Liberators Irony: Humour & Dystopia From 3 of Rhodesia’s Greatest Critics Today

From Scotland

When political correctness and social ‘justice’, leads you right back to apologising to yourself! A hilarious satirical clip highlighting the PC madness entrapping the West:

From Australia

When decades of interfering in the business of other nations to “liberate” their people (almost always with terrible consequences for the “liberated” people) ends in needing to be liberated from your own government!

From Sweden

One of the most vitriolic anti-Rhodesian nations and greatest financiers of terrorism against Rhodesian civilians (black and white), Sweden is now a diverse democracy with dozens of “liberated” No-Go Zones. These are cities controlled by non-white immigrants dependent on the welfare state funded by the white taxing paying Swedes they’ve banned from their territory. Even Australia’s 60 Minutes TV crew were attacked by non-whites in one of Sweden’s liberated No-Go Zones…. for being ethnic-European in their conquered territory.

The escalation and media black-out has continued without pause.

Of course the anti-Rhodesian Swedes were channeling their inner first-nation Swedish kin… who apparently looked like this:

Follow The Science! The first Swedes were black? Apparently ethnic-European gentile whites magically appeared on planet earth and are the only peoples NOT indigenous anywhere on the planet. We simply appeared on Earth and invaded everyone’s land according to “The emerging Science” guiding public policy today.

From Rhodesia

Even at the height of the Communist invasion via their proxy armies (led by their political recruits Mugabe/China and Nkomo/USSR) Rhodesians were free to travel and free to use or ignore the army led convoys for civilian protection. Only in areas where terrorists were torturing and executing villagers and farming families were night curfews established, largely to prevent innocents from being shot by the army. In fact, we were reluctant to lock down Missions and their missionaries despite knowing that many were aiding and sheltering terrorists who were committing atrocities on innocent villagers to force compliance to Communist tyranny.

Liberated From Rhodesia To An Early Death

Within 20 years the predictable Hell of Liberation was too obvious for even the mockingbird media of Scotland, Sweden and Australia to deny. So they created new justifications exacerbating the misery – anything to avoid the objective truth.

After so much progress Rhodesia was vilified by the West in cahoots with the Reds and the ordinary black man and woman paid the horrendous price. Source.

The problem for Scots, Swedes and Australians today is that their mockingbird media is now denying the consequences of what is being done to them. And it appears there is no other nation willing to interfere and “liberate” them.

As we all know, the oppressive Cheka styled censorship and Lock-Downs we’re experiencing destroy jobs and family businesses (only the mega-corporations can remain open). The financial hardships destroy marriages and families, the stress destroys health and the snitching fear destroys communities… the vicious Cheka-Marxist path to becoming Zimbabwe 2.0 has been laid.

Zimbabwe 2.0 in the making.
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5 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    What an irony. First they came for Rhodesians, and not only did you do nothing, you promoted our demise, then they came for South Africans and … now they’re coming for YOU.

    The irony too is the world media and western govts ‘tut-tutting’ about South Africa’s “Pass Laws” as tyrannical and ‘racist’, are now inflicting the identical documentation (renamed “Vaccine Passports”) upon all the western nations that were ‘tut tutting’ including Australia.

    Look what else is going on in Australia Right Now, prior to implementation in the rest of the West:

    • Linde says:

      Hi WakeyWakey. Too right. We have a nice Apartheid of vaxxed / unvaxxed shaping up here that is just fine with the CoVIdians who are still trying to flatten the curve, do the right thing, stop the spread, etc.

      Just can’t do enough to help these Maoist psychopaths with their Communist take-over of our subverted governments – all levels. General de la Rey, Colonel Dave ‘the King Parker and Stonewall Jackson would give us a collective whack in the head and a good kick up the backside.

      If we had understood the Rhodesian and South African wars of independence against the armed aggression of the permanent, world-wide Communist Revolution we would be meeting this with steel and not face nappies.

      Meanwhile, the Communist take-over is yucking it up. The police state is throwing its weight around on the borders of the Big Pineapple. And the premiers are openly building CoVID concentration camps – for all those international tourists you understand who will have to quarantine.

      Basically we are f**cked. Until. The police state comes for the kids. The elderly fine – pack them off to CoVID concentration camp. But the kids will be our Lexington, our Magersfontein and our Year of the Burnings – Rhodesia 1965.

      It will go from this


      Give us another year and there will be an Australian version of the latter scene.

    • Katherine says:

      Cripes ! I have been inoculated as per state and commonwealth dictate. Still no freedom in Australia. If I go more than five kilometres from my home. I could be fined and arrested for breaching the New South Governments vague Public Health Order.

      Seventy people were arrested for going to church to worship the Lord. Somewhere in Sydney. Is this a loss of freedom of religion and worship for Christians in New South Wales ? I have not heard of any other religion or its congregants being arrested for publicly worshipping their deities.

  2. Linde says:

    Loved that pix of the first nation Swede. Clearly related to British Chedar Man. Welcome to Marxist Critical Race Theory 101. All the little CoVIdians in the Communist Bio-Security state are going to have to learn this crap .

    Great Stuff RR. Here in the Big Pineapple – that would be Cell Block D on your map – it is good to think that if the Rhodesian Security Forces could Time Jump they would not be taking a knee to BLM rallies and shooting rubber bullets at Australians who are protesting the tyranny of Communist Bio-Security State. A Fireforce would land smack on the Maoist psycho-paths running a democide and Communist tyranny , line them up against the wall of their safe space and put them out of our misery.

    In the Corona Hoax phase of the operation, the CoVID turns out to be a virus [not] which obeys the CoVID Party Line. It is completely harmless to Gook armies burning, looting and murdering. So the police can take the knee at their stupid rallies. But it will certainly get you and your unmasked dog walking more than the stipulated radius from your home. [ Super-spreaders: bad, bad, very bad }

    We know – once in pow er you can not ‘un-elect’ a Communist state. It’s here. It is here in force. The foreign security forces will soon be enforcing CoVID mandates. We are going to be the No 1 banana in Zimbabwe 2.0.

  3. Katherine says:

    What can I say. Other than the situation in Zimbabwe is tragic. Are there people in Zimbabwe dying from COVID ?

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