Zimbabwe’s Killing Fields: The Marxist Murder Of Rhodesia’s Wildlife vs Operation Noah

Editor: How much more Marxist “Social Justice” can we and our wildlife stand?

Rhodesia’s Operation Noah was one of the greatest animal rescue operations the world has ever seen. Dozens of men were required to relocate just one Rhino from the rising flood waters of the newly built Kariba Hydroelectric Dam.

God Help The Animals, Please

by Dr Peter Hammond as reported by WND in 2012.

The next time animal rights and enviro-cranks get in your face about ancient trees or “endangered” fairy shrimp, ask them why they’re silent about this massive slaughter:

Vast herds of elephant and the endangered Black Rhino, cheetah, leopard and antelope have been snared, speared, shot or blown-up. Huge forests have been destroyed and entire game reserves have been devastated.

Some of the greatest game reserves in Africa have been in Zimbabwe [Rhodesia]. Now these wildlife sanctuaries are the scenes of unprecedented slaughter.

Those are the words of Dr. Peter Hammond, founder and director of Frontline Fellowship. His headquarters are in South Africa, but his Christian missionary work takes him across the continent. Vast herds of elephant and the endangered Black Rhino, cheetah, leopard and antelope have been snared, speared, shot or blown-up. Huge forests have been destroyed and entire game reserves have been devastated.

Dr Peter Hammond was born in [Rhodesia, but it is in liberated Zimbabwe] where this bloodlust is going on right now as his country, in his words, “spirals downward into lawlessness and savagery.” He calls it “a national suicide.”

Blood Red Marxist Feasts: Over $1,000,000 for this particular orgy of gluttony.

Extinction By Marxist Social ‘Justice’

Under the Marxist regime of Robert Mugabe, the country is undergoing what is called “land redistribution.” Farms are stolen from whites and given to soldiers, gangs and Mugabe’s friends and family. In the process, white farmers and the blacks working for them are beaten, robbed and killed. The agricultural economy has been destroyed with more than 6 million people already starving.

But there’s more, and Peter Hammond described it to me. It’s a story the mainstream media and environmentalists ignore. He said he sent out a report of the savagery and I was the only person in this country [America] to respond.

The only person in the country? Why am I the only media person to respond to his cry for help for Zimbabwe’s killing fields?

Of the many national parks created by Rhodesians, Kafue National Park was the largest in all of Africa. Sadly it was located in Northern Rhodesia which forced into becoming Marxist Zambia. Within a few years the black Rhino population was driven to extinction. Their future became equally as grim in ‘liberated’ southern Rhodesia.

It’s not dead people we’re talking about – as if that weren’t bad enough. It’s dead animals. All kinds – from family pets, to farm animals, to endangered and irreplaceable wildlife. The attackers maim and kill. For fun.

Cows have their udders cut off or their feet cut off at the knees or both. Other animals – goats, sheep, horses – share the same fate and are left alive, to stumble around until they bleed to death. Family pets are tortured and, in one case, in an effort to get a farmer out of his house (while they were shooting into the home), the invaders set his horse on fire.

Animals in Zimbabwe are political toys. Some are gifts for Diktators abroad, others are tortured and slaughtered to antagonise and terrorise farmers and political opponents in the liberated One-Party-State.

That’s horrible enough, but what’s going on in the bush is literally destroying the country. Consider:

  • The Save Valley, with over 840,000 acres, is one of Africa’s largest conservation areas. It supports over 1,200 elephants and is home to one of the most successful Black Rhino breeding programs on the continent.No more. Gangs set wire snares in the bush. Rangers have recovered over 1,089 dead animals – elephant, wild dog, cheetah, leopard and rhino. The snares strangled and starved them.Since last August, 27,000 snares have been found. Rangers estimate in this reserve alone, there could be as many as 427,000 snares set.
Sexual and Social Viagra: With a population of almost 1.5 Billion people, our wildlife cannot satiate Communist China’s need for animal body parts for prestigious ornaments or for their “magical” sexual powers.

