How To Respond To Marxist Bullying Tactics By Dr Peter Hammond

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4 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Very powerful advice. Dr Hammond is one hell of a (or should I more correctly say – one heaven of a) man. A great role model for all our men. God Bless Missionary Dr Peter Hammond and our prayers are with Mrs Hammond in her trials with cancer. (An aside – Remember folks – SUGAR FEEDS CANCER so reject all sweetened foods completely).

  2. Gunther Wilderman says:

    Dr. Hammond’s words to Mandela are the strongest challenge to maniacal Marxist psychopathy I’ve ever read. I am sharing this as far and as wide as I can. It is pathetic people of my generation think themselves too old to fight, stand up and have settled for staring at Marxist TV for God only knows what real purpose.

  3. Annon says:

    Dr Hammond is spot on. I applaud his wisdom and sacrifices for ALL PEOPLE.

  4. Many mistakes were and are still made in trying to understand what has really happened. The non-discovery of a Marxist agenda at the heart of BLM in August was more a confession of ignorance: from its inception extremists were nearby knowing how much it would terrify its enemy (see above) to see these kinds of claims published in a manifesto was clever stagecraft. Likewise, “all lives matter” was a non-response: at no point did BLM suggest white people must die. All it did was provide enough paranoia for white people to do it themselves or more to the point, each other. The reason why BLM was so specific about its enemy had nothing to do with the legacy of slavery, injustice, prejudice, police brutality or even equal opportunity. None of the other, aforementioned groups would have tolerated such unrestrained vandalism (Emmanuel Macron was the only Western leader prepared to confront the hysteria. In what must be an embarrassing outcome for Britain’s Conservative party, the day the French President warned that no statue would fall and no history would be erased, the riots tempered).

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