Operation Mayibuye and its Deep State Signatures: The Demolition of Bastions, Part One

“When, therefore, it is said in those circles they are glad that Mandela received a life sentence and not the death sentence, because he may still, like Kenyatta, become the leader of the future, then I say: ‘God forbid!’  If that were to happen, not only would South Africa be doomed and become Communist, but then the world would in time be conquered by Communism, because after that the only bastions which still protect White civilization against that pernicious ideology would fall one after another.” [ 1 ]

Prime Minister of South Africa Hendrik Verwoerd

Written by Linde for Reclaiming Rhodesia. Linde is an independent researcher and author who’s articles appear in various independent online publications. Linde’s homesite is: Unicuique Suumis.

Operation Mayibuye and its Deep State Signatures

Although the Union of South Africa had become fully sovereign from the United Kingdom under the Statute of Westminster 1931, the social order of South African republic (1961), its law and government, was established upon its European heritage and founding stock. Verwoerd understood that social order to be an extension of Western Civilization through colonisation. Thus, he was in fundamental aggreement with Yiddish Revolutionary Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov (alias Lenin).

In  his address to the Communist International (Comintern) or Third International (1919 – 1943), at the Second World Congress (Moscow : 1920), Lenin, declared the Europian colonies and their nation states to be the main bastion against the objects of the world-wide Revolution – as shown on their logo.

Smashing Europe with their Hammer and slicing 2000 years of civilization from history with their Sickle, is the point of the genocidal Revolution.

With this historical and political fact of matter clearly before them, the Second World Congress resolved upon the removal of European colonial government and regimes on all continents. In the West this policy is called: “de-colonization” and understood as “nationalist aspirations driving the  ‘winds of change’ social movements.”  Today it is called Ethnic European replacement and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan (1925) or the UN Global Compact for Migration (2018). [2]

The Demolition Of Bastions

Verwoerd, Lenin and the Third and Fourth Cominterns ( 1938 – ?) understood this policy of ‘de-colonization’ as the demolition of bastions.  In warfare, both Verwoerd and Lenin thought like Sun Tzu. They thought in terms of first principles and facts of matter. They thought tactically and operationally, not descriptively or emotively as the Western liberals and Marxists think.

The resolution of the Comintern (1920) had nothing to do with conditions of exploited proletarians, slavery, tribal wars, starvation or epidemics of disease. Despite the mainstream prime-time Marxist narrative depicting ‘colonialism’ as horrific degradation and oppression by ‘racist, minority White, settler regimes’ or ‘racist White apartheid regimes’.  It had nothing to do with ‘racism’ – a nothing burger of a label made up by Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) for a Marxist ideology that dictates the criminalisation of ethnic Europeans. And only ethnic Europeans.

Communist regimes always use food as a weapon against the proletariat. They target the small land owning family farmer first creating a rootless and restless peoples in their image.

The Projection Of Racism Onto Ethnic Europeans In Their Own Homelands

To hear the Bolsheviks tell it, the major crime of those horrible White Russians (the ethnic Russian Europeans) was ‘racism’.  They called the Jewish Bolshevik Revolutionaries by their Yiddish ethnic identity. Ancestrally, the Ashkhenaz are a Khazarian Yiddish people out of the Caucasus of Russia.  Now there is a ‘minority Apartheid settler regime’ for you. 

The Soviet Union, created by these Yiddish / Jewish Bolsheviks, genocided upward of fifty million of the ethnic European Russian population. But that isn’t racism. Oh no.  That was the liquidation of anti-collectivist elements paving the way for the genociders to became the ‘Russians’.  This is how the game works.

Today, one must comb through all the textbook Marxist ideology and obfuscation (which I am wont to call: the schmoscreen)  to form anything like an accurate opinion of European civilisation on continents other than Europe. 

Consider the insulation of the colonial populations from the Great War (WWI).  They were experiencing a steady improvement according to every index of social progress and development under colonial rule. Perhaps the most striking and objective confirmation of this fact  was the increase in birthrates and decrease in morbidity across the spectrum of diseases.

