“Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral: European to Wall Street Colonialism”

Michael Walsh captures perfectly why Rhodesia is more than ‘just a footnote’ in history. “African independence is an illusion just as is the so-called Russian Revolution... From here on everything will make sense”.

by Sally-Ann Lowe, introducing one of my favourite authors, poet and friend of Rhodesia:

Michael Walsh

Transfer of African colonies to occupation by global finance was craftily sold as inevitability of Black rule. Western and the Chinese-backed Robert Mugabe and Soviet-backed Joshua Nkomo were proxy armies like today’s fabled Syrian Rebels. Africa’s despots today are global bankers’ tenants and Africans their major victims.

The fraud was carried out by political elites who, compromised by fiscal or sexual indiscretions, were blackmailed to do the banks’ bidding. Nato West blockaded Rhodesia as the USSR and Communist China funded, trained and armed terrorists hyped by media as noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom.”

‘All I know is that to see and not to speak would be the great betrayal.’ ~ Enoch Powell, 1966

Never a follower of the pied piper, Mike actually lives the above sentiment. The pen indeed is mightier than the sword. Reclaiming Rhodesia appreciates his efforts and time in exposing the lies, propaganda and real agenda against Rhodesia:

Let this paragraph sink in: African independence is an illusion just as is the so-called Russian Revolution. In 1917 Russia’s enormous natural resources were forcibly transferred from national to international interests. The ‘Winds of Change’ transfer of African wealth from colonial to international banking houses was no different. Both deceptions were enabled by the political elite and media who, due to their fiscal and sexual indiscretions, were compromised and blackmailed to carry out the biggest shams in modern history. From here on everything will make sense.

Solzhenitsyn: You Must Understand, the Leading Bolsheviks ...

Nobel Prize Winner and ex-Gulag intern Russian ALEKSANDR SOLZHENITSYN

“Throughout the 1960s and 1970s the criminal culpability of the decaying treacherous West ran like a cancerous sore across the face of Europe and United States. Bankers wars by proxy armies; Africans were major victims of Western and Soviet [and Red China] backed Rhodesian insurgents Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo and their fabled freedom fighters.

In a futile effort to make the facts known to the outside world a series of booklets was published by the Rhodesian Government. Each of these well illustrated fully documented books provided graphic evidence of methods of satanic terror used by Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. Western governments, media, Church leaders and liberals, the Anti-Apartheid Movement, ignored the evidence. Then and now they continue to support those who committed the most hellish crimes known to man.

The United States, Britain and EU economically strangled Rhodesia whilst terrorists were hyped by media as being noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom. Prominent individuals, including the Queen of the Netherlands, donated large amounts of money to enable the killers to continue their work. British church dignitaries referred to the terrorists as Christian soldiers.

Following Rhodesia’s Declaration of Independence prosperity and stability followed. In 1970, To gain international recognition, Rhodesia declared itself a republic. Britain and the United States from then on collaborated with the Soviet Union and Red China to incite insurrection and bring about regime change; they are adept at regime change. The conspirators figured that if Rhodesia could survive sanctions they would face tougher odds if involved at the same time in a protracted period of civil unrest. The screws from there on were tightly turned on multiracial Rhodesia. The betrayed White community bore these strictures with good grace.

Britain: ‘No Independence for Rhodesia Without Majority Rule!’

What are the facts relating to this high minded propaganda phrase over-hyped and recycled by pro-government media? Successive British governments stand four-square in defence of Israel. Yet, unarguably, Israel is a regime based not only on separate development (apartheid) but applies apartheid policies far more rigidly than ever did far more civilised South African government.

 In 1947 the Israeli minority, few of whom were born in Palestine, were given by departing Britain carte blanche to govern and suppress the majority peoples made up of indigenous Palestinians whose history went back 2,000 years. No majority rule in Israeli occupied Palestine!

