Follow The Money: How Tax-Exempt Foundations Conspire Against America For World Communism

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  1. Linde says:

    Sally-Ann Lowe has absolutely nailed so much important information that has gone into the shaping of both Rhodesian and American history. This is the stuff that we are absolutely forbidden to learn in school. And these are the must – knows for the Counter Revolution now mustering throughout the Anglosphere.

    The importance of these Big Tax Exempt 501 (c) foundations for the Communist Revolution as it was deployed against the West – eventually capturing the entire Anglosphere of nations can not be overstated. And to his credit Dodd was a fearless spokesman in his report and in the interview he gave to G. Edward Griffin. I hope people are burning this video to CD and filing Sally-Ann Lowe’s essay with it for future ref.

    The Western Marxist press owned by about 6 corporations (all Jewish, all assets of the central bank) has always carefully referred to these foundations by the sanitized term: ‘Internationalist’. The correct term as “Follow the Money” establishes and as Norman Dodd testified is: Communist. They are embedded assets of the permanent world-wide Communist Revolution as it was networked by The Owners of the Revolution between the Eastern and Western halves of their world empire.

    These 501 c’s are battalions of the Revolution dictating and controlling both foreign and domestic policies of governments that have been captured by the global central banking cartel. This is Marx’s Fifth Plank – wherein the government of a captured state (all branches) is owned by its central bank. The US government has been owned by the Federal Reserve Bank since 1913, but the republic of Rhodesia was never owned. The Communists had to fight a war ( and lose ) and finally resort to the slimiest of the slime-y Ganelon betrayals to throw down a central bank on top of the newly minted Marxist state of Zimbabwe.

    Both Rhodesia and America had a similar beginnings in The City of London Corporation and its joint stock company: The Bank of England 1694. Rhodes company the BSAC would have been financed out of The City and the British East India Company of the American colonial founding was also an asset of the same corporation.

    Just as the British Empire was the vector for The City of London Corporation, so these companies were vectors for the transfer of English, Scottish and Irish peoples out of the ancestral land under the UK flag and the flags of the armies of companies of The City. I tend to think that initially these were the populations which lost the War of the Succession 1688 – 1745.

    It might have been the ‘Glorious Revolution’ for the Whigs, but when the Creditors of the Great Synagogue of Mulheim an der Ruhr settled the debt of the English and Scottish Parliamentarians for their Civil War 1642, they still had to fight a war of over fifty years to get it settled. This is because the Parliamentarians had put up all original title deeds (allodial and udal title) of three nations as collateral on their loans. And the English Commons, the Irish and the Scottish Highlands went to war with them over the settlement – and lost. These title deeds (all original title deeds of three nations) are to this day the consols of the Bank of England.

    Population transfers to build the colonies of the Empire of the City were in order. I mean these folks didn’t exactly surrender. They had to be forcibly removed. The Highlands and much of the English Commons were cleared with musket, fire and sword.

    The English especially are a nation building people whose traditions are steeped in Westminster Law and government going back to the foundation of Westminster itself laid by St. Edward the Confessor , King of Wessex. In terms of the great population transfers out of the War of the Succession 1688- 1745 these were the people the UK government was going to use to build the colonies of the Empire of the City throughout the world. And they did – bringing the best of England with them.

    And Divine Providence sent to them and the nations they founded in England’s blood price, great statesmen to direct the re-founding of the nations they built on continents other than Europe – especially at the time of the wars of independence.

    In the US these would have been men like John Adams, Andrew Jackson etc. They rejected a central bank (like the bank of England) and created state banks with a monetary script backed by the land, labour, resources and manufacture of the nation itself. PM Ian Douglas Smith is one of the towering statesmen of Westminster. He essentially did the same when the jurists of the Rhodesian Front government founded the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia outside of the BIS cartel.

    Right in the face of Marx’s Fifth Plank – the Rhodesians chartered an independent bank. The BIS cartel is founded on The City of London Corporation, but Smithy’s canoe just paddled around it with all the Rhodesians on board. Not amused were the London Board of Governors appointed by the UK Parliament to keep the old Bank of Rhodesia 1964 ( which was part of the cartel ) out of trouble. It was seized by the UK government with a view to putting an end to the UDI.

