A Rhodesian Family: Farming On A Battlefield In A War That Was Designed To Never End

“…We had terrorists walking through our farm in the middle of the night…We had to be vigilant…landmines and ambushes. A lot of people got ambushed and killed…

Part One – Rhodesian Farmer Wartime Experiences (See Part Two and Three below)

This image of a young Rhodesian family during the Bush War is often found on internet boards about Rhodesia. This farming family and their parents and parents before them are essentially the people that built Rhodesia (see Part 3 below). Ordinary hard working folk that made Rhodesia the Bread-Basket of Africa. They are also the reason why “racist” Rhodesia had by the time of UDI in 1965, attracted more than a million blacks (25% of the population) from neighbouring countries. They were ordinary villagers in search of work, opportunity, and a peaceful, civilised life. They then became the best educated in Africa with the longest lifespans (now halved and back to where they were before the white Rhodesian).

Most Rhodesian farmers started from scratch investing all they had in buying land or obtaining a bank loan that took years to pay off. Living at first in tents, then huts as they cleared land by hand and built their farms. This image is from the same family in Part Two & Three of the video clip below.
Unprecedented opportunities were made available. After “liberation” most of the educated black middle-class voted with their feet and left Zimbabwe-Ruins.

From humble beginnings, Rhodesia, in several agricultural sectors, lead the world in spite of international sanctions and international financiers backing a Communist terrorist war and killing our farmers, their families and their employees.

As their farms developed the wages they paid could increasingly be supplemented with free benefits, similar to health care & a family pension. The farmers were able to build their employees accommodation, clinics, little shop dispensers and even classrooms all serving those who chose to bring their families with them. It was quite common to have second, third, even fourth generation employees. Almost all these farms were destroyed and the glorified villains continue to be rewarded with billions of dollars in foreign food aid.

A Gangster Paradise: After the War, Mugabe & ZANU-PFs’ Terror Didn’t Stop, It Soared!

In 1963, as the Soviet Cold War was escalating, and the world had just stopped holding its collective breath over the Cuban Missile Crisis, Western governments were literally gifted an explosive and official International Communist Plan to takeover all of southern Africa. It was called Operation Mayibuye and, with the consent of the entire Western World, it has come to pass.

The first actions of a Marxist takeover include mass slaughter, ethnic cleansing and genocide, to create a population paralysed with fear and starvation. This is done under the guise of a liberation Revolution using a cause as a cover. In Africa’s case it was “racism”. Oddly enough this “cause” was first used by the Bolshevik Soviets as the excuse to starve to death more than 10,000,000 Ukrainians in the Holodomors. As we all know there were no “oppressed” black people in Russia and Eastern Europe in the early 1900’s. However the white ethnic European farmers in the Ukraine were deemed racists by the Soviet Bolsheviks.

Racial tensions and manipulations are very useful to the Revolution and are nothing to do with liberating an oppressed race. For example people coming from these MENA nations are deemed white just like ethnic-Europeans, by the American Census definitions. In other words racist white Americans must open their borders to white refugees from MENA nations… it is absurd. However, it does work to hide the changing racial demographics of America without stirring dissent from what was a majority white population.

Weird Science: MENA nations are deemed white in America. Why?
Racism Used As Propaganda: A Sudanese soldier that could be officially deemed white in America!?! If he arrived as a refugee or migrant in Australia via Britain he would also be deemed European i.e. white. Why? Is race being treated as a joke or a weapon?

In other words, race / racist /racist is simply a weaponised word and tool invented by Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein) to serve the Revolution. Is the Revolution always anti-white, even in their ancestral homelands? Considering Russia (60,000,000 slaughtered) and the Ukraine (more the 10,000,000 slaughtered) it would appear so. This puts quite a different light on the Communist Terrorist activity in Rhodesia, doesn’t it? Looking much less like a grass-roots black nationalist rebellion isn’t it?

“With the Revolution, the issue is never the issue.  The issue is always the Revolution”.

Dr Peter Hammond
Serving the 4th Comintern (Communist International) Takeover: Western leaders, like Socialist Fabian PM Hawke of Australia, have always been holding hands with Marxists and Maoists responsible for the ongoing slaughter of 200,000,000 peoples globally.

Those families that left Rhodesia, knowing that Rhodesia was destined to become just another violent failed state, risked facing terror upon return under even the flimsiest pretext. This is typical of the UN approved gangster nations of “liberated” Africa:

Part Two: Note that they drove past masses of dead bodies left along the roadside years after the so-called “liberation struggle” had ended. There was no attempt to hide the mass slaughters of tens of thousands of “liberated” blacks, the Western Media did that for ZANU-PF.
Having vilified and genocided the white Rhodesian, the people have “taken back land” that was never rightfully theirs in the first place (the Bantu are non-indigenous recent invaders who committed genocide against other races and ethnic groups to steal their land). The result is just another failed African state. Today, more than half the population has fled and over half of those that remain go to bed hungry. Meantime, the Communist Chinese Party builds a new capital city and a new parliament in its colony called Zimbabwe. If it was all about racial equality then why has Rhodesia become a colony of a Communist Asian nation that contributed nothing to the development of Rhodesia? And WHY is being from that nation deemed legally being black in South Africa?
Racial definitions are flexible to serve an agenda.
Part Three: A small insight into a Rhodesian Farming Family’s History

A request: Please spare a prayer and/or a few dollars to assist the few remaining Rhodesian Golden Oldies trapped in Zimbabwe with pensions worth a mere $3.25 or less! Your donation is tax deductible and can probably be made in your own currency (fewer fees). Often too proud to ask for help, even when surviving without electricity, clean water, medicines and barely one meal per day – they made Rhodesia a Bread-Basket for all, and were let down by the Western World in favour of the Communist-Bloc.

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