Far from being the pig in the story,  all those ‘minority White racist, settler regimes’ (aka European civilization on continents other than Europe) had been an elevator to a great diversity of ethnic peoples, many of which previously had known only subsistence and all its attendant evils. And in Africa that would have been  millennia of  tribal raiding and slaving wars, where  contrary to all Marxist textbooks for Western education,  most of those slaves were sold on the Gold Coast to the Caliphates of the Muslim Empire: 632 – 1923 A.D. 

The mainstream prime-time narrative depicts the black Bantu only as victims, regardless of the invasions and atrocities committed against other tribes, often asiatic tribes.

It was the resolution of the Third and Forth Cominterns in their world congresses which dictated that Europe was to be stripped of its colonies and made to abdicate government in order to make way (of course) for the new colonization under the Communist powers. The world Revolution was the means to an end.

The World Revolution: World Communism Needed The Expulsion Of Colonial Powers

The former correspondent to the London Times, Douglas Reed reported in: The Battle for Rhodesia, the aftermath of both world wars was a time of

“steadily improving future for all peoples under the colonial powers as they pursued the established policy of gradually uplifting the tribespeople towards an increasing part in the management of affairs.  With folk separated by millennia from every ‘Western’ concept, gradualism was the only method.  Violent interruption of this process meant…reversion to tribal wars, slavery, warfare, famine and disease.”.

“Only one power in the world admittedly desired this interruption.  Lenin (1920) decreed that the expulsion of the colonial powers from their territories was vital to the achievment of world communism.  Western liberalism’ openly supported this Leninist aim.  The partnership, indeed, between the governments of the ‘free world’ and communism, their professed enemy is the basic fact of the years 1960 – 1966 in Africa.  Only when that is understood does the picture of what has happened become plain, as a photograph emerges from a film in developing liquid.”  [ 3 ]

Beginning with Great Britain’s grant of independence to Ghana, 1957,  the “Winds of Change” for Lenin’s dictate began to rise upon Africa.  

Before 1957, there existed only two independent nations on the whole of the continent: Ethiopia and Liberia. The latter was created by the US 1842 for the Negroes it deported back to Africa and propped up since that time.  Black African ownership of slaves has always been legal in Liberia and cannabalism is OK. Liberia has yet to even achieve the status of ‘failed Marxist shit-hole state’. What sanctions could the UN possibly bring to bear on Liberia?  It was a hell-hole in 1842 and it is a hell-hole today.

Despite having been assisted for 180 years to form a thriving new nation, Liberia is one of the poorest and most inequitable nations in the world – 4th poorest in 2015 with a very healthy and wealthy African-American lighter-black elite that despises the darker African majority. In contrast, Rhodesia attained food security for all, and was able to export food (despite a soaring black population) within 20 years of settlement.

And there was the British Colony of Kenya where the African, European and Asian populations were  undergoing a brutal insurgency at the hands of the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (Mau Mau). That conflict would not be settled until 1960, the year which announced the dictate of the Third (1919-1943) and Fourth Cominterns (1938 – ) against European nations (not already stripped of their colonies in the world wars).

The Mau Mau oaths included “In the event of me killing anyone I will cut their heads off, extract the eyeballs, and drink the liquid from them.” African girls were turned into prostitutes and used for bestial oath ceremonies, and “ex-chief Luka’s child was cut in half, its blood drunk, and the two halves of the body were flung
  at the mother, who was then killed“.

Although the West did not hear of the  ‘Brezhnev Doctrine’  for Eastern Europe until 1968, it was applied by the Central Committee of the Fourth Comintern long before that. A prime objective of the Revolution was always to seize the strategic mineral treasure chest of the Southern African nations and deny these materials to the Western miliatry industrial complex [As if the US government was not sending massive technology transfers to the entire Eastern Bloc under the  Lend Lease program and via Israel]

This is a policy signature of embedded Deep State Revolutionary Assets in ZOG West if ever there was one.

