‘Liberated’ Africa: A Map Tour Of UN Approved Gangsters With Flags & A License To Slaughter

All the slave-trading countries are UN members”.

“Britain has granted independence to more people than any other nation in history”, bragged Harold Wilson. “Yes,” said Ian Smith, “and in one instance [alone] this resulted in a million people being killed in 3 days”.

The following tour of decolonized African nations was written in 1976, before Mugabe turned Rhodesia into the de-industrialized basket-case known as Zimbabwe Ruins. It is essential context for anyone condemning, vilifying or mocking Rhodesia and her people.

Above: Marvel Comic Super Heroes Gangsters For Liberation Something. What happened to the woman who was ‘liberated’ from her wedding dress?

Let us take a look at the map of ‘liberated’ Africa finally free to express itself from the oppressive White man – who, according to Evolutionary Theory was a minor blip on the greater African evolutionary time line.

Map of Africa in 1972

Carlos Whitlock Porter, Requiem For Rhodesia

Quoted in entirety with minor edits for clarity and images.


Up to a quarter million Africans killed in Britains’ former “model colony”. People forced by the army to line up and kill each other in turn. People forced to eat fried pieces cut from their own bodies. Monkey meat and ground-nuts on the menus of Africa’s ex-finest hotels and restaurants. A high government official going about chopping off penises with a sword. Tribes exterminated. The Asians expelled. The country’s leading  citizens kidnapped and killed. A soccer pitch converted into an execution ground. Political opponents fed to crocodiles.

Yet Ian Smith is an outlaw.

Idi Amin is the President of the Organization of African Unity: unanimously elected, not once, but twice. Here is the African nationalist’s ideal of a perfect African nationalist. This is what they would be if they could. He is invited to New York, and addresses the UN.

But Ian Smith is an outlaw.


In 1971, Bokassa promoted himself to full general, and on 4 March 1972 declared himself president for life.

Legalized mutilation for criminal offences. Overcrowding in prisons relieved by beating all the prisoners to death. Compulsory tribal initiation rites written into law by a witch-doctor president. The country’s leading citizens forced to crawl naked through anthills.


The robbery and murder of Nigerian contract workers. The re-legalization of slavery. 22,000 Africans in forced labour on the cocoa plantations. The entire literate population in exile.


Thirty thousand murders in ONE day starts a two-year civil war costing two million lives. Africans lured out of the jungle with Red Cross trucks and killed. Jungle animals innoculated with rabies. All prisoners of war are shot. Children nailed up in huts and burned to death or left to starve. Public executions for criminal offences in peacetime.


One hundred thousand Tutsis (Watusi) killed by their Hutu slaves. The tall Hamitic Tutsis become as extinct as the dodo in that country.


One hundred thousand Hutus killed by Tutsis in “kill or be killed” massacre. Bodies taken away in Army trucks to be dumped in the jungle.


One hundred and forty-year rule [by lighter skinned African American formerly freed slaves]. The dark-skinned 99% majority of Africans who originally inhabited the country are despised [by the new African American ‘masters’] and have never been allowed to vote.


The entire Arab population of the island massacred with torture after they are caught drunk on a religious holiday.


A trumped-up invasion by Portuguese soldiers reportedly provides the pretext for boiling political adversaries in oil.

ZAMBIA formerly Northern Rhodesia:

All land nationalized. Real estate offices closed. Churches abolished. Mission schools closed. Canned beans declared a luxury item. Christian Lumpas exterminated. No newspapers on Monday if the staff is too drunk to print them.

China is colonized by Communists in the 1950’s. She slaughters 50 million of her people to teach them Communism is great. So why is China not deemed unstable?


The first officially Communist state in Africa confiscates all private homes and farms, then asks the Rhodesians to feed them. Families gang-raped and butchered with husbands forced to watch. The revolutionary Portuguese government claims everything is under control and helps Frelimo round up anti-Communist Portuguese.


Mau Mau terrorist Kenyatta wrecks the country’s agriculture dividing up European farms into uneconomical plots for the Kikuyu. The Masai get nothing. Opposition party politicians are jailed from time to time to remind them that “the hawk is in the sky and ready to swoop down on the chickens.” Kenya thrives under his “free enterprise” dictatorship.

“The initial history of Kenya centres upon its railway. This, the Uganda Railway as it was then called, was constructed at the close of the last (20th) century for the purpose of suppressing the Uganda slave trade. As it would cost no less than three hundred times as much to bring goods by (Arab & Black) caravan as it would by rail….Of Jomo Kenyatta himself…Of his trues native child, Mau Mau itself, there is not much to say either, though only because most of it is unprintable. One can speak of the gouging of eye and the drinking of the “liquid”; of the smearing of initiates’ faces with the blood of their murdered parents….unmentionable sexual vileness.”

White Man, Think Again! by A. Jacob p.194


[The] “Redeemer” and “Black Christ” Nkrumah (“Every woman in Ghana is my wife”) sets an early record for self-aggrandizement and glorification which holds to this day. “Clean-up government campaign deprives opposition members of their seats for absenteeism, of course, they are absent because they are all in jail.

Lenin Peace prize?


One hundred thousand Jehovah’s Witnesses chased into the jungles by Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique. Men and women are tied together with itching beans rubbed into their sexual organs. beaten to death with poles or left to starve. The expulsion of 40,000 Asians begun but not yet completed.


Holden Roberto’s “anti-Communist” Frente Nacional starts a 13-year war attacking Luanda with Chinese weapons, infiltrating from the Congo and committing some of the most famous atrocities in Africa, including dismemberment’s by buzz-saw.