Unlike segregationist United States, Rhodesia never proclaimed an ideology of White supremacy. Unlike Jewish communities in Israel, Rhodesia never recognized White superiority over others. The language of moderation was practiced in Rhodesia:

‘No-one ever said or wrote, or even whispered or hinted, that ethnic-Europeans and Africans might just be different in genes, looks, behaviour and ability.’ ~ John de Nugent. 

This conflict imposed upon them by the United States, United Kingdom, USSR and Red China, would pit David against Goliath. Ethnic-Europeans aged between 17 and 50 were drafted into Rhodesia’s defence force. The achievements of these warriors are not to be underestimated. 

Apart from being comprehensively outnumbered the Rhodesian community were outgunned and under financed. Shoulder to shoulder stood those of both English and Boer stock. [One third of Rhodesians were Afrikaners, whose ancestors arrived in the Cape in 1652]. Only after 15 years of struggle, during which the beleaguered Rhodesians were betrayed by their South African allies, did the treacherous West succeed in their aim. 

Selous Scouts

What one has to understand is that Rhodesia and South Africa had been strong allies. All sanction busting operations [after Portugal and its colonies Angola and Mozambique had been taken down by an engineered communist military coup in 1974] were conducted through South African help. All Rhodesia’s arms and military equipment also came via South African assistance.”

Rhodesia’s Death

The following vital secret information as told by a Rhodesian Major to his troops on the ground was shared by one of his soldiers as follows: 

Summoned by South African President John Vorster to South Africa to meet with Henry Kissinger in 1976, Smith asked John Vorster a direct question: ‘What is this all about?’ Vorster replied: ‘Henry has come to insist that you accept Black majority rule in Rhodesia.’ Vorster went on to explain that if Ian Smith did not accept then the South African railways would become too congested to transport anything more in or out of Rhodesia. Ian Smith was very reluctant, but John Vorster suggested he come over and read all Kissinger’s documentation that was spread over two boardroom tables, which he did.

‘To be an enemy of America can be dangerous but to be a friend is fatal’ ~ Henry Kissinger, who is of German Jewish extraction. 

Nobel Peace Prize winner Kissinger also infamously remarked: ‘Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.’

After Smith returned to his South African hotel that afternoon, Vorster and Kissinger called him back later the same afternoon and explained that the Americans knew of every sanction busting operation in the world and literally how much petrol, down to the last thousand litres that the Rhodesian armed forces had. Henry Kissinger explained to Smith that the game was up and the Americans would close down every sanction busting operation there was and would ensure that South Africa supplied no more fuel to Rhodesia.

John Vorster

Kissinger then asked Ian Smith for his decision. Smith replied that this was impossible as it would have to be a cabinet decision. He flew back with his contingent to an emergency cabinet meeting in Salisbury which took place right through the night. The cabinet could not come to a decision so summoned JOC – Joint Operational Command – Army, Air Force and Police, to participate in the final decision. The military called every field commander out of the bush to the meeting at Military Head Quarters in Salisbury. 

It was reported that it was a very heated session with many bitter pills being swallowed. This session lasted through the night once again. Then Generals instructed the Prime Minister and Cabinet that the decision was to be theirs and theirs alone and whatever was decided JOC would abide by.

Before the field commanders left, the decision had not been made. There were then two code words given to the field commanders. One was that we would continue to fight and the other that we would accept Henry Kissinger’s threat, later to be known as the Kissinger ‘Proposals’. The coded message was received. We were to basically surrender and accept the prospect of accepting Black Majority Rule. The record reflects that Henry Kissinger remained in Pretoria until the official acceptance came and he flew out of South Africa on the Friday morning.

Kissinger appears frequently with the Rothschild and Rockefeller families.

Contrary to the orders, one Major recalled every one of his troops to be returned to base to inform them what had transpired. This was contrary to orders they had received from Salisbury, because every field commander was to return to tell the troops that “all was well”! This Major was further able to tell us how events would unfold over the following three years towards the final and fateful blow of Black Majority rule. Every single thing he said actually transpired and the timing was only some six months out.

