Ian Smith’s Awakening To Espionage & Betrayal By America & Britain To Serve Global Communism

Editor’s Comment: The following tragically revealing letter from Rhodesian Missionary & Expert Historian on Communist ‘Revolutions’ Dr Peter Hammond to Reclaiming Rhodesia author Sally-Anne Lowe, is a preface to Captain Joseph Columbus Smith’s expose of Rhodesias betrayal by Jimmy Carter’s CIA. Dr Hammond reveals the historical pattern of U.S. leadership supporting anti-American and anti-Western Communist terrorists.

These two posts highlight how the systematic obfuscation of race-relations, ideology and history has been used to unjustly destroy, not only Rhodesia, but the entire West for an agenda hidden behind the Red Mask. Proving once again why Rhodesia is more than ‘just a footnote‘ in history.

Dr Hammond’s letter has been posted in its entirety with images added.

Dear Sally-Ann,

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your letter 19/7 and for the link to the interesting and disturbing article by Joseph Smith in SOF.

This article, by Captain Joseph Columbus Smith, an American volunteer in the Rhodesian army: Did Jimmy Carter’s CIA Sting Destroy a Cold War Ally? is interesting, important and disturbing.

Left to Right: Company Sergeant Major J. Chitereka (DMM) and Capt. J. C. Smith, B Coy 1 RAR, 21C, prepare to write a training syllabus for PFUMO REVANHU.

As Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith, declared: 

“We were never beaten by our enemies. We were betrayed by our friends.”

My elder brother served in the Rhodesian Army and received training from American volunteer John Alan Coey, who was killed in action, 19 July 1975. John Alan Coey’s book: A Martyr Speaks, is also a documentation of the disgusting treachery, duplicity and shocking betrayal of Rhodesians fighting for Christian civilisation against communist aggression.

It was a privilege for me to be brought up in Rhodesia. Even during the war, Rhodesia was a paradise. Rhodesian agriculture was second only to South Africa’s in the continent of Africa. Rhodesia achieved the highest standards of education, with the highest standards of literacy amongst Africans, anywhere in the continent.

Who is Dr Peter Hammond?
Dr Hammond is a Rhodesian Missionary residing in South Africa who has fought Marxist Revolutions his entire life including through serving in the (former) South African army and in non-liberal Christian outreach projects. He has been arrested, endured abuse and torture in Communist prisons in Africa,including being “Waterboarded With Faeces” in Zambai. He publicly worked to overthrow the Marxist tyrant Kenneth Kaunda (to whom Northern Rhodesia, now called Zambia, was handed over).
Dr Hammond was smuggled behind the Communist Iron Curtain of East Europe at the height of the Cold War to assist and minister to those enduring atheistic Communist tyranny (thanks to Churchill’s treachery) and document their struggles.
Dr Hammond is also a war veteran, a factual historian and highly experienced in Communist and anti-Christian revolutionary war zones. He’s documented many horrific atrocities enabled by ‘liberal’ Western Church Leaders, Governments and the UN, including the actual Holocaust in Rwanda.
There are Positive Practical and
Constructive Ways to Respond to Abuse
Although I have experienced artillery, rocket and a...

Sadly, I can well believe Joseph Smith’s testimony of American espionage and subversion of Rhodesia during the war.

Ian Smith’s Awakening To Western Treachery

It was my privilege to regularly meet with Ian Smith during the last 20 years of his life. We enjoyed tea, lunches and suppers together and I had the opportunity to interview him on radio, to ask many questions and to read the Bible and pray with him.

Ian Smith told me that while he never suspected it at the time, since the war, it had become clear that Ken Flower, the Head of Rhodesia’s Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), was actually betraying Rhodesia to the British MI6.

Every attempt by Rhodesian security forces to eliminate Joshua Nkomo, the terrorist leader of ZAPU and Robert Mugabe, the terrorist leader of ZANU (PF), were inexplicably betrayed. The targets were never at the location when the operations were launched.

