The Accidental Rhodesian: Bush War Helicopter Combat Pilot Ace Mike Borlace

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  1. Pete Springer says:

    Sir Mike Borlace

  2. AnnE says:

    Honours & Awards:

    The Silver Cross of Rhodesia (SCR)

    Flight Lieutenant Michael Borlace
    Flight Lieutenant Borlace, as a helicopter captain, has been involved in several heated engagements with terrorists and has on a number of occasions directed operations with complete disregard for his own safety.
    During one contact, his aircraft was hit and damaged to such an extent that it became extremely difficult to control. He then skilfully executed a precautionary landing some 1,500 metres from the main contact and, once the aircraft had been secured, joined the ground forces and continued the contact on foot.
    Within a few days, Flight Lieutenant Borlace was again in action. He came under fire and his aircraft was struck seven times, wounding him in the hand.

    After he was shot, Flight Lieutenant Borlace had the use of only the thumb and index finger on the wounded hand but he continued to engage the terrorists until the operation was completed.

    Flight Lieutenant Borlace, under difficult and hazardous conditions, has displayed conspicuous gallantry, allied with aggressiveness and professional skill of an outstanding order.

  3. Tribute to My Wife,Rhodesian Air Force and Chopper Pilots,RAR and PATU: Surveyor working from Zambezi Valley from Mushumbi Pools up to the top of escarpment, extreme terrain and hot area. I had used a Bell Chopper to drop food and Water Bags along the Survey route prior to deploying for the survey. Had RAR Sgt Major and a PATU friend as escort. On deploying and arrival at the “First Drop”exhausted, hungry ,we found it had been raided, there was a note left by the “Raider” His name was Hudson Kandeya, saying thanks, and that we were safe as we were doing a job that would benefit the people after the revolution!!. Sgt Major radioed Joc and informed them. We heard nothing further and continued with the Survey. Rain was starting and we were behind Schedule, back at our base camp, Hunting Camp 8, for resupply and rest, I spoke to my wife on our HF radio. Jokingly I said to her we really need a chopper to finish the job, call the Airforce. Next day on Sitrep to JOC Sinoia I was informed 2 Choppers were going to be at our LOC for 2 days,(For other ops) and could assist us. In one day we manged to finalise our observations. and head home

    • Editor says:

      So much for Hudson Kandeya’s claim “…benefit the people after the revolution!!” History in basket case Zimbabwe has, once again, proved how much the people do not benefit after the Marxist engineered Revolutions for the people!
      Thank you for your courage and service to us all in Rhodesia.

  4. Wessel Visser says:

    I knew this man
    I once fought alongside of him
    He enjoyed great esteem from all of us
    I’m happy to find him all fine and well
    I was sad for his capture and years in the Zambia jail
    He truly deserves the highest award for galantry
    Sadly when he was released from the Zambian prison, the County and the people to award him a GCV were no longer

    • Editor says:

      It is a privilege to Honour his and your Spirit and courage via Reclaiming Rhodesia.
      May the younger generations feed the Flame, this is how Rhodesian’s Never Die.

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