Reclaiming Rhodesia


Censored Knowledge: The Cabal Killed Family Farming

via Historian M.S. King Black, White or otherwise, the small farmer (or any other small “mom-pop” business, for that matter) has always been the target of the Globalist-Marxist Axis of consolidation. The number of small to mid-size private manufacturers,...


The Real Story Behind The Wildfires In Cape Town

“… Jagger Library contained 1.2 million volumes, including priceless and irreplaceable collections… Questions of how the bushfire could have reached stone buildings in the middle of the campus are yet to be answered.” Fire on the Foothills...


The Covid-19 Questions Are Increasing

by John Wear, author of Germany’s War. The following are some questions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic: If the masks work—Why the six feet? If the six feet works—Why the masks? If both of the above work—Why the...

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