Made For TV Revolution: The Cover For Communist-Banker Wars & The Final Rhodesia ‘Solution’

“Ian Smith demonstrated to the Western world… the economic and political power of Westminster and how it works.  He presided over the entire process of freeing the Rhodesian state from the central banking cartel and established the Rhodesian national sovereignty on that freedom and Constitutional Referendum 1969.”

Editor: As you read this essay, keep in mind the mockery of the one man / one vote elections in America, Europe and Australia today. This is essential if we are to get to the Truth of the war against Rhodesia and why it is so significant to the forms of governance controlling Western nations today. Also please note, Rhodesia NEVER limited voting based on race. In fact many young white men who were fighting in the defence forces did not qualify. Only the Chiefs and Headsmen of tribal (black) Rhodesians automatically qualified to vote and they were a substantial voting base who were also part of the decision making process through their Council.

Voting is compulsory in Australia.

The Political Warfare of Rhodesia’s War of Independence Against the Permanent, World-wide Revolution

Cometh the Hour…

“We will never negotiate with Britain while Mr. Wilson (Prime Minister of the UK 1964-70) is in his present position because he is waiting for us to reach the position of one man / one vote and this will not happen in my lifetime or Mr. Wilson’s lifetime.”

Congressman Benjamin Rosenthal (D-N.Y.) quotes the Prime Minister of Rhodesia Ian Douglas Smith for the US Congressional Record Feb. 9, 1967.

Congressman Rosenthal quoted Ian Smith in context of the Democratic Party’s support for US sanctions to be put against the Rhodesian Front government. Ostensibly for the record, but more generally, his speech (like the sanctions) was made for the Revolution.  It signaled to the Deep State Assets that their ‘Men on the Hill’ were to get on board with the Final Rhodesia Solution.

Supposedly an American patriot, not a subversive Communist-Internationalist, Rosenthal, left, signaled to the Fourth ComIntern (1938 – ) it was now global warfare on Rhodesia.

The permanent world-wide Revolution : the Fourth ComIntern ( 1938 – ) already had a Rhodesia Solution. It merely needed the signal to fully activate it by bringing its Eastern bloc and Western bloc network of assets into unison. This would form a pincer movement to crush anti-Marxist Rhodesia.

The Fourth ComIntern was networked across the Eastern Communist Bloc (the Hammer) and the Revolutionary Deep State Assets embedded in all Western governments (the Sickle). In the US this network included the Fifth Column Long Marchers bought and paid for by the Big Tax Exempt Foundation 501(c)s like Ford and Rockefeller – as well as the Kremlin. The Reclaiming Rhodesia project has covered this very well. [1]

The Rockefeller Foundation – tax exempt and disproportionately powerful internationally.

The Engineered Hippy “Flower-Power” Movement

To briefly recap, the Long March is a structured movement with an ad hoc column from centrally controlled casting equipped with the standard issue of Marxist ideologies and identities. Then as now, their leaders / actors were paid and trained by the black ops budget of ‘The Company’ aka the CIA. [2]  Their Marxist liberation front cadres were organised to recruit the useful idiots for protest and riot against the Vietnam War, capitalism, racism, sexism, classism, everythingism. In 1967, they were all demanding redress for their so-called oppression narratives and kitted out with made to order ideologies of grievance and suffering. 

In other words, these “causes” were not frustrations spontaneously exploding into the streets. In reality they were astro-turfed as the vox populi to the university campuses, major cities and airports of all Western nations by the Big Tax Exempt Foundations, in the made for Western TV Revolution. Their back up and professional support ‘wagon train’ was networked through all institutions of social influence, especially the government. 

California Dreaming Or Scheming? The Hippie ‘Flower-Child’ Revolutionaries Who Protested The Vietnam War Had Family & Financial Ties To The Military Intelligence Community Behind It.
Made For TV: Hollywood owned actress Jane Fonda went from bimbo roles to becoming known as Hanoi Jane for cavorting with the enemy and protesting every trendy left wing cause there was – in between new globalist husbands and face-lifts.
Antifa was formed by the Communist Party in Germany in 1932. It is a minor but visible part of the ‘Hammer’ in the permanent world wide revolution. Today the Western MSM refers to their riots as “peaceful-protests” because today they align with BLM and their corporate sponsors (like Amazon, American Express, Bank of America, Netflix, Target).