After hearing this incredibly decapitating story, I saw men in our company walk around in a daze. I saw men pick up soil in their hands, drop it back to the ground and say, “let me feel it for the last time, because soon this will not be ours.” We then went to the Major and told him to return us to our rear regimental base, because we wanted to hand in our gear, pack our cars and get our families out of Rhodesia. He told us he did not have the authority to allow this but called the Lt Colonel who was in command of our particular operational area who arrived with a number of trucks of Military Police.

This Lt Colonel asked: “Now what is all this **?#** nonsense?” 

Now, in the Rhodesian Forces on call-up, were many professional people. One did not avoid call-ups because you were educated and received cushy military posts. We were still thinking people who were fighting for our country and not dumb green horns who knew no better. The first and only question was asked:

“Sir, what’s the point of continuing to fight on when we are to surrender our country to the terrorists?”

The answer came in a swift rebuke that made even hardened soldiers blush as he tore into us verbally. We passed the word around quickly: “Don’t ask this fool another question and let them get the heck out of here because we don’t also want to take out red caps (Military Police) with little to no combat experience.” We then thanked him for coming and he took off with the red caps thinking he had done a great job putting down any attempted rebellion. 

Two nights later, our Prime Minister came on National Radio and told the Nation what a positive time we were heading for and blatantly camouflaged the truth to maintain morale and order within the country. So inflamed were the men of our company that I believe, had our Prime Minister paid us a visit anytime during that particular call up, any one of twenty men would have shot him. Afrikaans men fighting within our ranks were so annoyed with South Africa that some of them swore never ever to speak Afrikaans again in protest to what their mother country had gone along with in betrayal.

Many of our Rhodesian Forces on compulsory call up were highly intelligent, professional civilians. “Rhodesian officials estimate(d) that 15 per cent of their white population consists of professionals and highly skilled technicians as against 10 per cent in the case of white South Africans and only 6 per cent in the case of the British”. Consequently these were men who, rather than being at war, preferred designing and resourcing projects that would build the nation and its infrastructure including thousands of dams and thousands of buildings for black Rhodesians including Bulawayo Municipality’s Mzilikazi Township (below) and others who’s development continued but at a far slower pace during the Bush War and International sanctions.

Pt 19-2
An aerial view of part of Bulawayo Municipality’s Mzilikazi Township shows:
A – Mpilo African Hospital, the second-largest in Rhodesia;
B – White City Stadium, a well-equipped centre for African sport in Matabeleland;
C – Mzilikazi School for township children.

South Africa’s Demise Was Also Planned Years Ahead

The soldier narrating his experience of the above story went on: ‘1986 [6 years after dictator Mugabe came to power] I was a consultant to a South African business. The CEO noticed I was a Rhodesian and asked me my opinion of what had happened in Rhodesia. I told him the same as I have recounted here. 

He replied: ‘Everything you have told me is true, but do you think this is the worst thing that has ever happened?’ Of course, I believed it was.  He then said: ‘There is a story one worse.’ He then proceeded to his wall safe and out of the safe he recovered a thick black book similar to a diary.

He then took me to diarised events two years prior to the Kissinger Proposals [ie 1974]. The CEO showed me evidence of two meetings that had been held in Europe between Henry Kissinger and John Vorster. He further showed me the plotting and demise of Rhodesia before it happened.

 I asked him why South Africa would agree to this. He again took me to notes at that point: ‘you see there was a deal cut that if South Africa conceded to American demands, a longer period of time could be secured for South Africa before they moved to Black Majority rule. If they did not, the Americans were threatening severe early consequences for South Africa.

While young South Africans were sent to die in Angola fighting the Bankers’ war, their country and their futures had already been programmed by these oligarchs for extinction, step by step, years prior.

The most devastating revelation was yet to come: ‘Even before the Kissinger Proposals in 1976, the final hand-over of responsible rule in South Africa was planned for late 1993.’ This I personally saw in this book. He asked me if I had ever seen anything so diabolical. I was shocked that so much can be orchestrated and manipulated and such people had the power to be so treacherous. I then had to ask the most obvious question: ‘Where on earth did you get all this information?’