Ian Smith reflected to me that, with hindsight, he realised that: 

“We fought on the wrong side.” 

Mr Smith was referring to Rhodesia’s involvement in the [Rothschild] Anglo Boer War of 1899 to 1902. The South African Republic in the Transvaal was our neighbour. 

“They were never a threat to us and we were wrong to have joined the British in a war of aggression against our neighbour for no other reason than that bankers in Britain could gain control over the Transvaal Gold Fields.”

He then commented: 

“We were on the wrong side in the First World War as well. Of course, we wanted to do our part to support the British Empire, but the British Empire was never at risk. The heir to the Austrian throne had been assassinated by a communist terrorist in Sarajevo. That was a matter for Austria. It had nothing to do with Great Britain. Even less to do with Rhodesia. The world would have been better off if Britain and America had stayed out of that European conflict. The only result of which was the Bolshevik Revolution and the collapse of the stabilising influences of the Russian Empire, the Austrian and German Empire and its replacement with totalitarian governments like the Bolsheviks in Moscow.

“With hindsight, we were on the wrong side in the Second World War. I devoted six years of my life to fighting for Christian civilisation, only to find out at the end, that we had actually been saving the Soviet Union and that our American and British allies betrayed the whole of Eastern Europe into the hands of the worst anti-Christian dictator in History, Joseph Stalin. We would have been better off losing the war if the result had been the defeat of the Soviet Union. That would have saved a lot of grief, not only in Africa, but worldwide. Better still, we shouldn’t have been involved at all.”

However, Mr Smith declared adamantly: 

“We were right to fight against Soviet and Red Chinese-backed terrorism. Rhodesia was in the frontline of the hot part of the Cold War. Like the 300 Spartans of Thermopylae, we held the line for Western civilisation. We bought time for the Free World to win the Cold War. We were never beaten by our enemies. We were betrayed by our friends!”

We discussed the Western treachery, the cover up of the Soviet mass-murder of thousands of Polish officers and NCO’s at Katyn, the assassination of General Sikorsky, Polish Commander in Chief of their Government in Exile, when he insisted on an international investigation led by the Red Cross into the Katyn Forest massacre. The treachery of the Yalta Agreement betraying our allies in Eastern Europe into the hands of the Soviet Union. Operation Keelhaul, forcibly repatriating 3 million Russians and Ukrainians into the hands of the Soviet NKVD to be murdered, or mercilessly abused in the GULAG Concentration camps of Siberia at the conclusion of WWII.

US General Ben Partin & Captain Red McDaniel Witnesses To Betrayal

Gen. B. Partin

US Air Force General Ben Partin gave me multiple examples of treachery from the US government, not only against American allies in nationalist China, betrayed into the hands of Mao Tse Tung’s Communist Party, the Shah of Iran betrayed into the hands of the Ayatollah, Nicaragua betrayed into the hands of the Sandinistas, but also thousands of American Prisoners of War abandoned into the hands of Marxists.

General Partin took me to meet United States Navy Captain Red McDaniel (Author of Scars and Stripes). Captain McDaniel had been tortured for six years in a communist concentration camp in North Vietnam. Captain McDaniel documented to me how the US government had a pattern of betraying its soldiers into the hands of the Marxists. At the end of World War I, thousands of American soldiers were abandoned into the hands of the Bolsheviks and forgotten.

When his plane was shot down over the skies of Vietnam, McDaniel would be captured and spend six agonizing years as a POW in Hanoi Hilton. His captors used barbaric and sadistic torture techniques on him, but McDaniel remained a source of hope and strength for his fellow POWs by clinging to his Faith in even the darkest of hours.