With his 1967 speech, Rosenthal signalled these cadres : Now add Rhodesia and its ‘white racist settler regime of Ian Douglas Smith’ into your carefully crafted speeches, protests and agitation for the made for Western TV Revolution.

Thus, Rhodesia went ‘prime time’ in terms of the Official Marxist Narrative. Every war has its Signals Division and the permanent, world-wide Revolution of the Fourth ComIntern is no exception.

Mainstream Media & Journalists – Assets Of The Squid With Many Tentacles

In the U.S., the entire media spectrum is controlled through a few corporations. They are assets of banks which interlock within the world money pyramid of the central banking cartel. 

The dynastic families who sit in the Apex own the Monopoly Capital i.e. Central Banks that issue “credit” to national government known as printing money out of thin air. All UN member states are owned by this pyramid and form part of its corporate structure as well as the Big Tax Exempt Foundations – 501 (c)’s. At the Apex, The Owners have their bank of banks in the (BIS) Bank for International Settlements, Basel, Switzerland as Professor Carroll Quigley has shown in his classic work Tragedy and Hope. (1966) 

From the work of Stephen Mitford Goodson, a former director of the South African Reserve Bank, we know the foundation of that money pyramid of central banks was laid in the charter of the Bank of England (1694) as an asset of  The City of London Corporation.  (History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind. 2014) 

A law unto itself, even the Queen needs permission to enter. When did the British people vote for this Corporat

The Owners of Monopoly Capital and  The Owners of the permanent, worldwide Communist Revolution of the Fourth ComIntern are one and the same group of dynastic families. Essentially the entire international system of finance is their money trust. (3)

The financialisation of everything is made possible by the Central Bank’s Web of Debt.

Throughout my lifetime, an American counter revolutionary, now aged 68 years, the global media and all kosher curricula of the schools and universities have formed and operated as a single structure in the control of public discourse.

In the Grand Scheme these institutions act as stewards of the Official Marxist Narrative/s and Approved Opposition Narrative/s.  Some are merely hewers of the Party Line, but they all adhere to the liberal, progressive agendas of the UN Charter (Communism) and enforce its Political Correctness. 

The entire organisation is in the hands of The Owners of the Bolshevik Revolution 1917. 

Framing The Crime Scene: The Western Sickle Targets Rhodesia Brilliantly

In America, the Long March cadres of liberalism and Marxism were specifically deployed  to subvert the political will of the anti-communist American nation (the 1790 First Act American demographic). Prior to the ‘death of Communism’ in 1993 Americans did possess the moral and political will to oppose the Communist Revolution being rolled out post World War II on three continents.

However, the US Congress led by Deep State Assets of the Revolution, had its orders to frame the war of the Fourth ComIntern against Africa, specifically Rhodesia and South Africa, as a ‘race war’ and a ‘civil war’ in the African Bush conducted by national liberation front freedom fighters against their colonial oppressors. The backdrop scenery was already set, the Western world was “protesting” war, civil rights, burning the bra and fighting the The Great Human Rights Revolution perfectly in tune with the Comintern’s UN agendas.

Against this operation of the entire Communist Revolution networked East and West, Ian Smith was both foresighted and correct.   

The one man / one vote franchise of UN Communism never did happen in Rhodesia (or anywhere else) during Smith’s lifetime. Even when the qualified franchise adopted by the Rhodesian Constitutional Referendum 1969 was amended within the Constitution to widen the franchise for the Election of the Internal Settlement 1979, they certainly did not provide for a leveller equalism of UN Charter one man (any man) / one vote (however obtained).  The multinational cadres of the Communist Armies fighting and terrorizing the Rhodesian state could not prove citizenship, therefore, they were excluded by the Rhodesian Security Forces from crossing the border and voting. 

Caught In A Pincer: The Communist China Party won the right to replace the white man and a basket-case nation propped up by Western tax-payer food aid was stolen.

