Jimmy Carter’s Pathetic Apology To Rhodesia & Capt Joe C Smith About Mugabe

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  1. Valdemar IV says:

    “This article continues the series about the ‘Betrayal’ of Anti-Communist Rhodesia by her natural allies including the United States of America – at the height of the Cold War.”

    Stopping communism or preserving freedom were never the actual purposes of the “deep state” having the cold war going, these were always mere slogans for the masses to mask its sinister motivations and the policies regarding Rhodesia helped (somewhat) reveal them.

    The “deep state” had the cold war going for the purpose of imposing a “new world order”, including by an atomic world war, which might have been prevented by Kennedy taking office.
    Operation Northwood and the declassified Kennedy files (aircrafts to carry out false flags) gives us an insight of how it could have been started and the narrative around WW2 or “white supremacy” shows us how the aftermath of it could have been handled.
    Western civilization and the white man being to blame for the atomic destruction, mass immigration and world government as the answer, with the remaining populations too prostrated by events to know better.

    While the war was avoided, for the very same reasons atomic war was limited in the 1984 book by Eric Blair (aka George Orwell), the purpose remained the same.
    A “new world order” where states would not only have to give up pretty much all of their sovereignty and reduced to symbolic statue but indeed one where sovereignty, nations, cultures and even the peoples making those nations would be abolished.
    It is this that motivated the attack on Rhodesia and South Africa. It is the same reason the west had mass immigration starting in the 1960s. It also explains well the western situation today.

  2. Linde says:

    Carter does not get a pass. His name will live in infamy because his administration backed the permanent world-war of the Fourth Comintern ( 1938 – ?) – backed it to the hilt. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War he pumped the ‘American anti-Communist’ myth to the veterans, the Americans and the world when he knew, he absolutely knew that El Presidente LB Johnson and the Democrats had strategized a ‘no win’ war , relieved General Westmoreland of his command and used the US military in a ‘screw-up’ capacity to hand the Indo-Chinese Peninsula to their Communist mates – Democrat President Truman and Russia having worked together to install (Yale) Yalie Skull and Bonesman Mao Ze Dong back in the day. Ex military intel John Beaty devotes chapters this treachery in his work “Iron Curtain Over America.” If there was one thing that made Carter and Young just cough up their fur ball, it was Rhodesia and South Africa actually fighting their wars of independence against the world-wide Communist Revolution. They tore the myth of US / UK ‘anti-Communism’ straight off liars and whorejobs like Carter and Young.

    • Editor says:

      The absolute disgrace of it all is that the subverted (from inception) World Council of Churches went along with it all and in fact prayed and donated towards it!
      “Contrary to what modern historians would have you believe, most colonial natives wanted NOTHING to do with black “freedom fighters” who resorted to terror, abduction and mass murder at every opportunity ….”
      It has been patently obvious to all with open eyes that a subversive agenda has been at play!

    • Katherine Sparkes says:

      LBJ was not a Communist. He was a Democrat. He wanted to alleviate poverty in the US.

      • WakeyWakey says:

        LBJ was a willing puppet for his masters the Zionist international bankers, Rothschilds, selected to comply in furthering their Communist World Government agenda. Just like Hillary Clinton and Biden. They all receive DIRECTIVES from the pro-One World Government CFR (who get theirs first from the RIIA).

  3. AnnE says:

    Regarding Carter, the international banker cabal who select ALL U.S. Presidents (proven by Professor Carroll Quigley’s book ‘Tragedy & Hope’) chose Carter because of the useful flaw in his nature – he always had a psychological need for approval.

    This flaw in his nature was used to manipulate him when necessary, without Carter even realizing it.

    Sounds like the ‘token Black’, Andrew Young, did a good manipulative job on weakling Carter.

  4. Alistair says:

    For those interested, the little known document below, dated August, 1976 will shed some light on the REAL reason for the obsessive desire to destroy Rhodesia by the whole world. Unfortunately the web link is now defunct.



    Following Dr. Henry Kissinger’s open declaration of war against Rhodesia
    early in May, when he visited Zambia, the American Secretary of State has
    promoted a continuing international campaign against Rhodesia. As Dr.
    Kissinger is an agent of the Rockefellers and their fellow international
    financiers, it is obvious that the anti-Rhodesian campaign has their
    backing. The fact that the Communists are also supporting the anti-Rhodesian
    campaign merely provides further evidence of the nexus between International
    Finance and International Communism.

    It is no secret that Dr. Kissinger wants to establish a “New World Order.”
    He has said so himself. And he also sees central control of the world’s
    resources, including food, along with a world financial monopoly, as
    essential for the building of the “New World Order”. He also believes that
    it is possible to work together with the Communists to achieve the ultimate
    goal. The Rockefellers and other Wall Street international financiers hold
    the same view, which is why they have over half a century financed massive
    economic blood transfusions to the Communists. This ensures that the
    Communist threat is maintained so that the peoples of what is left of the
    Free World can be stampeded progressively into surrendering more of their
    liberties and rights.

