Simple Questions That Make Sense Of Rhodesia & Destroy The White Supremacist Narrative

Editor’s Comment: In 2017 David Strong watched the 1979 British TV hit piece gloatingly titled ‘Goodbye Rhodesia’, on youtube. He then posted the following, intriguingly simple, response. Quoted in its entirety (in the orange boxes). All images and captions have been added, including from Dr Peter Hammond’s discussion on Racism- Rhetoric & Reality.

By David Strong

Rhodesia Makes Sense If The Simple Questions Are Asked. For example:

Why is it that the only time that the country has experienced any significant development, growth, prosperity, law and order was during the Rhodesian era?

Why was there no refugee crisis during the Rhodesian era?

Europe’s creation and burden | Celebrating Being Zimbabwean
Around 25% of Rhodesia’s black population immigrated to Rhodesia, seeking a better life. Today it’s estimated 50% of Zimbabwe’s black population have left, seeking a better life.

Why was the Rhodesian army 80% percent black, with only white conscripts?

Why were the standards of health housing and education the highest in Africa for all races during the Rhodesian era?

Above: Minority White Rhodesian’s invested heavily in black Rhodesian education at an international standard and unlike anything their parents had ever witnessed

Why was there high levels of employment?

Why did the nationalists start their war of liberation 18 months before UDI? Why did the nationalists boycott the 1962 election which was based on the non-racial constitution that they amended and agreed to in 1961?

What was the purpose of nationalists’ war given that the 1961 constitution guaranteed “unimpeded progress to majority rule”?

Yet many who speak out vitriolically against racism, are themselves
racist, displaying intense antagonism towards people o...
Nationalists” became a racialised Orwellian term. It implied International Communist forces agitating and funding the likes of Mugabe were somehow Rhodesian ‘nationalists’, even from as far as North Korea, China and Cuba i.e. Communist nations seeking to expand Communism which is, by definition, anti-Nationalist..

Why do people only want to discuss the country’s history from 1893?

Why is the racial difference of the black Bantu to their victims of genocide ignored? What did they create or build when they settled in the territory of other races?

Do people realise that the Matabele had invaded the country [a mere] 70 years before the pioneers arrived and were in the process of annihilating other tribes including the Shona?

Do people know that it was the actions of the pioneers that brought peace to the warring tribes?

Above: From tribal wars, where captured women became sex slaves to the victors. Further Below: To becoming members of Parliament with rape now nationally accepted as a capital offense, in a matter of decades.

Are people aware that blacks were guaranteed representation in the Rhodesian parliament – they had seats reserved exclusively for them?

Are people aware that the tribal trust areas  were set aside to ensure that blacks always had land that the whites could not buy?

Do people know that Rhodesia [almost uniquely] always had a non-racial constitution, that enabled anyone, regardless of race or colour, to hold the highest office in the country?

Why does the country pre- and post- Rhodesia look the same, with rampant tyranny and tribalism with despotic leadership?

1984 News Report: Tribal warfare returns. Possibly 40,000 were slaughtered – the only precedents were the tribal wars prior to the arrival of Whites.

I could go on, but why? Ignorance is something that many people just don’t want to let go of!

Was the country perfect – no, not by a long shot, but it was better than any other country in Africa and many globally. Even by today’s standards, the Rhodesian policies on managing and respecting diverse cultures, agriculture, environment, economics, and social issues are excellent.

Some of the greatest game reserves in Africa were created in Rhodesia, including northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). Now many of these wildlife sanctuaries are scenes of unprecedented slaughter. Along with wholesale poaching, Marxist mobs have been engaged in wholesale theft, abductions and murder. Properties have been burned out, tourists chased out and game rangers assaulted and even killed.

Some of the greatest game reserves in Africa have been in Zimbabwe.
Now many of these wildlife sanctuaries are scenes of u...

Why was Rhodesia liberated by “Nationalists” only to be sold to ruthless International Communists?

Rhodesia had long term plans for growth and development that were aimed at raising the standard for all.

Now compare and contrast Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, or any other African country including Botswana… bearing in mind the high levels of support and money pumped into them – Rhodesia actually sent money and food to the UK!

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  1. Linde says:

    This feature and its comment will remain an important part of the Western story for the forseeable future. British author Simon Webb has this Oct. 2020 published his latest work on a subject which is an important part of this matter: “The Forgotten Slave Trade : the White Slaves of Islam” He reads from the introduction on his video Oct 18, 2020.

    For millennia , Africa was the hub of human trafficking and this is what the endless tribal wars were essentially about – raiding and slaving. The traffic operated out of the Gold and Ivory Coasts and North Africa. In his new work Webb deals only with the traffic of European slaves to great ports in North Africa to be sold to the Islamic Caliphates of the Middle East.

    The European colonies in Africa put an end to these wars and this sordid traffic on behalf of Europeans AND Africans. As an English born in America I am unrepentant in my approval ending slave wars and human trafficking. And I do not regard this approval as ‘racist’ at all. Post the Communist Revolution in Africa, the Marxist states are again busy with tribal slave wars and trafficking.

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