When the Communist Revolution finally did overthrow the Rhodesian nation and accede to power under the (British) Lancaster House Agreement 1979 (and its Election of February 1980 ) – the Revolution, under the governorship of Lord Soames, freely commenced its standing policy of blocking  and eliminating non-Communist voters. Thus the ZANU-PF could be victorious and begin the slaughter of the rival Communist faction ‘voters’. All with full support and/or aid of the UN, the UK and the US governments. Even today many of the descendants of the orgy of rape and slaughter remain undocumented – they have no identity and they cannot vote, immigrate or even get an education!

This is how UN Charter one vote / one value works. To have a UN Charter electoral process, you must possess the means of non-Communist voter replacement or elimination.  This is not an unfortunate accident, it is a foundation of the Marxist Leninist state. And Ian Smith saw it clearly.

In America today Marxist “Diversity” is strategically altering the demographic landscape through various liberal, ‘minority’ and ‘refugee’ resettlement programs.

Reclaiming The Westminster Foundation

Only a nation state based upon the traditions of governance developed within the Christian West, a nation which has institutionalised balance of powers, rule of laws, the qualified franchise guaranteed by a sovereignty and enforcement of the franchise (such as that possessed by Rhodesia until 1980) –  only in such a free nation is it possible to have forms of self-rule guaranteed by a democratic state.

Rhodesia was not trapped in a one party or a two party state stranglehold. That is why UDI was possible.

If it is to work for the nation it serves in terms of demographic profile, the  standards adapted to the nation served by the franchise must be part of the constitution and in place.  And they must be enforced with the consent of the governed – as demonstrated in  Rhodesia by the Rhodesian Front government 1965 – 1979.

The first Prime Minister of the Republic of Rhodesia (1970 – 1979), Ian Douglas Smith is one of the towering statesmen of the Westminster tradition.  He achieved what no other statesman in that tradition achieved since 1694 – he reclaimed the Westminster foundation of law and government for an English people and a nation they helped to build.  He ensured that consent of the governed for the republic and its charter was documented for the public record of government both in both Rhodesia and the UK.

This foundation also lies at the base of the charter, the Constitution of the Republic of Rhodesia 1970.  In the UK, it lies deep buried under the edifice of the Judaic imperium which captured the nations of England, Scotland and Ireland in the English Civil War 1642, the Irish Confederate Wars 1642-1649 and the War of the Succession for the Highlands 1688 – 1745.

That is the Westminster system of law and government. And Rhodesia re-established it from the Rhodesian Declaration of Independence in 1965 until 1979 when the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia government of the Internal Settlement delivered that nation back to the slavery of The City of London Corporation and its Crown (not the British Monarchy).

The Lancaster House Agreement 1979 reverted the Republic back to Crown Colony status under the UK – a mere legal fiction for The City of London Corporation. Thus, the 1980 Election was held under the Communist International Law of the UN and its Charter (every plank of the Communist Manifesto). The government that emerged from that election was a Communist entity owned by a central bank interlocked with the world web of debt pyramid founded upon the Bank of England. Now, it is a failed Marxist state and special economic zone (colony) of the Chinese Communist Party

Westminster Marxist Mimicry: This British-Lefty Banksy painting “Devolved Parliament” recently sold for more than $12 million.

The Berlin Conference (1884-1885) of the European powers outlawed slavery in the European colonies of Africa. The Communist Revolution brought it back not just for Africa, but the entire world.

For a nation built up in the blood price of England, only a Westminster system of law and government will guarantee the effectiveness of a resolution like the anti-slavery resolution of the Berlin Conference. And it will apply to all Africans, not just Bantu-Black Africans.

From 1965–1979 Ian Smith demonstrated to the Western world – in particular the Anglosphere nations – the economic and political power of Westminster and how it works.  He presided over the entire process of freeing the Rhodesian state from the central banking cartel and established the Rhodesian national sovereignty on that freedom and Constitutional Referendum 1969. 