Who Has Seen the Wind?

February 3, 1960, the Prime Minister of the UK, Harold MacMillan – clearly an Insider to the ‘de-colonization’  Agenda –  issued the watchword at Capetown , South Africa in his ‘”Winds of Change” speech to the South African Parliament. He put the European nations on notice to stand down in Africa and allow the Communist powers of ‘the Hammer’ the right of way  in their drive for the African continent, its populations, land, wealth, its minerals like titanium, zirconium oxide, high grade chromium, gold, rare earths, strategic positions, sea routes and of course the European infrastructure built by the White Africans over many centuries.

PM Harold MacMillan pretending to care about Zulus.

Ultimately, the Rivonia Plan (discussed below) was formulated to cut out Portuguese East Africa and Rhodesia and leave South Africa isolated and vulnerable to blockade and invasion. [ 4 ]

The ‘Winds of Change’ announcement is a salient example of how ZOG West deploys the Sickle Power of the Communist Revolution.

The Western ZOG: the UK, the US and the UN handle the real politik of the Revolution.  The  diplomacy, finance, psychological warfare of Cultural Marxism in the Western MSM  and all public fora belong to the Sickle Power. But  most importantly,  the Sickle Power networks the Fifth Column treason of the Deep State Assets of the Revolution through the slime-y Ganelon Factor. 

In the Western nations undergoing subversion, the Revolution will always work to cover the gates and choke-points within the institutions of authority and social influence.  This  Fifth Column enables and facilitates the armed aggression of the Revolution.  In its institutions of social influence, it claims the moral high ground of the front issues which screen the Revolution. The Revolutionary Assets of the Deep State will then settle the conflicts in favour of world Communism.

And this, I think, is what makes the Rivonia documents tendered as state’s evidence in the Rivonia Trial in Pretoria, S.A. ( 1963-64 ) such an important study for the Reclaiming Rhodesia project.

This essay recognizes the Deep State cabals in the Western ZOGs as an extension of the  international organism and racial Collective which owns the global financial pyramid. I have to get around Google’s algorithms for Wrongthink, so I will call it: the Squid.  And the Squid owns the Communist Revolution as an asset of its pyramid. All nations are now in fact owned as assets, although it was not so in the 1960s. In the 1960s there were plenty more newly minted republics to be stamped out in Africa and welded to their seats in the UN.

Goldman Sachs is only one tentacle-sucker of the greater Vampire Squid.

On ‘Winds of Change’ cue, ZOG UK initiated the Monkton Commission (officially the Advisory Commission for the Review of the Constitution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland). It  was set up by the British government to investigate and advise. It reported its findings to the Lords in October 1960 and delivered its recommendation for black African majority government. Good ZOG pat pat.

“Winds of Change” was not a mere description of some anticipated shape of things to come. And it was not an analogy for evolutionary change and adaptation within existing structures based on legitimate, nationalist aspirations. It was the marketing brand name of an international operation that was organised by the Squid at the Apex of the world financial pyramid and then deployed between ZOG East and ZOG West.

After PM MacMillan came British PM Harold Wilson pictured in the Soviet Union 1968. Despite white Eastern Europeans never being given a VOTE on their subjugation into the Communist Soviet Union, Wilson was obsessed with one-man-one vote for black Africans whether they wanted it or not! He was extremely anti-Rhodesia and rejected the calls from the Rhodesian Council of 700 Tribal Chiefs who confirmed unanimously “that they were the real leaders of the African peoples, fully approved the 1961 Constitution, and told him that he must reject the unelected radical nationalists who were demanding immediate power.” 

As the events that began to immediately unfold clearly tell,  “Winds of Change” was the code word in  ZOG West for the communisation of Africa. 

The documents of  Operation Mayibuye which came to light in South Africa and were tendered as state’s evidence in the Rivonia Trial was the Plan for the ‘Winds of Change’. It was also the manual, the ‘how to’ for the organisation and execution of the Communist Revolution in the nations of Southern Africa, specifically  South Africa, the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and the Portuguese colonies of Mozambique and Angola.