The Portuguese begin doing 4 years military service as the poorest nation in Europe fights the entire Communist world and Scandinavia for colonies 25 times the size of metropolitan Portugal. [Unfortunately] officers conscripted out of the universities create a pro-Communist officer class which overthrows the government. The “Red Admiral” from Lisbon encourages the Soviet-backed Movimento Popular to re-arm and attack the homes of  “fascistic” European settlers who built the first modern city in Western Africa.

Roberto’s tribesmen begin hiring mercenaries and are backed by South Africa, in a monumental error of judgement, presumably because the Soviets have a navy but the Chinese do not. A year-long civil war fought mainly on the basis of noise (one side advancing firing wildly and the other getting scared and falling back if they couldn’t make as much “espalhafato” [noise] kills few soldiers but 100,000 civilians.

750,000 Portuguese leave the lands they had colonized when [it was virtually] uninhabited and occupied for 500 years, with two suitcases and a handful of money which could not be exchanged in any country. Unpaid Movimento Popular troops celebrate victory with a rampage of looting and killing.

CONGO (Brazzaville):

Chinese is made one of the official languages, even though none of the Africans can speak it. [Communists]

CONGO (Zaire):

Four years of mass rape, cannibalism, and torture. 16 Italian Air Forcemen killed and eaten. Congolese envoy to the UN killed and eaten, but his brief case saved. The only peaceful province invaded and wrecked by mercenary “peace keeping” troops from the UN (“the pay is very good, twice what we get in Sweden). A Congolese army officer brutally rapes and English nun, then puts his arm around her tenderly and says, “Now you are my wife”. She is saved from death by torture by white mercenaries from Rhodesia (it is not generally known that one in five of these was killed and very few ever got paid for saving so many lives).

The Congo reverted to its natural state.


A 27-year civil war.

Celebrating 64 years of ‘liberation’ Sudan is happy the white man can no longer stop its lucrative reversion to slavery.


Students are blown up with dynamite to save ammunition.


Another Communist dictatorship which “Africanized” the railroads and wrecked all the trains, then asked the Europeans to come back.

This is “freedom” (in Africa!).


There is a 1500-mile long illegal slave trade route in Africa today. There is an Anti-Slavery Society in London. There is an Anti-Slavery Commission in the UN. All the slave-trading countries are UN members.

“Britain has granted independence to more people than any other nation in history”, bragged Harold Wilson. “Yes,” said Ian Smith, “and in one instance this resulted in a million people being killed in 3 days”.

… This is the new colonialism. We must help to kill the white Rhodesians so as to butter up the blacks into allowing us to help exploit their property, or the enormous mineral resources which the blacks were never aware of.

“The trouble is, a lot of the Europeans just got greedy”, said a woman in Salisbury who ran from Zambia.

“A lot of them just thought, oh, well, it won’t happen to me. I knew someone who had a business in Zambia. He stayed. They waited ten years. Then sure enough, when he had built it up into an established business, they ‘Africanized’ it”.

(In other words, Expropriation Without Compensation, as happened in Zimbabwe and is now being made legal in South Africa.)

The terrorists are not freedom fighters. To be in the army in Rhodesia is relatively safe unless you happen to step on a landmine, run into an ambush, or catch up with someone you are chasing. Terrorists stay away from soldiers because soldiers carry guns. The purpose of terrorism is to discourage civilian cooperation with an established government.

What is not safe is to be an unarmed African in a terrorist-infested zone. Such a person is likely to see his chief beaten to death, his wife and daughters raped, his sons kidnapped, his ears, lips and nose cut off  “pour encourager les autres”. He will be told,

“We are coming back. Do not tell the Europeans which way we went. We want so many bags of maize (corn) waiting for us when we return.”

Two minutes of blunt reality. Africa was never ‘liberated’. It was merely transferred to Communists and despotic dictators.
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7 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    Yes, these are inconvenient facts that need to be made known to a much wider audience. Keep up the good work.

  2. Nikolay says:

    Good job, Carlos. Next step is to understand why things go so ugly. And what could be done in long perspective, the longer – the better. I remember as I watched TV-news: black people jumping with joy as Robert Mugabe was elected, I remember Leonid Brezhnev kissing president man-eater. I am not against democracy, but level of democracy shouldn’t exceed level of culture; and keep in mind Likurg’s advice when someone suggested to introduce democracy in Sparta:”Start it in your family”.

  3. I don’t wish to comment, but please save my email and contact me if you ever need anything.
    The email is private, as explained on darkmoon.me
    Thanks for the plug. It’s a beautiful site.

  4. Katherine Sparkes says:

    “Its a nice day for a white wedding”.

  5. Alice says:

    I live in Portugal and many of my neighbours were refugees from Angola and Mozambique. I lived in Rhodesia and many from Mozambique try to build up their lives in Rhodesia. Portugal received over 1 million refugees from their colonies, in a country of only 9 million people at that time.

  6. Linde says:

    One of the reasons why Rhodesians never die is because the legacy of Rhodesia will always reveal the liars of the permanent, world-wide Revolution. Albion and Alba’s youngest and most robust nation. They implemented the British Parliament’s decision on outlawing slavery in the colonies, getting in on the ground floor so to speak of the Berlin Conference 1884 which resolved upon the same.

    When the Europeans came to Africa it was sparsely populated due to the centuries of tribal warfare over slavery – the raiding of tribes and the selling of Africans into slavery – throughout over a thousand years of the Ottoman Empire. The strongest tribes captured and sold slaves primarily to the Califphate on the Barbary and Ivory Coast.

    As Catherine Austin Fitts says: “The most lucrative business in the world is slavery and it always has been.” And that was the business of Africa long before European colonization.

    The Crown Colony of S Rhodesia put an end to raiding and slaving wars.

    So when its Critical Race Theory time in the western schools of the Marxist Leninist state and the lesson for the day is evil, white colonial oppressors in Africa – it will be time to talk about Rhodesia.

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