Victorian Premier Dan Andrews Proposed Legislation Will Destroy Australia!

If Australians Passively Allow their Politicians to Approve Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews New Tyrannical Legislation it is Goodbye Australia!

We are in so much trouble in this country right now and we (the people) are the last line of defence. We are ‘it’. After us, it’s goodbye Australia!

Daveo, 1st guest speaker.

The Dan Andrews Government is in the process of attempting to pass a Permanent Pandemic Laws Bill this week through Parliament. This extremely egregious bill would give an all new meaning to the term Dictator Dan.

This bill means total abolishment of freedom for all Victorians, indefinite lock downs (even with no pandemic), Dan will be granted ultimate power to make decision despite opposing health advice given by his experts (He only needs to consider), punishing people based on “characteristics, attributes, circumstances”, fines of up to 22k for individuals and 109k for businesses, up to 2 years in prison for not following the rules.

The only way to stop this is to make some noise by any means necessary, share this zoom, share our poster, talk about what this bill means to your friends, family, anyone who will listen. We need to make plenty of noise! The people of Victoria and Australia need to know about this.”

Nineteen Australians give an SOS Warning to Australians, including Qantas pilot Graham Hood (2nd speaker at 12.17min) and Aussie Cossack (3rd speaker):

Australians need to understand and refuse to accept the psychological operation being played against them right now to divide them into 2 ‘opposing’ groups – those who approve and take the experimental mRNA genetic altering injection/s vs those who choose not to allow foreign material into their bodies or that of their children at this time.

This strategy by the powers-that-be of dividing Australians against each other is a social-engineering ploy to destroy any opposition to the new dictatorship. This dictatorship has now been made clear in the form of this Victorian Bill. There can be no denial of its purpose and its consequences. Victoria first, then the rest of Australia. This is proof of a permanent end to all rights and freedoms.

REMEMBER: TO THE POLITICIANS, “SILENCE MEANS CONSENT!” A lone voice in 2013, the Honourable Ann Bressington, former Independent Senator in South Australia:

Senator Ann Bressington’s talk of February 16, 2013, a warning about a so-called climate scare, now coming to fruition in the guise of a health scare.

The reason Daniel Andrews needs the right to order lockdowns even when there is no health ‘pandemic’ is because there is the intention to ‘lock us down’ to ‘save the planet from global warming’ in the near future.

Agenda 2030; CO2 Scam; Covid Plandemic; Sustainable Development; Moral Decay… until your nation becomes just another oppressive basket-case.
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    • WakeyWakey says:

      The link of the bill pdf gives an error message. You will see that “.pdf” is missing. Simply ADD this to the end of the link and you will receive the pdf of the bill.

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Europe Renaissance website provides video coverage of massive Melbourne protest today 30th October against Victoria’s Daniel Andrew dictatorship bill and the plannedemic scam.

  2. Linde says:

    We are going to be the No 1 banana in Zimbabwe 2.0. Dan is the man to shoehorn the ChinKoms into the People’s Republic of Victoria and oversee the transition to Special Economic Zone status. Like Mugabe they sold it. But they are just the first ones onto Belt and Road.

    When dictator Dan made his bid to become dictator for life, that Smoking Turd Sco-Mo signed Australia up to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

  3. gino says:

    This man snuck into Dan Andrews press conference. He explains the strange situation. Does Dan Andrews have a body double? DEAD DAN ANDREWS!!!!

  4. gino says:

    Here is a longer interview of a man who witnessed Dan Andrews and thinks he is some sort of body double.
    They think he is possessed.

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