Operation Mayibuye and its Deep State Signatures: The Demolition of Bastions, Part One

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  1. Linde says:

    It is great to see and read how much improved is the essay that I sent over to Reclaiming Rhodesia a week or so ago. Also the development of this material in directions that everyone in the West needs to understand now. Our Fourth Industrial Revolution Commissars are breaking the world’s food supply chains as they tank the Western economies. For the Revolution – food is definitely one of the big ones with all independent farmers always on the front line. The history of Rhodesia contains the entire playbook on hybrid warfare with entire chapters on food / supply. Thank you for publishing and a joyful ‘All Saints’ both sine nomine and Sit Nomine Digna to all the Rhodesians.

  2. AnnE says:

    What a great read revealing an all encompassing Big Picture from Linde. Loved it. I had no idea the Rivonia Trial convicted criminals had any connection with Rhodesia’s war against the CTs and downfall.

    Its revealing that the West’s war in Vietnam was to fight communism expansionism while at the same time that Rhodesia too was fighting communism expansionism, this same West were hellbent in destroying that nation.

    Its even more revealing that they hammered home – or rather ‘sickled’ home – that the ‘sinful’ Rhodesians must above all, have democratic elections with one man one vote (even though uneducated traditional rural tribesmen and women had never heard the word ‘constitution’ let alone understood its meaning and significance).
    Yet when at the same time in Mozambique power was handed over to communist terrorists Samora Machele and Frelimo without any elections being held at all for the people, the same Western powers and their fakestream media remained totally silent. Silence means consent of course, and Machele predictably, became yet another one party dictator and a failed state.

    Worse still Britain provided funds to Mozambique which they knew would support the terror training camps there as well as the dictatorship itself. Disgusting.

    The above contradictions are proof positive that ‘democracy’ was just a fake front behind which as Linde states, Rhodesian (then SAfrica) was to marked to become a member of the 4th ComIntern.

    This article had a lot of detailed information that was unknown to me so I look forward to reading Part 2 on the Rivonia Trial in South Africa and its relevance to Rhodesia as well.

  3. Linde says:

    Hi AnnE. Thank you so much for your insightful comment and the Ice Age Farmer link. This is very important part of the story. I neglected it in my original material, but it did not escape the Rhodesians. They totally get the food / farmer dimension of the Communist Revolution and Support added the Holodomor material to my original submission, putting in the links to the Rhodesian and Boere farmers. This is the one class the Revolution has to break. You also highlight for us one of the great themes of Rhodesia’s history and that is their Westminster government. The UK government of Britain is a subverted form of Westminster. In Rhodesia, however, you all replicated the real deal. It was not owned by central bank and it was set up to work the way this Parliamentary form of government was designed to work. The best of American jurisprudence goes back to Westminster also, and even though that is subverted, it is not entirely subverted. It could be rebuilt. Sadly, the roles of the UK and US ZOGs in the Communist Revolution are largely ignominious. The things they did right they did because the power of the anti-Communist Americans and Britons was much stronger in the 1960s and 1970s than it is now. I was in London during Rhodesia’s War of Independence and there were wild scenes down on the Strand monthly, sometimes weekly, with veterans especially coming down to demonstrate at the old Rhodesia House against the latest outrage from the UK government against Rhodesia. Not even the British police messed with these blokes , they would get themselves arrested and just smack the arresting officer for being a cheeky boy. You had to see it. None of that was reported in the MSM , of course, a huge asset for the Communist Revolution. And then ZOG UK was pouring in the migrants, Enoch Powell was speaking publicly against that up in Wolverhampton and there were wild pro-Rhodesia demonstrations in the North as well. Stay tuned. The Australians need to know all this material if we are going to become counter-Revolutionary to the world communist Bio-Security state.

    • AnnE says:

      Hi Linde. I’ve taken on board all your information in your comment. Very interesting to know any pro-Rhodesia protests in the UK were censored by the media. In fact the Zionist control of the world media is their greatest weapon against Humanity. Interesting that Kevin Rudd is requesting a commission into Zio Murdoch’s unprecedented control of most of the media in Australia. He even controls local papers such as the Cairns Post.

      Re the Australians, you might not have been aware of this little glimmer of hope. No less than 7o (seventy) Police from NW and Victoria have come out as whistleblowers who are against the tyrannical treatment of the public when they protest. Australian lawyer Peter Little addresses the press.
      Another point he makes is that, illegally, the government is not doing the FLU statistics this year and have admitted this!
      “Police Coming Out Against the Madman of Australia – Daniel Andrews”

      Also, in the following video on the ‘Loving Life’ channel (Scott’s an ex-SAfrican Australian who focusses on SA generally) Victorian Teresa swaps the old ‘burn the bra’ meme for the new ‘burn the mask’ meme:

  4. Linde says:

    Hi AnneE. My wrath abides on the ZOG MSM. And my grandchildren find this entertaining. In the UK, they didn’t just censor the pro-Rhodesia demonstrations, they outright lied about the strong resistance to the outrages being concocted against Rhodesia in the British Parliament. They reported that the old Bank of Rhodesia the Crown Colony defaulted on its securities. In fact the Hansard of the House of Lords records that the London Board of Governors appointed over the bank by the British Parliament caused the Bank of Rhodesia to default on its securities and the evidence for this lethal mischief was tabled in the Lords by several Peers who were fighting both the UK government and the Squid for the truth to be known about the stand Rhodesia was taking within the Commonwealth on a range of issues – all of which today are code red. Where to begin?

    For us, in Australia, it looks like the Australian resistance to all this has started – a most encouraging sign. And it is good to see your links posted here on Reclaiming Rhodesia. Let’s hope these policemen start a trend among health care professionals, the ADF, local government authorities and the legal profession. They will all be tasked with doing their part in the enforcement of communist tyranny – especially on the platforms of biosecurity and sustainable development. If I read that open letter from the police correctly, they are saying their job and its professional ethics has now put them at cross purposes with the CoVID agenda of the state. And they pile right in on it. I too follow Scott on Loving Life and he is doing a good job in keeping us in touch with SA which is completely censored here – their tragedy and the hope of their counter-Revolution will show us many important directions here.

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