Zimbabwe’s Ironic Legacy: Satan’s Child – The Real Racist Karl Marx

Asking for Peaceful Protest in 2020 is now White Supremacy. How did we get here?

“The religion of Marxism is the falsification of knowledge … whence comes this fierce hatred by intellectuals for the least barbaric societies of human history, and this rage to destroy the only civilizations to date that have emphatically conferred a dominant rule on intelligence?”

(Jean Francis Revel, The Flight from Truth: the Reign of Deceit in the Age of Information, here touching upon the demonic nature of Communism

By Sally-Ann Lowe (with thanks to Missionary Dr Peter Hammond for the inspiration)

Source: Presentation by Dr Peter Hammond Another deception is that Communism is an atheistic ideology. Marx was not an atheist and many of his writings were based on his hatred of Christianity and God. He joined the Satanist Church run by Joana Southcott, and his early writings mentioned the name “Oulanem,” which was a ritualistic name for Satan.

The International Money Power Cartel Planned to Replace Pro-Western Responsible Governance in Rhodesia with a Marxist One Party Dictatorship

Rhodesia endured the international media’s relentless psychological warfare and the Communist United Nations’ indiscriminate economic sanctions bullying perpetrated against it. In addition, both Black and White Rhodesian civilians – particularly isolated rural White farmers and Black traditional villagers – came under violent, indiscriminate Marxist attack through a 2-pronged War of Terror strategy.

Rhodesia’s defensive Bush War against the 4th ComIntern (which sings to the tune of the international money power) was sold as a ‘race’ war by both the Operation Mockingbird Media and the ZOG eunuch politicians throughout the West. They studiously failed to mention the pro-Rhodesian-government Black Chiefs (whose desire was power-sharing), the majority Black police force, and the 80% Black Rhodesian military who were all fully armed and all volunteers.

Rhodesia under attack by International Communist forces of the 4th ComIntern.
The esteemed Selous Scouts, no soldier in the world can fail to respect, on parade. Note: black boxes were used to disguise African Scouts faces for their protection from Diktator Mugabe.

Communism thrives on destruction and terror. Fear makes and keeps the citizenry submissive while they are selectively culled or indoctrinated and totally controlled (today a ‘fearful’ new flu germ has done the trick!). It’s censored knowledge that both the Bolshevik Soviets and Red China were created and then supported and maintained by the City of London/Wall Street money power cartel centred in the House of Rothschilds.

Nathan Rothschild had given Marx two checks for several thousand pounds to finance the cause of Socialism. The checks were put on display in the British Museum, after Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, a trustee, had willed his museum and library to them.

The 4th Communist International (ComIntern) – including Russia, China, East Germany, North Korea, Tanzania and Ethiopia -trained, indoctrinated and backed their Marxist terrorist revolutionary proxy armies, ZANLA and ZIPRA, with finance, arms and strategic leadership on the ground in a massive assault against the successful, thriving little nation of Rhodesia, a landlocked country no larger than the size of Florida.

Taking a Closer Look at Moses Mordecai Marx Levy – the Man called Karl Marx

Left to right: Karl Marx, real name Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, 1818-1883, born of wealthy Jewish parents. His father was a lawyer. Engels, also Jewish. Lenin, real name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, also Jewish. Trotsky, real name Lev Bronstein also Jewish. Lenin and Trostsky based their ideology on Mordechi Levi (Karl Marx).

Who really was this man behind the Marxist doctrine spewed forth by the indoctrinators to their select Black African students and whose ideology is being promoted even more today throughout the West? It’s alarming to realize that ever more and more university programmed useful idiots (the money power’s term for true believers) are being churned out decade after decade throughout the Western world who then enter the education or political realm and perpetuate the evil philosophy and agenda on behalf of the money power’s tool, the 4th ComIntern.

Useful idiots help to destabilize a nation then are eliminated. over 200 million citizens have been mass murdered in the name of Marxism by their own governments.

Ironically, Karl Marx was an anti-Black racist. He was no atheist for he hated God and Christianity and worshipped satan. He joined the Satanist Church run by Joana Southcott, who was said to be in contact with the demon Shiloh. His early writings mentioned the name “Oulanem,” which was a ritualistic name for Satan. He was an aristocrat by marriage to the daughter of a Baron. He lived a parasitic existence – unkempt and too lazy to ever get a real job to provide for his own family. He was a shocking failure in his own personal family life and his simplistic economic Marxist philosophy too is a proven failure.