It is clear from the Rhodesian Constitution, this was a Westminster sovereignty based upon a jurisprudence that the entire Communist system (both East and West) was attempting to extinguish in the UK, and even today is stamping out its remnants. Yet, as Ian Smith demonstrated to the entire Anglosphere – even at the end, its last defenses are still very strong.  They can be recovered and re-established.

UK Parliament Lies For The Revolution

Beginning with Rhodesia’s Declaration of Independence (1965), the Constitutional Referendum (1969) followed. This laid the basis for adoption of a Constitutional charter. In March 1970, Rhodesia’s state bank was established. It was owned by the Rhodesian state and independent of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) cartel. Then, the Republic of Rhodesia was declared March 2, 1970.  This is how it’s done. 

Later the RF government permitted the entire process to be submitted to an external, judicial review by the UK government. A British Parliamentary inquiry then conducted a judicial review.  This took the form of a referendum by consultation with the population of Rhodesia in its specific  demographics (irrespective of qualification for the electoral role). The official report, published 1973: The Pearce Report found that the Rhodesian population as a whole opposed the joint proposals of the RF and UK government to amend the Constitution by widening the electoral franchise as it was established in the 1969 Referendum and written into the Constitution. This finding, incredibly, was interpreted by UK Parliament to mean support for Zimbabwean Communist rule, not consent for the Constitution as it was written. This subject is covered in May 2021 Part II of this essay. 

Given that the tribal Rhodesians opposed the Communist Revolution with over 80% of the males fighting with the Rhodesian Security Forces being black Rhodesians, the findings of The Pearce Report should have been interpreted to mean that in the traditions of Westminster, the Rhodesian Front government of Ian Smith had proved and documented for public record (the Hansard – not the corporate media) that the Rhodesian Constitution and his constitutional government had a true democratic mandate quantified by many polls – not just one. 

That is what should stand for the historical record of the Counter Revolution. In the traditions of International Communist Law under UN Charter, however, facts mean what the Party Line says they mean.

In establishing the foundation of their state, the Rhodesians succeeded in retaining the best of the Rhodes patrimony and reclaimed the English Westminster form of government  from the subversive influences and deformities of  The City of London Corporation – namely the Empire of the City. 

In their Declaration of Independence, they incorporated the American Declaration of Independence from Great Britain (1776), but in their Constitution, they returned to the more robust traditions of Magna Carta (1215) and Scotland’s Declaration of Arbroath (1320) .

These were always present in Rhodes founding achievement with the BSAC and the Pioneer Column because they are the patrimony of the nation building English people. But in order to serve the Rhodesian polity of distinct tribal demographics, the Westminster foundation had to be prized out of the political infrastructure of the Empire of the City of London Corporation. It had to be freed up of  all the conflict with Westminster Law that had been in operation since the Act of Settlement and foundation of the UK on that Corporation – a new regime recognized in the Coronation Oath 1688, the Act of Union, Succession and Settlement 1701 – 1707. 

The ‘Banking-Mafia’ Ensures That Not One Street Corner Can Break Free Of Control

After the Rhodesian Declaration of Independence: ( Nov 11 1965) – unanimously opposed in the UN by the great Powers of the permanent, world-wide Communist Revolution both East and West – the resolutions and sanctions followed in short order. 

The UK Parliament moved swiftly to secure a prime asset of The Crown’s central banking cartel, namely the Reserve Bank of the Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia. In December 1965, the Parliament legislated to prevent the board of directors of the RBR in Salisbury from continuing to exercise authority. (Reserve Bank of Rhodesia  Parliamentary Order, December 1965) 

Under the terms of the Order, Rhodesia was removed from the sterling area and excluded from membership in Commonwealth preference. The London capital market was then closed to Rhodesia and the export of capital prohibited. 

The UK Parliament suspended the Salisbury directorate and empowered the British Secretary of State to appoint a new Board of Directors in London.  All assets of the RBR were seized and all sterling balances frozen, as well as all substantial accounts held by the RBR outside Rhodesia. (Article 3, Reserve Bank of Rhodesia Order Dec. 1965.) 

The new London Board was tasked by the British Parliament to locate  all external RBR assets in order to prevent the ‘illegal regime’ from applying them towards its rebellion and to preserve such assets;

“for the people of Rhodesia as a whole until such time as constitutional rule could be restored.”

