Dr Peter Hammond: How To Respond To Marxist Bullying Tactics & Leaving Nelson Mandela Speechless

Resistance is Respected – Weakness is Despised

There is nothing communists respect more than strength. There is nothing they despise more than weakness. Those people who think that they can calm the situation by bowing to the mob, washing their feet, or brushing, or kissing their boots, not only figuratively, but literally, have no idea that all they are doing is greatly aggravating the situation and encouraging the revolutionaries to demand far, far more.

Never Bow to Bullies

In my experience, it is absolutely essential that one never gives Marxist bullies, or mobs, a millimetre. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

First-hand Experience

Being brought up in war-torn Rhodesia, experiencing terrorism and revolution, working in communist Angola and Mozambique, being imprisoned in Zambia and Mozambique and in so many other cases I have seen: the more steadfastly and strongly you stand, the better. The moment Marxists sense weakness, fear, or compromise, they smell blood and will only howl for more and escalate their unreasonable demands.

Meeting with Mandela

When I marched 30,000 people to parliament in Cape Town to oppose president Nelson Mandela’s secular state policies, I was summoned to the president’s mansion. The first words Mandela said to me:

“So, Mr Hammond, what were you doing during the Years of Struggle?”

My response: 

“I was fighting people like you, Sir.” 

He smiled, laughed, stood up and shook my hand again and said: 

“I’m so glad to meet an honest white man. All the other whites have told me how they always opposed apartheid and actually supported me. I wondered how the National Party had stayed in power for 44 years, when all the while, whites actually opposed the National Party and supported me!”

My response: 

“Well, make no mistake Mr President, we were not fighting for apartheid, we were fighting against communism and terrorism.”

The Greatest Evil

His response: 

“Apartheid was the greatest evil in the history of the world…”

My response: 

“I cannot agree Mr President. That prize must go to your friends and supporters, the communists. They have littered the 20th century with 160 million corpses, not foreign people killed in a time of war, but their own people, killed by their own governments in times of peace. Over 66 million slaughtered under communism in the Soviet Union, over 69 million murdered in Red China. Over two Million killed under Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The millions more killed under Mengistu in Ethiopia, under Samora Machel in Mozambique, and Agestino Neto in Angola and under Fidel Castro in Cuba.”

Replacing Apartheid with Abortion

At one point, Nelson Mandela expressed his surprise that we wanted to “restrict the rights of women” by opposing abortion. I responded: 

“Mr. President you are questioning the Christianity of people who 40 years ago justified apartheid. I tell you, sir, it will not be 40 years from now and people will question your humanity for legalising abortion. You are seeking to replace apartheid with abortion. And abortion is even worse than apartheid. Abortion does not just place the baby on a separate voter’s role and restrict where they can live or swim. Abortion takes the baby’s life. Life begins at conception and abortion is the violent taking of that life. Abortion is the worst type of apartheid, for it separates a baby from its own mother and from its life support, at its most crucial state of development. You are seeking to replace discrimination on the basis of race with discrimination on the basis of age.”

“You May Take your Photos Now…”

At the end of the hour, Nelson Mandela stood up and told us that we could now take our pictures. I did not mean to be rude, but we honestly had not even thought about that: “No thank you,” I said. He turned mouth agape in apparent shock. Perhaps we were the first delegation to meet with him who did not want to have pictures taken with him. I then hastened to add: 

“But, we would like to pray for you.”

Praying for the President

“No! No! That’s very private and personal.”

I pretended not to hear and put a hand on one shoulder while Rev. Soon Zevenster placed his hand on the other shoulder. We prayed that the Lord would not grant Mr. Mandela any peace until he did what he knew what was right, until he introduced legislation for the protection of helpless, innocent babies from the violence and injustice of abortion. I prayed that Mr. Mandela would find peace in Christ by bowing the knee and surrendering to Almighty God to do His will.

Door is Always Open

At the end of our impassioned prayer, I handed over a book from Dr. James Kennedy and Mr. Mandela thanked us and assured us that he was “always responsive” to the “concerns” of our “constituency” and that his “door is always open” should we have any other concerns. (However, the next week senior investigators of his Revenue Service began a seven-year Audit of our mission and family!)

Responding to an ANC Demand for an Apology

On another occasion, in 1995, I was summoned to parliament to give a submission to their subcommittee on their draft publications bill, which effectively legalised pornography and blasphemy. After my submission, during question time, one ANC MP asked me: 

“Have you ever apologised for what you did in the SADF?” 

I answered: 

“You want me to apologise for what I did in the South African Defence Force? I am sorry we did not kill all of you.

