The Great Culling: Why Australians must not let their Dictators Come for their Children

A fearful Australian nurse writes about the censored culling of Australians on the AussieCossack YouTube channel after watching his video.

“Aussie Cossack: The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk Issues a Threat to the People!”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk publicly admits the massive Concentration Camp she is building is for the unvaccinated people! This is alarming as it is reminiscent of the 1899-1902 Boer War concentration camps for Boer women and children which became death camps.
Above: Queensland camps for the unvaccinated. Below: The Rothschild/Anglo-Boer War concentration camps.

The Fitness Nurse:

Hi. I am a nurse and the deaths and reactions we have seen in the hospitals are going unreported and when families and patients ask for it to be looked into they are told it is not the vax! It is so wrong!

I was on the phone with the head palliative consultant last night who had to palliate 3 people after receiving the vax just this week, all had no prior health issues! This Doctor disclosed to me she’s very concerned for everyone’s future health who has received these vaccines, including her own because they appear to be causing cell damage, which she believes long term will result in cancers and autoimmune issues!

She said there is no need for these vaccines and that there are plenty of treatments available which are very effective if covid is treated early!

This doctor stated she believes these vaccines are politically driven as a population cull!

This doctor was shocked when they started giving already astra zeneca vaccinated nursing home and cancer patients the Pfizer as a booster and she said they started dropping dead like flies! They gave the pfizer to them because they had too much supply and wanted to get rid of it because it only lasts 3 months so they gave it to them!!!

She said the pfizer is even worse than astra zeneca! The amount of reactions from pfizer including serious ones is way more. The astra zeneca is causing strokes with severe hemiparesis on one side and some stroke deaths, sudden death, colicystitis and lots of O&G issues.

With pfizer they are seeing strokes, heart problems mostly pericarditis and some micarditis, sepsis, death, guillian barre syndrome and central nervous problems and period issues in women.

Nothing is being reported in the hospital! We are all censored from speaking out! We are all scared! A lot of nurses and doctors were forced to have these vaccines against their will! We need to fight back and stop what the government is doing! It’s literally crimes against humanity.”

But it Gets Much Worse

Canadian (French) theology professor Dr Pierre Gilbert in 1995 warned there will be a coming mandatory vaccine which contains liquid crystals that, when exposed to electro -magnetic frequencies, turn recipients into ‘zombies’. He then mentions Rwanda was already experimented on.

Dr Pierre Gilbert states:

In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields.

What will follow is the contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind creating intentional infections.

This will be enforced via Laws making vaccination mandatory.

And these vaccines will make it possible to control people.

The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells which will become micro-receivers of electro-magnetic fields where waves of very, very low frequencies will be sent.

And through these low frequency waves, people will be unable to think.

You’ll be turned into a “zombie”.

Don’t think of this as a hypothesis … this has been done.

Think of Ruanda.

Dr Pierre Gilbert in 1995:

“Dr Bryan Ardis: Covid Vaxx is Causing MIS-C a New syndrome in Children”

11 mins of pure evidence, a warning to parents

Oct FDA meeting reveals they are well aware of the side effect: Multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children in multiple organs including brain, kidneys, spleen, gastro, eyes skin. and can be deadly. CDC website already has 120,000 reports of it. Yet they are still coming for the children, including tiny babies!

As adults we have responsibilities to protect all innocents, all children, not just our own. What are YOU going to do about it? You could start by sharing out all this information which is being withheld by the captured mockingbird mainstream viral propaganda-spreading media.

Do You Still Watch the Te-LIE-Vision, the Programming Device of the Brutally Wealthy:

36 seconds
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17 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    “Now Give Me Your Children: The Vaccine From Hell” (30mins)


    “The Biden administration unveiled its plan to ‘quickly’ vaccinate roughly 28 million children age 5-11, shipping vaccines upon authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The jab, which fails to prevent transmission of Covid-19, will be made available to pediatricians, local pharmacies, and even at schools. The US government has purchased 65 million doses of the Pfizer pediatric shot, which is expected to contain one-third of the dosage for adults and adolescents. The FDA’s independent advisory committee will meet October 26 to consider authorizing the Pfizer shot for children aged 5-11. CDC Chief Rochelle Walensky says her agency will still recommend that children wear masks in schools even after the vaccine is approved for kids.”

  2. WakeyWakey says:

    Would you ever trust another celebrity after watching this?
    (don’t miss the last section!)

  3. Linde says:

    They are ‘flattening the curve’ all right – on the wrong axis.

  4. gino says:

    Here is a reuters article from MARCH 5, 2020 at 10:56 AM which denies Australia intends to set up concentration camps. Where do you get your news from Austgralia?????