In 1960, it was ready to roll.

1960! The Winds Of Organised Unrest And Assassinations Become A Hurricane!

Sharpeville [aka massacre] followed directly upon the “Winds of Change” signal March 21, 1960. A crowd of 7,000 descended upon a South African police station in Sharpeville with the manifest demonstration of overwhelment and stampede. The official Marxist narrative has them unarmed and peacefully protesting  against the Pass Laws when 69 were killed by police gunfire.  I can hear it now: “Sadly, children, this is exactly the type of crimes White racist regimes are inclined to commit against the poor oppressed Blacks.”

“The Sharpeville Riot of 1960 in which 20,000 Blacks armed with machetes, guns and metal pipes approached a police station of just 150. An accidental discharge of a firearm occurred due to an understandably nervous policeman causing the angered crowd to storm forward. With the memory just 2 months prior when 4 White and 5 Black policemen were hacked to death, the police opened fire on the menacing crowd. In South African school history books today the Sharpeville Riot is inaccurately portrayed as 4,000 friendly and unarmed protesters.” Much like the ‘peaceful’ BLM riots today.

The first assassination attempt on the life of South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd occurred 9 April, 1960.

King Baudouin made the Belgian Congo independent June 1960. And it promptly descended into a vortex of  tribal wars, wholesale massacres and rapine conducted by the guerrilla insurgents of Soviet terror proxy Patrice Lumumba (for whom Lumumba University in Moscow is named). Later the Simbas backed by the Chinese communists (and organised by the ANC with bipartisan support in Great Britain: all political parties and the Hustings )  took up the fight where the Soviet backed forces of Lumumba had left off.

Convenient to the Squid’s lust for minerals and control, the Congo reverted to its base instincts exemplified by the 16 Italian Air Forcemen killed and eaten.

In the conclusion of that momentous year, the world’s largest Communist organisation: the UN General Assembly resolved to enforce the dictate of the Third (1919 – 1943) and Fourth (1938 – ?) Cominterns against European nations that had not been stripped of their colonies in the world wars. They mandated European ‘de-colonisation’. (U.N. General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV). December 14, 1960 )

On the heels of the U.N. Resolution 1514 (XV), both the UN and its mouthpiece the Organisation of African Unity, OAU, founded on 25 May 1963, called for a more liberal constitution for the Federation of  Rhodesia and Nyasland. [5] I am sure there was a seat at the UN table for the ZOG UK Deep State Assets on the Monckton Commission.

The OAU Gangster Board. “Britain has granted independence to more people than any other nation in history”, bragged Harold Wilson. “Yes,” said Ian Smith, “and in one instance [alone] this resulted in a million people being killed in 3 days”.

The crisis in Africa could only deepen. The Communist Revolution, as depicted in the Logo of the Third Comintern, was being thrust upon Africa by its international agencies. And it was to be erupted from within. ZOG East, and its colonies (styled in the Marxist MSM as ‘satellites’) had the role of the blunt Hammer of armed aggression. ZOG West had the role of the sharp Sickle: the real politik

All of this was in place and especially the Deep State embedding within the Western ZOGs when Operation Mayibuye, the co-ordinating Plan for Southern Africa came to light at Rivonia in Johannesburg. [Readers unfamiliar with the Rivonia Trial might wish to refer to Part Two “Rivonia” in this essay].

Operation Mayibuye was a detailed plan to terrorise the entire nation through targeting infrastructure and civilians for bombings. As Mandela admitted in court, it was intended to cause so much suffering and fear as to destabilize the nation and INCITE the black population to rise up. In English it stands for Operation ‘Africa Come Back’, of course it was really Operation ‘Become Communist’ which is why, ironically, the traditional leaders – the Chiefs and Headmen – were ignored by the plotters and their financiers.
The Rivonia 12 included only 4 black Africans. There was 1 Indian and 7 Jews. Dennis Goldberg (second row, second last) explains, below on mockingbird media, the localized use of the Hammer and the Sickle to subvert a nation by terrorising civilians.