At the end of World War II, many thousands of American Prisoners of War were in the Eastern zone betrayed into the hands of the Red Army. Most of these men were never returned to the West. They were worked to death in arctic hell-hole conditions in the GULAG in Siberia. After the Korean War, thousands of American Prisoners of War were abandoned into the hands of Red China where they ended their days as slave labourers. At that stage there was still 2,500 Prisoners of War – Missing In Action unaccounted for in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Capt. E. McDaniel

Captain Eugene McDaniel set up the American Defence Institute (ADI). He told me:

From Woodrow Wilson through FDR and Truman, through to Jimmy Carter, there was a trail of treachery. He commented to me that a government who betrays their own soldiers is hardly to be trusted by their allies.

Systematic Betrayal

Were The “Big Four” faux- enemies? Communist China, USSR, Britain & America worked with the Rockefellers & Money Cabal to form the UN and the IMF. Both organisations, by design, destroy the national sovereignty of every nation they sink their claws into. Click here to view enlarged image.

In Closing

“…Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord? Therefore the wrath of the Lord is upon you.” 2 Chronicles 19:2

May God continue to be your strength and shield.

Yours for Faith and freedom,

Dr. Peter Hammond,



Dr Peter Hammond
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8 Responses

  1. Mark Geddes says:

    Sad but true

  2. Larry Z B says:

    As Mike Walsh pointed out in his books on Africa, it was Henry Kissinger who delivered an ultimatum to Smith while in South Africa in September, 1976. The ultimatum was to accept black majority rule. Thus, the US treachery preceded Jimmy Carter’s election later that year.

  3. AnnE says:

    Its not well known re WWII that ordinary German soldiers, who just did their duty when called up to fight for their country as did the British and US soldiers:
    1)were used as unpaid Slave Labor by the ALL-LIES after WWII including Britain, France and Russia, despite their appalling physical condition. France made money by charging out their labor. I don’t know if Britain did the same.
    2) millions of German soldiers AFTER the end of the war were then put behind wire in paddocks (no shelter or latrines whatsoever) and literally ordered starved to death without medical aid of course, by Eisenhower. Approx 1.2 Million German soldiers died from this atrocious treatment. The Red Cross was turned away.
    Eisenhower was a war criminal but the victors control all media and the historians so its censored. Hollywood have no intention of revealing these facts in their propaganda movies.
    These are just a small part of the atrocities against the German soldiers but the civilians, mostly women and children, suffered equal atrocities including 15 Million of them kicked out of their homes and countries under cruel conditions , millions dying.

    • Linde says:

      Thanks for your great comment AnnE. Along with the books featured on this page – essential reading for the new millenium, I would add the work of historian James Bacque. He wrote about the very points you are making.
      Crimes and Mercies ( 1997) and Other Losses (1989) – US Operation Keelhaul and UK Operation East Wind. This information clearly reveals that the foreign policy of the leading Anglosphere nations were driven by Communist dictate. And in Rhodesia’s war of independence they again weighed in on the side of Communism. The mythology US or UK ‘anti-Communism’ was psychological warfare and the equivalent of cyanide Kook Aid for nations like Rhodesia and South Africa. The contemporary equivalent is the ‘death of Communism’ and ‘collapse of the Soviet Union’ mythology.

      • AnnE says:

        Agree with all you say. The books you recommend are excellent books yes. Regards communism, the international money power (including bankers and royalty) financed, control and use communism toward their agenda, which is a Red China form of ORIENTAL DESPOTISM (no rights whatsoever for us) for all humanity. They intend for us a technocratic dictatorship, using total economic control of our lives.

  4. TICH ATKINSON says:

    Only one major error that I can see on this
    Rhodesia’s agriculture was better in virtually every respect than South Africa’s
    just check out the UNs book of records we even beat the American Maize yield in the 70s!!!!

    • BoerAnon says:

      Too bad you were worse in everything else, including being true to your race as your beloved Ian Smith said. I guess we should believe the UN now huh?

  5. Katherine Sparkes says:

    Cheng Kai Cheng Kai Chek. Was winning the Chinese civil war. Chek and co were betrayed.

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