    When the Rhodesians declared themselves completely independent of the
    treacherous policies of “British” Governments in November, 1965, they set
    the alarm bells ringing amongst the World Planners and Plotters. They not
    only dramatized the truth that it is possible for a small nation, if
    courageous enough, to go against the “world trend”, which is allegedly
    “inevitable”, but made clear that South Africa’s frontline of defense was
    not going to collapse into another Congo Nigeria and Uganda. For over ten
    years the Rhodesians, even inside the framework of financial orthodoxy, have
    demonstrated what a resourceful people can do to make themselves nationally
    independent. This has been anathema to the international power groups,
    Rhodesia was not only upsetting the programme for the “New World Order”, but
    was developing control of some of the most important mineral resources in
    the world. For example, Rhodesia is the only major source of chrome outside
    the Soviet Union. Chrome is a crucial ingredient in the manufacture of such
    vital defense items as jet aircraft, long-range missiles and nuclear
    submarines. Dr. Kissinger and his international backers have desperately
    attempted to force the American Congress to oppose the importing of
    Rhodesian chrome. Clearly they would prefer that the U.S.A be dependent upon
    the Soviet Union.


    The intensification of the international campaign against Rhodesia was
    triggered with the Soviet thrust into Angola. Dr. Kissinger engaged in a
    little harmless wrist-tapping of the Soviet, but there was no suggestion
    that economic blood transfusions to the Soviet would be cut off unless the
    Soviet moved its client Cuban troops out of Southern Africa. In a
    dialectical display of great skill, Dr. Kissinger took up the theme that
    only by the Rhodesians handing over to “majority rule” could the Communist
    advance in Southern Africa be averted. Australian and other shallow Western
    politicians have been dutifully echoing the same theme. In his Lusaka
    statement Dr. Kissinger told the Rhodesians that unless they surrendered to
    “majority rule” they will face “unrelenting opposition”. The man who
    advocates expanding trade with all the Communist nations urges that Rhodesia
    be crushed by economic sanctions. He said that “in March of this year, we
    joined with others to commend Mozambique for its decision to enforce these
    sanctions even at great economic cost of itself.” Dr. Kissinger openly
    commends the act of aggression by a Marxist State directed by Soviet agents.
    And such is the influence of Kissinger and his financial masters that even
    the Australian “anti-Communist” Fraser Government meekly moves into line to
    assist Mozambique.


    Dr. Kissinger’s Lusaka statement was a classic example of the cynical
    hypocrisy used by those attempting to drive mankind into their “New World
    Order”. Kissinger claimed that his programme to destroy Rhodesia was part of
    America’s “unequivocal commitment” to “human rights, as expressed in the
    United Nations Charter, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” “We
    support”, he added “self-determination, majority rule, equal rights and
    human dignity for all the peoples of Southern Africa – in the name of moral
    principle, international law and world peace.” It is amazing that Kissinger
    did not choke on his own rhetoric. There are 49 states in Africa. 15 are
    ruled by the military and 29 have one party tyrannies with no opposition.
    Only five have multi-party political systems, and two of the five are South
    Africa and Rhodesia! Any attempt to impose “majority rule” in Rhodesia must
    inevitably result in the same type of bloodbath which has taken place in so
    many other parts of Africa. In more robust times, a Kissinger would have
    been driven out of public life by outraged civilized men. But with the
    stench of defeatism and treachery permeating the whole of the non-Communist
    world, the Kissingers are hailed as “realistic statesmen.”

    Australia’s Minister for Foreign affairs, Mr. Andrew Peacock has recently
    returned from the U.S.A. where he was briefed by Dr. Kissinger and wined and
    dined along with Prime Minister Fraser. By representatives of the
    international financial groups backing Kissinger, r. Peacock strongly
    supports Australian economic and financial assistance to Marxist Mozambique
    – but on “humanitarian” grounds, as stressed in a letter being issued to
    irate electors by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Assistance is being
    given to Mozambique “in order to help it overcome the problems it is
    suffering as a result of the closure of the border with Southern Rhodesia.”
    No reference is made to the fact that Marxist President Machel closed the
    border as part of the war by International Communism against Rhodesia.
    Machel, surrounded by Soviet K.G.B. agents has promised to create a
    Communist State, has nationalized all private homes, called for the
    collectivization of agriculture and made children over six years of age
    wards of the State. Mozambique is a base for growing Communist-backed
    terrorist attacks against Rhodesians, the main victims being Rhodesian
    blacks. Mozambique’s internal problems are of its own making.