The armed aggression of the Hammer of the Revolution is self-evident. But in the events that followed the ‘Winds of Change’ signal, the operation of the Sickle is not generally appreciated. Yet Operation Mayibuye, in its political analysis acknowledged the role of the Western assets of the Communist Revolution as a going concern.  It was in place.

Like this:

At the behest of the  ZOG US Dept. of State, the UN sent troops to the Congo not to restore order, but to prevent M. Moise Tshombe from leading the secession of Katanga – the one province determined to resist the Revolution and fight its way out of the killing field.

Eerily similar to Rwanda where the UN enabled a literal holocaust witnessed by Dr Peter Hammond.

While the Vatican Council II was in session (1962-65), the Congo was undergoing a Communist genocide at the hands of the Maoist backed Simbas fighting the permanent world war of the Fourth Comintern (1938 -?). Yet under the supervision of the Russian ‘Observers’ and in compliance with the Vatican’s Ost Politik, the Council refused to even mention the Roman Catholic Church’s constant teachings and condemnations of Communism as an error set for  “ruin of all human institutions”, an error that grew out of the Great Revolution 1789 in France and all the Communes. 

“Iniquitous plot for the  overthrow of the entire order of human affairs”, “ruin of all”, “deadly plague”,  “scheme of horrible wickedness”, “dreadful project”, “irreconcilable with all Christian truth”, “spectre of Leviathan” , “the need for a union of brave minds with all the resources they can command against this harvest of misery” – I think  basically sums up the pontifications on this subject from Rome for over a century

But, for the Vatican II Council and the Aggiornamento (‘winds of change’) , not a bit of all that paste-y old stuff.  The pasta is al dente!  The Council Fathers even wrote their own counter “Syllabus of Errors”  (Gaudium et Spes) against the constant and irreformable teaching of six popes. 

“Vatican Council II is the French Revolution in the Church!” exclaimed Cardinal Suenens. And for the architects like Suenens, the errors of the Revolution upon which the Anathema had been cast (many times) were to become the new ideological foundation of  social teaching for the Novus Ordo Catholic Church – cultural Marxism and liberation theology.  

In 2019, a non-Catholic naked mother with her infant is breastfeeding an animal is declared part of the natural world in an Argentinian Novus Ordo Catholic Church! What is next? Mau Mau Oaths at the altar?

Christian Churches Become Assets Of The Revolution

And the Revolution also took power over Orthodox, Reformed, Protestant and Evangelical Churches through the World Council of Churches. Like the Novus Ordo, through the WCC, they became assets of the Revolution. In South Africa, WCC churches certainly earned their paychecks with their efforts to put the South African government on trial for ‘apartheid’ before the world’s media on location in Pretoria for the Rivonia trial.

A few years later, the Rhodesian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Commission of Justice and Peace in Rhodesia were completely fermented in this JudeoXtian Marxism of the Vatican II Council and Gaudium et Spes.  ZANLA political commissar, Robert Mugabe was invited to make good use of the offices of the Catholic Commission of Justice and Peace in Rhodesia to publish atrocity propaganda against the Rhodesian state for the de-moralisation of a young nation fighting its war of independence pro Deo et patria. 

And some of it may even have been true. That is not the point. War, any war, by definition and operation is a crime. The question of war, goes back to the first moral principles and the ‘know why’ of the conflict. In terms of those principles, the Rhodesians were objectively and morally right. And to the mind of the Roman Catholic Church they were on the side of Christ the King whatever their religious persuasion/s or lack thereof may have been. And by the same measure, in South Africa the Christian Churches based in Biblical and political truth which opposed the efforts of the World Council of Churches’ to claim the moral high ground for the Rivonia ‘anti-apartheid’ defendants took up position on the side of Christ the King.