  • In Kariba, game rangers found 33 elephants shot and 65 land mines set in game paths.
  • One entire game reserve was burned-out, enabling poachers to run animals down with dog packs – then, when caught, the animals are speared or axed to death. Animals which survive the fire and the hunt are left with nothing to eat.
  • In Bubiana, 240,000 trees have been destroyed and an estimated 30,000 animals slaughtered in the last 18 months. Many had only one limb cut off, the body left to rot. That was the fate of a pregnant warthog who’d been stabbed 30 times in the face.
  • Lynwood Ranch lost 7 of its 36 Black Rhino to snares. In Matusadona Park, one rhino had its horn hacked off and two were poisoned with pesticide. Bubiana had one of the world’s largest rhino populations … 50 percent have been killed.
  • In Chiredzi, 270,000 acres have been destroyed – whole ecosystems are gone.
  • In the Midlands, four game ranches lost 80 percent of their wildlife. Animals are being shot, suggesting the army and police are responsible. In some areas, there’s no game left at all.

If this continues, there won’t be any tourists either. Properties have been burned out and tourists chased out of safari camps. Game rangers have been targeted, disarmed, assaulted and even killed.

Peter Hammond is the voice in the wilderness. Let’s see who else cares. So far, the only sound is falling tears over senseless slaughter.

Watermelon Environmentalism: How Much More “Social Justice” Can We Stand?

Editor: The slaughter has continued unabated. Today Rhodesians who survived the theft of their farms in “liberated” Zimbabwe and tried to continue to preserve our wildlife, are unable to continue the battle. Why? Because admitting that they, as white Rhodesian’s were great caretakers of the land and animals does not fit the narrative required to fully implement the real agenda.

Above: The Royal Watermelon (Green on the outside, Red on the inside) did not help the last white Rhodesian farmers try to protect wildlife in ‘liberated’ Zimbabwe. He claims to be an animal advocate but is now pontificating about a One World Plan to be implemented within 9 years.
A gross betrayal of the Magna Carta signals the end of Western democracy.
You’ll Own Nothing, and We’ll Be Happy: So much for demanding one-man-one-vote for liberation.
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2 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Raking in millions of dollars annually, where was the WWF and IUCN when Dr Hammond made known the cruel slaughter of wildlife in Zimbabwe?

    I suspect most of the funding for these organizations created by Deep State Insiders have been going elsewhere and that these organizations are just FRONTS for more devious activities (including UN AGENDA 21, UN AGENDA 2030, and THE GREAT RESET to establish World Communism).

    How transparent is the flow of money into and out of these ‘conservation’ organizations? Are they just like the mega-rich tax-exempt FOUNDATIONS (read article by Reclaiming Rhodesia exposing the Foundations role to promote Communism throughout the West especially America. So much for charity/philanthropy.).

    The following (from wikipedia) is evidence these ‘conservation’ FRONTS are really about setting up their One World Communist Dictatorship with its One World (pagan) religion:

    “1986 was the 25th anniversary of WWF’s foundation, an event marked by a gathering in Assisi, Italy to which the organization’s International President Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, invited religious authorities representing Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism (totally incompatible religions).

    These leaders produced The Assisi Declarations, theological statements showing the spiritual relationship between their followers and nature that triggered a growth in the engagement of those religions with conservation around the world.

    The Royals have 2 heads they speak out of, one for us and then the real one.

    The same year the WWF was set up by the royal creatures (Prince Bernhard was its first head), Charles’ daddy Philip went to with gun in hand to colonial India and shot and killed a rare and endangered Tiger.

    But wait, there’s more (though much of the original facts now removed and censored ie it was worse than this.):


    So why did the International Union or Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ignore Dr Hammond’s expose? Who was in control at the time?

    A Harvard physicist from India, 2008–2012 India Ashok Khosla was President from 2008-2012.
    That same year Red China provided the next President of IUCN: 2012–present China Zhang Xinsheng. He’s a Communist political figure from the Communist government. Fox in charge of the hen house?

