Exposing The Savagery Of ‘Freedom Fighters’: The Sadistic Mau Mau Oaths & Orgy Of Barbarism

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  1. Linde says:

    Jomo Kenyetta , the supreme leader who received the dreadful blood oaths documented here was one of the most illustrious alumni of Moscow University of the Toilers of the East – which was the revolutionary training school of the Third ComIntern. President Liu Shaoqi – Mao ze dong’s third in command and another big genocider in the service of the Revolution was another illustrious graduate. Kenyetta was a big note at the the Pan African Congress in Manchester along with his fellow Commissar Patrice Lamumba, genocider of the Congo.

    All the Commissars of the Communist Revolution against Africa went to the same universities like University of the Toilers of the East or Lumumba U, same military training camps in China, North Korea and their African extensions. And they attended the same Marxist conferences in London. Nothing like the old school ties and associations.

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