Marxism Economically Failed to Support itself

The first Bolshevik leader of captured Russia, Lenin, admitted that Communism could not support itself and required assistance from the ‘capitalists’ (read monopolist syndicate). Eustace Mullins wrote in The World Order Our Secret Rulers:

“Inside Russia the economic situation had become critical and the inevitability of an embrace with capitalism dawned on the Communist Party and its planners. Lenin crystallized this awareness before the Tenth Congress of the Russian Communist Party:

‘Without the assistance of capital it will be impossible for us to retain proletarian power in an incredibly ruined country in which the peasantry, also ruined, constitutes the overwhelming majority – and, of course, for this assistance capital will squeeze hundreds per cent out of us. This is what we have to understand. Hence, either this type of economic relations or…. nothing….!’  ”

Since they knew that Marxism economically fails to support itself, that is exactly what the international money power cartel needed to crash and burn Rhodesia.  To take control over a nation and plunder its natural resources, an incorruptible government that never even took a pay cheque and responsibly managed its balance of payments had to go – to be replaced with an inexperienced one party Marxist government that could be cunningly manipulated into debt dependency. So a ‘race’ war was concocted.

In reality this so-called ‘race’ war turned out to be a rape war against the White and Black Zimbabwe citizens. More accurately it proved to be a gang rape war by Mugabe and his elites, the international money power, and Red China. Yet it was a race war alright – against the Rhodesian White race!

By the UN definition of GENOCIDE the White Rhodesian race has been wiped out. Shame on the compliant West. Satan’s child Karl Marx will be rejoicing with his fiery master at the tragedy called Zimbabwe today, as we will see.

Maternity operating theaters were built by Rhodesia in 1977 despite international sanctions, a war and the claim of racism!

The Real Racist Was Karl Marx

Karl Marx’s true opinion of the Black race?

He dismissed Negroes as ‘frozen at prehistoric levels who would never contribute anything worthwhile’.

Professor M Mtchedlov, Vice-Director of the Marx Institute, stated there were 100 volumes in his collection yet only 13 were ever published for the public. I wonder why the censorship? What are the public not allowed to know about Karl Marx and the Plan?

This is how deceived were the extremist Rhodesian Marxist terrorists, especially their self-appointed leadership. They did not realize they were just being used to destroy their own civilized nation’s growth and development into a crumbled Zimbabwe Ruins so that the predator international money power could parasite the natural resources and add another nation string to its bow for its long planned communistic One World Dictatorship.

Zimbabwe Ruins. Aptly named today. The Marxist terrorist leadership was deceived about racist Karl Marx. Many who have financially thrived by pilfering funds intended for the starving citizens could care less, with their corruptly acquired lavish lifestyles. Marxism to them was all always really about a power grab for self-enrichment.

Marx also called the Slavic people, such as Russians, ‘ethnic trash’ and prophesied that ‘their very name will vanish’. He dismissed the Mexican people as ‘lazy’.

This from the husband and father, Karl Marx, who disdained the work ethic for himself and sponged off his own widowed mother’s legacy until that dried up and then sponged off his wealthy buddy Engels thereafter. Engels himself came from an elite wealthy manufacturing family. As for Marx’s opinion on Mexicans, he was a German Jew, living in London. Had he even met a single Mexican?

‘The truth about Marx is so ugly it has to be hidden for Marxism to survive’
: Using primary sources including letters between Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Marx’s co-author of the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”.

Subverting large numbers of naïve Blacks to Marxist terrorism was an essential part of the money power plan. They were required as cannon fodder in the destruction of Rhodesia and then South Africa. Both nations had been earmarked to become part of the 4th ComIntern, a handy power tool of the parasitic looters and controllers of nations, the international banker/aristocracy combine syndicate, to achieve their New World Order dictatorship. Satan’s parasite, the World Order, desperately needs total control. It is ever fearful its host, Humanity, will become aware of it, rise up and heave it off.

A Rothschild Poke: Who is the head of the English octopus? British Royalty or the money powers?
The Rothschilds sent personal Christmas hampers to the Anglo soldiers in the 2nd Boer War inciting a scorched earth policy and death camps for women and children in the way of the gold fields. Coveting southern africa, the agenda against Rhodesia was set in motion once the country was opened, developed and, for the first time, internally peaceful.