    To establish a stable financial basis for its work, IUCN participated in setting up the World Wildlife Fund (1961) (now the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF) to work on fundraising to cover part of the operational costs of IUCN.
    Also in 1961, the IUCN headquarters moved from Belgium to Morges in Switzerland. Deep State insider Julian Huxley set up IUCN when he was Director General of UNESCO.

    In the same year, 1961, that the World Wildlife Fund was being created by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands et al, Prince Philip shot a rare and endangered Tiger in India.
    In 1970, along with Duke of Edinburgh and a few associates, Prince Bernhard established the WWF’s financial endowment The 1001: A Nature Trust to handle the WWF’s administration and fundraising. 1001 members each contributed $10,000 to the trust. This was known as the 1001 Club.

    WWF is highly suspect for its activities. Is it a Deep State globalist FRONT for something else, one might well ask?


    ARD documentary and “PandaLeaks” book:

    The German public television ARD aired a documentary on 22 June 2011 that claimed to show how the WWF cooperates with corporations such as Monsanto, providing sustainability certification in exchange for donations – essentially greenwashing.
    WWF has denied the allegations. By encouraging high-impact eco-tourism, the program alleges that WWF contributes to the destruction of habitat and species it claims to protect while also harming indigenous peoples.

    The filmmaker, Wilfried Huismann, was sued by the WWF over his documentary and the book “Schwarzbuch WWF” published in 2012, which was based on the documentary.

    In an out of court settlement, he agreed to remove or revise certain claims. Speaking on behalf of WWF Germany, Marco Vollmar indicated “[Huismann] draws a distorted picture of false statements, defamations and exaggerations, but we will accept that as expressions of opinion.” (Translated from the original German: “ein Zerrbild aus falschen Aussagen, Diffamierungen und Übertreibungen, aber das werden wir als Meinungsäußerungen hinnehmen.”)

    In 2014, German investigative journalist Wilfried Huismann published a revised edition of his 2012 book, originally called The Silence of the Pandas.

    The original edition had become a bestseller in Germany, but was banned from Britain until 2014, when it was released under the title of PandaLeaks – The Dark Side of the WWF, after a series of injunctions and court orders.

    The book criticizes WWF for its involvement with corporations that are responsible for large-scale destruction of the environment, such as Coca-Cola,

    and gives details into the existence of the secret 1001 Club, whose members, Huismann claims, continue to have an unhealthy influence on WWF’s policy making. WWF has denied the allegations made against it. [Of course]

    Corporate partnerships

    WWF has been accused by the campaigner Corporate Watch of being too close to business to campaign objectively.

    WWF claims partnering with corporations such as [White hating] Coca-Cola, Lafarge, Carlos Slim’s and IKEA will reduce their effect on the environment.

    WWF received €56 million (US$80 million) from corporations in 2010 (an 8% increase in support from corporations compared to 2009), accounting for 11% of total revenue for the year.

    For their 2019 fiscal year, WWF reported 4% of their total operating revenue coming from corporations.

    Human rights abuses by paramilitaries

    In 2017, a report by Survival International claimed that WWF-funded paramilitaries are not only committing abuses against the indigenous Baka and Bayaka in the Congo Basin, who “face harassment and beatings, torture and death”, but are also corrupt and aid in the destruction of conserved areas.

    The report accused WWF and its guards of partnering with several logging companies who carried out deforestation, while the rangers ignored wildlife trafficking networks.

    In 2019, an investigation by BuzzFeed News alleged that paramilitary groups funded by the organisation are engaged in serious human rights abuses against villagers, and the organisation has covered up the incidents and acted to protect the perpetrators from law enforcement.

    These armed groups were claimed to torture, sexually assault, and execute villagers based on false accusations. In one instance found by BuzzFeed News investigators, an 11-year-old boy was allegedly tortured by WWF-funded rangers in front of his parents;[ WWF ignored all complaints against the rangers.

    In another incident, a ranger attempted to rape a Tharu woman and, when she resisted, attacked her with bamboo stick until she lost consciousness. While the ranger was arrested, the woman was pressured not to press charges, resulting in the ranger going free.

