The Loveless, Fatherless, Stateless Generation: The Legacy Of ‘Black Jesus’ Perrance Shiri

Gukurahundi was an operation to wipe out the Matabeleland and Midlands
tribe in retaliation for voting against Zanu-PF in the 1980 elections.
Zanu-PF ideology is a one-party state.

The Loveless, Fatherless, Stateless Generation: This is The Legacy Of Rapist And Murderer, ‘Black Jesus’ Perrance Shiri

Written By Thandekile Moyo* 19 August 2020, all images and captions have been added by the Editor.

Under the watch of Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and the Queen of England, despite his infamous savagery ,in 1986 Britain gave him a place at Royal College of Defence Studies in London.  Pictured above as an honored guest of British Aerospace at the Farnborough Air Show in 2000. Shortly after he led military hit squads to murder White farmers and political opposition leaders.

Perrance Shiri, born Bigboy Samson Chikerema, former commander of
the Fifth Brigade in Zimbabwe:

The death of Perrance Shiri, Zimbabwe’s Agricultural Minister and a retired General who commanded the Air Force for 25 years until he joined the government in 2017, has robbed the people of Matabeleland of a chance to see justice delivered to the 5th Brigade Commander for his role in the Gukurahundi massacre of 20,000 Ndbele people.

A granny, probably in her 80s (the same age as my grandmother), whose five sons were killed in the Gukurahundi[1], became panic-stricken when she heard there was going to be an effort to compensate victims.

“Please bantwabami (my children),” she cried, “please don’t tell them I’m the mother of those boys, they will finish me off.”

In 1983, Mnangagwa led a major crackdown in Matabeleland, in the southwest of Zimbabwe. Tens of thousands of people were killed. Pictured: Bodies found in Matabeleland after the massacre
Mass graves found in Matabele land. Thousands more were thrown down deep mine shafts and remain impossible to exhume. It has long been suspected that possibly up to 40,000 people were massacred. More than 400,000 people were subjected to starvation conditions via a forced famine by ZANU in early 1984. ” Estimates of the death toll are frequently put at 20,000, a figure first mooted by Nkomo at the time, but on-the-ground surveys were piecemeal and vast areas of Matabeleland remain under-researched. Ongoing fear and the death of witnesses provide further challenges.
Whilst a forensically accurate number will never be possible, evidence suggests that the standard estimate is conservative.”

New documents allege Mugabe’s complicity in 1980s massacres [2]

This is a generation whose children were killed by the Zimbabwe National Army’s 5th Brigade [3], many of them shot in front of them, some locked up in huts and burned alive, and some found dead in the bushes of Matabeleland. You would think many of these mothers and fathers would be baying for blood, demanding justice and eagerly awaiting compensation.
But no – 37 years later, many don’t want to be known.

They are still petrified of the army and live in fear of it coming back.

Well financed Communist ZANU PF terrorists in 1980. Photo: Rex Harris

Reckoning nears for Mugabe’s Heirs [4]

This is the generation that doesn’t use the word Gukurahundi, the name given to the operation by the Zanu-PF government which left more than 20,000 civilians dead in Matabeleland. When explaining the slaughter, they do not say, “Gukurahundi killed us.” They are more explicit. They say, “Sasibulawa ngamasotsha” (it was soldiers who were killing us).

In the documentary “Gukurahundi Genocide: 36 Years Later”, by documentary filmmaker Zenzele Ndebele, a woman explained how the 5th
Brigade soldiers systematically raped her and other married women. She
explained that the soldiers would take them to their camps nightly, rape
them, and in the mornings order them to go back home to their husbands.
She must be about my mother’s age, meaning she was probably in her
twenties when the Gukurahundi was unleashed upon Matabeleland. In the
documentary, she says she is no longer with her husband. He probably
could not stomach it all.