Marx’s anti-Black racism was, and is, censored from Blacks who were and are today being indoctrinated into his ideology – including the sub-Saharan then future Presidents Nelson Mandela and Mbeki, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Joshua Nkomo, Robert Mugabe and his current replacement Zimbabwe Dictator Mnangagwa the ‘Crocodile’, South Africa’s EFF communist leader Julius Malema, and (Soros funded) Black Lives Matter Marxist revolutionary leaders.

Ex-Communist Black American Thomas Sowell was smarter than that. Sowell initially was a true believer and dedicated member until it gradually dawned on him that his people were just being used to achieve hidden agendas. He eventually realized their Communist indoctrinators cared not at all about them or their ‘rights’. Greatly disillusioned he quit the party. He then wrote a book about Karl Marx the man.

Sowell eventually became a renowned academic in the fields of history, economics, and political science with degrees from Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Chicago. He held teaching positions at Cornell University and the University of California, and was a Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University. His views on various topics can be heard on youtube.
Destruction of Western Europe: Raised in Communist East Germany, Merkel has received dozens of awards from foreign and internal interest groups for opening Germany’s borders to ensure ethnic-Germans become a minority in an alien land.
Angela Merkel joined the Communist FDJ Free German Youth organization at the Academy of Sciences East Berlin. She became Secretary for ‘Agitation and Propaganda’ in the DDJ tasked with supervising and promoting Communist propaganda to brainwash fellow students. She never protested against Communist oppression in the 1980’s (her fellow students and many other EEast Germans did!). As Chancellor she opened Germany’s and Europe’s borders to millions of MENA ‘refugees’ (mostly males of fighting age) altering the ethnic demographics detrimentally for ethnic Europeans. She taught them to disrespect and despise the German flag and tax payers funding their new European lifestyles.
The Great Replacement: Weaponized ‘migration’ is a planned foreign invasion to destroy Christian European nations and Western Civilization.

Marxism is Spiritual Warfare against God and against all Humanity

Marx & Satan is a booklet written by Richard Wurmbrand, who suffered years of torture under the Communist dictator of Romania. Marx, a freemason, became a worshipper of satan. Marx and Charles Darwin used to correspond. Darwin himself didn’t really believe in the theory of evolution. He said it was ‘just an idea’.

Marx & Satan was available as a free pdf on archive.org who are now being forced to censor their website in the latest wave of book burnings.

It was a very essential ‘idea’ taken up and hammered home falsely as fact not theory, by the World Order cartel. They had marked Christianity and the traditional family for destruction and most conveniently, they own outright, or control (through withdrawal of advertising pressure, and bribery or blackmail) the international media, as well as other communication systems, such as education (through the power of the wealthy tax-free Foundations) and Hollywood (which works together with the CIA to condition the public mind on behalf of the World Order).

Marx, the Devil’s Charmer

Marx liked to glare at anyone who challenged his conclusions and say “I will annihilate you.” Everyone who contradicted him, he treated with abject contempt. Every argument he didn’t accept, he answered with biting scorn at the ‘unfathomable ignorance’ that had prompted it.

The Devil and Karl Marx: Communism’s Long March of Death, Deception, and Infiltration: A reviewer astutely notes: “Communism isn’t so much a collection of economic policies, but a psychological phenomena, whereby losers and degenerates and resentful people take revenge and try to harm others. This book shows that Marx was a loser in his personal life and through an analysis of Marx’s “literary work” that he did indeed like to see people destroyed and consistently worked with hellish imagery.
The other point it shows is that Marx was intent on subverting Christianity.”

He personalised every quarrel and his letters to Engels were full of spiteful gossip and petty intrigues.

He also wrote

When our turn comes we shall not disguise our terrorism!

Marx loved to quote Faust:

“Everything in existence is worth being destroyed. If there is a something which devours, I’ll leap within it! Though I bring the world to ruins, the world which bulks between me and the abyss, I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses.”


“Without violence nothing is ever accomplished in history.”

His destructive ideology certainly ‘smashed to pieces’ Rhodesia.

No doubt guided by his god, Lucifer, freemason Karl Marx wrote:

The abolition of religion is a requisite.

In the Communist Manifesto, Marx wrote:

Communism abolishes eternal truths. It abolishes all religion and all morality.

Marx wrote:

I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.

Karl Marx clearly believed in God! 

His hatred of all Humanity, regardless of race, came to the fore when he wrote that he wanted ‘to hurl giant curses upon mankind”! This is not just a very mentally ill, psychopathic individual. This is clearly a demonic-possessed psychopathic individual who wrote the Communist Manifesto. How else could one describe it?

