It’s Just A Nation: It’s just your freedoms….gone forever.

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  1. AnnE says:

    And in Melbourne, Australia:

    Its just a young mother peacefully holding up a bannner of protest (before the latest draconian lockdown rules in the Melbourne metropolitan area came into play) speaking quietly to the policewoman who then grabbed her by the arm and a large group of police males joining in and forced her into a police van – after ripping her screaming little boy out of her arms;

    It’s just a young woman pushed to the ground and being strangled found her neck by a male cop with both hands for being seen without wearing a face-nappy (she had a doctor’s certificate but so what);

    It’s just a young pregnant mother being handcuffed in front of her small children inside her own home by 3 police (policy-enforcers), arrested for posting on facebook a peaceful protest which was to comply with the (draconian and non-scientific) social distancing laws;

    Is martial law being enforced in New Zealand on 1st October? (2 mins)

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