Preserved assets for which people according to who’s rules in which African Marxist state?

By use of the term: ‘constitutional rule’, the general reader would assume this refers to Westminster law. But the UK Parliament’s frame of reference for ‘constitutional rule’ would have been International Law.  This is the Communism of the UN Charter – a system to which the UK itself was not at that time completely subject because the UK government of the captured English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh nations was still grinding through all the conflict of law with the former Westminster jurisprudence. The UK was still undergoing its regime change to Communist social order as dictated by the UN.

Anti-Rhodesian British Prime Minister, Edward Heath lied to the British public, deny them the right to vote and illegally signed them up to the EC, the predecessor of the EU, in 1972. For his hypocrisy and deceptions he received the anti-white ‘Kalergi’ prize for destroying British sovereignty.

This was not for general knowledge, but the UK government could not hide the fact it was fully engaged in native British, English, Scottish and Irish ethnic replacement  with a long-term view of shifting the demographics.  Only non-Anglo Celtic population in majority would enable the legislation that would finally enable the UK to be configured to the UN Communist system of laws.  This is the pro forma Communist exercise of White nation eradication / replacement in action. 

A left wing government sneakily replacing its working class voting base.

In Rhodesia and South Africa, the Communist Revolution directly pursued White ethnic eradication through a ‘Black majority rule’ strategy.  In the UK, Canada and United States, however, the White population holds majority whether as native European population or as heritage and founding stock of the nation state they built.  In America, this would be the 1790 First Act population, designated in the American Declaration of Independence: “our posterity”.  

Thus the Revolution uses the subverted governments of these captured states as an instrument to legislate for immigration at White demographic replacement levels.

At the time of Rhodesia’s Declaration of Independence, the cadres of the Long March commanded the Marxist moral high ground throughout the West. The Revolution branded those who opposed the (open-borders) migration agenda as ‘racists’, WASPs, capitalist oppressors and enemies of human and civil rights. 

Reserve Bank of Rhodesia

To return to the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia, by 1967, the London Board of Governors was in disgrace. Their corruption was so totally on the nose, the UK Parliament was compelled to open the windows and give them a thorough public airing. They acknowledged for the official record that the London Board of the RBR had caused the bank to default upon all it securities. Lord Grimston of Westbury rose in the Lords to denounce them to the Woolsack and the House. (Reserve Bank of Rhodesia Order 20 April 1967). But nothing changed the fact that all Rhodesian securities were stolen and the London Board was left holding the bag. 

The Reserve Bank of the former Crown Colony went down like the Titanic after the London Board of Governors called upon all their connections in The City to get themselves bailed and clear of their debacle. Smith’s canoe paddled free of the vortex – which only affected the sterling area – from which the Rhodesians were happily excluded. 

Irritatingly, the Rhodesians continued to grow their rapidly developing (in the true sense!) first world economy. And they continued to hold their world trade fairs.

Rhodesia Was A Paradise: From leading in Agriculture to building the greatest Hydro-Electric Scheme (completed ahead of time, under budget, at a quality commended for excellence and, for the benefit of all citizens without crippling debt because it paid for itself!) to leading in Wildlife Preservation!

Unfortunately, the Humanitarian Crisis that always forms the economic  base of the Failed Marxist State made demand for Rhodesian exports essential to many African populations ‘liberated’ by the Communist Revolution throughout Africa. Even the terms of the UN sanctions had to recognize this.

The UK took the lead in the imposition of an entire swag of sanctions, economic ‘restraints’ etc, with much media fanfare culminating in the UN Security Council Resolutions. Sanctions imposed by  UN Resolution 232 Dec 16, 1965 ceased within three months, the export of petroleum products, arms, ammunition and military equipment, vehicles and aircraft to Rhodesia. All imports of Rhodesian tobacco, sugar, meat and meat products, asbestos, copper, chrome ore (highest grade in the world), iron ore, hides and skins were banned. 