Karl Marx (like Engels), a 32 degree freemason, was not an atheist. Like all the highest level freemasons, he chose Lucifer worship over Christ. In this photo he is signalling this to other Insiders, with the one hand showing baphomet horns while the index finger of the other hand is pointing down to hell. This is how Insiders identify each other globally – through secret hand signs and symbolism, including corporate logos showing a pyramid or the single eye

To his father he wrote: “New gods have to be installed.

Even his good friend Engels admiringly proclaimed,

Karl Marx is a monster possessed by ten thousand devils!”

Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx a match made in Hell. Note, Marx regularly demonstrated he was a Freemason with his hand gestures. As did Stalin and Lenin. Both Engels and Marx were 32 degree masons.

Marx’s 1848 Communist Manifesto was in fact gleaned from  Engel’s draft Confessions of a Communist ie Marx works were not even his own original ideas. Engel’s Confessions of a Communist in turn borrowed heavily from Clinton Roosevelt’s book, The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law which echoed the earlier philosophies of Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt. 

It had been commissioned by the Communist League in London, formerly known as the League of Just Men, which was an off-shoot of the Parisian Outlaws League (that had itself evolved from the Jacobin movement). It was founded by Illuminati members who fled from Germany. The League was made up of rich and powerful men from different countries that were behind much of the turmoil that engulfed Europe in 1848.

These wealthy men were and are an inner circle behind the Illuminati and behind Communism. No wonder this revolutionary plan for communism, which included the abolition of all religion, was so reminiscent of the doctrines of Weishaupt’s Illuminati. The secret system of ‘rings within rings’, with outer rings unaware they are not at the helm except on a ‘needs to know’ basis, works well to mask the real culprits, our secret leaders.

National Geographic Magazine explains: The Illuminati’s complex 13 level initiation structures and grades were based on the Freemason model and mixed in the Kabbala (which is anti-Christ and satanic). They aimed, as did Karl Marx, to “create a state of liberty and moral equality”. Their all-seeing-eye symbol appears on the US dollar with the words A New Order of the Ages. A coincidental echo of the refrain, a New World World?

James Guillaume, a Swiss member of the 1st Socialist International, wrote: “It is not true that the Internationale was the creation of Karl Marx. He remained completely outside the preparatory work that took place from 1862 to 1864…” The Illuminati were behind and controlled the growing communist movement, but not to deal with the problems of the workers and industry, rather it was to instigate riot and revolution.

Today the class war has been ‘tweaked’ into a race ‘war’ for which marxist Antifa/BLM have replaced the working class. Antifa morphed into BLM (all SOROS controlled). Antifa = anti-fascist which is code for Communist. Fascism was created to defend against Communism.

No wonder this revolutionary plan for socialism, which included the abolition of all religion, was reminiscent of the doctrines of Weishaupt.

Karl Marx, On The Jewish Question

In 1844 it was Karl Marx, a Jew not a gentile, who wrote the anti-Jewish book On the Jewish Question. (The term anti-semitic is largely erroneous and disingenuous – its purpose is to silence legitimate criticism of a nation –  because the Palestinians are in fact semites and the Israelis are mostly Ashkenazis who were converts to Judaism originating in Khazaria, a mixed Turkic-Mongoloid race, today a part of Russia, with no legitimate claim to Middle East origins).

This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism. Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry.   Their empire flourished from the 7th to 11th century.

Karl Marx as Husband and Father, a Complete Disaster

If leading by example is an indication, satanist Karl Marx was a total failure. Look at his own family. He had 7 children by his wife Jenny and another by his housemaid. His daughter Eleanor married a satanist Edward Aveling, known for his blasphemous lectures on ‘the wickedness of God’ and for his poem to satan. Three of Karl Marx’s young children starved to death! Five of his children died prematurely. Two of his daughters committed suicide and so did his wife.

Communists always weaponise food and use starvation to subdue people.

Karl Marx wrote that he did not love anyone and was entirely comfortable with hatred!

Yet in the West today millions of useful idiots around the world from Australia to the U.S., indoctrinated by Marxists in universities and by deceitful writings, worship him and blindly follow his sick and demonic doctrine.

