AmaBhulu & South Africa – The Drop Dead Important Historical Facts

I wish readers could have seen the faces of a crowd of Americans when they realised that I, the white man from Africa, was the only African-American in the room and that their Black countrymen were really Black Americans; Americans who just so happen to be Black.” 

Editor: We recently posted The 5 Lies About Land In South Africa: Bantu Black Africans Do NOT Have Default Right To Land and White Man: The Story of Your Disowned Kin Deserted to Forces of Savagery in Africa & A Warning to America. The following by Harry Booyens succinctly lists the drop dead facts about the White Tribe of Africa. In doing so, he calmly turns the hysterically anti-White narrative upside down. In 2021, as BLM Reparations are called for, these facts are increasingly important for South Africans and Americans to discover.

By Physicist, historian and author Harry Booyens.

An entertaining and excellent 5 minute introduction to the real history of South Africa and some of the parallels with the history of America.

South Africa – The Drop Dead Important Historical Facts

The History Factsheet

In my dealings with well-meaning folks all across North America, I find that many simply do not know even the most basic historical facts about South Africa. In fact, I find that many South Africans don’t. Actually, I doubt whether a single Black South African knows these basics anymore, given the intense brainwashing they have been subjected to by the ANC government for a quarter of a century. In fact, an entire generation has now been raised on lies and racist propaganda. The most extreme of anti-white racism is not coming from elderly Black folks who had to live with apartheid. It is coming from clueless young Black people raised on this ANC diet of racist lies.

The attitudes in North America are built strongly on the History of Race in the United States. And this is exactly where the greatest of mistakes are made. Pretty much every single North American I have met simply assumed that the Dutch went to the Cape of Good Hope to catch slaves. They’re not too sure when it happened, but it was “for slaves”. When they find out the Dutch settled the Cape of Good Hope within one generation of New York, they are generally dumbstruck. And there are many facts similar to this that completely take the ground out from under their “outrage”. When they find out that no Black people in South Africa were ever enslaved by any white men from anywhere, they start getting annoyed at whoever told them that junk. When they hear it is the Whites who have slave ancestors, not the Blacks, then their jaws hit the ground. Yet it is true.

Those who care about what is now happening in South Africa need a simple factsheet that they can give to interested people. So, I am sharing today with readers of this Blog that factsheet. I did a presentation at a conference in the United States and the need for this Factsheet became very clear, and it may be found BELOW and elsewhere in DOWNLOADABLE FORM. These are the facts I presented at that conference, and the response was overwhelming. May I suggest that folks distribute this to those who have a sense of humanity, for matters are coming to a head rapidly in South Africa:

South Africa, The Drop Dead Important Historical Facts

■ When the Dutch settled the Cape of Good Hope in 1652, the nearest Black people were 700 miles away behind the 350 mm summer rainfall line with its higher rainfall and tall grass for cattle grazing. Their civilization was based on milk, and they invaded from the Northeast, supplanting the indigenous Khoi and San.

■ It took TWO generations (1702) before White met Black in South Africa, 500-600 miles east of Cape Town. It took FIVE generations (1780) before the first major armed clash at roughly the same spot: The Great Fish River.

■ No indigenous Black South African person was ever enslaved by any white man from anywhere. But, Nelson Mandela’s amaXhosa did enslave the amaFengu. Mozambique and Angola were the nearest places the Portuguese traded in slaves. The Portuguese slave routes bypassed the coast of South Africa.

■ It is the White South Africans, not the Black, whose ancestors were slaves of the Dutch. They were often Indian or Indonesian and sometimes Black East- or West African. This White author has a Black West African slave ancestor.

■ The indigenous Cape population were the Khoi and San. As a culture, they were almost completely destroyed by the great Smallpox Epidemic of 1713. Some groups far from Cape Town survived. The author also has Khoi ancestry.

■ Since 1814, the White Afrikaner has had no “right of return” to Europe, unlike the colonial Portuguese, British, or French. Today’s young Afrikaner’s great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was the last man with any right to a life elsewhere.

■ In 1836, wholly deserted by their British overlords, they packed their belongings on their ox-wagons and set off north at 15-20 miles a day on the Great Trek to escape British control. They settled mostly on the higher central Prairie, which was for the greatest part not occupied by any Black People. There they created two corn and ranching republics until diamonds and gold were discovered.

■ The Afrikaner was NOT part of Europe’s Late 1800s “Scramble for Africa”; they gave their lives fighting Imperial Britain’s Colonialist Expansion in two wars.

■ The Germans did NOT invent concentration camps. The British created concentration camps for Afrikaners during the Great Boer War of 1899-1902. Of the author’s Booyens family who entered those camps, 57% died there in 1901.