This is the generation that was targeted during the Gukurahundi, the youth of the time. The women were raped. The pregnant ones had their bellies slit open and foetuses ripped out of their wombs – the rationale for this being that the soldiers could not allow the birth of any dissident children.

The ZANU terrorists led by Mugabe both in Rhodesia and later Zimbabwe, often cut off the lips, nose and ears of villagers. They became walking reminders to everyone to support ZANU-PF.

Zimbabwe: What Britain and the West Did – and Didn’t – Do During the
Matabeleland Massacres of 1983-4 [5]

The men, our fathers, were killed in their dozens. They were accused of
being dissidents. Those that survived were “disappeared”, or taken to
camps where they experienced various forms of torture. Castration was a
favourite – to prevent the birth of more dissidents, apparently. The
majority of male survivors of the Bhalagwe torture camp [6] are
childless. They had their testicles crushed or electrocuted during their

There is the generation born in the ’70s, just before the Gukurahundi.
This is the generation that witnessed the rapes of our mothers and the
murders of our fathers. The generation of people who were too young to
be seen as a serious threat to the one-party state. They were not
directly targeted, but they saw it all. They saw their fathers and older
brothers dragged away by soldiers, never to be seen again. They
witnessed their uncles being beaten to a pulp. They survived when other
children were locked up in huts and set ablaze by the Zimbabwean army.
At a school in Tsholotsho, it was this generation that watched the
execution of seven of their teachers [7].

During the Gukurahundi, soldiers generally killed indiscriminately –
children, youths and the elderly were all murdered – but soldiers
targeted teachers and headmasters especially. The effects this had on
education in Matabeleland are still felt, 37 years later.

Then there is us. Our generation. Born during Gukurahundi. In the midst
of it all. We are the generation that was spared being ripped out of our
mothers’ wombs as foetuses. We are the generation that was not directly
affected by Gukurahundi, but have had to live with the scars all our

We are the generation that was raised by grandparents who had long since
died inside. We are the generation that was raised by Gukurahundi
survivors, most of them silently suffering from undiagnosed and
untreated post-traumatic stress disorder. We are the generation whose
parents were killed by the Zimbabwean National Army. We are the children
whose mothers were raped by soldiers of the Zimbabwe National Army [8].
Some of us are products of those rapes.

My generation is angry. We have never known love. Our parents and
guardians were broken beyond repair. And with their brokenness, they
broke us. Many of us are reminders of a painful past. Many of us are
products of unspeakable atrocities. We are the loveless, fatherless,
stateless generation.

Statelessness. The tragedy of not belonging. Of not being registered.
You see, our parents died at the hands of the Zimbabwean government. To
cover up their crimes, and because many were simply disappeared, their
deaths were never registered. Because our parents were not awarded death
certificates, we have no birth certificates. Without a birth certificate
in Zimbabwe, one cannot go far with one’s education. Primary schools are
lenient, but one cannot sit for Grade 7 examinations without a birth
certificate. Thereby ends the educational journey of many children in
Matabeleland. Grade 7.

Without education, and with no industries to employ them in Zimbabwe, the only option available to many is to migrate to South Africa to look for jobs. Sadly, to do that one needs a passport, and without a birth certificate in Zimbabwe, one cannot get a passport. The available option for many under these circumstances is illegal emigration.

“Illegal immigrants” to South African readers. Amakwerekwere.
Unregistered and unrecognised in our countries of birth. Unwanted in our
countries of refuge. We are the generation that can never open a bank
account. We cannot take out insurance policies. Officially, we do not

Because of our statelessness, our children are stateless. Like us, they
will be uneducated. Like us, if they migrate, they can only be illegal
migrants. The cycle is vicious.

Foreigners in the racist ‘Rainbow Nation’ of South Africa are frequently subjected to violence. Above a Zimbabwean family being harassed.
Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has died aged 95 in Singapore while visiting the country for medical treatment
Britain hailed the terrorist Mugabe as a hero and PM Ian Smith as “unsavory”. Mugabe publicly described himself as a ‘Marxist-Leninist-Maoist’ yet had the backing of the West. Within 4 months of being given Rhodesia, Mugabe signed a military training deal with North Korea. It was not unusual for Britain and the West to celebrate and honour terrorists even as they led massacres and orgies of bloodshed and torture in Africa.