The documents of Operation Mayibuye recognised the ‘Christian assets’ of the Revolution in no uncertain terms as sponsoring partners. And they constitute a collateral Fifth column in their own right.

Rhodesia Pokes The Squid

Meanwhile, back at The Corporation of the City of London, at the height of the Katanga Crisis and the ‘overthrow of the entire order of human affairs’ in the Congo, Her Majesty’s government was also experiencing ZOG pressures:

They “offerred 1,000 lbs of ‘blockbuster bombs’ to assist the Communist guerrillas and bomb Katanga into submission. But Sir Roy Welensky [who’s mother was an Afrikaner and father a Lithuanian Jew], the last prime minister of the Federation of  Rhodesia and Nyasaland, defied both the British government and the United Nations in their efforts to assist the Communist forces.  He adamantly refused “to allow the transit of the bombs through  Rhodesia which ‘we know are to be used against defenceless people who are fighting for their homeland, but who have ranged against them one of the great powers in the world today’.” [6]

That did it.  Sir Roy had seriously poked the Squid.  From New York City, no less an international Asset than Dag Hammarskjold, the Secretary General of the United Nations was dispatched to deal with Sir Roy and the Rhodesians in the real politk of  squidliness. 

Sir Roy Welensky like the Rhodesian Council of 700 Tribal Chiefs and Headmen advocates evolution not revolution. No nation has been made Communist without a violent “Revolution”!

In the official Marxist narrative of Hammarskjold’s tribute, when Dag was posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, we are told in hushed tones that the Secretary General’s secret, diplomatic mission to Salisbury was tasked with no less a mandate than to negotiate the cease fire of the Congo Crisis. But this noble endeavor for world peace never landed in Salisbury.  The UN plane, a DC-6, mysteriously crashed in Northern Rhodesia near Ndola. 

The government of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was both officially dismayed and officially adamant. It used the occaision of this tragic failure for world peace to again state the position of the Welensky government to the Communist powers of the Western ZOG:

‘No transshipment of bombs through Rhodesia to Communist terrorists fighting in the Congo’.

For the record,  Ndola was where  ‘C’ Rhodesia Squadron of the Special Air Service was based in 1961 – the year they again became operational under the patronage of Sir Roy Welensky.

The Rhodesian SAS

Note at the 2:00-2.13 minute mark where Sir Roy Welensky decorates the newly operational SAS. These may well be the Rhodesians who sent the UN and Whitehall an important message from Rhodesia.  It would be the first of many. And for all time – Sir Roy’s expression: priceless!

The Picture of Operation Mayibuye Begins to Emerge

By 1962, the Zimbabwean African People’s Union (ZAPU) had been founded under the aegis of the ANC.  It was led by Matabele political commissar: Joshua Nkomo. Initially, Nkomo was the Zimbabwean leader and representative to the African National Congress in Southern Rhodesia (SRANC) when it was part of the Federation of Nyasaland ( 1953-1963). The Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia, Sir Edgar Whitehead declared a state of emergency over SRANC and banned it as a Communist front organisation. 500 SRANC leaders were rounded up and arrested although Nkomo was not among them.

From the beginning, ZAPU made its affiliation with the ANC and its allegiance clear. ZAPU and SRANC aligned themselves with the Soviet Union and stated their intention of mobilising African workers within the Nyasaland Federation for the Zimbabwean cause of Black majority rule.  They began an insurgent campaign of intimidation and terror against the Matabele and Shona workers which were that most rare of Black African demographics – an upwardly mobile and growing population working across a range of skillsets – by every index of economic growth.

Herein lies the problem for the Communist Revolution and the need for the tactical thinking of the Comintern and its Central Committee.

The vast majority of Black Rhodesians targeted by ZAPU (and later ZANU) for proletarian socialism were land owners. They weren’t landless peasants or destitute sweatshop laborers.  They were living in their traditional African way on their tribal lands guaranteed to them in trust by the Rhodesian state.  In South Africa they were living in the same lifestyle in the Homelands guaranteed them by the state which had committed itself to substantial investment in the development of their lands under the rule of their Chiefs.

