Simple Questions That Make Sense Of Rhodesia & Destroy The White Supremacist Narrative

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  1. Linde says:

    This feature and its comment will remain an important part of the Western story for the forseeable future. British author Simon Webb has this Oct. 2020 published his latest work on a subject which is an important part of this matter: “The Forgotten Slave Trade : the White Slaves of Islam” He reads from the introduction on his video Oct 18, 2020.

    For millennia , Africa was the hub of human trafficking and this is what the endless tribal wars were essentially about – raiding and slaving. The traffic operated out of the Gold and Ivory Coasts and North Africa. In his new work Webb deals only with the traffic of European slaves to great ports in North Africa to be sold to the Islamic Caliphates of the Middle East.

    The European colonies in Africa put an end to these wars and this sordid traffic on behalf of Europeans AND Africans. As an English born in America I am unrepentant in my approval ending slave wars and human trafficking. And I do not regard this approval as ‘racist’ at all. Post the Communist Revolution in Africa, the Marxist states are again busy with tribal slave wars and trafficking.

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