General Assembly mandated the Europeans to abdicate from their colonies (UN Res. 1514 (XV), Dec 1960), and the Revolution was deployed against the African populations – also in Latin America and Asia. An entire ratbag of national liberation front Gook armies backed by the ZOG East Bloc invaded the African nations in force. ZOG West backed the Revolution in the many ways Reclaiming Rhodesia documents. Against SA, the Soviets themselves invaded Angola in force. And they were in Zambia as well backing ZIPRA against Rhodesia – these were the Matabele, a Zulu people led by Joshua Nkomo.

    As Anatoliy Golitsyn has said : “The secret of the Perestroika Deception is the permanent Revolution”. The Perestroika Deception. 1992. And I think we are seeing a rerun of the old playbook.

    I looks to me like the African National Communist Party has split.

    The sistema of the Marxist state is crime, chaos and corruption. And they are going to erupt their primary means of social control whenever they are busy with their internal affairs. Like Mandela, Zuma was a member of the SACP and served on its Politburo. He was president of the ANC and served as president of SA. Now he and Magashula are linked to this new party bearing the five point star. This could well be a Fourth Political Agenda party backed by the Soviet Union – Israel Axis. That star is everywhere in the new Russia (which is still the Soviet Union) .

    Since the US has now come out of the closet as a Communist power, the Revolution is now in the Endgame. The central banks (The Owners of which are The Owners of the Revolution) are just printing money with the entire world financial system in freefall. And SA erupts.

    I am mentioning this here and on my website, but waiting to get Reclaiming Rhodesia’s position before I publish so I can reference and link back. Fitzinformer is also following this story in relation to the Perestroika Deception https://fitzinfo.net/judeo-soviet-blm/. But Reclaiming Rhodesia is one of the few websites that can call this with the necessary expertise in African cultural and political history.

    • Editor says:

      IMO the chaos in SA was far too organised, widespread and enabled to be a spontaneous protest. As for the ANC factions imploding, what does one expect when the only means of unify different races and tribes (that never got along) is to make them anti-white? As we all know in the 21st century, the whole world must hate breathing-out (CO2) and white people. It’s that absurd.
      We also know the Kommunist Kreators work in 20 year cycles to break nations – that is long enough to bring up a completely indoctrinated generation with no real memory or EXPERIENCE of the past. Thus, they are incapable of separating fact from fiction. Jan Lamprecht covers this well in his book ‘Government By Deception, Psychopolitics in Southern Africa’.
      South Africa is overdue its 20 year revolution within the revolution.
      As you know, the so-called Truth & Reconciliation Hearings (like in SA, Aust, Canada, etc.) are never about reconciliation or truth. They are framed, like Stalin’s Show Trials without the gallows, to pursue and prove a kosher narrative that EMBEDS in the consciousness of all, a selected “Truth” that will create permanent racial division. That was South Africa ~25 years ago.
      In the last 3-5 years (fitting the 20 yr cycle) the Kontrollers had to sow the seeds for the 2nd revolution within the revolution. They chose the legalization of Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC) conversation. This began as a conversation about stealing white people’s stuff with the full sanction of the World Bank, IMF, Rothschilds Bank and global mockingbird media fed their news via AFP and the Rothchild’s owned Reuters (my, my, what a small world). No one bothered to read the documents which did NOT specify the only white people’s stuff could be stolen. Remember, “You’ll own nothing, and you will be happy”.
      To hype up the anti-white narrative of the proposed EWC laws, a massive series of Kommunity and Kommittee meetings were started and these served to embed the new kosher “Truth” in the consciousness of all. Notice how conveniently they preceded the Marxist led BLM riots in America that are now embedding the Reparations narrative in the consciousness of all? Marxists follow their globalist orders without questioning WHERE is the real HQ issuing them.
      IMO the proposed EWC laws are less important than the hyped-up discussion around them i.e. to embed a narrative globally that “whites own nothing and deserve nothing, because they stole everything”. That’s why even Finland is supposed to apologise for slavery, someone one once in Finland sold a product to a slaver…ding, ding, white and guilty of slavery!
      South Africa is not only due its 20 yr revolution, it’s not collapsing fast enough for the Great Reset and there are too many pockets of white resistance. The government now has a handle on how these pockets of white resistance can organize and protect their communities with a moments notice. Expect SA to accelerate its drive to make gun ownership illegal and/or extremely difficult, just as America is trying to do.
      The plandemic and the Great Reset will, by design, destroy economies and impoverish countless millions of people including in the first world i.e. white nations. Who will become the fall guy in those nations? Not the globalists and the so-called minorities, but the white guy who must “Own nothing, so everyone else can be Happy”.
      This is not just out of pure Racist-Marxist spite but to once and for all break the ethnic European Christian Western Man as an act of revenge on behalf of the hidden hands and a 2,000+ year old war.
      For example, the average Rhodesian black did not dream of rising up and eliminating the white farmer – that was a Marxist plot aided with the military training and support of several other nations. They knew the white man could not come back from that degree of decimation in Zimbabwe in 2000. Now, the people lament being useful idiots…. Too late. The new globalist pet, the Maoist CCP, created post-WWII to replace the West, sat back and watched as the nation’s economy was burned to the ground and was handed to them on a platter. Just as the plandemic and Burning, Looting, Murder riots burn local and national economies to the ground.
      This is going to be repeated in countries like Canada and Australia, history repeats and it rhymes, they simply change the costumes and faces to suit the country. Notice how the protesters against the lockdowns of the Covidian Cult in the city of Melbourne are almost all white? The center of Melbourne is majority Chinese and grew up under the “freedoms” of Maoist CCP.
      On a final note, Americans have only recently woken up to how much of a farce their one-man-one-vote election/selection process is. If you recall Sheldon Adelson, the Zionist King Maker funded both Trump and Obama. In South Africa, the political opposition to the ANC is equally paid for and controlled by Nathan Kirsch, a radically anti-white Zionist who’s rantings and ties could be confused with the politiks of the ANC and the oldest Kommunist party outside eastern Europe, the SACP.

      The Kommunist financiers like to ignore that the greatest mass murderer, slave owner and who was not indigenous to southern Africa was Shaka Zulu. In America the first prolific slave owners were the Indians and then, after colonization, it was a black man who went to court for the right to turn people into his slave property!

      In other words, those who have no legitimate claim to the fruits of the Christian West, will cling to the faux ideology of Marxist-Hate to get legitimacy…they do not give a damn why that racist-Marxist ideology was created or who created it. It serves them now, right now and it keeps throwing shekels at them.


  2. Linde says:

    Thanks for such a great comment Editor. This is why I read Reclaiming Rhodesia.

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