The indoctrinated Black Marxist members of BLM might come to their senses by knowing what Karl Marx thought of their race and by becoming aware of Thomas Sowell’s realization Blacks were just being used, like cogs in a machine, by wealthy elites like Hungarian Jew George Soros. Just as Black Africans were being used by the likes of ‘American’ German Jew Henry Kissinger to support Diktator Mugabe in the One-Party-Failed-State of Zimbabwe.

Like the hypocrisy of fabulously wealthy Robert Mugabe who plundered billions in international donor funds intended for the Zimbabwean people while blaming ‘the White man’ for Everything, the hypocrisy of Karl Marx knew no bounds. The fake, Marx, was funded by the Rothschild international bankers and was himself part of the aristocracy by marriage. His parents were well off. In fact there was a wealthy Baron living on the same street whose daughter Marx later married. Yet he wrote:

Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.

Tell that one to the 6 million Ukrainian farming peasant families of the HOLODOMOR, including children, who had all their farm produce and food confiscated at gunpoint and were literally slowly starved to death by the Marxists Stalin and Kaganovich because they didn’t approve of Communism and its implications.

Tell that to the millions of Russian men and women who were purposely literally worked to death in the Gulags, with daily food rations calculated to remain below survival energy requirements while labouring in freezing Siberian temperatures for extremely long hours, literally worked to death building useless canals by hand.

Tell that to the millions of tortured then murdered Russians under the Bolshevik revolution takeover and ongoing for decades thereafter.

Forced famines in Communist occupied Ukraine once the bread basket of east Europe. Today Rhodesia, the bread basket of Africa, is now Zimbabwe-Ruins and half of the remaining population depend on international food aid to avoid mass starvation.

SJW’s: ‘Marxism Was Implemented Incorrectly, Let’s Try Again’

Merkel allowed the Communist Chinese Party to donate a statue celebrating the 200th birthday of Marx in the west German town of Trier. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU European Commission, celebrated calling Marx “the greatest thinker of modern times” and the “mentor of the revolution of the proletariat and working people all over the world.”

Karl Marx was Part of the British Aristocracy and a Rothschild Agent

According to Eustace Mullins, Marx was part of the British aristocracy through his marriage to Jenny von Westphalen who was related to the revolutionaries, the Scottish Dukes of Argyll, and the Campbells, who set up the Baptist splinter group, the Campbellites. Anna Campbell, Countess of Balcarras and Argyll, was governess to the Prince of Orange 1657-59, before he became the future King William. Archibald Campbell, first Duke of Argyll, accompanied William on his voyage to England in 1688 to seize the throne. The present Earl of Balcarras is related to Viscount Cowdray, Weetman John Churchill Pearson, whose mother was the daughter of Lord Spencer Churchill (father of Winston Churchill who openly confessed to ‘enjoying‘ everything about WWII).

29th Earl of Crawford, Robert A Lindsay, who also was 12th Earl of Balcarras.

The Argyll-Balcarras family is represented by the Lindsay and Campbell families; in 1992 the present Earl of Crawford, Robert A Lindsay is the 29th Earl, and also the 12th Earl of Balcarras. He is also chairman of National Westminster Bank, director of Rothschild’s Sun Alliance Assurance. He was private secretary to the Secretary of State, and later Minister of State for Defence and Minister of State for Foreign and Commercial Affairs.

Karl Marx diagnosed as a Schizoidal Psychopath

A commenter, Ron Corbyn, under an article on Marx by Red Pill University wrote, ‘Three things to add, for which I have the references:

  • Marx advocated genocide for “backward” people [eugenics] in Europe long before Count Coudenhof-Kalergi [who was himself mixed race and funded by the Rothschild-led bankers to end national sovereignty of European nations, and to promote the destruction of ‘whiteness’ of all ethnic-Europeans through non-White immigration and miscegenation];
  • Christian Rakovsky, a Bulgarian Communist revolutionary, Bolshevik politician, a lifelong collaborator of Trotsky and prominent activist of the 2nd International, said Marx was secretly working for Lionel Rothschild, which suggests that he was in fact a Zionist, and
  • Rakovsky also said “Marx was a genius in that he was able to depersonalize both capitalism and communism,” which sounds an awful lot like what’s going on in America today.’

In fact, such an ability to ‘depersonalize’ points to a psychopathic trait, born without a conscience and an inability to empathise, an extremely dangerous combination for the rest of Humanity when adjusted for political purposes. Polish psychologist Dr Andrew M. Lobaczewski who, together with other scientists under Bolshevik occupied Poland, secretly studied their new psychopathic ‘masters’ (under threat of death if discovered). They also diagnosed Karl Marx as a genetically defective schizoidal psychopath. (not schizophrenia – see future article on the causal factors of macro-social evil and its destructive world influence when adjusted for political purposes).