Globalist Communist Bankster Sanctions Backfire

Freed of ownership by a central bank, however,  Rhodesia was free to exploit the markets available to their primary production and industry.  And on a continent of failed Marxist states with humanitarian crisis being the basis the economy – that left a lot of market availability.

Economists who do not grasp Monopoly Capital and central bank ownership of the state never did get to the bottom of the Rhodesian first world economy.  Here is a typical example:

“Most armchair speculators predicted severe disequilibrium in the economy.  Apparently obvious was the expected collapse of the agricultural sector which was highly dependent on tobacco.  The powerful conservative conservative rural commnity would enforce inflationary subsidies and supports.  Existing industries woul be unable to replace plants and equipment.  The transport system would  face severe pressure by being unable to replace essential goods  such as refined oil and rolling stock.  The cut in supply of imported conveniences was expected to turn the average sonsumer against the Smith regime.  The removal of international markets, foreign investment and thus technology from Rhodesian industries would prevent large scale development.  These adversities were supposed to have induced local political reversals.  This has not happened to the anticipated degree because of the natural resilience that any economy develops prior to and in the face of external isolation.”  [ 4 ]

Well.  External isolation is imposed by UN member regimes of the Communist Revolution precisely so that the economy has no ‘natural’ resilience or market stimulation.

Because the Rhodesian facts did not fit the economic theory of the sanctions, economists like Erbann and Sheen concerned themselves with attempting to analyze “the main reasons for the lack of disequilibrium represented by inflation since 1965.”  They commence their analysis with:  “Inflation is a very complex phenomenon for which definition can barely…”And so on…

Basic sovereign economics is made to be a “Complicated Mystery” – For a reason! Meanwhile the solution is always simple – Less Whiteness! For a reason, and you cannot vote on that!

In terms of the Rhodesian economy, Smith and the RF government did not begin with this type of analysis.  They began with the problem of the bank and the credit issue. The problem of the economy and the national sovereignty  had to be solved together. 

For Rhodesia to be an independent, sovereign nation, it had to have a state bank with a currency backed by the land, resources, labour and producion base of the nation. Once outside the BIS cartel, the RF government moved quickly to seize its advantages. If the state had been owned by a private bank and interlocked to the cartel,  the sanctions would have finished Rhodesia before it ever got to Constitutional Referendum 1969. 

Although it was anticipated by the UK government  that seizure of the old RBR  and sanctions would bring the ‘unconstitutional’ regime quickly to heel, they got it wrong. Economically they got it wrong.

And politically they got it wrong.  On the basis of International Law (the Communism of the UN),  the UK government deemed Rhodesia’s ‘unconstitutionality’ to be its electoral franchise.

However, free of the central bank, Smith’s RF government moved forward to establish the constitutionality of that franchise with the 1969 Constitutional Referendun leading to the establishedment of a constitutional republic.( 1970 ).

Against the UN , Smith’s government returned to the tradition of Magna Carta for its ‘constitutionality’.  It decided to affirm constitutional rule under the traditional Westminster system of law and government – not the subverted vestiges of it that obtained in the UK.  

Economically, the Rhodesians asserted their independence and worked to build their industries outside the BIS cartel.  Free of the central bank that had destroyed Westminster law and government in the UK, the RF government under Smith worked to build the sovereignty of the nation state upon Westminster law.  The economic independence of that sovereignty was to be guaranteed by a bank of currency issue owned by Rhodesia – not a private, international interest. 

While Rhodesia became impressively self-sufficient, today the Western world has sent its manufacturing industries to China.

The year after the imposition of sanctions, they kept up the tradition of the Central Africa Trade Fair in Bulawayo 1966.  Later, this was to become ‘Trade Fair Rhodesia’ – the World Expo – for Rhodesian manufacturing and primary production 1969. [ 5 ]

The Rhodesians showed the world that a first world economy which had the support of its population did not need to be bricked into the world money pyramid in order to grow.

And grow they did, right throughout their war of independence 1965 – 1979. ( Of course,  it helps to have a low rate of inflation ).

By 1978 Trade Fair Rhodesia boasted over 100 permanent buildings. They even let Barclay’s Bank ( in good standing with the World Money Pyramid have a pavillion in order to put up the Albert Schweitzer Exhibition.