As a population they were stakeholders and partners in growing first world economies. 

Rhodesia’s black middle class was soaring both in urban and rural areas achieving lifestyles that Europeans trapped behind the Communist Iron Curtain would not have believed possible. Zero hunger and all metrics for quality of life were rapidly increasing -even during the war!

So what exactly did Communism have to offer them?  Political power maybe? In Rhodesia, the Shona and Matabele had their own traditional self government under their Chiefs who sat in the seats reserved for them in the Rhodesian Parliament. 

A simplified chart illustrating how Rhodesia’s’ Westminster Governance system was married to traditional Tribal rule systems. A true exemplification of “diversity”.

Under Westminster Law they were hereditary titles. They didn’t stand for elections. What could ‘one UN vote equals one UN value’ possibly offer to a hereditary chief  in the Rhodesian Parliament or a peer in the House of Lords under a Westminster government?

Three of the Chiefs in Rhodesia who supported Rhodesia’s Declaration Of Independence, how were they to be convinced they ‘wanted’ a Communist Revolution?

To be continued next week in Operation Mayibuye: The Rivonia Trial Unmasking The Hidden Hands, Part Two.


1] Lauritz Strydom.  Rivonia Unmasked! 1965. (Voortrekkers: Johannesburg, S.A.) p. 106 PDF copy

2 ] The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design (Part 1), Occidental Observer October 4, 2016

3 ] Douglas Reed.  The Battle for Rhodesia. 1967. ( New York: Devin-Adair Publishers )  p. 5 PDF copy

4] Douglas Reed. The Battle for Rhodesia. 1967.  p. 95, 96.

5] Douglas Reed.  The Battle for Rhodesia. 1967  p. 75-76.  

6] Douglas Reed. Battle for Rhodesia. 1967.  

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6 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    It is great to see and read how much improved is the essay that I sent over to Reclaiming Rhodesia a week or so ago. Also the development of this material in directions that everyone in the West needs to understand now. Our Fourth Industrial Revolution Commissars are breaking the world’s food supply chains as they tank the Western economies. For the Revolution – food is definitely one of the big ones with all independent farmers always on the front line. The history of Rhodesia contains the entire playbook on hybrid warfare with entire chapters on food / supply. Thank you for publishing and a joyful ‘All Saints’ both sine nomine and Sit Nomine Digna to all the Rhodesians.

  2. AnnE says:

    What a great read revealing an all encompassing Big Picture from Linde. Loved it. I had no idea the Rivonia Trial convicted criminals had any connection with Rhodesia’s war against the CTs and downfall.

    Its revealing that the West’s war in Vietnam was to fight communism expansionism while at the same time that Rhodesia too was fighting communism expansionism, this same West were hellbent in destroying that nation.

    Its even more revealing that they hammered home – or rather ‘sickled’ home – that the ‘sinful’ Rhodesians must above all, have democratic elections with one man one vote (even though uneducated traditional rural tribesmen and women had never heard the word ‘constitution’ let alone understood its meaning and significance).
    Yet when at the same time in Mozambique power was handed over to communist terrorists Samora Machele and Frelimo without any elections being held at all for the people, the same Western powers and their fakestream media remained totally silent. Silence means consent of course, and Machele predictably, became yet another one party dictator and a failed state.

    Worse still Britain provided funds to Mozambique which they knew would support the terror training camps there as well as the dictatorship itself. Disgusting.

    The above contradictions are proof positive that ‘democracy’ was just a fake front behind which as Linde states, Rhodesian (then SAfrica) was to marked to become a member of the 4th ComIntern.

    This article had a lot of detailed information that was unknown to me so I look forward to reading Part 2 on the Rivonia Trial in South Africa and its relevance to Rhodesia as well.