    False claim: Australia’s coronavirus pandemic plan will “force vaccinate every man, woman and child”, send those who oppose the measure to “concentration camps”

  5. Linde says:

    I seriously doubt the precious Jews and their observance of Yom Kippur were inconvenienced in any way by CoVID tyranny in Victoria. ChinKom Muppet Dan is a past recipient of the shofar and the dreidel from the Brokers. If he gets out of line, his Handler will just pull the chain and spray the room. And maybe Dan’s chain has been pulled already. I am not convinced that Dan is not some kind of a Bot.

  6. Linde says:

    That would be a great RR poll. Is Dan a Bot or Not? I vote yes. He is already in the 4IR. Favourite photo op of Dan is his demonstration of drinking through the mask. Not a lot of time for Australians to discover the Rhodesian response to Communism.

    • gino says:

      australia and the rest of the world adopted one of the pillars of communism with a central bank. looks like its all downhill from there.

  7. Linde says:

    The Australians are looking at the whole battalion of these paedo Gook muppets in the eye now. Can you believe it? The Age has sacked Michael Leunig and are advertising for an editorial cartoonist. God help the newspaper that vaxxes Mr Curly, shoots his direction finding duck and throws away the teapot. Fairfax Media went into a complete spazz over Leunig’s cartoon which depicted Australian Hero , Mr. Curly, confronting an armored column of vaxx tanks on Collins St in a manner that recalls the lone, hero protester at Tianmen Sq June 1989. This was deemed Offensive by the Thought Police, Victorian Behaviour Enforcement and the Fun Security. Comrade Premier Dan, the Bot, does not like Mr Curly one bit. And the dark repulsive entity that is Fairfax Media now has crossed the Australian Line. Their back pages will be retrieved from the bottom of the budgie cage and mailed back to them with last week’s fish heads, prawn shells and mouldy thongs.

  8. Linde says:

    The way I see it, now it’s : ‘all in’. It’s all downhill, the target is in view and too big to miss. The Australians can stop being the Kakies and get organised to resist this thing #EveryDay. The central bank is the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto. By way of illustration of your point: just how central is the central bank to this project of building the world soviet – call to mind the nations that resisted ownership by the central bank and a national currency issued as debt to the Owners of that cartel. Setting up a national bank with a currency issue from a national sovereignty is a declaration of war against the Third and Fourth ComInterns. In the US, The Owners had to assassinate three ‘sound money’ presidents – Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley and buy the Congress in order to get the US Fed Reserve, Russia had its own national bank until the Big Jew [aka The Squid] brought the Bolshevik Revolution against it, China had its own national bank until the UN and big central bank nations: US / UK / USSR [ all owned by The Squid ] got Mao into power, South Africa went back to a national bank when SA was declared a republic, then PM Vorster just happened to be assassinated. And the Republic of Rhodesia had its own national bank – its dollar was at parity with the British pound right throughout the war. Because the Rhodesians won their war of independence, the big central bank nations then dealt with them through sod [standard operational democracy] UN electoral communism: 1 vote / any vote = 1 value . We’ll never know how many foreign ZANU-PF Gooks the UK working with the Revolutionary Assets got over the borders to vote in the 1979 election.

    • WakeyWakey says:

      Good points, Linde, except one correction. It was Prime Minister Verwoerd, South Africa’s greatest prime minister, who was assassinated by the Oppenheimer/Rothschild international money power cult, according to banker for the SA people, Stephen Mitford Goodson who wrote a book Verwoerd. PM Vorster was the embedded asset for the cult and his greatest achievement was screwing Rhodesia for them. Goodson says Vorster was in on the assassination conspiracy. Since then they have assassinated Goodson.

  9. Linde says:

    You are right Wakey Wakey. Of course the Oppenheimer branch of the Rothschild money pyramid assassinated PM Verwoerd – along with PM Ian Douglas Smith, one of the great statesmen of the twentieth century. He had their number and was working on a national bank for SA. I think you are also correct about Vorster and the untimely death of Stephen Mitford Goodson. His works , both published 2014 are essential reading. He figured out the structure of the Money Pyramid and published his findings.

  10. gino says:

    This is a global police state. So, its happening in Australia state by state. However, Australians who leave and protest online will still be on the radar. Particularly in the 5 eyes nations. Their secret/security services are all intertwined.
    As the lock down spreads around Australia it will eventually follow Aussies overseas. Particularly the outspoken and once the ‘concentration camps’ start being used. That is information ‘they’ wont want published around the world.
    ‘They’ have had plenty of practice pursuing international dissidents from the communist nations. Now the former first world will join that club. The world is certainly becoming a smaller place. All people should keep an eye out for QR codes in their daily lives where ever they are.
    Soon you will need them for everything! From opening doors to turning on your mobile phones.

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