Stunning Commemorative Edition of The Rhosarian November 2022

The Flame Lilly Foundation is a wonderful volunteer organization that strives to help our elderly Rhodesian’s left in dire straits. These are the people the world chooses to abandon. The Foundation also strives to preserve the heritage of Rhodesia and to promote interest in the country’s history and culture.


From their website:

The Flame Lily Foundation (FLF) is registered with the South African Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation with welfare and cultural objectives (Registration Number 001-747 NPO), run for Rhodesians by Rhodesians. We rely entirely on the goodwill of volunteers to achieve our objectives in South Africa and abroad. Our principal objective is to provide or facilitate residential accommodation for former residents of Rhodesia / Zimbabwe.

We promote, further and secure the interests of former residents of Rhodesia living in South Africa in a variety of ways.

For example, we established a good working relationship with the Zimbabwe Government Pensions Office in Harare. This enabled us to help certain pensioners to overcome their problems until pensions ceased to be remitted altogether. We have set up a project to assist pensioners, whose pensions have been withheld in Zimbabwe, to have them restored after 2009.

Another example is the strong submission made by the FLF to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission against the SABC, thus vindicating former Rhodesian Security Forces who had been falsely accused of carrying out “necklacing” during hostilities in Rhodesia.

We have established homes in Stilfontein (near Klerksdorp in the Northwest Province) to meet the needs of senior citizens. Many Rhodesians have bought affordable houses in Stilfontein as a result of publicity generated by the FLF. We also do what we can to help the aged and the disabled in other ways.

The FLF is intent on preserving the history and heritage of Rhodesia.

We want our children and future generations to have access to an accurate record of the Rhodesian era. To this end, we have a reference and film library in Pretoria, and have passed valuable records to the United Kingdom for long-term preservation in a Museum. We also promote the dissemination of accurate information of historical significance on Rhodesia.

We commemorate events such as the Centenary Celebrations in 1990 and Remembrance Sunday annually to ensure that we do not forget our heritage and those who lost their lives for Rhodesia.

The FLF keeps its members informed on matters of mutual interest by means of newsletters, an annual magazine, and e-mails of special interest on developments in Zimbabwe.

We provide opportunities for our members and friends to meet socially, and promote the camaraderie that is so important in “Keeping the Flame alive”.

Those familiar with Dr Peter Hammond will be pleased to know he has stepped in to help continue the Flame Lilly Foundation survive and thrive.

An alternative link to read The Rhosarian online or download can be found here.

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