You were not Freedom fighters, you were terrorists.

You did not attack our military bases, you attacked civilians. Black civilians.

You burned a thousand Black South Africans with the brutal necklace murder.

You planted landmines in dirt roads and killed whole families.

You planted landmines in roads leading to schools and killed school children coming in school buses on their way to school.

You kidnapped young children from schools and took them across the border to brutalise them and trained them for your terrorist groups, murdering many and raping the girls.

You threw hand grenades through windows into Black policemen’s homes at night.

You petrol bombed the homes of Black town councillors. Car bombs, limpet mines, blatant targeting of civilians.

You are hypocrites.

You speak against racism and then you laugh and applaud and give standing ovations to the worst racist on the planet today, Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe.

You have no right to ever speak against racism when you so obviously applaud, endorse and enthusiastically practise it.

I am sorry we ended the war before thoroughly and completely eradicating all of you communists.”

There was a stunned and awkward silence for a time and then the Chairman said: “Right, let us move to our next point…” and they never brought up the subject again. That is the only way you can deal with Marxists, guilt manipulators, gaslighters, thugs and terrorists.

Observation from the French Revolution

Napoleon observed that he could not believe the foolishness of the King Louis XVI in not ordering his men to open fire on the mob. Young Napoleon, seeing the massacre of the king’s Swiss guard, determined that if he ever faced a mob, he would give them “the whiff of grapeshot” – meaning turn the artillery/cannons on them. This is what he did on 5 October 1795 which led to Napoleon becoming a leader in France and then the Emperor.

You Cannot Reason with a Mob

Napoleon Bonaparte was adamant that you cannot reason with a mob. Throughout history, it has been understood that the only way to deal with arsonists and looters is to shoot them. Those who advise police to “stand back,” or “stand down,” during threats to life and property are unravelling the foundations of civilisation. There can be nothing worse than mob rule anarchy.

Understanding the Agenda behind Defund the Police

UK Police Force Threatens Advises Officers: To bend the knee, those who refuse “may become the focus of the protesters attention.” At the same time, kneeling “has a very positive and engaging effect,” and draws “a positive reaction on the protest groups.”

The BLM plan to “defund the police” does not mean a police-free state. Marxists want control. Their plan is to defund and disarm, disband the organised, professional police force, which [in America] is mostly conservative and generally pro-Trump.

What they then want to do is have their war lords/gangs replace the existing professional police with BLM and ANTIFA revolutionaries in police uniform. That would then be followed by gun confiscations and we know how that ends.

The Issue is Never the Issue – the Issue is Always the Revolution

The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Cultural Revolution in China… how many more times must we see this Agenda worked out before people understand that what Curtis Bowers, documented in Agenda – Masters of Deceit is so true: The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the Revolution.

Dr. Peter Hammond
Frontline Fellowship
P.O. Box 74 Newlands 7725
Cape Town South Africa

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4 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Very powerful advice. Dr Hammond is one hell of a (or should I more correctly say – one heaven of a) man. A great role model for all our men. God Bless Missionary Dr Peter Hammond and our prayers are with Mrs Hammond in her trials with cancer. (An aside – Remember folks – SUGAR FEEDS CANCER so reject all sweetened foods completely).

  2. Gunther Wilderman says:

    Dr. Hammond’s words to Mandela are the strongest challenge to maniacal Marxist psychopathy I’ve ever read. I am sharing this as far and as wide as I can. It is pathetic people of my generation think themselves too old to fight, stand up and have settled for staring at Marxist TV for God only knows what real purpose.

  3. Annon says:

    Dr Hammond is spot on. I applaud his wisdom and sacrifices for ALL PEOPLE.

  4. Many mistakes were and are still made in trying to understand what has really happened. The non-discovery of a Marxist agenda at the heart of BLM in August was more a confession of ignorance: from its inception extremists were nearby knowing how much it would terrify its enemy (see above) to see these kinds of claims published in a manifesto was clever stagecraft. Likewise, “all lives matter” was a non-response: at no point did BLM suggest white people must die. All it did was provide enough paranoia for white people to do it themselves or more to the point, each other. The reason why BLM was so specific about its enemy had nothing to do with the legacy of slavery, injustice, prejudice, police brutality or even equal opportunity. None of the other, aforementioned groups would have tolerated such unrestrained vandalism (Emmanuel Macron was the only Western leader prepared to confront the hysteria. In what must be an embarrassing outcome for Britain’s Conservative party, the day the French President warned that no statue would fall and no history would be erased, the riots tempered).

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