Rhodesia Unafraid: What Terrorism Was Really Like For Villagers & Farmers

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  1. AnnE says:

    A very courageous man for speaking the truth at a time when it was only acceptable to vilify White Rhodesians and to promote their demise. They suceeded.
    Very appropriate timing with 2019 CHRISTmas celebrations beginning.
    It’s past time that ‘the West’ put the CHRIST back into Christmas and this article reveals how the world around us will continue to deteriorate if we don’t.
    Today Zimbabwe Ruins provides its citizens and businesses with 18 hour long DAILY power blackouts – except in the wee hours of the night when everyone needs to be sleeping – and insists dead bodies are kept at home as the morgues have no electricity to preserve them. Shame on the West, UN and communist nations Russia, East Germany, China and the ‘religious’ WCC and OAU for de-constructing Rhodesia into Zimbabwe Ruins basket case out of the once breadbasket of Africa.

  2. AnnE says:

    Message from Rhodesia to the World:

    Urge neither charity or shame to me;
    Uncharitably with me have you dealt,
    And shamefully by you my hopes are butchered.


    (source: Requiem for Rhodesia by Carlos W Porter)

  1. August 30, 2020

    […] we Rhodesian’s know, the World Council of Churches and ALL Western Governments were promoting Liberation Ideology which required that they actively […]

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