    The Foreign Affairs statement states that its policy is a reflection of
    British, American and many other Western as well as African governments.
    That is certainly true, they are all acting like puppets of the
    international power groups who are backing the campaign against Rhodesia and
    South Africa. The sickening hypocrisy of the main enemies of Civilization
    has been demonstrated by Mr. David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Chase
    Manhattan Bank, claiming that the Communists in China are engaged in one of
    the most successful social experiments in the history of man. This statement
    was made in 1973 after Rockefeller had established his bank in Communist
    China. Kissinger’s pro-Communist policies are the policies of the
    international financial groups. If the Rhodesians can be encouraged to
    continue resisting those policies, a major turning point in the struggle for
    the world has been reached. A defeat for Kissinger’s anti-Rhodesian policy
    would be a massive blow against the plot to create the “New World Order.”

    Of course this is all history, Rhodesia is a nostalgic dream of the past.
    After Rhodesia the “independence” of Deutsch Sud West Afrika (German South
    West Africa) now known as Namibia followed and thereafter South Africa fell
    to Communist rule.

    The same pattern of behavior by the Africans are the same as centuries
    before, uncivilized behavior, murder, torture, rape, corruption all part of
    their culture and it will not ever change. This “human rights” agenda by
    Kissinger and his henchmen were brought on the heads of the Whites in
    Africa. Now this “human rights” of the African is brought into the homeland
    of the White European in Europe for the annihilation of the White Race. As
    we saw in Africa how the White man capitulated, we now experience the same
    in Europe. Is this the end of the White Race, will we stand up and fight.
    There is only one choice, stand up and FIGHT!

  5. Alistair says:

    Fantastic! Many thanks.

  6. Alistair says:

    Don’t know if you have seen another extremely interesting article on Rhodesia written on 31st October, 2007 entitled, “The Failure of Democracy in Africa” by a black Kenyan by the name of Mukui Waruiru. Ian Smith was his hero it seems and he says things like, “In 1965, he led a revolution for freedom, when he initiated the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) of Rhodesia from Britain.” See – https://www.frontlinemissionsa.org/zimbabwe/the-failure-of-democracy-in-africa-ian-smith The article is long but very interesting indeed.

    • Editor says:

      We briefly quoted Mukui Waruiru in an early article titled ’11/11/65 Rhodesia’s UDI & The British Deception’.

      And you’re correct, it is interesting, and it’s worthy of a post in it’s own right.
      As Linde noted in the recent article ‘As Vietnam & SE Asia Burned Red Jimmy Carter Yelled: “The Fire is in Rhodesia!”’

      “As a nation and polity, Rhodesia must always be confined to ‘white, racist, settler’ Alcatraz in the public mind. The Black Rhodesian population who supported the Rhodesian Front government with ‘boots on the ground’ – the great majority – must always be perceived as misled and deceived by RF government propaganda.”

      It is appalling that the West is so propagandized that they see anti-white blacks as informed & intelligent, but dismiss so quickly all blacks who are not antagonistic towards whites as somehow, lacking agency and intelligence. How condescending and convenient when the real agenda is NOT about race.
      “With the Revolution, the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the Revolution”.

    • Katherine Sparkes says:

      Cripes !

  7. Alistair says:

    Sadly we live in a post-truth world and the end justifies the means. Lying is considered normal. Only the narrative matters; the truth is irrelevant. The mind control and disinformation machinery is devastatingly efficient and it was used on Rhodesia with tragic consequences and nobody learnt a thing from it, it seems. And now with its increased sophistication and effectiveness with technology like social media, etc, we see the end game playing out in the rest of the world with racial hysteria leading the charge. They seem to be unstoppable but thankfully there is an awakening. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

  8. Katherine Sparkes says:

    Robert Mugabe was a Marxist only to himself and his family. Who he shared Rhodesia’s wealth with.

  9. Katherine Sparkes says:

    Jimmy Carter was not a Communist. He was a neo-liberal democratic president.

  10. Linde says:

    Katherine, liberal, neo-liberal, progressive are all soft terms for polite discourse that mask the Marxist Agenda for socialist and Communist (by definition global / universal) objectives. LBJ and Carter were both Communists. Mugabe was a trained Marxist and a Communist. They do not have to carry the Red card or the Mao book to be communists. They are communists if they pursue Communist objectives – namely the objects of the Fourth ComIntern through the UN.

    In all conflicts of law between the UN dictates ( every plank of the Communist Manifesto) and American constitutional law – LBJ and Carter both came down on the side of the UN. LBJ ‘s state dept strategized a ‘no win’ war in Vietnam for the South Vietnamese fighting the CCP invasion of their nation. All the generals who went against this strategy were relieved of their commands, I am thinking specifically of Le May and Westmoreland.

    Here is the relevant statement post the Communist d’etat in the US Nov 2020 – Jan 2021: “When we get ready to take the United States , we will not take under the label of communism, we will not take it under the label of socialism. These labels have been speared too much. We will take it under liberalism, under progressivism, under democracy. But take it we will.” Alexander Trachtenberg at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden. 1944.

    Or how about this one from Candace Owens@RealCandaceO July 23 2018 : ” We need to stop calling them liberals and begin referring to them as exactly what they are: American communists that wish to partake in the destruction of Western civilization.”

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