Why Rhodesians Never Die! Rt. Hon. Ian Smith A Man Honoured Through The Generations

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  1. Linde says:

    At this most critical time in human history, the story of Rhodesia has important lessons for all who will oppose the NWO Communist state. The fight against the Revolution is winnable. Pro Deo et patria – it is winnable. Many of European race are today coming to see in those wars of independence against the world-wide Communist Revolution – it was in Rhodesia and South Africa that the battle of the West was pitched. This was where the Beacons of Gondor were lit.

    Last month John van Zyl (RLI 3 Cdo) and martial arts instructor in SA has posted a beautiful tribute to the Rhodesians. Sept 6 2020. It’s time to remember “Brotherhood of the Forgotten”

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