Ian Smith’s Awakening To Espionage & Betrayal By America & Britain To Serve Global Communism

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  1. Mark Geddes says:

    Sad but true

  2. Larry Z B says:

    As Mike Walsh pointed out in his books on Africa, it was Henry Kissinger who delivered an ultimatum to Smith while in South Africa in September, 1976. The ultimatum was to accept black majority rule. Thus, the US treachery preceded Jimmy Carter’s election later that year.

  3. AnnE says:

    Its not well known re WWII that ordinary German soldiers, who just did their duty when called up to fight for their country as did the British and US soldiers:
    1)were used as unpaid Slave Labor by the ALL-LIES after WWII including Britain, France and Russia, despite their appalling physical condition. France made money by charging out their labor. I don’t know if Britain did the same.
    2) millions of German soldiers AFTER the end of the war were then put behind wire in paddocks (no shelter or latrines whatsoever) and literally ordered starved to death without medical aid of course, by Eisenhower. Approx 1.2 Million German soldiers died from this atrocious treatment. The Red Cross was turned away.
    Eisenhower was a war criminal but the victors control all media and the historians so its censored. Hollywood have no intention of revealing these facts in their propaganda movies.
    These are just a small part of the atrocities against the German soldiers but the civilians, mostly women and children, suffered equal atrocities including 15 Million of them kicked out of their homes and countries under cruel conditions , millions dying.

    • Linde says:

      Thanks for your great comment AnnE. Along with the books featured on this page – essential reading for the new millenium, I would add the work of historian James Bacque. He wrote about the very points you are making.
      Crimes and Mercies ( 1997) and Other Losses (1989) – US Operation Keelhaul and UK Operation East Wind. This information clearly reveals that the foreign policy of the leading Anglosphere nations were driven by Communist dictate. And in Rhodesia’s war of independence they again weighed in on the side of Communism. The mythology US or UK ‘anti-Communism’ was psychological warfare and the equivalent of cyanide Kook Aid for nations like Rhodesia and South Africa. The contemporary equivalent is the ‘death of Communism’ and ‘collapse of the Soviet Union’ mythology.

      • AnnE says:

        Agree with all you say. The books you recommend are excellent books yes. Regards communism, the international money power (including bankers and royalty) financed, control and use communism toward their agenda, which is a Red China form of ORIENTAL DESPOTISM (no rights whatsoever for us) for all humanity. They intend for us a technocratic dictatorship, using total economic control of our lives.

  4. TICH ATKINSON says:

    Only one major error that I can see on this
    Rhodesia’s agriculture was better in virtually every respect than South Africa’s
    just check out the UNs book of records we even beat the American Maize yield in the 70s!!!!

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