    The Rhodesian dollar of the RBR 1970 – blacklisted on all money markets still did a roaring trade right in the City of London itself throughout the war. In classic Rhodesian style, the financial wing of the RF really stuck it to the Brits, shorting the pound, buying up big for the war and flying their cargoes out of Heathrow on SA cargo planes.

    Both the Americans and the Rhodesians fought their wars of independence against The City for the founding of a republic .

    The Owners of The City of London Corporation own the Communist Revolution as an organisation. It is their great engine for the seizure of nation states and creation of their world hegemon. The UK and its Empire of the City was their hegemon in 1776 and the Americans went to war with it in 1812, 1860 and now a third war of independence. The Rhodesians fought it at full strength in the Gook armies of the Fourth ComIntern backed by the Eastern Bloc of that same hegemon.

    There is a fascinating note in the journal A Martyr Speaks / The Fighting Doc (p. 102) by John Alan Coey ( RLI 2 Cdo, KIA 1975). Speaking of the Big Tax Exempts, he wrote that they had researched an invasion of Southern Africa by the major powers – I think this would have been Western powers . The Carnegie Endowment for World Peace even drew up the battle plan but ruled it out strategically. Coey does not give the ref but it is in Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope. This segues right into Operation Mayibuye. Southern Africa was invaded by the Gook armies of the Revolution backed by the Eastern Bloc with a view to escalation into classical war because the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace had ruled out invasion by the major Western powers.

    It was the genius of PM Ian Douglas Smith to keep the best of the Westminster foundation that was the true Rhodes patrimony and place it on an independent footing outside of the banking cartel with the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia formed Feb 1970 and the Republic declared March 2 1970. The state extended a charter to the RBR bank and its currency in exactly the way the banks of the American republic were extensions of the Treasury. These free republics took the best of their English patrimony and refounded British colonies of the Empire of the City on the strength of Westminster, Magna Carta and developed their / our own adaptations. Other nations joined our project of our free republics and benefitted from our Commonweal. And it was always the intention of the Rhodesians and the Americans to benefit them.

    And the 51st anniversary of the declaration of the Republic of Rhodesia is coming up March 2 1970. Congratulations to Sally-Ann for her great contribution, the RR team and all the Rhodies.

    • WakeyWakey says:

      Fascinating info you provide, thank you Linde, for sharing all this.

      Insider Professor Carroll Quigley confirmed the rule of the world bankers:

      “The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.

      This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the Central Banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences… The apex of the system was to be the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s Central Banks which were themselves private corporations.”

      – Prof. Carroll Quigley, “Tragedy and Hope”, 1966, pg 324. He was the Insiders’ historian so was given free access to all their documentation, and was also Bill Clinton’s mentor.

  2. WakeyWakey says:

    America Is Following a Path to Marxism, Warns Romanian Pastor Cristian Ionescu in Chicago:

    With censorship, religious worship being targeted by lockdowns, and the encroachment of big government on individual rights, many Americans are now concerned that their Constitutional rights are at risk.

    According to Pastor Cristian Ionescu, a Romanian Immigrant and Chicago Pastor who fled persecution in Communist Romania as a religious refugee, America is now at risk of following the same path to Marxism that Romania followed

  3. Linde says:

    Hi Wakey Wakey. I am getting a lot of the material posted on this website, especially Sally-Ann Lowe’s essays photocopied and onto external hard drive now. We can not take the internet for granted. The Counter Revolution will have to fall back to the home school community and one of the subjects they will have to teach is true history – especially the Communist Revolution of the twentieth century. In that history Rhodesia and South Africa will feature prominently – their wars of independence. Quigley’s tome is a must have for the library. It acknowledges the BIS cartel of banks that own nation states as assets but does not say that the foundation is The City of London Corporation. The Owners of that corporation – a blind trust – owns the consols of the Bank of England – a mere asset. They are the Squid. And in the 20th century – Rhodesia and South Africa seriously poked the Squid – everything in this history is highly instructive for future generations who are going to have to sustain this tremendous conflict with the world Communist state. Sorry to say that the recent US election was a demonstration that the Long March of subversion through all branches of the US government has succeeded. And in full view of the world, the Communist assets across all political parties and embedded in all key offices and choke points just took it down and demonstrated regime change. What you saw was systemic failure [ read refusal] of all branches of government to address self-evident crime and corruption.

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