Pretty good I would say for an economy with a currency black-listed on all money markets and fighting its war of independence on three fronts.

Mr. Ian Smith opens Central African Trade Fair in Bulawayo 1966. This is one year after the declaration of the Republic. Points of Interest: the scope of  Rhodesian industry and manufacturing. The sign “All products made in our factory in Rhodesia”. The Tony Ellman – Brown Hall of Rhodesian Industry. The camera pans over the assembly. This is the business and manufacturing class of Rhodesia opening their trade fair to the world. An impressive band of tribal Rhodesians welcomes the dignitaries. The Prime Minister and Lady Smith arrive at 8.17 – not in the Rolls Royce but in a modest car.

What the BBC shows us is a strong, optimistic and prosperous business and manufacturing class of English and European heritage.  The BBC doesn’t (wouldn’t dare) tell us that a substantial portion of the first world economy generated by the industrial / manufacturing base of Rhodesia was being invested in the social development and progress of the Tribal Trust lands and their populations under the self-governance of their Chiefs.

I fail to see how this is a horrible White racist thing. The idea here is that everyone progresses together and the distinct tribal demographics decide, under self rule, their own path of social progress and development. The Rhodesian Parliament recognizes the legitimacy of their self-rule under their Chiefs and invests in the lands guaranteed them under Trust.

Major General Smedly Butler wrote War Is A Racket in 1935 and warned us that All Wars Are Banker Wars!

Final Notes:

1)  Follow The Money: How Tax-Exempt Foundations Conspire Against America For World Communism

Norman Dodd ( 1899-1987) was the chief investigative researcher for the Reece Committe of the US House of Representatives. (1952 – 54)   He investigated the un-American activities of the Big Tax Exempts in particular the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim and Ford Foundation.  The Committee discovered that the liberal, progressive movements being trained, funded and organised by these foundations were Communist fronts.

In terms of the Long March of subversion, we  had to wait for the ‘phobia’ brigades against Islamaphobia, Homophobia, Trans-phobia to appear before we finally got to the rearguard of March.  Now that the pedo-phobia and satan-phobia cadres have arrived, we are well and truly fighting for the last seat  at the back of the holocaust bus.

2) Inside the CIA – On Company Business ( 1980 ) HD Dec. 4, 2018

The Company is chartered in Switzerland and serves the United States Code USC, Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) THE UNITED STATES, A FEDERAL CORPORATION USC. February 21, 1871. Acts 41st US Congress, Section 34, Session III.  This is why World Banker and Whistleblower Karen Huedes stated, the US has “two” Constitutions.   This legislation prepared the way for the central banker takeover of the United States.

3 )  The British Monarchy Are Servants, But Not Of The People…

4) “Some Reasons for the Low Rate of Inflation in Rhodesia Since the Unilateral Declaration of Independence” The American Economist. Vol. 18. No. 1 (Spring. 1974). p. 99.  Sage Publications Inc. C.A. Erbann and J.R. Sheen

5 )  From 1969 it was known as “Trade Fair Rhodesia” : 1978 – Trade Fair Rhodesia 1978

First Central African Trade Fair 11 May 1960 opened by HM Q Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.  The original site had been used since 1899 as the Agricultural Showgrounds but was expanded 1959 – 1960 to 64 acres after additional land was acquired from Bulawayo Municipality.  New road, electrical and sewage schemes were installed and a new exhibition hall, the Tony Ellman-Brown Hall was built 250 million.  Thousands more pounds were spend by individual exhibitors and countries on construction of prestige pavillions.

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  1. Alistair says:

    What blows my mind is all the publications since the 1960’s up until now warning people what these wretches are up to seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Here are some of them:-

    The Red Tide by Russian author Ivan Kowalski (The world via Southern Africa)

    None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen

    None Dare Call it Treason by John A. Stormer (A million copies sold in the first 6 weeks)

    Plus many, many others.