Gukurahundi was an operation to wipe out the Matabeleland and Midlands
tribe in retaliation for voting against Zanu-PF in the 1980 elections. Zanu-PF ideology is a one-party state. When they lost the Matabeleland vote to the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU), they decided to eliminate the ZAPU support base, resulting in a genocide that left 20,000 civilians dead. To date, nobody has been punished for it. The perpetrators are still in power, still as murderous as they were, and still fighting for a one-party state.

Mnangagwa was sentenced to ten years in jail, being kept at Salisbury Prison, Grey Prison, Khami Prison and Harare Prison. While imprisoned in Salisbury (later renamed Harare), he became close to Mugabe and other nationalist leaders. Pictured: Mnangagwa with Mugabe and Josiah Tongogara, a guerrilla commander 
Pictured: Terrorists Mnangagwa with Mugabe and Josiah Tongogara.

Gukurahundi was an inter-ministerial effort

The minister of state security at the time, Emmerson Mnangagwa, identified the threat – Ndebeles. The minister of state responsible for defence, Sydney Sekeramayi [9], as required of him, investigated and confirmed the threat – Ndebeles. After receiving intelligence from Mnangagwa and Sekeramayi, the prime minister and commander-in-chief of the defence forces, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who also doubled as minister of defence, deployed the army to deal with the threat – Ndebeles. Solomon Mujuru [10] was the army commander at the time. The commander of First Brigade, the operational area of the mission, was Constantine Chiwenga.

Mnangagwa is currently Zimbabwe’s president and Chiwenga his vice-president.

Mnangagwa's reputation for cruelty is so legendary that he was one of the few leaders of Zimbabwe known to drive around the country without security. Pictured: The former vice president claps after being presented with a fake crocodile as homage to his nickname 
Educated in London, Mnangagwa’s reputation for cruelty is so legendary that he was one of the few leaders of Zimbabwe known to drive around the country without security. Pictured: The former vice president claps after being presented with a fake crocodile as homage to his nickname 


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3 Responses

  1. AnnE says:

    These marxist indoctrinated terrorists can never be ‘westernised’. All I see throughout Africa with these ‘leaders’ (read monsters) is IMITATION. Imitation in dress, mannerism and acquiring western tastes albeit by criminal corrupt means through thieving the national assets that are meant for the people.

  2. Linde says:

    This is a report that needs to be widely known and part of all high school curricula. And never so much as a peep about these Communist massacres and genocides in the controlled Mainstream Marxist Media (3M) of the Western ZOGs . Africa is not liberated. It is crushed under good old UN Charter democratic 1 vote = 1 value communism. All of these 2 bit Marxist dictatorships are owned by their central bank and given a Structural Adjustment Package ( STRAP) from the IMF on all the loans their Communist parties took out for the Revolution. Their people are bonded entities. The basis of the economy is Humanitarian Crisis. The major export is Human Tsunami .

  3. WillardAdmig says:

    I should be here right now.,
    In this city where the war…
    The reserve of strength has almost completely dried up,
    The one that the Lord gave me.

    I need to save the children,
    From Nazi mines and rockets,
    So that they can continue to grow,
    Where there is no evil.

    It’s scary for me to be in the enemy’s sights,
    I remember my family…
    And I scold myself for being weak,
    And it gets harder for me.

    But clutching the cross to his chest,
    I felt a wave behind my back,
    After all, there is always hope,
    And the Lord will give you more strength.

    That’s really close to my goal,
    Well, let me be weak now,
    I pray, saying to myself: believe!
    And the victorious hour will come

    [url=] We will protect the country – we will protect our children – our future [/url]

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