Into The Lion’s Den: The North Family Emigrate From Rhodesia To Britain

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  1. Linde says:

    Thank you for such a courageous account of Rhodesian immigration out of the Chinese colony of Zimbabwe. And it always was a Chinese colony because of all the money the Zimbabwean Communist parties borrowed to fight the war of the Fourth Comintern in Africa. All that training, equipment, mercenaries for the military wing won’t come cheap. And very glad to hear that the North family made landfall in Australia. It is only just beginning to dawn on the Australians just how much the Political Commissars of their own Marxist government hate the Anglo-Celtic population of this country. I am sure the penny has dropped in England because the Commissars in their own Marxist government has been telling them for some time.

    Still. I would say we had a very good run in Australia. We had our ANZAC parades right up until last year and the Rhodesians marched under the Green and White. Also, last year, in the Brisbane march, I notices that the RLI colours laid up in Salisbury have been re-made. The flag was furled but there was no mistaking the arc of the flame lily wreath.
    RLI Contingent – ANZAC Day 2011

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