He then told me that he had been one of the most senior officers in the South African Intelligence Service. South Africa attained black majority rule in May 1994. This was within six months of the schedule conspired in twenty years earlier!”

While fighting and dying for European values the Rhodesians were stabbed in the back. These men and women were never defeated by African terrorists but by terrorists skulking in Washington DC and London.

Salisbury in 1977: Rhodesia brought light to the dark continent. Here was the bush and primitive tribal warfare before Europeans introduced peace and prosperity. Rhodesia, until surrendering to its fate, was a prosperous and orderly nation.

Dubbed ‘Perfidious Albion’, Britain treacherously insisted on Black majority rule. Time proved Rhodesians right; every de-colonised sub-Saharan African nation turned out to be a colony of American corporate interests; all today are mired in corruption, poverty and hopelessness.”

Note: All the information in this article derives directly from Michael Walsh’s “Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral” and involves only minor editing to retain cohesion in its form as an article.

Europe’s Funeral

Fifty-years later and the ‘winds of change’ sweep across Europe. The current generation of compromised politicians and collaborating media is now intent on submerging ethnic-Europe in a bloodbath of epic proportions. This, if successful, will transfer total control of Europe to the same international banking houses: Russia, Africa … and tomorrow Europe!

Visit Michael Walsh’s News Information Site For Ethnic Europeans here.

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5 Responses

  1. Rabhelani says:

    Wow I always knew something was fishy about liberation struggle, such a good read.

  2. mark taha says:

    I.was pro -Rhodesia, anti-apartheid (I favoured the Rhodesian nonracial qualified franchise) and am pro-Israel.

  3. AnnE says:

    Eustace Mullins revealed in his book “The World Order: Our Secret Rulers” that after the British had such a hiding from the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War, the Rothschilds – who had fermented that war to acquire the gold and diamond wealth – determined that from then on NO war would proceed that was not ‘managed’ by their agents to proceed and to end in accordance with their wishes.

    Interestingly WWI was prolonged by 2 years because Rothschilds required America to enter the war. The Germans intended to end the war because they were running out of food. The so-called ‘Belgium Relief’ effort by agent Herbert Hoover was created to provide food for the enemy, the Germans, to prolong the war.

  4. Linde says:

    A searing account and the truth of it should now be self evident. The Rhodesians must tell the story while we still have the internet and the oral history is now to hand. Situating this in the larger context of the world-wide Communist Revolution and its history might be an area where others can assist with an interpretive frame (and it is only one frame) of the political analysis. It is important for people of European ancestry and especially for England’s blood throughout the world to know and follow the story of how Rhodesia and South Africa won their military victories against both the Communist Revolution (the Fourth Comintern) as well as the Deep State / Fifth Column subversion brought to bear by the Western ZOG governments – long since fallen to the Revolution. The US fell in 1913. Britain much earlier – the original title deeds to all estates of the three UK nations being the consols of the Bank of England. This is the foundation of the Great Revolution 1789 and its later Communist ‘phases’.

    The South African author Stephen Mitford Goodson goes right into this in his essential text: “A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind.” This is , I believe the true and correct frame (but only a frame) for the tremendous history of Rhodesia and South Africa. When I was teaching in the home school community of my parish in Australia, I taught the history of the Communist Revolution starting with its beginning in the English Civil War 1642. When I retired I started organising my papers, writing them up and getting them online. Some of my refs and analysis may be of help to your project.

    As always the account is going to comes round to Rhodesia and South Africa because the story is just riveting. They (Rhodesia and South Africa) tore the mask of ‘anti-Communism’ off the Western ZOGs and made them just wet their collective panties in Whitehall and DC. When I was working in London in the 70s, the code for the Rhodesian crisis in gov’t circles was : ‘the super Katanga’. Sadly another UN Sec General didn’t go jetting over there to sort it out.

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