    • Editor says:

      This is a great list for anyone to start learning the Truth, if only they would turn off their Tel-Lie-Vision!
      We also provide, on the Home Page, an excellent selection of books and links (some with free pdf downloads).
      In the age of the internet with so many websites providing authenticated information, scrupulously excluded from our educational institutions and mainstream media, it is amazing that so many people prefer to watch BBC or Netflix garbage.
      The willful ignorance and inaction of so many means our descendants will pay the price.

    • Katherine Sparkes says:

      Re the above blue rectangle as an Australian citizen I did not get any choice in the above matters. Next Ian Smith opening the Rhodesian Trade Fair. By the looks of the exhibits contained within Rhodesia was A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY.

  2. Linde says:

    Thank you for posting this essay again Editor. I think it has held up well for the Rhodesians. And I hope to expand my thinking on this subject.

    On the Tel-Lie-Vision I see the BBC (bastardry, buggery and corruption) is still up to their old tricks – covering up the Communist Revolution against the populations of Africa, de-colonized under the UN mandate of 1960. Those lying turds from Portland Place are running with the climate change story to explain the loss of power from Kariba Dam, the drying up of the Victoria Falls etc. Yes. Poor Zimbabwe is on the front line of climate change. This would have nothing to do, of course, with Zambia’s sale of the water rights to the Barotse Flood Plains of the Upper Zambezi to the PRC. Out of steam, it would seem is the universal explanation for the collective woe: ‘all Whitey’s fault’. That doesn’t mean the Revolution has laid to rest one of their prime narratives of : the evil,racist,horribilist,colonialoppressers and their whitesettler-regimes, but for now it’s climate change.

    Zimbabwe. Could Victoria Falls Dry Up Due to Climate Change

    As I was walking around Salisbury Town on YT the other day I had a good look at the sprawling slums that ring Harare like circles of hell (tourist buses never go through those places). This is prime recruitment territory for the young gooks who are being organised by the Soros Payroll and shipped out to the Western nations. Their situation is hopeless. These people are excluded from the life of the cities and they have lost the village and cultural life of their own tribal lands. No First World economy is investing in their social progress and development. The children aren’t in any mission school or indeed any kind of school except the daily drudgery of slum existence. The parents are nostalgic for Robert Mugabe and indeed the best of that dictatorship would have been what remained of the first world nation of Rhodesia and its systems.

    Going on into Harare CBD I saw at the corner of Jameson Ave and Kingsway – later Broadway, a memorial upon which no expense had been spared even in a country like Zimbabwe – rich as Croesus and as poor as dirt. This is a monument not to any Communist dictator or general but a memorial statue of Mbuya Nehanda – the Shona spirit medium of the 19th century. The statue’s back is to the landmark of the Central Presbyterian Church on Jameson – which Prime Minister Smith would certainly have attended with his family. The memorial is right up over the intersection with pedestrian walkway arches leading up to it. And Blacks who are allowed into the Harare CBD (Think Pass Laws) are constantly walking up there and paying their respects.

    I think that the Counter Revolution of the West has tended to overlook the role of the Luciferians within the Communist Revolution. As an ideology, atheism was only ever to be imposed on the masses for the destruction of our religious institutions – especially Christianity. The Communist leaders always had a religion – Satanism. They were always oriented to the supernatural reality. And in Africa that married up with the traditional spirit mediums all over Africa who were probably the true revolutionary leaders of the Black African populations.

    Today, this is the template for the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals on the environment and Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP). Since the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet in Russia, the UN now functions as the supreme soviet at the time of the take down of all Western Nations. The history of Africa in the twentieth century is the template tells us clearly where the Revolution is going. It is largely from the failed Marxist states of Africa that the gooks are being exported on the Soros payroll to all European nations and all nations where the racial and ethnic stock of European people founded a nation. And the supernatural element of the Revolution – behind its ‘atheist’ coverstory will be coming with these people in terms of their spirit mediums and indigenous devil worship.

  3. WakeyWakey says:

    “The Fourth ComIntern was networked across the Eastern Communist Bloc (the Hammer) and the Revolutionary Deep State Assets embedded in all Western governments (the Sickle).”

    If our ethnic-European peoples all around the world good just Deeply Understand The Above Sentence!!

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