“Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral: European to Wall Street Colonialism”

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  1. Rabhelani says:

    Wow I always knew something was fishy about liberation struggle, such a good read.

  2. mark taha says:

    I.was pro -Rhodesia, anti-apartheid (I favoured the Rhodesian nonracial qualified franchise) and am pro-Israel.

  3. AnnE says:

    Eustace Mullins revealed in his book “The World Order: Our Secret Rulers” that after the British had such a hiding from the Boers in the Anglo-Boer War, the Rothschilds – who had fermented that war to acquire the gold and diamond wealth – determined that from then on NO war would proceed that was not ‘managed’ by their agents to proceed and to end in accordance with their wishes.

    Interestingly WWI was prolonged by 2 years because Rothschilds required America to enter the war. The Germans intended to end the war because they were running out of food. The so-called ‘Belgium Relief’ effort by agent Herbert Hoover was created to provide food for the enemy, the Germans, to prolong the war.

  4. Linde says:

    A searing account and the truth of it should now be self evident. The Rhodesians must tell the story while we still have the internet and the oral history is now to hand. Situating this in the larger context of the world-wide Communist Revolution and its history might be an area where others can assist with an interpretive frame (and it is only one frame) of the political analysis. It is important for people of European ancestry and especially for England’s blood throughout the world to know and follow the story of how Rhodesia and South Africa won their military victories against both the Communist Revolution (the Fourth Comintern) as well as the Deep State / Fifth Column subversion brought to bear by the Western ZOG governments – long since fallen to the Revolution. The US fell in 1913. Britain much earlier – the original title deeds to all estates of the three UK nations being the consols of the Bank of England. This is the foundation of the Great Revolution 1789 and its later Communist ‘phases’.

    The South African author Stephen Mitford Goodson goes right into this in his essential text: “A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind.” This is , I believe the true and correct frame (but only a frame) for the tremendous history of Rhodesia and South Africa. When I was teaching in the home school community of my parish in Australia, I taught the history of the Communist Revolution starting with its beginning in the English Civil War 1642. When I retired I started organising my papers, writing them up and getting them online. Some of my refs and analysis may be of help to your project.

    As always the account is going to comes round to Rhodesia and South Africa because the story is just riveting. They (Rhodesia and South Africa) tore the mask of ‘anti-Communism’ off the Western ZOGs and made them just wet their collective panties in Whitehall and DC. When I was working in London in the 70s, the code for the Rhodesian crisis in gov’t circles was : ‘the super Katanga’. Sadly another UN Sec General didn’t go jetting over there to sort it out.

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