  3. Linde says:

    Hi AnnE. Thank you so much for your insightful comment and the Ice Age Farmer link. This is very important part of the story. I neglected it in my original material, but it did not escape the Rhodesians. They totally get the food / farmer dimension of the Communist Revolution and Support added the Holodomor material to my original submission, putting in the links to the Rhodesian and Boere farmers. This is the one class the Revolution has to break. You also highlight for us one of the great themes of Rhodesia’s history and that is their Westminster government. The UK government of Britain is a subverted form of Westminster. In Rhodesia, however, you all replicated the real deal. It was not owned by central bank and it was set up to work the way this Parliamentary form of government was designed to work. The best of American jurisprudence goes back to Westminster also, and even though that is subverted, it is not entirely subverted. It could be rebuilt. Sadly, the roles of the UK and US ZOGs in the Communist Revolution are largely ignominious. The things they did right they did because the power of the anti-Communist Americans and Britons was much stronger in the 1960s and 1970s than it is now. I was in London during Rhodesia’s War of Independence and there were wild scenes down on the Strand monthly, sometimes weekly, with veterans especially coming down to demonstrate at the old Rhodesia House against the latest outrage from the UK government against Rhodesia. Not even the British police messed with these blokes , they would get themselves arrested and just smack the arresting officer for being a cheeky boy. You had to see it. None of that was reported in the MSM , of course, a huge asset for the Communist Revolution. And then ZOG UK was pouring in the migrants, Enoch Powell was speaking publicly against that up in Wolverhampton and there were wild pro-Rhodesia demonstrations in the North as well. Stay tuned. The Australians need to know all this material if we are going to become counter-Revolutionary to the world communist Bio-Security state.

    • AnnE says:

      Hi Linde. I’ve taken on board all your information in your comment. Very interesting to know any pro-Rhodesia protests in the UK were censored by the media. In fact the Zionist control of the world media is their greatest weapon against Humanity. Interesting that Kevin Rudd is requesting a commission into Zio Murdoch’s unprecedented control of most of the media in Australia. He even controls local papers such as the Cairns Post.

      Re the Australians, you might not have been aware of this little glimmer of hope. No less than 7o (seventy) Police from NW and Victoria have come out as whistleblowers who are against the tyrannical treatment of the public when they protest. Australian lawyer Peter Little addresses the press.
      Another point he makes is that, illegally, the government is not doing the FLU statistics this year and have admitted this!
      “Police Coming Out Against the Madman of Australia – Daniel Andrews”

      Also, in the following video on the ‘Loving Life’ channel (Scott’s an ex-SAfrican Australian who focusses on SA generally) Victorian Teresa swaps the old ‘burn the bra’ meme for the new ‘burn the mask’ meme:

  4. Linde says:

    Hi AnneE. My wrath abides on the ZOG MSM. And my grandchildren find this entertaining. In the UK, they didn’t just censor the pro-Rhodesia demonstrations, they outright lied about the strong resistance to the outrages being concocted against Rhodesia in the British Parliament. They reported that the old Bank of Rhodesia the Crown Colony defaulted on its securities. In fact the Hansard of the House of Lords records that the London Board of Governors appointed over the bank by the British Parliament caused the Bank of Rhodesia to default on its securities and the evidence for this lethal mischief was tabled in the Lords by several Peers who were fighting both the UK government and the Squid for the truth to be known about the stand Rhodesia was taking within the Commonwealth on a range of issues – all of which today are code red. Where to begin?

    For us, in Australia, it looks like the Australian resistance to all this has started – a most encouraging sign. And it is good to see your links posted here on Reclaiming Rhodesia. Let’s hope these policemen start a trend among health care professionals, the ADF, local government authorities and the legal profession. They will all be tasked with doing their part in the enforcement of communist tyranny – especially on the platforms of biosecurity and sustainable development. If I read that open letter from the police correctly, they are saying their job and its professional ethics has now put them at cross purposes with the CoVID agenda of the state. And they pile right in on it. I too follow Scott on Loving Life and he is doing a good job in keeping us in touch with SA which is completely censored here – their tragedy and the hope of their counter-Revolution will show us many important directions here.

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