    In 2010, WWF-sponsored rangers reportedly killed a 12-year-old girl who was collecting tree bark in Bardiya National Park. Park and WWF officials allegedly obstructed investigations in these cases, by “falsifying and destroying evidence, falsely claiming the victims were poachers, and pressuring the families of the victims to withdraw criminal complaints”.

    In July 2019 Buzzfeed reported that a leaked report by the WWF accused guards of beating and raping women including pregnant women while torturing men by tying their penises with fishing lines. The investigations were cut short after paramilitary groups threatened investigators with death.

    The investigators accused WWF of covering up the crimes. Releasing an official statement, the WWF claimed that the report was not made public to ensure the safety of the victims and that the guards were suspended and are awaiting prosecution.

    However Buzzfeed accused the WWF of attempting to withhold the report to the US congressional committee investigating the human rights violations by providing highly redacted versions instead.

    In the Central African Republic, WWF officials were reportedly involved in an arms deal, where the organization paid for 15 Kalashnikov assault rifles and ammunition; but part of the money went unaccounted for and they were apparently defrauded by the CAR army representatives selling the weapons.

    The Kathmandu Post, which cooperated with BuzzFeed News on the investigations in Nepal, claimed there was intense lobbying and political pressure to release WWF-funded rangers arrested for murder.

    They interviewed activists who claimed they were promised donations for pressuring victims of abuse to drop charges against the rangers. When the local Tharu community protested, WWF officials carried out a counter-protest in favour of the accused and used park elephants to block Prithvi Highway.

    An investigation by Rainforest Foundation UK found evidence of widespread physical and sexual assault by ‘eco-guards’ employed by the Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo funded by WWF. These include two cases of gang rape, two extrajudicial killings, and multiple accounts of torture and other forms of mistreatment committed by park guards.

    In reply to the investigations, WWF stated that it takes any allegations seriously and would be launching an independent review into the cases raised.
    (all the above info from wikipedia, which would just be touching the surface).

    Today NO international organization is to be trusted. I only donate to small transparent charity organizations which provide full accountability for every penny.


  2. Linde says:

    After the ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union and the ‘death of Communism’ [ aka the Perestroika Deception] environmentalism is the new liberation front Communist ideology. All these green mantras, Earth Charter rulz, conservation charters, Gaia spirituality, the wisdom of tribal peoples (as opposed to evil Western social progress and development) and now the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals loom high on the international Agenda.

    These issues are the same as all the other social justice ‘issues’ the Communist Revolution has generated over the years. But as Dr. Hammond tells us: “The Issue is never the Issue. The Issue is always the Revolution.”

    People who want to see the Communist track record on conservation should look at Zimbabwe. Pay no attention to the stupid Earth Charter cover story. Zimbabwe is the real story. And if you want the really real story of the Communist Revolution in the twentieth century – look at Rhodesia.

    The Chinese Communist Party of the PRC which backed ZANU-PF and their Gook Army ZANLA for the Communist takeover of Rhodesia is the biggest organ harvester on the planet. They certainly deal in animal parts for their restaurants and BioTech. They also have a human DNA data base so that the Communist elite in the ‘building the world soviet’ project can fly to China and get their spare parts and stem cells [ think children]. In Australia the Bei Jing Genomics Institute is building the DNA database for the Special Economic Zone [ aka ‘colony’ ] Australia. They have a lab complex in every capital city. Here in Brisbane, the BGI is over on Herston Road.

    The CCP outright purchased Zimbabwe to be their colony a few years back, bought up all the water rights. [ Take note – building government and social order in a colony is a good thing when Communist governments do it and very bad and horribly racist when evil Whitey does it ]. The terrible plunder of African wildlife will only continue on this system. And the Zimbabweans will find themselves phenotyped for the CCP organ harvesting racket.

    The Communist Chinese and their Gook government are creating hell on earth in Rhodesia. All the libtard Marxists on mantra with the UN 17 sustainable development goals are just fine with this. The CCP are the ‘ethnical, stakeholders’ in the ‘multi-polar world’ don’t you know. They are big respecters of the ‘First In Time’ rights of all indigenous people – like the current Gook government in Zimbabwe.

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