Karl Mark’s Communist Manifesto was not even original. Eustace Mullins:

It was hardly accidental that the World Order’s wealthy and powerful House of Rothschild [who practiced inbreeding uncle with niece or cousin with cousin], when they hired both Karl Marx and ‘the League of Just Men’ to formulate a program to control Humanity, received the Communist Manifesto of 1848, which contained within the Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt’s formula, which takes the plotting against Humanity back to 1776 at least, if not earlier.

Ominously, there appears to be a new ‘Karl Marx’ today. Klaus Schwab who created the World Economic Forum for the wealthy to plot and plan strategies to control Humanity and nations, culminating in his promotion of THE GREAT RESET supposedly brought about because of a covid-19 germ but in fact over 50 years in the planning to enforce a New Economic World Order.

Also in 1848 Marx wrote: “The coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth!”  Friedrich Engels, the same year wrote: “The next world war will make whole reactionary peoples disappear from the face of the earth.” 

With demonic ‘friends’ like that ‘saving Humanity’, who needs enemies. 

The Communist Manifesto requires the destruction of the present economic system. Today Humanity is being ‘saved’ by the 4th Communist International (in any name but that real one) on behalf of this same fabulously wealthy, powerful, controlling inner circle bloodlines, from ‘a new germ’. Exactly according to plan, this ‘new germ’ is in the process of destroying the present economic system. The polished up, modern version of the Communist Manifesto is now called THE GREAT RESET.

Note Rhodesia is mentioned.

Don’t Lose Your Peace!

Don’t Lose Your Peace!

Part of the info in this article was gleaned from Who Was Karl Marx?  which is recommended for those seeking more detailed information.

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  1. Linde says:

    Always great to see another post at Reclaiming Rhodesia. Sally-Ann Lowe has covered a central theme in the Communist Revolution, a theme which Dr. Peter Hammond does not neglect in his writing, lectures and videos. The machinery of the Revolution is fueled by the whole ratbag of liberal Marxist ideologies – atheism, agnosticism, Darwinism. And the MSM constantly re-inforces this bias across the globe. The leaders themselves, however, are not atheists. They are Satanists as Sally-Ann Lowe documents in her excellent essay. This is an important contribution to the Reclaiming Rhodesia project because it shows us what Rhodesia was up against when the nation fought its war of independence against the permanent, world-wide Revolution, the Fourth Comintern. This Revolution is now erupting from its Deep State base of embedded assets and strongholds across all Western nations. They are the organised forces of Anti-Christ led by the Synagogue of Satan. They are exactly who this essay reveals and documents them to be.

  2. Gene Wyngaard says:

    What an interesting article! I learned a lot here. Thank you. I’m an Rhodesian by birth and fought in the bush war from 1972 to 1978

  3. Fuck all government says:

    love the diversity picture

    • WakeyWakey says:

      The diversity picture is brilliant because in one image it reveals and exposes the decades long anti-White Male Indoctrination Agenda. Its been revealed by honest and decent Jewish film producer Aaron Russo that Feminism was a creation of the Rockefeller CFR agenda (using the CIA to fund ‘play bunny’ Jewess and secret society member Gloria Steinhem’s Ms magazine).

      The purpose was to promote ‘feminism’ (anti-feminine) in order to destroy the traditional (Christian) family structure – the main pillar foundation which is the ‘glue’ that holds society together.
      Aaron Russo was ‘rocking the boat’ by educating Americans in his documentary “AMERICA: FROM FREEDOM TO FASCISM” which exposed the anti-Constitution, illegal US income tax system/IRS income-extraction system imposed by the international bankers.

      Nic Rockefeller ‘befriended’ Russo and then invited him to join the anti-American, pro World Dictatorship organization the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) which passes on order to the US government received originally from the RIIA, Corporation of the City of London and House of Rothschild. Russo refused to join and turn against the people and instead revealed the shocking content of the conversation in which Nic Rockefeller revealed inside information as well as a deep hatred of we, the ‘great unwashed’.

      This interview I predict is one of the most important interviews ever, on record, for Humanity:

      RIP Aaron Russo, a man of integrity and for the people. Respect.

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