Rhodesia’s Plea to America & the West in her Fight against Communism Sweeping Africa

Rhodesia’s Plea’s for Recognition from the West

An extract from the 7th March, 1966 issue of Rhodesian CommentaryA Contemporary Archive of Rhodesian History. The first edition of Rhodesian Commentary appeared in January 1966 a little over two months after Rhodesia’s independence. The contents were compiled from various sources including local Rhodesian media as well as overseas press reports.  From November 1975 publication was switched to monthly and the last Rhodesian Commentary appeared in December 1975. The following year it was renamed Focus on Rhodesia with an updated print style and in this guise it continued to the end.

A message to America

Rhodesia’s stand against the spread of Communism sweeping down Africa cries out for recognition from the Western world. That was the purport of the message to the American people from Mr. Ian Smith, read at a meeting of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce on February 15.

As an earnest of our understanding of a belief in what America is doing in a similar cause in Vietnam, the Prime Minister offered President Johnson “tangible help” there in his struggle.

“What we ask for in return,” said Mr. Smith, “is a similar sympathy and understanding from the people of the United States in the justice of our case.”

He pointed out that Australia and New Zealand were giving their substance and lives to repel Communism in South-West Asia, and therefore the world. Yet the British government, with its vast financial interests in Africa have in a few years capitulated completely to the clandestine advance of Chinese and Russian Communism.

Britain’s duplicity elsewhere was shown by her trading with Cuba and North Vietnam. Rhodesia refused to see Western civilization and all it stands for sacrificed on the altar of trade expediency.

ZAPU and ZANU were black proxy armies for the Soviet Union and the CCP.
80% of the Rhodesian army were black volunteers,
they knew the fate of “liberated” nations in Africa: A Gangsters Paradise.

In broadening his appeal for the recognition of Rhodesia’s role, Mr. Smith said: “Astonishingly, the philosophy of the West seems to be that if violence and mayhem are visited on black Africans by black Africans, that is as it should be. But if a white African presumes to protect his heritage against the black instruments of Communism then nothing suffices but his complete extinction.”

South Africa

The 4th Communist International and the domino fall of the nations in Africa was completed with South Africa, Mandela never did renounce violence despite the majority of victims being black. Read: A Gangsters Paradise.


Democrat or Republican, the self-declared Marxist leaders of BLM, including convicted terrorists are allowed to run riot with the full financial backing of globalist mega-corporations.

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  1. Linde says:

    The history of the Rhodesian effort / embassies / initiatives to the crypto Communist Western powers to abandon their disastrous policies and help Rhodesia halt the expansion of Communism should always be juxtaposed with the amazing achievements of Western civilization the European people created in Africa.

    This week Jan Lamprecht has presented a beautiful page featuring Salisbury. http://africancrisis.info/index.php/photos-lovely-salisbury-capital-of-rhodesia/

    I think everyone who is tired of what the capitals of every Western nation are becoming will want to contact the Rhodesia National Tourist Board and book a flight to Salisbury the Sunshine Capital. Rhodesia was not only a free nation with a fair political system and thriving economy – it was beautiful.

    And the reason why the capitals of every Western nation are becoming shitholes is explained very well in your report.

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