I shall report on the actual conference in a later post. All I wish to  say at this time, is that I feel vindicated in my belief in the basic decency and humanity of Americans and in my faith that Black Americans in particular, once they know what is really going on, will rise to the occasion and do the right thing with respect to South Africa.

I have lived the evidence. I wish readers could have seen the faces of a crowd of Americans when they realised that I, the white man from Africa, was the only African-American in the room and that their Black countrymen were really Black Americans; Americans who just so happen to be Black.

Furthermore, I shall go to my grave believing that the key to the future of South Africa is actually its truthful past; its very real and epic history.

AmaBhulu: The book by Harry Booyens

South Africa: Who stole the Land?

Dispossessing a Nation

In Late February 2018, under the rule of Cyril Ramaphosa, the brand new president of South Africa, the Parliament passed a decision to make it legal for the Government to seize the farms of white people without compensation. For this, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa would have to be amended in order to legalize what amounts to State Sanctioned Theft from people on the basis of their skin color. A Constitutional Review Committee has to report on this by 30 August 2018. Ramaphosa promised he would do this during his campaign to be made the new leader of the ANC and thereby president of the country as a whole.

For the last few decades, White South Africans have had to silently listen to racist politician after racist politician systematically create an impermeable wall of lies on the subject of how white people ostensibly “Stole South Africa from Black People“. They do this in order to dispossess white citizens of their rights in their own country that took them 365 years of blood, sweat and tears to build. These politicians then take to the stage to dance around and chant “Kill the Boer” (farmer) and incite racial hatred among uneducated Black people who need a scapegoat for their misery, a misery that is caused by the very same government. The prime example is the racist agitator Julius Malema below.

Inciting Racial Hatred: Julius Malema covets and, mysteriously, can afford extremely expensive luxury items from EUROPEAN countries. Here his hand is shaped like a pistol as he jumps and chants Kill The Boer.

To drum up emotions in support of their death chants, these divisive demagogues like to quote numbers, and the Western Media plays along. So, for example, the Government legislation formally states that “Black people own less than 2% of rural land” and that “..the African Majority was confined to 13% of the land….in 1994“. The Liberal Western Media laps up this [false anti-White narrative and amplifies it,] and uses it as a preface to any article even attempting to report on the resulting murders and torture deaths of white farmers incited by these politicians. And so the victim is blamed for his own torture death.

Editor: The torture is unimaginable and entirely unnecessary if burglary (“normal crime” as the mass media describes it) was the intent. Note, how modest the farm house is. These hard working people cannot afford Julius Malema’s penchant for European suits, Moet or USD15,000 watches.
In memory of Kayla Meyer, a 9 year old girl who was murdered in a farm attack in South Africa in March 2016 along with her family. Kayla was tied up with wire, raped & then brutally beaten to death with a spade.
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4 Responses

  1. Linde says:

    The European civilization actually cares about truth in history – especially our own. Marxism, however, is addicted to its Revolutionary mythologies and the deconstruction of all European civilization. Vertigo Politix has just made a video about the erasure of the White nation on its ancestral land in Britain. The key to turning this around might actually lie in the destruction of civilations founded by Whites on continents other than Europe because when the Whites were marginalized and expelled – the indigenous people of those continents could not maintain that that civilization or its first world economy. That is why they joined the Soros Payroll for the open borders migration into the Western nations for all the benefits in countries they once shared with the Whites.
    Mule Britannia the Erasure of whites from British history

  2. Volk und Erde says:

    Using Telegram web browser, check out a channel “Jewish Slave Trader”.

    If you cannot access that channel, go to his alternative site:

    You can also click on 45th Division to see more of his vids.

    Viewing his channel and vids – you can see hard black & white direct evidence of who was responsible for majority, if not all, of the slave trade of both white ethnic Europeans and Blacks using our European name & identity such as “Dutch, English, Spainard and Portuguese” etc. instead of under their own Jewish identity.

    Now the Jews are wanting to erase ethnic Europeans and incite racial hatred so that the blacks & other POCs would do the dirty work of committing white dispossession & white genocide against ethnic European whites so they can stay at the top and enslave the rest of the world once again.

    By the way, the English have been occupied and enslaved for centuries by the Jews and it is the Jews using “English” identity that came up with the idea of concentration camp, famines, communism, genocides, etc.

    They are a Cult of Slavery & Death.

    Also check out
    This is a 11 hour plus film documentary that is well worth your time.

    Ethnic European (& white South African) history has been subverted by these name stealers and identity stealers.

    It’s time for the truth & the Peoples of the world to be set free.

  3. Linde says:

    Thanks for this link Volk und Erde. Some great book titles – still available from Book Depository – that have been disappeared down the Memory Hole are featured in that video.

    There is a reason why the first Communist Party outside the Soviet Union was set up in South Africa and 45th Division’s video outlines why.

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